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October 06, 2009


Dave (in the People's Banana Republic of MA)

Sure, SNL had a skit that gently poked fun at Obama -- for not being sufficiently lefty so far. I also noticed that Armisen's Obama impression was pretty poor, and he's impersonated him well in the past. Was this supposed to lessen the sting?

Gabrel Sutherland


Twitter users create their own fun #CNNFactCheck posts.

Some examples.

The never ending pasta bowl at Olive Garden does in fact end. #CNNfactcheck

In reality, a man of Chris Farley's girth would never be seriously considered for the position of Chippendale's dancer. #CNNfactcheck

Thomas Collins

If CNN and other antique media are going to be in the tank for President Montezuma/Buchanan/Obama, it's better that they be blatant about their bias, so that by 2012 they'll be totally discredited. This report by CNN will be tough to beat for the 2009 Unintentional Self-Parody Award. Fact checking Saturday Night Live. How pathetic can antique media get? If Jon Stewart turns on Obama, they'll be fact checking him!

Gregory Koster

If the SNL writers have a grain of sense they will "fact check" CNN the same way they did The Once. Same for Jon Stewart.



Heh. Thanks for the link. My favorite so far:

Sammy Hagar has, at times, driven 55. #CNNFactCheck


Loved from SNL" NOPE!

By the way, if you ever post on a lefty or drive-by media site. remember when you write
Barack Obama, you must now end it with Ummm, Ummm, Hmmmm!


Gabriel, you really are my fave--don't tell the others.


I like this tweet:
fatelvis04: RT @mitrebox David Letterman's Worldwide Pants spend a lot of time on the floor. #CNNFactCheck

Thomas Collins

Wait till CNN finds out that Mr. Ed the talking horse really didn't talk.


Gregory: Love your SNL fact checking CNN idea. My gawd, the comedy practically writes itself!

Charlie (Colorado)

I also noticed that Armisen's Obama impression was pretty poor, and he's impersonated him well in the past. Was this supposed to lessen the sting?

Jonah Goldberg thought that was him resisting the idea of the skit. I kinda doubt that, since they performers write the material, but there it is.


Yes, cc, Gregory's idea which somehow just now appears on my screen is terrific.

Original MikeS

Heard a nasty rumor about Johnny Carson's Carnac routine.


If the SNL guys have a lick of sense they'll do a skit on CNN reporters investigating SNL doing a skit.
First show them laughing hilariously at Bush or Palin jokes about seeing Russia from her living room couch, counterpoised with them angrily demanding clarification about Obama's Gitmo statements or 57 states etc.

Dennis Miller could whip something up on this in about 10 minutes that would be "pee in your pants funny."

I remain desperately hoping that Leno has enough assets and stones to seriously start taking on the Left and Letterman's of the world. His numbers I think would go through the roof. Man, what a target rich environment for a comedian not worried about approval from the Left.


AT has a story today that Gutfeld's little 3 a.m. show is outperforming CNN, so daddy, once again YOU ARE RIGHT!!


Daddy - it is a target-rich environment.

Leno is not the guy to exploit it.


A small edit.

"Barack Hussein Obama,mmmm?"


Well, maybe CNN could do some serious journalism to regain some ratings. Instead of "fact checking" an SNL skit, they could look into DOJ hiring bloggers to engage in http://corner.nationalreview.com/post/?q=MWViM2IwMmUzMDUxNjdjZjcxYmVlMzc4ZGEwYjNhZDI=>propaganda:

Is the Department of Justice engaging in fraud, or is it simply trying to hide its propaganda? Those of you wondering how DOJ uses your tax dollars to enforce our nation’s laws might be interested to learn that Eric Holder has apparently hired former Democratic campaign bloggers to work at the department in what appears to be a secret propaganda unit. According to a story at The Muffled Oar website, the bloggers are housed in the Office of Public Affairs (the press office). Their job is to place “anonymous comments, or comments under pseudonyms, at newspaper websites with stories critical of the Department of Justice, Holder and President Obama.” One of the bloggers is former DNC and John Edwards staffer Tracy Russo, whose name was featured prominently on the department’s introduction of its new website on October 1.


...DOJ lawyers also ought to be aware of ABA Model Rule of Professional Conduct 8.4, which states that it is professional misconduct for a lawyer to engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation. If the report in The Muffled Oar is correct, tax dollars are being used directly for such dishonest, deceitful behavior.


That's too bad bgates.

The field is wide open and I'd love Leno to exploit it. But if not him, I'm ready for anybody who will. I cannot imagine an easier venue in todays world for a ballsy comedian than a daily diet of mocking the inanity of the MSM and the Left. What's stunning is that that enormous target has so far only peripherally been exploited.

