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October 11, 2009


Dave (in MA)


Thomas Collins

OK, TM, no excuses for the Yankees now. No Curse of Dave Roberts hanging over the head of the Bronx Bombers now that the Red Sox have been eliminated.

I think the dream match up is an all LALA World Series. Who will throw out the first pitch: Ahhhnuld? Jack Nicholson? Jerry Brown (I hear he has an eephus pitch called the Moonbeam:-)))?

Thomas Collins

In any event, TM, it looks as if time is running out on the Bronx Bombers to win a World Series before the world ends. See LUN. :-))

Thomas Collins

Yes, Dave(in MA), it's Sad Trombone, not Sweet Caroline for us this year. But we're still two up on the Bronx Bombers this Millenium in World Series wins!

Soylent Red

(I hear he has an eephus pitch called the Moonbeam:-))

Do you swing at that with a moonbat?


Yeah but the Cowboys won so who cares about stupid ol' baseball? I will answer that, when the moon and planets properly align, and it is October, then no one cares. And that is the truth.

Buford Gooch

Soylent, if a moon bat comes into contact with a moonbeam, there is a blinding flash of light, and all that is left behind is unicorn poop.

Bret Fulton

No Eastern bias here--it's pure coincidence that Tom happeded to select the furthest east team in all 4 series

Soylent Red



If, after everything that has gone down in America this season, you did NOT understand that the Cooperstown Gods have decreed that Joe Torre will come back to Da Bronx to try and smite Darth Boss George, you just ain't been paying attention.

Tom Bowler

Well, TM. The first symptoms of my Red Sox affliction appeared when I sat in my nifty Baltimore Orioles hat with my dad behind home plate at Memorial Stadium, and found myself wanting the Red Sox to win. Billy O'Dell beat 'em. Thus began 45 years of pure hell. Yes, it's a familiar story, but I'm not sure you can imagine the relief 2004 brought.

But it did. So much so that I no longer automatically root for whoever is playing the Yankees. I can honestly say there are moments when I actually want the Yankees to win. Usually they pass quickly, those moments.

This year we may get to see two of baseball's classiest acts ever in the World Series. Derek Jeter and Joe Torre. My passion for the Dodgers being about the same as it is for the Yankees, I would ordinarily find solace knowing that one of them will lose.

But his year it will be a celebration for whichever one of them wins.

Charlie (Colorado)

In the mean time, the Broncos are 5-0.

Dave (in MA)

I hate this thread.




OT: A little well-deserved Bono love.


PD: A scruffy, plutocratic, hypocritical mountebank...yep!

For narciso:

Sarah Palin Rogue Rants

Thomas Collins

I noticed that the Broncos are 5-0, CHACO. Couldn't help but notice, as the Bronco defense was shutting down the Pats' offense in the second half.

Dave(in MA), I think this thread is fine, even though much of it comes at the expense of the Red Sox and Patriots. I'm glad that sports talk has a place at JOM. After all, if we're not talking about politics, wouldn't you rather talk about sports than the latest obscure study from Finland TM has uncovered concluding that vigorous aerobic exercise at 6:30 every morning and extract of shark fin injected into one's left big toe may or may not improve one's life span?


My long-suffering Giants fan better half sums this up with her lifelong motto: evil Dodgers.

Try it sometimes--you'll be suprised at how often it fits the situation.

I'm pulling for a Yankees-Rockies matchup.

JM Hanes

Ditto what Dave didn't say.


Jesus H. Criminy sakes.

I go away for a week and numbnuts wins the Nobel Wee Wee Prize and the revolting Yankees and the gag inducing Dodgers both look good.

What a world.


"There's nothing you can do that can't be done,
There's nothing you can sing that can't be sung ..."

Not some of your more sensible song lyrics.


Welcome Home, Ignatz!

Heh, the Obama Family went to church today. After a nine month search for a suitable place of worship the Obama family walked across the street to St. John's Church for a photo op.

