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October 01, 2009



Mr. Robinson says:"You could argue that such personal attention from such a popular, charismatic leader would boost Chicago’s chances. But there’s another school of thought, which holds that a presidential visit is overkill."

I would say overkill is a pretty good description of Obama's entire presidency thus far.


With the recent political snits and snubs, you could easily argue that Europe may want to send the naive US President a "wake up call" by showing that his persuasive skills have a limit by giving the games to Rio.
There is nothing of strategic importance her, so a European snub would not risk lives, except perhaps the political lives of a few in Chicago.

hit and run


If you ask me (and even if you don't), I say the decision for who gets the Olympics should be based on...http://thevimh.blogspot.com/2009/10/global-warming-effect-on-2016-olympics.html>Global Warming!

Sorry, Chicago...Olá, Rio!

Jack is Back!


I don't think it is exclusively up to Europe to make this decision. As I understand it all countries vote for each city one at a time. It starts on October 2nd (tomorrow at 0845hrs GMT+1 for Chicago then goes on to Tokyo, Rio and Madrid. You can watch live at the LUN.


Good piece, Hit!

There has been widespread speculation that Obama is flying to Copenhagen for a four-hour lobbying mission only because the White House has gotten a private heads-up that Chicago will win and that he should come to claim victory. But the sources close to the process insisted that the voting has not been pre-cooked, meaning Obama is swooping in at some political risk, because it is unclear whether the U.S. bid will be successful.

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