Which of us couldn't write a script about enviro's stupidly poisoning Bald Eagles with Rat Poison, or inadvertently stampeding walruses in low level airplanes while trying to figure out what causes walrus's to stampede? Or Polar Bear experts after 30 years of studying Polar Bears having to knock on an Inuit igloo to ask if its normal or not to see momma Polar bear's piggy-backing baby Polar Bear's. Or any skit whatever on Kim's tree ring Global Warming Study. "Here' try this stick, no, does't work. How bout this one? Yeah, that's the ticket. Let's use it and discard the rest," etc.

I usually have on Gutfield at midnight, so it's good to see his numbers heading North.


Has anyone checked The Onion...this is tailored made for them...



Here's a good one.


I knew Jay pretty well growing up, and I can say I am very disappointed to read that interview. Altho at least he doesn't sound like a moonbat.



This one is not a joke.

Charlie (Colorado)

"If by 'news' you mean 'wind'."

Dazed by the End of Days

Sara has been officially tapped by Maguire.

Why the Hell not? She couldn't be any worse
than Bush.


Dazed, you're confused. Palin would be an improvement on Bush, but she'd be an even bigger improvement on Barry, who is plainly much worse than Bush - witness the rising unemployment, skyrocketing deficit, despicable treatment of allies, to name three.

Dazed by the End of Days

if Sarah can be POTUS, why not give the Taliban a campaign platform?

'Crazy', you say? It's a weird world.
From MJ;

"Instead of fighting the Taliban, why not encourage them to run for office? Tell them to form their own political party, and they could officially govern many of the local Pashtun areas already under their control. Think of it: "Vote Taliban in 2010."

That’s one of the proposed solutions offered in a Financial Times op-ed on Tuesday with some fresh ideas on how the West can best exit Afghanistan. In a bloody conflict where tangible solutions are as rare as authentic election ballots, the op-ed’s authors—Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan's former ambassador in Washington, and Anatol Lieven, a professor at King's College London—offer Western leaders some food for thought in avoiding a disastrous exit, and a framework for withdrawal that hasn't figured much into US debates on the issue.


Ever heard of Hamas, or the GIA of @#$%@#^$%& Saudi Arabia, God that is stupidity on a nearly quantum level. How long does the likes of Maleeha Lodhi, think she would live in such a context. Ironically, Lieven
ages ago, pre 9/11 predicted a scenario in the Prospect where Western civilization was
annihilated by some force from Afghanistan.

Dazed by the End of Days

"God that is stupidity on a nearly quantum level."

I assume you're referring to giving the Taliban a platform and not Maguires endorsement of Palin for POYUS


Yes giving the Taliban a political platform that would likely encompass part ofPakistan,
the part with the nuclear weapons most likely. Here's the piece I referenced earlier, in the LUN

Melinda  Romanoff

But then, you equivocate, n'est ce pas?


Instead of fighting the Taliban, why not encourage them to run for office?

Because that would be a defeat that would embolden Islamists and other enemies of the United States worldwide, cement America's reputation as an unreliable ally in AfPak and elsewhere, make the Afghan security forces we've trained officially responsible for the wellbeing of our sworn enemies, be a death blow to the Afghan government we've been propping up most of the decade, and is an all-around stupid idea.

Melinda  Romanoff

Dazed, that was for you, not the bishop.

Dazed by the End of Days

, "and is an all-around stupid idea."

Yeah, yeah. But what about Sarah the Prez'?

Melinda  Romanoff

Make yer point, Dazed.

Jim Ryan

Surprise, cleo's been drinking.

Melinda  Romanoff


I thought that was my job.


Dazed by the End of Days


Well, there's always Michael Steele.


How can you tell the difference, we know Semantic, but what's these two, Lodhi and Lieven's excuse

Jim Ryan

Eh, I dunno. I figure, if I'm wrong, what the hell, I've insulted two trolls for the price of one.

peter (Lenten Sunday dispensation)

I thought that this was a pretty good article, until I came across the word, "irregardless."

Barry Dauphin

Who needs satire when the president announces physician support healthcare reform by being surrounding by doctors in white coats! That was hilarious all by itself. I mean whose f'ing idea was that?


I don't get it, why would someone do this, in the LUN

Rick Ballard

"I mean whose f'ing idea was that?"

I believe that would be the Commieczar for Propaganda, Barry. Or someone auditioning for the part.

Militant Banana

I don't get it, why would someone do this, in the LUN

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. They are unable to judge Good and Evil since these "terms" are just viewpoints instead of real, tangible items.

Barry Dauphin


The WH photo op made Brezhnev look subtle by comparison.

Rick Ballard


I can't remember the correct commie term for what CNN is doing to SNL. 'Autocriticism' isn't exactly right - it's more that CNN has taken on Regime authority to enforce 'proper' discipline regarding reference to Emperor Iwon.

