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October 23, 2009


Thomas Collins

Fox had better watch out. Obama might appoint Anita Dunn Media Czar and have her cut in half the compensation of Fox's top commentators.

Thomas Collins

Notwithstanding Obama's decision to declare war on Fox, he is not making the worst calls this week. That distinction goes to the the umpiring crew in the Yanks-Angels series. In second place is the Financial Czsr's decision to micromanage the TARP banks (in addition to the compensation rules, I suspect that corporate governance rules will be coming out for these banks).

Thomas Collins

How can Maureen Dowd and the others who have Obama's Press Lapdog Seal of Approval live with themselves? Any journalist with an ounce of integrity would have walked out of that meeting when Obama started dumping on Fox.

Captain Hate

Any journalist with an ounce of integrity would have walked out of that meeting when Obama started dumping on Fox.

Answered your own question. Btw how do Bammy's apologists provide a rationale for the compensation rules being anything other than Nixon's wage and price controls minus inflation? I think that's one that's significantly beyond their powers of casuistry and obfuscation; but I could be wrong.....

I say, she said 'Mao Tse-Tongue.

Hah, Krauthammer got my point about Dunn fundamentally misquoting Mao.

hit and run

Clearly Anita Dunn went to war with Fox News without a plan to win the peace. In bringing in these Presidential Approved Pundits Obama is commissioning the Fox Study Group to devise a Surge strategy to tamp down the burgeoning civil war between the WH and the media.

Incoming, Anita.  Duck, and hold your tongue.

Wait'll Fox unveils the Weapons of Mass Derision.

Captain Hate

TM: Please give a heads-up when linking The Washington Monthly in the future so I don't have to give those idiots a blog hit.

He's so in the tank that the bubbles dissolve before they reach the surface.

Steve Benen banned me the moment I opened my trap about climate. He's a bad 'un.


I made that point earlier about their strategy in the health care debate. They walked in much like the Redcoats, in the Patriot, and the tea partiers fired their
muskets from the tree line, along with a powerful cannon along the parade route,

Mary Jones

Rudin(NPR) already apologized for his comments (per the update in the article linked above).

Here, NPR, slam the pie in your own damn face.

Well, they lost NPR, and then, wondrously, found them again. Rudin pretty much echoes Benen's talking points, but they are wrong. This was Nixonian. Too bad this administration doesn't have the executive competence that Nixon's did. Or maybe it's a good thing.

And they don't think there's an enemies list? How naive these poor babies are.

Rudin, come on, what's in your dreams, pal?

Another, and critical point, is that Nixon's crew had sense enough to feel guilty about it. This bunch, they are proud of their fascism.


"Tricky Obama" just doesn't cut it.

Captain Hate

Well and Nixon had already lost some elections in which there were certain "tricks" employed. And to reiterate a point that I've made here before: The lefties go crazy over Watergate while conveniently ignoring that its objective was to elevate their hero McGovern over Humphrey.



While you and Chaco and Captain Hate and TC and Mary Jane et al will foment again at this morn's Obamarama, Dr J and Elliott of the many 'T's's and I will be cruising the streets of Berkeley Cal and raising a tuppler to Narciso on his Birthday. And me on a Shakespeare kick no less.

This day is called the Birthday of Narciso:
He that outlives this day, and comes safe home,
Will stand a tip-toe when this day is named,
And rouse him at the name of "Bishop".
He that shall live this day, and see old age,
Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbours,
And say 'To-morrow is Narciso's Birthday:'
Then will he strip his sleeve and show his Sarah Palin tattoo's,
And say 'These hangovers I had on Bishop's day.'
Old men forget; yet all shall be forgot,
But he'll remember, with advantages,
What quips he spake that day. Then shall our names,
Familiar in his mouth as household words-
Doctor the Jay, Elliott the Ballcrusher, hopefully Ignatz the Tree-Killer, and daddy the Falstafian scat-bearer-
Be in their flowing cups freshly rememb'red.
This story shall the good man teach his son;
And Narciso's Birthday shall ne'er go by,
From this day to the ending of the world,
But we in it shall be remembered-
We few, we happy few, we band of Birthers;
For he to-day that drinks a pint with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And JOMer's in Obamaland now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here at 2 PM on 23 October 2009 in Berkeley on Telegraph at the Raleigh Tavern, across the street from the drugged out, money grubbin', urine soaked Hippies of Peoples Park,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That drank with us upon Narciso's Birthday.


Thanks Daddy, that was inspired, and on the theme of St. Crispin's Day, to boot


If the White House Press corp had any b@lls, they would boycott one of Gibbs little afternoon fan fests en masse in solidarity with their fellow journos. Just to give em a message--they might have all voted for Obama, and sheltered the public from the truth about his relationship with Ayers etc, but they ARE NOT in his back pocket!!!! LOL.

