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October 02, 2009



'Warming' of a global nature is, IMO, off topic as a matter of National priorities.

Many are more interested in the increasingly 'hot' goings-on in Congress as Max Baucus, the Benefactor of Healthcare special interests declares that 'choice' 'is not the right thing' to provide to the American people. Things are gonna get hotter.

How does it feel to take a stand against the People, in favor of Big Business?

It's a state of normalcy for republican regressives.



Fresh Air

This piece is an example of why I never read the MSM any more. This information was up nearly two years ago at Back Talk. I'm so glad George Will finally got around to educating himself. Now maybe he can forward this junk to Paul Volcker and Newt Gingrich.


It will have not just cooler technology but cooler summers, colder winters and one would hope, cooler heads. There are two vital facts to recall. Firstly the "global warming" crapola was preceded in the '80s by a "global cooling" scare. Does no one recall that the glaciers were once coming according to Newsweek? If anyone starts barking about global warming (and if they say climate change, demand to know what the change is) ask one question. How much did the globe warm last year? Eh? Since '07? '01? Sorry chumps, there's been cooling, not warming. And when we book the temps for this year the trend will be reinforced in spades and that is the second important fact. It would seem that a history of these scares wedded to the observable and public fact of global cooling would be enough to sink global warming but not yet.

It's also good to know though that these grand plans for nothing cannot be defended even on their own, discredited terms.

Shirley Schadenfreude


Oh joy! Oh joy!. Obama is defeated.

Now maybe unemployment will exceed 10% and we can keep everything the way it is.



HA ha

I can't believe I'm saying this about the city where I was born, but this is great news.

William Teach

Taking a stand against the People? Seriously? More and more scientist are coming out against the notion of man caused warming, as the science is showing that the "theories" of the climate alarmists are worth less than cow poop. There has been no noticable warming for over a decade. Tropical storms are down. The "hockey stick" has been even more discredited. The Climate Research Unit, famous for refusing to share its data that the IPCC reports are based on, has now lost its data. More and more people are refusing to believe in AGW, per poll after poll after poll, not to mention that poll after poll after poll shows that AGW is WAY down on The People's list of priorities.

Was there warming? You betcha. That happens in cycles. It was just as warm during the Global Climate Optimum, got very cool during the Little Ice Age, and is warm again! Welcome to the reality of nature.

It's funny that all the Chicken Littles want to drag us back in time. Don't we need a changing environment for evolution to occur? These Chicken Littles are more like Climate Creationists.


For Semenmellow.... Hey dumbass, Baucus is a Democrat. Maybe your genius research on healthcare has kept you from this highly guarded secret. Don't you doofs know ANYTHING you burp about? Pathetic.


Global Warming and carbon reduction is becoming the support for every regulation, restriction, and tax. Government types have jumped on the bandwagon to gain more power "for the good of us all". They are the essence of a biased group, and they reject skepticism, and so reject true science.

Claim after claim of evidence for global warming has been challenged and found to be based on bad models and manipulated data.

Global warming is supported by the naked self-interest of its proponents. Try the links below for a collection of articles debunking the hysteria.

Dispelling the Global Warming Myth

Many studies show no global warming from human activity. They do show that the Earth warms up when the Sun shines more brightly.

Shirley Schadenfreude

Obama will really suffer for this. He just wanted jobs for his cronies on the South Side.

He hates America, but we love Rio.

His political capital is dwindling, so now we can hoot over the denial of choice for Americans who have healthcare. For those who don't have it, well, only 48,000 people die each year because they can't afford, or have been rejected for coverage. Whose fault is that? We sure don't give a crap.


"Baucus is a Democrat"

A wolf in sheep's clothing, you mean?


I can't believe that the IOC wasn't moved by Michelle's presentation--I mean she was dressed to look like a sports trophy all dusted in gold and everything. And we paid at least a million for this gig.

Oh, well, back to the slave quarters on Pennsylvania Ave. again after all this sacrificing for the children.


Out in the first round.

Talk about IN YOUR FACE!


"Out in the first round"

This is not the NFL draft, maroon.


I mean Baucus is a Democrat and how can anyone unlobotomized not know that? If you are keeping up on healthcare which we know you are not you would know that Baucus is one of these "Leading Democrats" in the Legislature you hear so much about and has been in the Senate for decades. Wiki him, he has been in since 1978 and yes, a Proud Democrat, like Howard Dean or Barack Obama... ever heard of these guys? If Baucus is too conservative for you because he objects to spending my money to murder babies then by all means turf him out. I'm sure your knowledge and influence in MT politics will serve you well. Best of luck.

