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October 05, 2009



All you need to know about McChrystal is that he's Delta.

Fresh Air


Interesting that Netanyahu went directly with Putin on the evidence that Russia is supplying assistance in obtaining the bomb to Tehran. In the old days, he would have gone through Bush, or even Clinton.

It just shows you how pitifully weak the U.S. appears with Zero at the helm.


Matt, wondered what you think of this plan, in the LUN


I am laughing so hard tears are in my eyes...

...anyone else listening to Rush?

mega dittos.

Dave (in the People's Banana Republic of MA)

Rocco: Aw, shucks.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I'm lovin' this parody, something for everybody, even Ann.


I dunno about the polls but I see a huge (make that about an inch) shift in the political spectrum over the last week. The moonbats are somewhat silent - undoubtedly crushed by the Olympic defeat which really can't credibly be blamed on Bush; add - this is not the way they wanted to get out of Afghanistan, and since now we know that Obama CAN fail, maybe Health care isn't going to happen.

He's lost the independants, and the less batty supporters are afraid they have been taken for a ride. So I'm optimistic this week.

Rob Crawford

He's lost the independants, and the less batty supporters are afraid they have been taken for a ride. So I'm optimistic this week.

Sadly, the batty supporters are going to just be driven to more anger and -- I'm afraid -- more violence.


Hey, glasater--The ANSWER is blowin' in the wind.

bio mom

Caution: The muddle can shift on a dime. Sway in the wind.


Let 'em have it Rob.


Has anyone else seen this?

U.S. most admired country globally: survey

This Reuters article will undoubtedly feed Obama's ego. The world loves us now because of Obama.

Steve Schultz

I"ve changed my mind on Afghanistan. I now believe we should leave there immediately and here's why. I was watching the movie "Pearl Harbor" last night and there is a scene near the end of the movie where General Doolittle is talking to the two stars of the movie. His statement was, "Victory will go to the one who believes it the most and who has the most patience". I realized at that moment that Barack Obama has absolutely no concept of victory or patience and that our continued presence in Afghanistan will only result in more American deaths with the same drip drip drip of defeat. It greatly saddens me to say this but we are being led by an empty suit of a politician, not a man of any substance at all.


What's the line that comes to mind with that survey result "You're doing it wrong"
WE didn't really support the Northern Alliance forces either, that didn't help the outcome.

Militant Banana

The old adage still holds true: If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.

"... if we adopt the principle of universality : if an action is right (or wrong) for others, it is right (or wrong) for us. Those who do not rise to the minimal moral level of applying to themselves the standards they apply to others -- more stringent ones, in fact -- plainly cannot be taken seriously when they speak of appropriateness of response; or of right and wrong, good and evil."


For tea-leaf watchers, the interesting peek-a-boo game is watching Richard Holbrooke, a former FSO whom I worked with in another millennium, because Dick always ends up on the winning side---of a debate, not of wars.


Yeah that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling,
everything worked out since Holbrooke was assigned to the Afghan/Pak portfolio, he seems to channeling Harriman in this, and not in a good way.

Original MikeS

If Obama backs down in Afghanistan, his legacy will be fixed.

That he is considering something other than the strategy he set in March, is a stunning example of poor judgment.


I doubt it's poor judgment.

Everything makes sense when you start from the premise that he wants America to lose.

Naive and inexperienced? No. He's just on the other side.

Original MikeS

...the premise that he wants America to lose.

That idea really is too painful for me to accept. I prefer to imagine that feigned indecision is really a distraction to keep the media away from the backroom manipulations on the health-care cram down.

JM Hanes

I don't think he wants America to lose. I think he just doesn't care unless it affects his agenda and his political capital back home.

Old Lurker

Dunno about that, JMH.

For the crowd that believes that the world would be better off without a single superpower (Sec Albright etc), being run out of town with our tails between our legs would announce that we have come down to earth quite nicely.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

According to a segment on Cavuto, Obama doesn't have the money to move forward in Afghanistan. We're too broke to finish fighting this war.

Old Lurker

If you don't think the unemployment numbers are bad for the future...LUN from Bloomberg. You heard most of this stuff at JOM two months ago.


If he loses now, he can still blame Bush.

Rob Crawford

According to a segment on Cavuto, Obama doesn't have the money to move forward in Afghanistan. We're too broke to finish fighting this war.

BS. We have plenty of money. What we don't have is the will to cut spending on unconstitutional social programs.


No in other news, it seems that lad Al Quahtani's interrogation was filmed, vapors anyone


If the American leftists have their way, Obama won't have to worry about the military, because there won't be any.

" Protests against military recruiters at schools nationwide tomorrow"



semi-successful surge?? How about fully successful surge, or as sucessful as things get in a limited war.

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