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October 23, 2009



"52% of the time, it works every time."


I thought his thesis was on nuclear disarmament, in the LUN?


that's not LSD...more like ketamine.


This memorandum from Media Matters is digusting.

They now seek to form a Progressive media cartel (if you may) that will box out those "lethal" voices at FoxNews.

Jack is Back!

The WSJ is News Corp and now the largest circulation print news in America. Fox has a larger audience than CNN and MSNBC combined both for news and opinion. Does the WH really think this progressive media cartel has the bones to break the back of News Corp? In fact, the Murdoch family probably has to hire extra financial advisers to deal with all this windfall they will soon receive.

Thomas Collins

From narsico's LUN, I note that Obama in his thesis refers to the Founders as the "so-called Founders." From now on, I am referring to Obama as SOCAPOTUS (for so-called POTUS).

Thomas Collins

On the basis of the excerpt from SOCAPOTUS's thesis in narciso's LUN, I think SOCAPOTUS made the correct move in having Ayers write Dreams.


It explains a lot, of his philosophy. Even Zinn, much less Beard were never dismissive
as the Founder's because of the bourgeois


I think the right wing might have been pawned or punked or whatever the hip internet expression is. How is that we never heard of Joe Klein's access to the Columbia college thesis before today? suspicious
Anyone here ever read or heard of the Jumping in Pools blog before?


Our best and brightest have concluded that this is not human -

It turns out "Ida" is actually bones of a lemur...which is what a child might have initially guessed. Really, who would guess human?
LUN for article


oops, picture too big!


Peter is right, the Obama thesis story is fake. But accurate! But fake.


Well I did raise a question about the source,

Josef Goebbels

Will all journolists please report to Party Headquarters immediately for their official government press credentials.....


Rush had an audio of Obama saying that the approach by the Supreme Court did not include FINANCIAL RE-DISTRIBUTION. Rush corrected his own record, and also said, today, that Joe Klein's 'quotes' are not backed up anywhere.


I thought Obama was supposed to bring people together. If he objects to FOX, the answer to that is more speech. Have his aides flood FOX and present their point of view.

I think it would be good to give the other side anyway. I like FOX and I watch FOX but I agree in some ways, especially on healthcare, they have been a little bit on the propanda side. I like Glenn Beck and he brings up good points, but I also agree that some of his facts, also especially on healthcare, are questionable. Also the "health experts" that the regular announcers bring out often to instruct us are also half propagandists as they present the "facts" on healthcare with a definite skew.

But they are just reflecting the propaganda that the whole conservative media has been putting out, so I don't think it's malicious, FOX is just reporting the info they are getting.

But the answer to that is to try and get people on to present the other point of view on FOX. And if FOX doesn't let them, then put out their own rebuttals in the media. So more speech rather than less speech.

Thomas Collins

If the excerpt is a fake, I commend the faker. It is exactly how I would imagine SOCAPOTUS would write as an undergraduate.


And what's with the little boxes next to the posts now?


The first lady's senior thesis at Princeton was made available on line to the public. I have it saved in pdf in my computer. I take it out every once in a while, have a good laugh, and close it up again. It is unbelievably bad for Ivy League. Reads like a bad high school paper.


It's official. Ledeen retracts the thesis posting. that was quick.


"And what's with the little boxes next to the posts now?"

I wasn't going to mention it since I thought I was the only one seeing them....8))


"They now seek to form a Progressive media cartel"

Running into problems already though.....Pravda is copyrighted and the Cubans refuse to give up Gramma.

Jack is Back!


Did her thesis come with a wide black belt?


Here's an interesting tidbit. Apparently the shortage of doctors is getting press finally. (LUN)


LOL Jack is Back!!


I heard something rather eye opening, but not that surprising when you think of it.

Know why MSNBC and Air America stink in the ratings? Because the Democrat base is overwhelmingly minority and they are more interested in getting their news etc. from BET and other "ethnic" outlets. They don't want to listen to a bunch of white bread hoity-toity lefties like Rachael Maddows or Maureen Dowd. Indeed, I doubt the vast majority of the democrat base even knows who the hell they are.

