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October 20, 2009


Har de har hark.

Good stuff, cf. Sniff.

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whatever it is. thanks for the article

Dave (in MA)



Hey Kim--I've got a dandy for you!!

Willl the Real Chamber of Commerce Please Stand Up?

Shows a fraudulent representative of the Chamber talking about climate change.
This video is truly amazing and shows the lengths warmistas will go to further their evil deeds!!


Kim--Please watch LUN!!!!!!!!


Please check LUN!!!!


Speaking about "Palling Around With Terrorists" ... Palin to appear on Oprah.


Sorry for the triple comment but am sure the typhus gods were going against me:)

peterwhoishappythe yankeebatsfinallywokeupandthanksgodand briancashmanforccsabathia

man crushes die hard at LUN


That Bible cover can't be real. It has to be a hoax.

Doesn't it?


By the way, happy Trafalgar Day! Drinking coffee out of my "Success to Nelson" mug from the Royal Maritime Museum, where I visited last Trafalgar Day.

"Never mind maneuvers, always go straight at 'em."


BTW, the brilliance of giving terrorists
'Miranda rights' or freeing them outright, never more clear than today

Rob Crawford

If Oprah is unable to find anything about Sarah Palin to admire, she is much stupider than I've given her credit for.

How many years did Oprah go to Trinity United?


cathyf--thanks--it's lovely and the tears helped soothe my allergy afflicted eyes.


Matthew had Chris Cilizza on to talk about the 20% Republicans poll.

This is sounds like media cocooning they did Bush/Gore Bush/Kerry, they think it will demoralize. Gore and Kerry, according to the media, were going to trounce Bush.


Levi Johnston will be waiting...for a surprise visit...

...to the hospital, if that happens. The lady can field-dress a moose. A moose she just shot her own self.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I think Palin is being way underestimated. She'll have no trouble with Oprah. If anything, she has learned and will refine her sarcasm so that it is obvious it is sarcasm and not taken the way it was with Gibson and Couric. And she was being sarcastic with both as her subsequent remarks indicated. She was flabbergasted at their stupidity with some of their questions but was restrained due to the campaign. She will feel no restraint now, I'd bet on it. Oprah will end up loving her and so will her audience.

Salt Lick

Oprah's high-profile friendship with the Obamas will prevent any contretemps on her part -- it'd backfire. Palin's going to benefit.

Dancing with Ellen wouldn't be wise, though.


We Americans are a remarkable lot. We allow virulent anti-Americans like William Ayers to speak in public venues, even though they proclaim philosophical ideas antithetical to everything that is a free society.

And then, we ridicule them for the hypocritical poseurs they are, benefiting as they do from the very societies they seek to poison. For this, we are often vilified and mocked by those same poseurs, but Americans in general have broad shoulders and a thick skin.

I love America and Americans. You are magnificent bastards.


It's just the college sophmore political club in action. They say this crazy $h!t all the time.

You don't have that kind of pathological control without a pathological focus.

peterhappysabatia: The problem there in that article is that Obama probably does have an inner conviction, which he has hidden as well as any taqiyah master might. I haven't figured out if it is to communism or Islam, or maybe to both.

Pathology, under the microscope.

Oh, glasater, thanks for the link; I'd not seen that one. Watch those shifty eyes. Caught in a lie and absolutely certain of the correctness of his position. There is a true believer, and there is evil.

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