Either that, or consider themselves mouthpieces and marionettes for a president whose approval rating--despite their very best efforts-- is sinking faster than that big ship did on April 15, 1912.

Captain Hate

WOW; very impressive daddy!!!


A little wrap up from a thread some weeks back, the little parry between Perry and Vidal on the "incipient military coup" and/or the reign of the Akhanitsa, which ever comes first. Gore was reduced to repeating his musings on the Joy Behar show,
which is literally that tree that fell in the forest that nobody heard.


Daddy...who knew! I nominate you as JOM's bard in residence.



It'll be interesting to see what happens when/if the next Republican President decides to toss the NYT out of the press pool.


Not only does the bard do poetry, he does scat, too.


Captain Hate, all the stuff the left has been harping on for five decades--McCarthy, Nixon etc., forgetaboutit.

Enemies lists, government surveillance of opposition groups and the blacklisting of journalists is now their indisputable MO. Thanks to Obama, they have officially become what they hate the most.

Welcome to Mugabedom, biatches!


Dr J and Elliott of the many 'T's's and I will be cruising the streets of Berkeley Cal and raising a tuppler to Narciso on his Birthday.

I am insanely jealous.

Nice ode too.


Memo, by then it will be the United States Times, and the complaint will be "Obama may have been tough in criticizing Fox, but he never took the unprecedented step of directly interfering with their primary revenue stream, as Palin is by proposing to lower the rate of increase in the federal subsidy to the Times to below the inflation rate."


"Wow; very impressive daddy!!!

If you guys think that was impressive, wait'll we get Dr J knee-walking drunk in about 8 hours. Off to bed. Nite nite.

hit and run

Daddy, Elliott, DrJ loosed on Berkely? Oh my!

Hide the women and children!

And used bookstore merchants and pub owners!

Won't somebody, please, think of the used bookstore merchants and pub owners!!!!


To think that some of you doubted the value of our improved standing in the world. Yahoo is carrying the headline, "Gates: Nato is sending more troops to Afghanistan".

That links to an AP story headlined, "NATO moves towards more troops for Afghan war".

And in that story we learn,
At a meeting of 28 NATO defense ministers in Bratislava, Gates said he did not seek specific promises of military assistance, and none was given. He described, however, "a renewed determination to see this through."

"There were a number of allies who indicated they were thinking about, or were moving toward, increasing either their military or their civilian contributions, or both," Gates said at a news conference. "And I found that very heartening."

Our allies could not help but rally to us after hearing bold rhetoric from Obama's man:
Gates also sought to assure allies that the United States also will remain in the fight, despite the Obama administration's ongoing indecision over a war strategy.

"We're not pulling out," He said. "I think that any reduction is very unlikely."

As John Paul Jones almost said, "We have not yet begun to withdraw!"


Daddy (great bard), Elliott and Dr J, sorry I couldn't join you! Have a cocktail for me, too.

Watch out for the old hippies still tripping on the sidewalks and talking to lamposts from 1960's LSD.

Ah, Berkeley - or as we all call it in the valley - Bezerkely.


That's what we call "Palin power," And it looks like I may have to bury the hatchet
with Tina Fey, which I kind of liked since
"Mean Girls" until it became a little too
cinema verite, and she forgot the point of
her own script, in the LUN.


"I'm not being indecisive, I mean splunge"
I kid Gates, but he is one of the few grown ups in this administration, besides Mueller
, and well I'll chalk up Admiral Mullen on that score.

hit and run

Yahoo is carrying the headline, "Gates: Nato is sending more troops to Afghanistan".

For the Record: I just have to say that I was very relieved when, through an instapundit "from a reader" quote that inclulded your first name, we learned that you and SecDef Bill Gates are not the same person.

Old Lurker

"Hide the women and children!"

Too harsh, Hit.

The children are safe.


Well that was amusing and all, but back to reality, in the LUN

Thomas Collins

I'll tip a glass of Bruichladdich today in honor of narico's birthday and daddy's verse!


This White House is SuperFreakazoid-Nixonian


daddy! Why not call Thomas Lifson who lives there and ask him to join you on St Narciso's day?


Forget it, it was a hoax, should have known better


Jane tweeted that the fund raiser for Obama in Boston is not sold out. ::grin::


Lifson, is out there, some of the best people like Weidner, Quick, are out

Thomas Collins

Looks as if I am already imbibing. Make that narciso.


Bravo, daddy.

hit and run

Too harsh, Hit.

