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October 26, 2009


Jack is Back!

This just in from the AMA:

Warning! Buying and owning health care insurance does not assure a longer life or prevent death.


There is a corollary to the Chicago Way: Tax payers are chumps.


I don't understand the logic here. I am happy with my government run car insurance and my public-option government life insurance.

In fact, I called the White House yesterday about a new government run umbrella policy and an accidental death policy on my spouse, getting ready for our hang-gliding vacation...
Barack said, "I'm feelin' ya man". And offered a very competitive rate...

Gregory Koster

No, tax payers are lemons to be heaved into a turbine powered squeezer.


This thing will only FIT through the back door, that is what Hiatt does not state but seems to suspect. It is the root of Obamism on healthcare that anyone who insists on honest debate is a cynical wrecker, regardless of his stated ideology, even if Obama Approved. Watch out, Postie!

Cecil Turner

First, no one knows for sure how to control costs; and, second, the reforms that are likeliest to work are politically unpalatable.
The funny part is the best thing he can come up with for cost control is a new tax. What's the latest estimate of defensive medicine costs? 9%? Obviously tort reform wouldn't help. Nor more actual competition (across state lines). Nope, nobody can come up with any ideas at all on cost cutting. Except taxes. Sheesh.

But if we just pump a bunch of government money in there (with the usual controls bureaucrats place on money that's not their own . . . except in those situations where they can siphon a little off for the cause . . . usually by hiding it in a bunch of obscure expenditures), well, that'll help. Right?


Why do they insist on flying in the face of reason and passing a healthcare bill that no one has asked for or really wants? It's like they are purposefully ignoring the voters and what it is they want which is more jobs. Talk about taking your eye off the ball. Then I read that a minority organization that received 3 billion stimulus dollars is being indicted for fraud. That's our hard earned going into someone's pocket fraudulently. i never believed in reparations but I think it is happening on the sly.

Dave Schuler

Thanks for the link, Tom.

Frau Argwohn

"Everybody gets the same option or nothing doing."
Can this stop the ninnies? I'm not holding my breath.


Nancy Pelosi wants to rename the "public ption" .. I suggest the "Jason Voorhees Option"

Gabriel Sutherland

Time's Karen Tumulty sets up the coming media push to pass health care reform.

Recent weeks, however, have also seen some subtle shifts in the politics surrounding the debate over whether the health-care legislation should include a public option. A new round of polls show that it continues to enjoy broad public support, and the industry's efforts to fight the bill may have backfired politically. Additionally, there are new horror stories of people being denied coverage on unfair pretexts, and reports that insurers are jacking up the rates for small business in advance of the legislation. Meanwhile, the Congressional Budget Office recently determined that a public option could save a significant amount of money, particularly if its payments to providers are tied to Medicare's reimbursement rates, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would prefer. That, however, would likely bring strong opposition from doctors, hospitals and other health-care providers, who complain that they are underpaid by Medicare, as well as many moderate Democrats.
I'm surprised she could fit all the DNC talking points into a single paragraph. Yes she can.

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