The great thing; the fount of bottomless hilarity here is, that this display of moronicism on your part represents nearly the pinnacle of "Progressive" reasoning and resources. Way to hold up your end, dude. Bravo indeed.

Rick Ballard

Pielke has a series of posts up on the Yamal Briffa Affaire with plenty of links. Ross MCKitrick offers a very good synopsis (in the Financial Times) of why 'climate science' should actually be referred to as 'climate ""science""'. Unless you believe that dendrophrenology involving treemometers rises above a Quija board in terms of predictive ability with regard to temperature, of course.


"Out in the first round"

This is not the NFL draft, maroon.

You're right. It bears zero resemblance to the NFL draft. It is, instead, a massive waste of taxpayer money and the President's time. He could have been out there actually working to pass the healthcare bill that means so much to you. But no. He had to reach for a big, expensive, shiny, ultimately meaningless object and fall very publicly on his face.

Pay attention, you're going to see this over and over again for the remainder of his presidency. Feel betrayed yet? You will.


"If you are keeping up on healthcare which we know you are not"

You're new here. In fact you sound as though you were born yesterday and immediately started boning up on yer 'facts'.

He's just another paid lackey of the status-quo, and there is a fix in store for the likes of Baucus.

William Teach

"Out in the first round"

This is not the NFL draft, maroon.

You're right. In the first round of the NFL draft, they pick winners. Obama is more like the guy who did well in college, but utterly failed in the combine, had attitude and police problems, failed the drug test, then dropped down to the 6th round, chosen by the Browns.


In other news it seems this thread has spontaneously become the forum to say nanny-nanny boo-boo to MichBarry on the Olympics. Firstly, the Olympics should not be a big deal politically, but it is. I pray to Zeus that there will be a permanent facility built in Greece and spare us this quadrennial parade of grotesquery but that's not happening before '16 so....

It seems to me that the serious writers on both sides were basically saying that this was such a high risk move that there is no WAY a "serious statesman" like Barry would do such a thing unless he was virtually certain to bring home the bacon. And now, no bacon.

The physical laws of politics are not quite Newtonian in their precision but they do exist. The concept of "political capital" may be ignored perhaps but not for long. Like with his demands on Israel settlements, Barack ASSUMES that his wishes are commands for the rest of the world. Sorry, not only is that not the case, thinking it IS gives the guys on the other side of the table your leash. Both friends (Bibi, Sarko) and foes (A-jad, Chavez) have pulled Barack to heel publicly on numerous occassions in the last 8 months and there is little (though some) sign of any improvement. The Olympic debacle shows that this brainless genius is going to get rolled and rolled and rolled again in matters great and small. Utterly pathetic, what a disgrace.

Charlie (Colorado)

This is not the NFL draft, maroon.

Well, no, but it is a multi-round selection process in which the least favored choice is eliminated first.

So it might as well be.


Yeah jerk, I did check on my facts before engaging my little fingers you witless douche but it didn't take Wiki to know that Baucus, one of the most prominent figures in the news for two weeks was in the party of decline and treason. You want to "take care" of Baucus? Do it doof! More power! Go strap on your bomb vest; sharpen your daggers and refine your ricin. Save humanity from Max Baucus, by all means but at least know one simple fact that they will mention in his obituary. He is a Democrat. Don't like 'im? Me neither. Go, do your mighty deeds and MAKE MAX BAUCUS PAY!!!!!!!!



For those who don't have it, well, only 48,000 people die each year because they can't afford,

You might want to look at the numbers on how many folks Dr's kill each year.

Hell, it may be SAVING lives.


Though there were some real issues with the Chicago plan (cycling in Madison WI, two hours away? Prelim rounds for Soccer in St. Louis, 4 hours away?) the knock out in the first round is a real shocker.

I really do think the fact that MO and BO made it about them in the presentation really alienated a lot of the OIC members.


You're new here.

Yet he is so much better informed than you seman. Funny how that works.

Now go do some studying and get back to us.


Sorry don't have time to comment but ">http://www.adn.com/news/alaska/wildlife/story/956884.html"> this story about trampled walruses babies in Icy Cape Alaska from todays ADN will probably be be big AGW news by the weekend.
3,500 Walrus were spotted and counted on the cape on 12 September. On 14 September a plane flying over spotted dead walrus on the empty cape.
Investigating they sent in ground guys to find 131 dead walrus babies trampled to death.
Story says 3 things can cause that stampede: hunters, polar bears, and Low Flying Airplanes.