The children are safe.

But what if, in the course of getting DrJ knee-walking drunk, Daddy gets to street preaching? You think the Berkeley hippies would consider their children safe then?

A homily on the evil of Californians passing laws to outlaw hunting in Alaska could really do some irreparable harm.

And what if some poor impressionable child should hear the parable of lefty bald eaglecide on Rat Island?

I contend Berkeleyites misundestimate the power of a growler-fueled speaking-truth-to-power verbal rampage on their streets at their peril.


Is this our fate?

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told citizens Wednesday to limit their showers to three minutes because the country is having problems supplying water and electricity.

Uncle BigBad

Catch us the foxes,
The little foxes,
For they spoil our vineyards,
And our vineyards are in blossom.


They have the Caribbean and Lake Maracaibo
and they have oil, but it's like that bitter
joke that Krokodil did, have communism in Arabia for 50 years, they'd run out of sand.

It sounded too much like the dictator in 'Bananas', as Fielding Mellish would say 'a mockery of two mockeries of a sham'


Doctor the Jay, Elliott the Ballcrusher, hopefully Ignatz the Tree-Killer, and daddy the Falstafian scat-bearer-

Can't I just say, Beam me there, Scotty! I am so jealous, too.

Daddy, what a treasure you are.

Old Lurker

Good point, Hit. I had forgotten that it takes a village.


Boy, I know I am comforted to learn we have a 4 year old for president.

Rob Crawford

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez told citizens Wednesday to limit their showers to three minutes because the country is having problems supplying water and electricity.

Well, a prominent politician once said we can't expect to eat what we want and set our thermostats to what we like. Maybe he just skipped over the bit about washing all our bits.


Obama in Boston is not sold out. ::grin::

fund-raiser he’s headlining for Gov. Deval Patrick - a marquee event that hasn’t even sold out.

Pretty pathetic, eh?



Hey Top! It is heartwarming to know that O's brand is slipping, even with liberals.

Rick Ballard


You're not alone.

I found this response

Politically, the economy very probably is the single biggest threat to Barack Obama. Well under half of Americans, 41 percent, think his economic program is making it better – which is part of the reason why, by 57-38 percent, the public opposes spending more on recovery efforts if doing so would increase the federal budget deficit.
particularly cheering.



You know things are bad when you see this headline before the bloodletting.

Deeds ignored advice, White House says Top Democrats seek to shield Obama in case of election loss

I understand that the Deed's camp asked O not to campaign for him and President EGO didn't listen.

hit and run

NSA wiretaps come through again!


DrJ: Heh, Sometimes I go down to the Wharf and kill baby seals ... just to get their protein.

Elliott: That's nothing, the last course I played on cut down 13,268 trees when it was built.

Ignatz: Hah! *I* cut them down!!! And sold the lumber for *profit*!!!

Daddy: Pikers. You want a carbon footprint...my plane burns nearly 100,000 pounds of Gaia-choking fuel on trips to China. And you know what they say about the size of a man's footprint.


HAH! Hit!

Rick, the ship of state seems to be becalmed in the slough of despond.


Soupy Sales died --Remember when he told the kids to go thru their mom's wallets and send him all the green papers with the Presidents' pics on them? Those were the days of good tv.
(His bio says his family were the only Jews in a town in No Car and they ran a dry goods store that sold sheets to the KKK. With a start like that how could he not have been a comedic genius?)


--Ignatz: Hah! *I* cut them down!!! And sold the lumber for *profit*!!!--

Would that I were there H&R but we have a court hearing today to confirm the attorney's fees we were awarded and then off to look at timberland in the probably forlorn hope log prices will recover.

BTW had my pulmonary function test yesterday and I'm still absorbing 89% of the oxygen I'm supposed to so I guess I'm not dead yet.

RIP Soupy. Clarice, those were the days of kids TV as kids would have written it. Soupy would have eaten a Barney steak, on-air and raw.

Charlie (Colorado)

Not only does the bard do poetry, he does scat, too.

Dude, TMI. That's too kinky for me.


Absolutely--Soupy was the greatest!
(Did you know the first princess summer, fall, winter spring on Howdy Doody was a nymphomaniac ?)

Charlie (Colorado)

(Did you know the first princess summer, fall, winter spring on Howdy Doody was a nymphomaniac ?)

I'm not sure. Could you hum a few bars?

(You know, I'm just positive I remember the last time Soupy Sales died.)

hit and run

BTW had my pulmonary function test yesterday and I'm still absorbing 89% of the oxygen I'm supposed to so I guess I'm not dead yet.

