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October 29, 2009


Hoffman?  Who he?

You should see what is going on at climateaudit.org where the latest post is a mano a mano between Steve McIntyre and William Connolley, who is the mastermind of the Wiki censorship of climate skepticism.

Jack is Back!

RCP has Hoffman +5. LUN

I had a call last evening from the NRCC and boy did I give that kid both barrels. Afterwards, I simmered down and he and I had a tete a tete about the whole situation. He told me I was not the only one who was giving him an earful. 9 out of 10 calls were coming back with a version of "screw you". There is trouble in River City and it starts with a P and that stands for Palin or Pain, whichever you prefer.

The Media is out on its feet.

This warped media has Republicans on the run, but not conservatives. The Party will evolve, or else.


I looked up the Watertown Times, and it's like credentialed moron city over there, brandishing the threat of a cannibalized
district, making moral equivalences between us and the Russians in Afghanistan, You would think it was a McClatchy paper


So it seems that rather than Hoffman and Dede splitting the Republican vote, Owens and Dede are splitting the liberal vote, which is as it should be. Let's hope that's how it plays out.

unɹ puɐ ʇıɥ

Even the Kos poll has it as a two-way race between Owens and Hoffman...this from a baseballcrank tweet:

Even Kos poll shows 2-horse race. RT @markos Owens 33, Hoffman 32, Scozzafava 21

Repeat: Scozzafava is the spoiler in the race.

Fresh Air


Just out of curiosity, how often does the NRCC call? I never answer the phone, but the few times I've spoken with GOP people, it's been the RNC.


Fresh: Re: your question to JiB, from June to September, my phone rang every day and evening - all GOP groups: national, senate, congressional, California, etc. etc.

I have caller ID, but don't have an answering machine, so I let the phones ring without answer. I think they finally took me off their calling list, because I haven't gotten one call in October.

Jack is Back!


I get at least one a night - always as I pop the cork on my daily ration - either from NRCC, NRSCC, RNC, Florida Repubs, etc. I tell them the same thing - call Charlie Crist and ask him for an autographed picture of him and Once sharing the stage in Tampa extolling the virtue of accepting stimulus money.

By the way, Crist is running radio ads here talking about how he is the most fiscally conservative governor (according to Cato) and we need to send him to DC to confront Obama on controlling government spending. The same guy who hugged Once in Tampa. Marco Rubio is gaining one % at a time but he is gaining and Crist is slipping.

I don't want to change my voting affiliation yet since the Senate primary is going to be to damn important. So, that is why I am still on the rolls for the spam calls. But I tell them the same thing - ask Charlie and he'll tell you why I don't give you money.


Posted this last night about ACORN:


That's an interesting ACORN link. Byron York on Gretta 2 nights back said the Federal Funding of ACORN (that we know about) resumes on Saturday.

I simply hope that citizen cameras and watchers and auditors are out in force on Voting day, especially in Jersey. ACORN is years ahead of us on registration drives and all the rest, so I hope we are well prepared with evidence if it winds up we have to resort to evidence to ensure the integrity of this upcoming election night. We live in interesting times."

Now from today's NRO we read ">http://campaignspot.nationalreview.com/post/?q=ZTg3YTE5Yjk1Y2Q2NDZiMjQ2ODc1MjY4YmRiYWUyMjQ="> This.

"Democrats Ask New Jersey Secretary of State to Ignore Mismatched Signatures on Absentee-Ballot Requests

On about 2,300 of those applications so far, the signature on the request form does not match the signature on the voter’s registration forms with the state.

In a development that is depressingly predictable, the New Jersey Democratic party is asking the state to provide provisional ballots for all these voters. Those ballots could, presumably, be used to overcome any narrow lead by Republican Chris Christie over Democrat Jon Corzine on Election Day."

Sometimes its depressing being prescient.


JiB - Does the CallerID by any chance show up as Teleperformance? I have been getting calls from them every night but I dodge them. TG for CallerID.



The dems have perfected stealing elections and now they are going to corrupt the Census.

Read Andy McCarthy/NRO

Census: Dems Blocking Citizenship Question [Andy McCarthy]

and here

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