Rick Ballard

I forgot the question - do you know the right commie terminology?


well isn't that was called rectification or reeducation, that what the UMAP camps were in part from, political correctness is an expression from Maoist China


Does Chanel's extravaganza qualify as "rediscovery of the peasant virtues"?

Rick Ballard


I'm looking for the term which was applied to criticism of "art" as being inappropriate to commie "ideals". Political correctness is one aspect but I'm driving at CNN's "self?" appointment as agent/censor of the Regime.

Charlie (Colorado)

"Socialist self-criticism"?

Dave (in MA)


Wouldn't you think that these would be on sale?


well Socialist realism was what they were striving for, so counterrevolutionary and fascist, and chauvinust would be the opposite


I don't rightly know how to take this, I agree with the message, but I have qualms about the messenger, in the LUN


"I don't get it, why would someone do this, in the LUN?"


All I can think is that it is an extension of the thought that ">http://business.timesonline.co.uk/tol/business/law/article6860231.ece"> this Times on line story exhibits: Don't anger the terrorists.

"UP to 30 “high-risk” terrorists — including some of the most dangerous men in Britain — are due to be released from jail in the next year.
More are being freed in the wake of a ruling by Britain’s most senior judges that long sentences for terrorist crimes could “inflame” rather than deter extremism."

"The judges stated: “Care has to be taken to ensure that the sentence was not disproportionate to the facts of the particular offences. If sentences were imposed which were more severe than the circumstances of the particular case warranted, that would be likely to inflame rather than deter extremism.” This was the green light for further sentence reductions in subsequent terrorist appeals."


Charlie, wouldn't that require SNL's participation? I think Rick is talking about CNN's role in enforcing orthodoxy, which SNL hasn't submitted to yet.

narciso, the fact that Chris Buckley liked Lattimer's book is the kiss of death for any argument he makes as far as I'm concerned.


Well that's what I thought, bgates, I mean if you're supposedly concerned with principle well you don't diss someone like her, at the first round. I think Buckley's
animus really has more in common with Letterman's attitude than anything resembling policy. Consider that the main character in his last three books, have been
a lefty blogger, a iconoclastic female diplomat, and a TExas born atheist populist female judge; and add that his own family situation.


Man, how you guy's can even wade thru such swill as Chris Buckley books etc is beyond me.

Can I make an OT sort of "No S*#T Sherlock" confession?

This guy who wrote The Tempest, William Shakespeare...hey, he's pretty good.

Had recently picked up ">http://www.amazon.com/Brave-Vessel-Castaways-Jamestown-ShakespearesThe/dp/0670020966/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1254892717&sr=8-1"> A Brave Vessel: The True Tale of the Castaways Who Rescued Jamestown and Inspired Shakespeare's The Tempest, at our local Library under the new history book section.

Doesn't get great reviews from Amazon, but I really enjoyed learning about the 1609 ship bound to Jamestown that shipwrecked on uninhabited Bermuda, and how an account of it, written by an onboard lousy 2nd string London Playwrite, finally got back to London a year later, and seemed to inspire Shakespeare with material for The Tempest. (Plus I liked how 1 of the shipwrecked Mutineers, pardoned and sent back to London after a stint in Jamestowne, eventually boarded The MayFlower in 1619 and became a hallowed Pilgrim forefather.)

Anyhow, that led me to The Tempest, which I had never read, and so I find that while on the Stationary Bike at the gym when the weather is lousy and I'm sick of listening to Danny Fagan, I've really enjoyed plowing thru' The Tempest. After about the 3rd plod thru of each Act, and after having figured out what all the outdated allusions and language means, I've reread it with a passion and it flows wonderfully well, so much so that Moose's Tooth Bartender's see my lips moving and my hands unconsciously motioning o'er my beer-mug, silently enacting each speech by Prospero, etc, and giving me humorous grief about it all. Such stuff as dreams are made on, I suppose.

Anyhow, simply excellent, excellent stuff, but as I mentioned at the top, " No Shinola Sherlock."


And they're off!

Out of the gate it's...that's not David Brooks by a nose...
and that's not Andy Sullivan in the lead by a bone...,
nor is it the lugubrious David Gergen pounding round the first turn to praise Obama...
Is that...is that the McCain's there in the lead? Meghan or Johnny?
It sure as heck ain't the Pegster, nor Chucky K, nor the Colinizer.
Where's Frum...I'll be damned, boy give me that program. Ain't this Pundit Derby Day where pseudo Conservatives race to praise Obama?


Well when did that change?

So what race is this? The Afghan Stakes?

Oh, so it's Lib Pundit's racing to damn Obama? Are you sure. Here give me back my binoculars.

My Gawd you're right...

And it 's Tom Friedman moving past the post ladies and gentleman, flashing past The Krugman and Nate Henthoff like they was a standing still.