Bummer you can't make it to the Berkeley Invasion and good luck with the court hearing. And really, don't you just suppose that Daddy will ensure they all end up in court before it's all said and done in Berkeley anyway?

That sounds like good news on the lung front. I keep praying for continued good news on the lung front.

Now, off to track down my NSA contact to figure out who made the claim of cutting down those trees on the tape if it wasn't you. It sure sounded like you. If it was Elliott doing an impression, he's damn good at it.

Dave (in MA)


Charlie (Colorado)

Dave, I LIKE it.


Since Palin endorsed Hoffman, he has collected $116k. She endorsed yesterday. ::woot woot::


Dave, that is great.


The Real Flaw: Fox Is a No-Fawn Zone


Love the widdle baby Bawack, Dave.

Anyone else suspicious of Mike Allen's Politico story today about how "friends" of Roger Ailes want him to run for President? I smell a rat. Allen is a damned lefty to his lispy little core and I think this is more propaganda to undercut Ailes/Fox News et al.


The Daily Telegraph breaks the news that the Gallup Poll has Obama down more than any newly-elected POTUS in fifty years[?] Of course, no US rag would dare print such a story, lest Baghdad Bob ignore them in the WH Briefing Room!

I lived in Chicago until 2000 and can attest that for Chicago Dems, every problem is a nail that needs a sledgehammer!


Clarice, when I was ten years old I LOVED Soupy Sales. One little known fact, Soupy was a jazz aficionado. If you google him on you-tube, you can see him hosting his WXYZ talk show in the fifties with jazz legend Clifford Brown as a guest. Prayers for his girlfriend Peaches, and for Pookie and his two dogs, White Fang and Black Tooth.

Dorothy Jane

Daddy - I love that speech! Great re-write...I heard Kevin Branagh reciting it as I read!


Bravo, Daddy!!

Ignatz, consider your pulmonary system prayed for multiple times daily.


Agree Dorothy James--

Branagh is the only man I can think of who could do Daddy's speech justice:)

Gregory Koster

Definition of mixed emotions: JOM, where:
a) you can read Daddy's wonderful ode but
b) find out Soupy Sales died

in the same ten minutes.

Goodness, Ignatz, that sounds serious. I'll add you to the prayer list. Still think you should join Daddy&Co. They could take you here and you could make merry.


BTW, Rush just pulled an MSM driveby on Obama. He spent his entire first hour reading and commenting on some Obama quotes that were fake, then the next hour came back and said he had just been informed that they were fake, but he stands by them, because they reflect Obama's thinking, even if he didn't write them. He is making the Dems pay for establishing "Fake but Acurate" as the MSM standard for reporting on Republicans, by using it against Dems.

Gregory Koster

Dave, let me recaption your splendid entry:

"Mom! Fox is being mature again!"

Gregory Koster

"It's not fair!" shrieked The Once
"Daddy's a bard, works hard, is a card
Makes Rolo and Rahm look like a dunce
Drags up the average at eeeevillle JOM
Run by the raaaacist Maguire Tom
While out in dear old progressive Berks'
Daddy, Elliot, DrJ all rightist jerks
Celebrate Ignatz's dodging of Obamacare
At a place with 32 different kinds of fare
But beware JOMmers, you regressive glommers
Into gigantic spike filled boxes
I'll get Beck, Hannity, and all the Foxes
AND bardish, cardish, hardworking Daddy
Just One Minute's poetic baddy


That's the trouble with good poets--they spawn all sorts of bad ones.


Soupy Sales and Clifford Brown

Sara (Pal2Pal)

(Did you know the first princess summer, fall, winter spring on Howdy Doody was a nymphomaniac ?)

Oh no. Princess Summer, Fall Winter, Spring was my heroine. I had one of her outfits, which I would alternate with my Hopalong Cassidy outfit as my mood dictated for the day.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Roger Ailes for Prez, I don't think so. He'd have to give up too much power.

Did I ever mention that when I worked for the SD paper, Roger Ailes' sister was my first supervisor. She was as skinny as he is fat. Very sickly and a very not nice person.


For Nixon, the public responded by calling him "Tricky Dick." And, saying "you wouldn't buy a used car if he was the salesman."

With Obama, whose never held a job in the private business sector. Or even a mop. Where you'd find him was a classroom. And, the last time I looked you could actually choose your professor. What makes you think in today's college environment, a professor like Obama, who spouts 'redistribution of income,' would see more than trust fund babies taking his classes? And, those dudes? They don't actually go to class. The professor just mails out grades. But you certainly wouldn't want to have to buy used textbooks to attend these BS sessions.


Just now catching up with the last 2 days of great fare. Love your new form of sonnet, Greg! Couplets and triplets galore!

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