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October 05, 2009



Watching hoe poorly this Administration has managed what programs it undertook, assuming Obamacare were passed this week, do you not see intractable and chaotic problems all across the board as the administration struggles to bring on board the many new employees needed, to craft the complicated regulations--in sum to reshape this huge part of our economy. Do you think for a second these problems could ever be resolved in time for the 2010 elections?


Rick Ballard

Has Sibelius announced the governments plan concerning the very small fraction of those receiving the unnecessary vacination who will die or be disabled as a result of its administration? Aside from denying responsibility and disallowing legal recourse, of course.

The Maladministration's efforts to gen up a sufficient scare seem to be on course and the inability to replicate something as simple as a mass vacination (the note by the doctor interviewed re the administration of the Salk vacine some fifty years ago illustrates that some level of competence existed in the past) is a decent harbinger of the Kill Granny future.

All in all, a very decent demonstration of the probable efficacy of Obamacare - cradle to grave at an ever accelerating pace.


However, the Maryland state department of health doesn't care to know who has Swine Flu. Back, a month or two ago, when SF was spreading across the nation, you couldn't get tested for it unless your doctor used a specific test kit. GPs couldn't get the kits or those who put in a request got the "on back order" notice to this day. You couldn't walk into a clinic or hospital and ask for a SF test. It had to come from a doctor. Catch 22. Your workplace position with elevated contact or responder status was irrelevant. Regardless of the low incidence of testing, they confirmed SF was throughout the state. Several deaths too.

Enter global dollars for Big Phara's new candy. What no one mentions is that if you have already had SF, and doubtless many have, getting the SF vaccine will make you ill. It will make the SF more potent. FYI - don't take candy from strangers.

Charlie (Colorado)


It's. The. Flu.

So far the mortality rate is unusually low, except possibly for late term pregnancy. And it's unclear if that's anything but a statistical fluke.


Have heard from rumor control that deliveries of the vaccine will be by a private delivery company, not by the Post Office. This simply tells me that it will be promptly delivered absolutely, positively to the location it has been directed to, but as for what happens to it after it hits that location, all bets are off.

Hold Fast

Wait for the gutsy (not afraid to risk being labelled a RINO) headline folks: "I Am Patriotically Rooting Against a Vaccine Disaster"

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