But what's this, Helen Thomas in a burst of sweat in the Gibbs lane? Man, She's gotta' be a long shot.

"C'mon Dover, move your blooming ass!"

Boy, go down there and tell Miz Eliza Doolittle to shut up. I can't hear myself think.

And here they come ladies and gentleman, rounding the final turn and thundering down the backstretch today to criticize the President...
Turf and dirt is flying everywhere and the crowd is going nuts..

It's Kruger on the inside by a nose, Rich on his ass, Modo's winded and fading, Helen Thomas is passing gas,... and Tom Friedman is running flatter than his book sales...
Oop's, Allan Colmes glasses just fell off so he's done for as well...

Here's David Broder now, making a strong move on the outside...past Huffington, past the Wapo Dana's...
It's Kruger on the inside, Broder half a length back but gaining... now Kruger, now Broder, now Kruger, now Bro...whats this!!! It's Cohen, Richard Cohen, out of nowhere !!!
Zooming up the track!
He's caught Helen Thomas...He's caught Broder... My gawd now Kruggy's eating his dust...

And approaching the wire its the Wapo's Richard Cohen by a length,..by 2 length's... why it's now Cohen by 3 full snide remarks about Obama at the finish! It's Cohen, it's Cohen,it's Cohen!!! Way ahead of every pundit on the field.

Simply a great race today by the C-Horse ladies and Gentleman at Media Fields ---Cohen's column today says Obama lacks backbone, lacks an understanding of how a President should act, and finishes off by saying Obama probably doesn't even know who the heck he is or what he believes.

Apologies for having today's race cards today's mixed up ladies and gentleman...It was Greg Craig's fault.

Cohen's in the Winner's Circle, getting an offer to appear on FOX News Sunday. Take a bow Richard, you deserved it.


"Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking...

Thank you for flying All Nippon today...

Before takeoff, please fasten your seatbelts,
place your tray tables in the full up and locked position,
and">http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1218473/Airline-goes-green-asking-passengers-use-toilet-boarding.html">and take a dump."


Who needs satire when the president announces physician support healthcare reform by being surrounding by doctors in white coats!

The white coats I saw were quite short - which I thought was pretty funny. Level of training designated by the length of your white coat - so if you are a heart surgeon you can trip over you coat it's so long, and if you have 3 years of medical school you can almost see your underwear. Most of these guys had on briefs.

Maybe they were all interns.

Jane, that the doctors involved didn't object is noteworthy. They certainly know the code.


Really good comments, Daddy and Jane.


Hey Daddy, saw that the sales tax failed and Coberg got his full term, so good on both counts.

Buckley's last was still pretty good, the bile hadn't quite tranferred from his column, his presidential stand in, was an ornery Ohio version of McCain, I think I've
made the point earlier. His gamble on a mavericky judge paid off, not exactly in the same way that the real McCain handled himself

Rick Ballard

"Socialist self-criticism"?

Not exactly, Charlie. Something more along the lines of what the filthy commies running Hollywood did to Bud Schulberg after he refused to toe the party line. CNN is acting (trying to act, anyway) as an enforcer of commie groupthink orthodoxy wrt SNL. There may not be a term of art to describe it - I seem to remember one but I cannot lay my hands on it.

It's interesting to watch - SNL is actually flexing in order to influence the Politburo to behave as "decent" commies. CNN, as a propaganda instrument of the Politburo has now issued a warning. I admit, it's a fight in the sewer under the county dump but it still counts as fun - as long as they all lose.


Thanks for the chuckle to start the day.

... designing software for his speechwriters' computers that would delete those personal pronouns, replacing them with the word "sauerkraut" to underscore the antic nature of their excessive appearances.



#CNNfactcheck Wolf Blitzer is not stage name of Eddie Munster.

Flags are not actually "flown" but raised with rope and allowed to flap for a while before lowered again. #CNNfactcheck

#CNNfactcheck KoolAid instructions impossible. 2 qts water will not fit in package

Charlie (Colorado)

This guy who wrote The Tempest, William Shakespeare...hey, he's pretty good.

Heh, we got another one.

Daddy, look for the Folger editions, they have useful notes for figuring out what Bill meant.


I wonder if CNN will check this one out ...
Obama: Health Care Plan Would Give Seniors Right To Choose How They Are Killed


By the way, daddy, I highly recommend reading anything by Aristonphanes. Those ancient Greeks were a pretty rude and crude rolicking good time.


Thanks Cathy,

Lysistrata is an amazingly clever idea, and I like The Cloud's especially with Socrates wandering around muttering nuttiness. Have an old college friend, Greek Classicist, who pines to live in 4th/5th Century BC Athen's because of the genius of their drama's and comedies during that amazing period. Tis fun to hear him wax wonderfully, then bemoan not being born 2,500 years ago. It's good to have such friends to laugh with and laugh at.

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