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October 04, 2009


Melinda  Romanoff

Thanks for the charity symposium. I learned quite a bit on that run.

But I'm going to fade.

G'night all and I hope everyone has a healthy new week.


Well I don't know about that, but it's a fairly short step to Azerbaijan, and before
that Chechnya, if the Iranians get the bomb, and Chechens have long memories.


Good point, narciso, bishop, obispo


I'm in Rotary and we don't give them a dime


I'm in Exchange and I believe the board members decide although our main charity is children at risk.
It could be a local thing also.


I see this thread has gotten way off into the weeds.

But, way back when, somebody mentioned that all the uncertainty around Obama's programs wasn't helping anything. Well, it's even worse than that. Who really thinks that if these bills are killed, that they won't be reincarnated in some other form? There's still plenty of time. The problem with bills and politicians, is that they don't go away when defeated.


Sure, Po, much like the Bugs on Klendathu, they keep coming, in waves. Yes his plans are bollocks, they couldn't work in Simcity
much less reality, The EPA will try to regulate the very air we breath, even if cap n trade doesn't pass, Central California already looks like the dust bowl
because of the smelt


Israel has several diesel electric boats for that purpose. I imagine they can skulk in the Indian Ocean and launch at Teheran as necessary. 2 subs x 8 missiles by 2 MIRV's equals a lot of destruction, I hate to say.

And only the bishop would be tuned into Heinlein like that. Why am I not surprised?

Charlie (Colorado)

And only the bishop would be tuned into Heinlein like that. Why am I not surprised?

"Bugs, Mister Rico! I'm a-burnin' them down!"


"Here, UW is regularly involved in pelf of high officials"

Pelf, great word Clarice:

Main Entry: pelf
Pronunciation: \ˈpelf\
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French pelfre booty
Date: 14th century
: money, riches

Thanks for the continuing education.

Fresh Air

Wait a minute, you mean "pelf" wasn't a typo? I kept trying to figure out which letters should have been replaced and with what.

Pretty close to the fifth line of a great limerick there: "...and to whom."


Read this with your morning coffee:

Is Obama's Handling of Honduras a View of Our Future?

Regardless of your support of Mr. Obama, your party affiliation, your individual political beliefs or lack of them, you need to remember that you are an American and this country has achieved more than any other country in history because we are free people, protected by a piece of paper. That paper, the Constitution, is a mighty shield but is mighty only if defended by the people it protects.

And on your second cup add some heavy cream:

Rogue Warriors

If the hardcore Republican base has become large enough to push an unwritten book to the top of the best-seller lists, 2010 is going to be even more unpleasant for the Democrats than I suspected. The last remaining Democrat senators will be able to carpool in the last remaining Saturn.

As my wonderful grandmother told me "The World Turns" tune in tomorrow.


Keynesian government spendings to arrest deflationary spiral works, but only on one condition: the government should have financial reserves to spend without borrowing. In the environment of virtually zero bank prime borrowing costs, multiplication factor of government spending is less than 1, and in simple math it means that real GDP grows 0.8$ per dollar of government spending, yet taxpayers are on the hook to return $1.20 in government’ borrowing.

In countries with massive financial reserves (like China) stimulus does work miracles, and in countries with long-term positive trade balance and reduced during economic boom national debt (like Canada, Australia, Germany) stimulus is also working. Not the case in US. Japan is special case, because they culturally and historically arrest so-called “creative destruction”.

P.S. One of very few things I hold in contempt for W: for partisan purposes he spent rainy day money, not to be used by Dems to damage control current recession.

P.P.S. It is not the constitutionally designated, or even economically feasible role of the government to pull country out of recession. The only possibly positive role of the government during recession is frigging DAMAGE CONTROL. No more, no less. In primitive terms TARP is OK, but not Stimulus.


Thanks Ann - that was a nice beginning to an early Monday morning.


No, the President was sold a bill of goods, on the TARP, after Goldman KOed the competition with the fall of Lehman Bros,
which bet on a drop in the price of oil. Paulson was certainly in on it, Taibbi seems
to have honed in on a make stock scheme, that toppled first Bears than Lehman, but he doesn't ask why. TARP didn't begin to solve the problem it was intended to; it boosted the earnings who had gone in early on the Obama 'IPO' but not much else


LUN Consumer Reports is running Obamacare ads. I just canceled our subscription.

Jack is Back!

Ask a veteran which one - Red Cross or Salvation Army.

Salvation Army wins every time. RC used to charge for coffee and donuts but the Army gives them to you.


If only Dr Zero could persuade AllahPundit who consistently has been nasty to SP.


"If only Dr Zero could persuade AllahPundit"

This reads like Dr Zero speaking directly to AllahPinhead:

You can’t fight your way across a slanted battlefield like that with quietly respectable speeches and erudite policy papers, submitted as genteel points of order. You can’t have leaders whose monocles drop from their widened eyes, as they reel in astonishment from savage and unfair attacks.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I'm lovin' this parody, something for everybody, even Ann.

Gregory Koster

Boy, Janet, that's dismaying and then some. I use Consumer Reports all the time, working at a public library. Now? I'd like to say hell no, but what's the alternative. The other consumer pubs I'm familiar with are also-rans. God dam The Once.


"Consumer Reports is running Obamacare ads. I just canceled our subscription."

Good job Janet. Thanks for the link.

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