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October 23, 2009



Like I pointed out earlier, the AP explains Gates has this covered:
At a meeting of 28 NATO defense ministers in Bratislava, Gates said he did not seek specific promises of military assistance, and none was given. He described, however, "a renewed determination to see this through."

"There were a number of allies who indicated they were thinking about, or were moving toward, increasing either their military or their civilian contributions, or both," Gates said at a news conference. "And I found that very heartening."

Our allies could not help but rally to us after hearing bold rhetoric from Obama's man:

Gates also sought to assure allies that the United States also will remain in the fight, despite the Obama administration's ongoing indecision over a war strategy.

"We're not pulling out," He said. "I think that any reduction is very unlikely."

Give the Secretary a harumph!

Jack is Back!

I know a little about NATO having served in Mons (SHAFE HQ) a young officer. The United States is NATO - no one else. If you want someone to coordinate the mail, deliver the oil, or cook the food - then you can get the Euros to help. Even the Brits have, since Thatcher, been under-armed, under manned and under trained compared to the US armed forces and command structure. Every time I read these glowing remarks from our allies, I smile. We promised them something and got their vote of confidence.

We probably promised them that the Once will make up his mind eventually and will only ask them for pots, pans and drivers.


TM'Let's see where the Coalition of the Free-Riding takes this." Love that..I'm stealing it for future use. Love the Little Red Hen analogy, too, but I'm afraid no one under 4o something will get it.

Josef Goebbels

Afghanistan Held Hostage! Day 54! LUN


Are the seeds planted by the Little Red Hen going to grow into green shoots?

hit and run

Love the Little Red Hen analogy, too, but I'm afraid no one under 4o something will get it.

Narciso's in his 40s.

Just like Obama.

I'm just saying.


Just turned and yes, I remember it from elementary school


Everyone is laughing now. Just wait until the 56th Panzer Corp shows up though.

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