So it's great that Obama met with those goof balls. All it will do is further alienate independent voters, and make the NYT and MSNBC fall even further into the pit.

PETER. I missed getting Michelle's thesis! Could you please post a few choice passages for us?


the Cubans refuse to give up Gramma.

Yeah, they've seen how Obama treated his own Granma.


....they have been a little bit on the propanda side.

I'm pro panda myself. They're just so darn cute...


verner - I often wonder if 1/3 or so of those listening or watching MS-LSD are conservatives. Just checking up on the latest insanity of the opposition.


I'm a proud antipandaist. Chicom bears...I say nuke em.



I can't tell you how happy I am to see you back at JOM cracking jokes. xxooo


I bet they are Janet, conservatives that enjoy a real good laugh. Though more power to them, I can't stand it.


"In a real breakthrough for MS-LSD, Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow were invited to sit on Obama's knee and listen to the President whine about how mean the Fox News people are."

If they can be trusted not to pee on Obama;s knee......


Link to Michelle Robinson's senior thesis from Princeton University, a respected institution of higher learning under my name. (LUN)

Happy reading! and if any of you are teachers out there, in whatever school, be it barber college, community college, driver ed., dance studio, please let me know what grade you would give this masterpiece.

At least it proves she didn't cheat, like Teddy Kennedy and Olden Polyniece.


This one's for you, Janet.


Thanks Ann!! JOM should be a part of everyone's recovery.


Oh my bgates! Too funny! There is a music video for everything.

hit and run

And what's with the little boxes next to the posts now?

It's the means by which we have positively identified you as a Rick Ballard/Old Lurker/bgates troll.



OK, so FOX News and I are pro panda, Janet is anti-panda.

bgates, are you taking a stand?


Geez Peter!!! that's the work of an Ivy League student? For the love of god, she had all of seven crap sources in her bibliography, and her methodology? Laughable.

Koalas are hallowed.

I vote for Ice Bears. I've just learned that 'Arctic' is derived from Ursus Major, the near polar constellation.


bad -
Perhaps some lyrics from Corky and the Juice Pigs will change your mind.

White and black! the friendly bears of china!
White and black! they rarely reproduce...
What shall be done about these chinese bears... ?
What shall be done about, these friendly bears?

Die they must die! the pandas must die!
Die they must die! the pandas must die!


Why should we save them? what good do they do?
Have you ever seen a panda do something good for you?
They can't wear t-shirts. they can't bounce basket balls.
They can't walk tightropes over niagra falls...


Posted by: Koalas are hallowed. hahaha


Two grades for being disadvantaged gets it up to a "C"; and rightly so, I say.


What a song, Janet.

I'm like totally going to need to reevaluate...


The teleprompter is letting our dear leader down again...LUN


FYI - Matt Burden **Blackfive** is running for state representative in Illinois
LUN for details
I mention it to give us all some good news.



but they are delicious!


I take no credit for the Pandas Must Die song...that is all bgates.

Old Lurker

"sylvia: And what's with the little boxes next to the posts now?

It's the means by which we have positively identified you as a Rick Ballard/Old Lurker/bgates troll."

Hit, while honored to be linked with Rick and bgates, if you persist in using my (fake) name on the same screen as she who must not be named, you will hear from my pit bull, Clarice. You will not only become liable for damages, you will have to pay her fees as well.

PS. In the interest of fairness, like Fox, do I now need to post an opposing view?

Just asking.

Charlie (Colorado)

Geez Peter!!! that's the work of an Ivy League student? For the love of god, she had all of seven crap sources in her bibliography, and her methodology? Laughable.

Sounds like an Ivy League honors thesis to me.

Charlie (Colorado)


Gregory Koster

PeterUK, if Rachel and Keith do micturate on The Once's kness, that'll send a real thrill up Matthews's leg. The Once's too.

Verner, if you have a strong stomach here is Rolo's thesis.

hit and run

you will hear from my pit bull, Clarice.

