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October 15, 2009



A Kerryesque - I voted against him before I voted for him?

uh huh.


Brain damage brought on undoubtedly by chowing down too much lutefisk.


Hey do I get a hat tip, for the original link. LOL, clarice

Fresh Air

I'm glad Tom's exquisite radar is tuned this frequency at the end of the sanity spectrum. But can we just stop it with this subject already?

Patrick R. Sullivan

The One Who Can't Be Named? From Gregg Easterbrook's Tuesday Morning Quarterback:

What Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton Have in Common:

Sarah Palin has an instant book out next month....

Palin is presenting herself as the author of "Going Rogue," though a ghostwriter named Lynn Vincent is the actual author. It is perfectly respectable to use a ghostwriter -- so long as this is disclosed. [My note, if it hasn't been disclosed how do you know about it?]

George W. Bush's "A Charge to Keep" declares on the cover, "by George W. Bush and Mickey Herskowitz." John McCain's several books all prominently declare on the cover that the actual author is his longtime associate, Mark Salter.

This is called honesty. To pretend to be the author of something you did not write is deceit, and indicates egotism. Celebrities and athletes pretend to be authors of books actually written by someone else. But they're airheads! People with important roles in public life should be honest.

When Hillary Clinton ran for president, she pretended to be the author of the books "Living History" and "It Takes a Village." The former was actually written by Lissa Muscatine, Ruby Shamir and Maryanne Vollers; the latter was actually written by Barbara Feinman, a fact the publisher even announced! Yet Clinton masqueraded as the author. Even today, Clinton's official State Department biography includes the phrase, "Secretary Clinton is the author of bestselling books, including her memoir, Living History, and her groundbreaking book on children, It Takes A Village." This statement is simply false, and has no business in U.S. government information.

That the former governor of Alaska pretends to be something she is not reflects poorly on Palin; that the current secretary of state pretends to be something she is not reflects poorly on her. Both claims cheapen public understanding of the value of writing, and devalue honesty.

Gee, didn't we just have a book published recently that made a bombshell disclosure about a prominent 'author/politician' who denies having used a ghostwriter?


Ah, except it has been prominently pointed out that Vincent is the collaborator, that some of her views, by proxy as tied to other people like Robert MccCain has be scertained to be her. It's not an instant
book, it's about her life, it's not about say some crazy African nationalist Kwanza
organizing principles. So Lee Iacocca should
be faulted for contracting William Novak,
Alexander Haig for Charles McCarry, Easterbrook's credentialed idiocy on global warming is migrating to other topics


I guess Easterbrook thinks Vincent is not properly acknowledged unless her name is on the cover? Doesn't that kind of negate the whole "ghostwriter" thing?

I used to read TMQ religiously but then he turned it into a column about football plus whatever else he felt like talking about. Guess he isn't getting as many writing opportunities as he once did so he squeezes it all into ESPN Page 2.

There is a cluster of credentialed idiots in climate science, though.

Don Easterbrook, with the Pacific Decadal Oscillation insight, is no idiot.


They must have pulled out the "sweet herring" forcing them to vote before they were allowed to leave .. and breath again.


Obama Saves Boy In Balloon. Wins Second Nobel in A Week

The teasers [for "V"] running on ABC offer a hint of this. "They gave us hope. We gave them our trust." Who does that bring to mind? Of course, the Visitors (hence the title), after promising things like universal health care and peace in a one world government, turn out to be totally evil. They attempt to seize control of the media, favoring those who don't challenge them or ask probing questions about their real agenda, which turns out to be the annihilation of humanity. The heroes are everyday people, who form a grass roots resistance movement.
Maybe they should have renamed it to ... "O"
JM Hanes

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