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September 22, 2009



Ah. So euphemisms are called for.

That would mean that Joe Wilson should have said dissembler, misleader, Bullsh*ter, etc. instead of the direct, honest evaluation outlawed by the House of Representatives.

We welcome our new Romm Overlords.

Matt Y banned me after a few days of chewing up his climate commenters. My last comment to him, which of course was never posted, was that he could use a clue about climate. An intolerant debater and an ignorant fool.

China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Russia all know this.

Raising the price of energy will do almost nothing for the climate and any rise will be directly damaging to the poorest of this earth.


Well, there is another alternative to not raising taxes or implementing regulatory mandates--let consumer choice be sorted out in the marketplace.

1) Allow interstate sales of health insurance, so as to encourage catastrophic (formerly known as major medical) coverage, as a way around the high costs imposed by state regulatory mandates.
2) Equalize the tax treatment as between employer-provided and individual purchased insurance (and I mean insurance, not pre-paid healthcare).

Noah Webster

It's a tax.

Look it up, I wrote the book.

Obama is a dissembler, misleader, bullshitter and a liar.

Again, consult the book.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this comment should be construed as evidence that George Stephanopoulos is not still a cloddish dolt (yes, also in the book).

Web Agnoster

Wrong! No better example of doltish clod exists.


WEll there's Brooks, Frum, Buckley, & Dreher, sounds like a discount lawfirm


I think the whole country is beginning to call "bulls*#t on Barry.

A couple of grand for cap & trade, $1,500 for health care. That's a 6-8% tax increase right there.

Tom Bowler

Now there's an enigma for you! How did Matt Yglesias get anybody to think he was particularly bright?


Dalton & Harvard, Tom, to begin with, the
applause of the Sorosphere

Original MikeS

Sadly, the President feels it is necessary to mislead people to get them to support his policies.

It doesn't matter what you call it. A mandate to force people to spend more money is exactly what people don't want.

The President used to argue that his health reform would drive down costs, drive down deficits. He has stopped saying that because the press would then report it. More people would call the President a liar. The press would report on that and support for the President's deceptive plan would decline.

Jack is Back!

Never let an opportunity to increase government and raise taxes go to waste.

Funny, how government never seems to be willing to bend the envelop and look at things like nuclear power and advanced coal gasification that really make a difference in emissions. Nor, in order to achieve cost control efficiency in health care, fix that instead of more government control.


A blast from the past. Wanted to link to this article that Charlie CO did back during the campaign.

Tom Bowler

Yes, Bishop. Applause from like minds would explain the phenomenon, I suppose. Still, I just can't dispel this sense of mystery about the whole thing.

Gregory Koster

Shorter Matt Y: If we raise taxes a whole bunch, the Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations will shrink to nothing...

When heaven boils.


I seem to remember that back during the Clinton days, the operative euphemism for taxes was "Investing in America." Plus that "Investing" was patriotic.

I think though that if Obama can work this into a religious cause, he can effectively morph taxes into "compassionate "Tithing" for our fellow man", which pretty much covers all the bases, plus allows the sale of get out of Jail free Indulgences to those with excess money and power. Worked great first time it was tried...except for that troublemaker Martin Luther.

Thomas Collins

Taxes and tariffs sometimes lead people and companies to odd behaviors to avoid the exaction. See LUN for an example.


Cap and trade is a tax. Further, it's a tax American people can not afford. Write your Senators to voice opposition to this devastating legislation at http://tiny.cc/pxIgi.

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