Story concludes with WWF enviro's saying they died because of Global warming, but most letters to the editor are asking, "What about low flying airplanes full of game guys counting the walrusus. How come how they spotted and counted them isn't in the story. Worth reading the story and some of the comments and trying to figure out why that crucial bit of news of how they counted the walruses on the 12th is missing. I'm skeptical.


For those who defended themselves from charges of stupidity from Semenjello because you used the term "first round" to refer to Olympic voting, no need and you will find there generally is no need to respond to such unctuous posturing. The OIC official making the announcement used the exact same verbiage and I think he was aware that he was NOT presiding over the NFL draft. Semenboy, if you are out there, suffer. Suffer just a little bit more today. I know you can.

Gregory Koster

Daddy, you need to learn to read between the lines of news accounts:

Lefty trolls who infest Just One Minute

The low flying airplane was piloted by Max Baucus, Capitalist Lackey. He dropped his sharpnel bombs, to immobilize the walruses and increase the count by increasing the number of walrus parts. Sarah Palin was beside him, shrieking with laughter while eating Milk Duds and tossing Rolo wrappers on which pages of her book manuscript had been written in an attempt to frame The Once whom she had sabotaged by promising they could all participate in an a trois with Teddy Kennedy and Andrew Sullivan on Letterman's show, even while the brave First Rolo and sidekick Oprah tried to recover from their shock at meeting greater corruption by jetting to Gstaad and blowing Roman Polanski outta the can so he could have an a trois with The Once's daughters so long as he provided 'ludes to the rest of the household.

The shock of learning all this has been too much for 'Cleo The Would Be ReichsKommissar whose belief in the World According to the Internet Invented by Al Gore has been shattered. 'Cleo is so shaken that even a 500 pound NFL Big Pharma miracle would have to run a 40 in 2.3 seconds to catch up.

don't need excessive serious-taking.

That's how you read between the lines.

Actually, the Larch Orchard.

The two key points about the Yamal-Briffa brouhaha.

1. Ten trees is too small a sample for analysis by the RCS methodology.

2. Keith Briffa must, and has not yet, explain how he chose those ten trees.

That this is poor and opaque science is going to be obvious to the mass of honest and objective scientists who've allowed themselves to be stampeded by the GroupThink of the alarmist climatologists. Now the herd can pause. The Ents are on the move in the Cherry Orchard.

This news is spreading like rippling water.

Oh, heck, a little backstory. Briffa's Yamal series is the secret sauce in most of the chronologies showing a hockey stick published in the last decade. His chronology is made up of just ten trees, all showing a hockey stick, and one of which, YAD06, shows an 8 sigma signal. Do you see why Keith Briffa must explain how he picked this sample?

In other words, much of the hoax of the hockey stick for the last decade has been dependent upon one tree in a remote Arctic peninsula in Russia. I've proposed making it the main exhibit in the central hall of a Museum of Human Folly.


So you're auditioning for the post Op Ed too, Greg, and warn us with that kind of imagery before it comes up again.


How appropriate that The Hockey Stick Theory, a major support for proponents of man made global warming is exposed as a fraud.

The Hockey Stick Theory showed a large uptick of global warming in the 20th Century. The author cherry picked data from a set of 34 tree rings and only used the data from 12. Data from all 34 tree rings showed no uptick in the 20th century and and warmer temperatures in the middle ages.

Major controls on the economy and the expenditure of trillions for a fraud.

The man who broke the bank

"...The data in question was called the Yamal dataset; it involved the measurements of a number of tree cores which were used as proxy data for temperature. It was alleged that the growth rings from these trees ‘proved’ that “late 20th century warmth is unprecedented for at least roughly the past two millennia for the Northern Hemisphere.” Yet this key data was nowhere in the public domain; it was locked up tighter than a Hawaii birth certificate. When finally it was brought into the open it didn’t show what it was supposed to prove...

..."At the insistence of editors of the Royal Society’s Philosophical Transactions B the data has leaked into the open – and Yamal’s mystery is no more. From this we know that the Yamal data set uses just 12 trees from a larger set to produce its dramatic recent trend. Yet many more were cored, and a larger data set (of 34) from the vicinity shows no dramatic recent warming, and warmer temperatures in the middle ages. In all there are 252 cores in the CRU Yamal data set, of which ten were alive 1990. All 12 cores selected show strong growth since the mid-19th century. The implication is clear: the dozen were cherry-picked."

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