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October 11, 2009



Here's something for you gunophiles.

from Orincus;

"Right-wingers have been having fun in recent weeks with the ACORN "gotcha" videos supposedly showing community organizers indulging in illicit behavior. But they're about to discover that the undercover video can be a two-edged sword.

Over the past year, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been sending out private investigators to gun shows around the country, focusing on locales where NYPD and other local law enforcement are seeing guns arriving from. And what they showed was incredibly revealing.

It shows the dirty little secret that everyone who attends gun shows with any kind of discerning eye can tell you: There are a lot of illegitimate transactions taking place at them -- and particularly a lot of sales of guns to people who could never pass a background check.

The videos are now available for public viewing. We've provided a couple of them here, but go see the full set of them -- along with the accompanying report -- visit the NYC.gov website Gun Show Undercover.


That Iowahawk bit is hilarious..Almost better than the Umlaut Nordqvist letter to Obama.

Gomer--is the US govt sending millions of dollars to illegal gun dealers to register voters and helpop them get grants and prepare their tax forms? If not, who cares?
Spam elsewhere.


It's a good thing Iowahawk is on our side.



The odds are overwhelming that both the assailant and the victim of any given violent act committed with illegal guns in NYC would vote in favor of collectivists or otherwise support collectivism.

Anything bad for your side is good for mine, so I, for one, am perfectly all right with law enforcement's looking the other way over these allegedly illegitimate transactions.

Buford Gooch

Gomer is our "slow" cousin. He hasn't been quite right in the head since that hay baler/bungee cord incident.

Frau Jagdhund

And his eyes are too close together - Gomer's and the mayor's.


New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been sending out private investigators to gun shows around the country

So, undercover videotaping got all legal again?

Gomer - is there a Republican President who promised to make these illegal gun sellers a key player in setting the agenda, or should you shut up and go away?


You notice, how the troll couldn't take some
good natured ribbing at the lunacy of lead
nitwit Sullivan, so he threadjacked.


But they're about to discover that the undercover video can be a two-edged sword.

In other words, he admits that the ACORN videos drew blood.

Gregory Koster

Iowahawk will continue to bring these mysteries out until March 2011. At present, that's when Sullivan can't get any more visas and has to depart, thanks to his HIV status. He has great hopes that all his sucking up to The Once will pay off (as his non-conviction on pot charges shows, the Justice Dept is smiling on him) and he'll be allowed to stay past that. If you think otherwise this site may be interesting.

Gomer, I am certain of one thing: not one of those undercover vids are going to show a sale in New York City's jurisdiction. So until then, Bloomberg can go peddle his papers. Unless he'd like to see all the vids of undercover activities (e.g. sale of cigarettes smuggled in from low tax states) that are illegal. Behave, or we'll sic Sergeant Carter on you.


Why not go to NYC and videotape all the crimes there? Unless it's changed a lot in the past five years you should be able to get good footage of prostitution, drug sales, and various con games.

And does Bloomberg have armed guards? If so, why? How about other NYD officials? Any of them got armed body guards?

Gomer, outside of NYC no one gives a rat's patoot about Bloomberg's sting, and any mayors foolish enough to join his anti-gun group is courting defeat in his next election.

As for Iowahawk, he's consistently one of the funniest guys writing.


Andrew Sullivan=schizophrenic Catholic Church.

Why did the Catholic Church convert from Madonna and Child to gay men bashing Motherhood and Disabled?

Did the schizophrenia begin before or after the man-on-boy pedophilia problem or was it when the Catholic Church aborted the body of Christ in order to receive a few measly pieces of silver from Social Justice government's community organizers?


... and it's not just Fox News

It might be easier than you think once Congress takes off its pajamas.

Yes, we can.

Cecil Turner

That was deeply and utterly wrong . . . but I haven't laughed that hard in weeks. Best bit: "you're saying that the Palins may not actually be humans!"

OT but related: saw on Fox where about 21% of the electorate (all Dems, natch) think O's Nobel prize was warranted (something about "aspirational" I guess). Looks like the same sort of mental gymnastics, but without the gyno-thriller gusses.

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