Afterwards: Obama played golf

President Obama at AFB for his Sunday round of golf at Andrews AFB with Trip Director Marvin Nicholson and two other staffers, the White House releases a readout of POTUS’s call earlier today to the U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan:

“Early Sunday afternoon, President Obama called Ambassador Eikenberry, U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan. The president thanked Ambassador Eikenberry for his work and for his participation in the ongoing review of strategy toward Afghanistan. The president received an update on the Afghan elections and reiterated the importance of Ambassador Eikenberry and his team to ensuring the implementation of a comprehensive strategy in Afghanistan that includes both military and civilian components and working with our Afghan partners.”

Ditto on the Jesus H. Criminy sakes!!!



The Nobel Committe has already announced the Brunswick Maine, Little Leagua All-Stars as the winners of the Wold Series.

It was important to recognize this team as setting a new tone in the area of baseball and the Nobel Committee is sure they will do great things in the future.

Jack is Back!


I did one better. I went to LUN and voted for Obama.

Captain Hate

My long-suffering Giants fan better half sums this up with her lifelong motto: evil Dodgers.

Giants fans deserve to suffer for a long time for supporting that POS Bonds; a more disgusting example of everything that's wrong with modern athletes would be difficult to find. As far as the Dodgers, I was cheering for the Cards but LA gets more applause than usual from me by having gotten Casey Blake from the Indian's fire sale.

As far as the Denver Broncos, I'm still not sure what to make of them. Definitely the most surprising team in the NFL.


JiB, as did I and encouraged my sons to do so. One wrote back:

"Done. I'll make sure to recruit my friends, too. It'll be a real grassroots movement, no Astroturf."

Hey, we can all community organize, right?

Captain Hate

LUN for two Nobel Prize winners for economics. I'm not familiar with either of them but Elinor Ostrom's quotes, particularly "decisions by individuals can help solve the problem even as governments work to reach an international agreement", make it sound like she's a *gasp* free marketeer. The comments are pretty funny.


Me too JIB!


Me too - Barack Hussein Obama, POTUS
Thanks for the link!

Old Lurker

Welcome home, Iggie. Wear your mask when you go to work today.

I find it interesting that the WaPo above the fold front page story today - LUN - headlines a study showing Health Isurance premiums rising $4,000 per family more than the increases already predicted by Dems. Golly, added to the tax increases in the plan and the $400B cuts in health care for Granny, I think we are going to create so so many new jobs. Don't you guys?

Captain Hate

Hilarious (imo) anagram found @ AoS: Maureen Dowd = roamed unwed


Uh-oh. Government versus the union.

The smog is from a temperamental inversion.

Yikes, gridlock.

Thomas Collins

Lest the hijacking of this weekend sports results talk thread by world politics, health care and the POTUS prize get out of hand, I thought I would LUN an article on Tiger's leading the US to a victory on the links!

hit and run

I found myself fist pumping yesterday during the President's (no sic) Cup.

Yet the left has told me that I am incapable of rooting for a black man to succeed in leading his country to victory.

There must be some unconscious part of me that I try and hide beneath an otherwise cheering and cheerful demeanor in which that fist pumping was really an unconsicous threat of physical violence toward Tiger.

'Cause no way the left is wrong about me, right?

Thomas Collins

I'm surprised that TM hasn't started a thread on the Bronx Bombers winning their American League Division Series (see LUN for espn.com's take on yesterday game). After all, unlike in the good old days, the Yanks are just another struggling playoff team.

Now that my beloved Red Sox are out of it, I can root for Rivera saving every situation he faces.

Wouldn't it be fun, if A-Roid beats the Angels with a walkoff home run, if he was greeted at home plate by every stripper, actress and other sort whom he's "dated?" Oh wait, I know baseball fields don't hold that many people! :-))



The WaPo are racists.

Thomas Collins

Phillies defeat Rockies 5-4 to advance to the NLCS against the Dodgers.


the left has told me that I am incapable of rooting for a black man

The left won't admit to Tiger being black. Problem solved!


Phillies win

Thomas Collins

AFC East race tightens up. See LUN.

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