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October 22, 2009



Coming soon to mailboxes throughout the 4th Estate: ObamaVISA junk mail!

"You have been PRE-APPROVED for an ObamaVISA card! Membership has it's privileges! Cash back every time you use it!"


Eugene Robinson is reliably liberal, but he is a good journalist and can actually argue his way out of a paper bag. Their side needs more like him and so does ours - steel sharpens steel.

I wonder what he thought of being lumped in with Olbermann....


Nice to have an official puppet list, though it's not as if the strings weren't already visible. Do they get souvenir "Useful Idiot" badges?


...On second thought, two administrations ago had that last one covered.

::spit:: ::sputter:: ::LOL::

You owe me a keyboard!

Paul Schlick

Whenever any approved "journalist" is mentioned by name throughout the conservative and libertarian blogosphere, I would like to see their name followed by a little superscripted "e" with an "O" around it, similar to the copyright symbol, to designate them as "Obama Endorsed". Or perhaps a superscripted "WHA" for "White House Approved". Maybe Tom can start that movement.


helpful list of Obama's house n***ers.


Geez papertiger, we don't need that here.

Annoying Old Guy

Link to my previous "Obama Approved" graphic. I once again hit the tail end of a dead thread (probably twice, actually).

Dennis Poulsen

Now we know who is on obama's payroll.
Now I understand why olbermann is against the
Tea Party.


You're much appreciated, Valuable Young Guy!

Furniture Stores

HA!! "Heavy journalistic talents like Maddow and Olbermann". Now that's funny!


Some of those names are good ones, some of them are not. Honestly, I don't think most of the networks mentioned are legitimate news sources anyway, including FOX. NPR is about the only legitimate news sources anymore, because CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc. are all essentially biased in some way or another, or they flip flop. None of them report "the news." They report political talking points injected with bias and misinformation and misinterpretation.

So, it seems silly to me that this would have happened at all. FOX, to be fair, is wrong almost all of the time, but it's not like the others have amazing track records...

But, we should also not be remotely surprised that any Democrat or Republican would enact political bias. George W. Bush wasn't exactly innocent on this front either. No Presidents are...It just seems like Obama is turning into the Democratic version of George W. Bush.

And as for the whole comment about Obama not getting anything done...that has nothing to do with Obama sucking and everything to do with the fact that the issues he's dealing with are not universally accepted by Democrats and are universally panned by Republicans. He's dealing with a hostile environment. Obama has done a heck of a lot of cross-the-table-hand-shaking, but he's doing it with people who are not as willing to lean as he is...

But that's enough from me.

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