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October 10, 2009


Gregory Koster

I lead a sheltered life, even more sheltered than the denizens of TIMESWORLD. Is it possible to beat someone so "strips of skin" are coming off the victim's back? That sounds more like burns. Or is it the beating was severe enough to sever strips of flesh from the victim? That sounds like a whip was used. In which case it would be hard to do inside a house, there isn't enough room inside. Perry was raised in the city streets of New Orleans according to his website bio.

In brief, more creative writing as applied to biography. Whatever happend to Perry, and it likely was awful, he needed to read such literature as A CHILD NAMED DAVE before he could write this. I'd like Mr. Blow's telephone so I could pitch my investment strategies to him. One born every minute.


I really must have overstayed my time on earth because I never imagined I'd see people like this in the WH. never. Inconceivable and I think I have a rather good imagination.


On in Bizarro world, clarice, but a look at his recent offerings, shows Chuck couldn't be more trite and cliched if he tried


Maybe Krauthammer will take up Cloward-Pliven next, Clarice. He seems to have thrown the gauntlet down this week.


And right on cue...

U.S. Blocks Oil Drilling at 60 Sites in Utah


I saw that on Pamela Geller's site,
Extraneous, WTH are we doing, for lack of a better word.

Original MikeS

In my opinion, Obama should get some one who hasn't promoted student sex with adults to be Safe Schools Czar.

I know Dems will say that makes me a terrorist or a racist, but I can't help it. I'm a victim of my own bigotry.

He's mad, I tell you, as a hatter.

No, n, it's what the Hell is Obama and his deranged crew doing. I know WTH we are doing; we are gathering our wrath.

Frau  Mistgabel

Feds stop Utah oil and gas drilling at 60 sites: The BS coming out of this WH means shovel ready jobs! Bandini is *so* jealous.

As for the Safe School czar, my Orwell-meter has blown (as in Charles of the NYT)a gasket. I think the czar wants to make the schools safe for *his* agenda. Will America's teachers really accommodate him?


Why wouldn't they, frau, Bill ayers is an official in the leading organization that designs school curricula?


I have been in the anteroom to 'the belly of the beast' it really is as bad as you suspect, Frau

Frau  Mistgabel

It's potentially worse than that, Clarice. Ayers has influenced U.S. teacher education with social justice carp. Steve Diamond has addressed this and everyone has not yet signed on. Ayers needs to be exposed to the general public.I don't think he would relish being Alinsky-ized.

You wrote, "I really must have overstayed my time on earth because I never imagined I'd see people like this in the WH. never." The safe sex czar (who czuks as Caro noted), should fear those of us who have been around for a while. You have not overstayed your time; you are needed. Welcome your potential crone, as in wise one', revered elder of the circle.

Keep asking him.

He's being targetted, mein Frau; see the blogger's pix and verbix.


GK -

I think a cat o' nine tails would do the trick


Zero really needs an intervention.


Well TM,

I think we can all surmise what Child Pedarist Woody Allen thinks about devastating OP-Eds from the New York Times about Child Pedarists like Woody Allen...Or Roman Polanski, or our Secretay of Education for that matter.

From Annie Hall: (with slight editing of 1 word)

"ISSAC: has anybody read that the PEDARISTS are gonna march in new jersey? i read this in the newspaper. we should go down there, get some guys together, you know, get some bricks and baseball bats and really explain things to ’em.

JERRY: there was this devastating satirical piece on the op-ed page of the times. it was devastating.

ISSAC: well a satirical piece in the times is one things but bricks and baseball bats really gets right to point down there.

HELEN: oh, but really biting satire is always better than physical force.

ISSAC: but true physical force is always better with PEDARISTS because it’s hard to satirize a guy with shiny boots on.

DENNIS (interrupting): excuse me we were talking about orgasms.

MARY: oh, no, please wait no. give me a break dennis.

DENNIS: well we were.

MARY: no, i’m from philadelphia. we never talk about things like that in public"

For those who don't remember the film, Woody Allen played Issac, the guy calling for using baseball bats. It was Nazi's, not Pedarists, but seriously, what's the difference?

Anyhow, I'd recommend the Spalding Bat-Five for Issac (Woody Allen). Made by Spalding in 1820's England, and highly recommended for cracking skulls by Charles Darwin---even better than the full beer bottles recomended by this years Nobel Peace Prize winner. err, make that ignoble Peace Prize Winner. But don't worry, this year it's not hard to make our Peace Prize Winner ignoble. Why he almost does it all by himself---with a litle help from some committee chicks in Copenhagen of course.

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