Please don't throw me into that briar patch!

(Uncle Remus's story of br'er rabbit and br'er fox was definitely racist (tar baby!) -- but I would counsel the Obama admin to take its message to heart regarding Fox News)

you will have to pay her fees as well.

I'll pay double whatever the next highest offer for a ***thwack***

hit and run

**************(Uncle Remus's story of br'er rabbit and br'er fox was definitely racist (tar baby!)*******

...when applied to Obama and Obama only, of course.

Old Lurker

Hey...that's mine!

thwack me, thwack me!


One tv station and talk radio are more that Obama can bear.
This man had to listen to the constant carping of every other media source in America, plus the international media.
Picture via Lucianne

Buford Gooch

"And what's with the little boxes next to the posts now?"

I'm surprised Sylvia's isn't blank.


First of all, her claim seems more likely
'it's not them, it's you that can't deal
with white people' citing Stokely Carmichael
(Sekoe Toure) in 1985! the imprisoning of upper middle class oppression, I haven't read such twaddle since I read Angela Davis
bio's take on Althusser, for a sociology
class. You couldn't begin to satirize these



I love that picture. Still remember racing home to see him land the plane on the carrier.

The way we were...sadly.


That really pissed them off.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I love that picture too.

W looks muy caliente.


You know what really pissed them off? The cheering sailors. It still pisses them off that the military loved Bush.


I love him too. But only from afar. I think up close he would drive me nuts.


Who’d a thunk it that Obama would be a paranoid narcissist ?
OK, narcissist yes, but virtually nothing who have made you think he would opt for the bunker mentality now on display. I know I thought his passing up the FoxNews primary debate in Las Vegas was more pandering to the paranoid masses rather than an indicator of his own paranoia. Apparently, that story of the auto czar invoking the “Madman theory of the Presidency” wasn’t just the auto czar talking through his hat, but in fact was the real truth.


'OK, so FOX News and I are pro panda, Janet is anti-panda.

bgates, are you taking a stand?'

I'll cowboy up on that one and take a swing at it.

Took the kids to the zoo this summer so first hand experience backs this up.

My position is:

Bears are stinky.

Panda, brown, black, kodiak, etc. Doesn't matter. It's probably wrong to stereotype and smear an entire genus, but all Ursidae smell.

OK, so I adopted that plank of my anti-ear from a five year old. I just can't improve upon it.


darn it!

should have read 'that plank of my anti-bear platform'.

beer me!

Steve McIntyre vs Ben Hale.

What does a bear make?
Which is it nonsense or sense?
It's olfactory.

Dorothy Jane

I try to watch Morning Joe every morning - but Mika is becoming unbearable. She actually thinks the Whitehouse approach to Fox is very reasoned and fair. I finally lost it on Friday morning and switched it off, but I really do learn a lot by watching. It is AMAZING. Savannah Guthrie was only VAGUELY aware of the press pool flap for one thing... and then Willie Geist was reading communiques from the TReasury Dept saying Fox had not actually asked for an interview. They are (MSNBC) becoming very scary. Joe should quit in protest...


You know I was thinking a while ago that Glenn Beck was playing a dangerous game.

Not his opinions on healthcare and such, which I think are pretty standard conservative whitewash stuff. After all Beck has been on in HLN for years and no one made that much of a fuss about him before.

But it's his digging up on the Obama links to ACORN and all the various other groups that Obama is linked to that is doing it. And the whole network is taking a Whitehouse fall for it.

Night after night Beck draws more links on his blackboard. He makes a pretty convincing case that all these links are real and not paranoia. He's got the proof. I read some other comment somewhere that Beck is pretty good at digging up dirt on his opponents, which is true.

I would think the left media cannot help but see what he is putting out and even as lefty as they are, I would bet that some of it is getting through and they are starting to think.

When I started seeing all of that from Beck, I remember thinking that Beck was putting his life or liberty in danger. But so far he is only getting professional punishment. So far.


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Jim Ryan

Father Merrin?


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