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October 01, 2009



Wow, ole Anne's quite the tool huh?

Captain Hate

If journalism schools had any chance to avoid being sand castles, they'd devote at least a lecture on AA's behavior as an example of what not to do. That last link to Patterico is sadly hilarious; too bad she doesn't have any friends to strongly urge her to stop destroying the reputation that she worked hard to construct. Or responsible editors.


Writing under deadline it's easy to make a mistake. She, however, made 4 biggies (aside from the entire tenor of her piece and ignoring her obvious conflict). Now, when I make one I am mortified and try to get a correction up asap. I think we all do. But bloggers have nothing but their reputations and cannot do otherwise. I guess it's different for people like Rather and Applebaum, etc.Kinda like Polanski's attitude about being above the law, isn't it?

Gregory Koster

Please excuse this cross-posting which I originally posted in the "I am not a lawyer" thread on Polanski. It concerns writing to Whoopi Goldberg's corporate paymasters about his idiotic "rape-rape" comments:

Dear All: Try this for T-Mobile:

Robert Dotson CEO
Susan Nokes COO
Larry Myers HR Executive
Mr. Kim Thompson Corporate Communications

Address: 12920 SE 38th St. Bellevue WA 98006

Telephone: 425-378-4000

Be aware that the FEC folks say Dotson sent John Conyers $1000 to be re-elected in 2008, so you are dealing with a 200 proof liberal.

As for Toys 'r Us:

Gerald L. Storch CEO
Claire Babrowski COO
Dan Caspersen Human Resources

Address: 1 Geoffrey Way Wayne NJ 07470-2066

Telephone: 973-617-3500

">http://www2.toysrus.com/about/execCommittee.cfm"> Here's brief profiles of these folks. Nothing at FEC on Storch and the search function there collapsed when I tried the other two.

This info comes from the subscription database REFERENCE USA, available at many public libraries (advt.)

Carry on

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