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November 07, 2009


Elroy Jetson

A big shout out to Dr. Tom Coburn. May he follow through on his threat to have the health care bill read in its entirety on the Senate floor.


Nancy might want to reconsider this--have you seen the latest Drudge picture of her?


I saw this on Instapundit, and I sent him the following note. Sorry about the length.

I read with interest your links today on pharmaceutical and medical device innovation, including an article of your which I had not seen
before. While what both said is true, it overlooks perhaps *the* major source of innovation in this segment: venture financing of start-ups.

By way of introduction, I run a young biological tools company. Our products will contribute directly to creation of a new generation of
pharmaceuticals and of diagnostic tests. At the moment we are funded entirely by NIH, as the venture capital market is moribund. I also serve as a frequent reviewer at both NIH and NSF, on both academic and small business panels, and for a dozen technical journals where research results are disseminated.

These days big pharma does very little research. The innovation comes from the small companies, and those that succeed often acquired by big pharma, or license their drug candidates to them so that the enormous costs of clinical trials are absorbed by the much larger partner.

These small companies live on what can be substantial investment (hundreds of millions of dollars each) by venture capital firms. So the
ability of a company to raise money will depend on the VCs being able to generate enough after-tax income for their few successes to fund their failures. Obamacare is squeezing this on both ends. First, the capital gains rate is slated to increase substantially. Second, the revenue potential for the putative new products under whatever form Obamacare takes will undoubtedly decrease. This also affects company value for any potential IPO.

That makes this space a much less attractive investment. Of course companies will still be funded, but they will be far fewer in number and
the pressure on them to produce will increase from what is already obnoxious. Since success is partially a numbers game, there will be fewer products that come to market.

No, a company cannot live on grants. A $2 million grant award is a large one, but this is typically the amount that a company raises from venture sources for its *first* funding round (of many). And winning grants these days is really, really challenging: success rates are on the order of 15%. It is nearly impossible to fund a company of any size from grants alone -- only the academics can live on grants since their salary and lab overhead is heavily subsidized by their institution.

I should also note that there are many overhead categories that government grants will not cover, such as intellectual property prosecution. The agency funds the work, and expects you to publish the results, but will not fund obtaining patents. There is a commitment to commercializing new products!

That to me is the major threat to innovation under Obamacare: draining the life blood out of the small-business corpus. That's where the innovation resides, and that's what appears will be hit the hardest.


I like the pun


That to me is the major threat to innovation under Obamacare: draining the life blood out of the small-business corpus. That's where the innovation resides, and that's what appears will be hit the hardest.

I posted something on this theme on this yesterday. Here's a link that talks about this whole side of things from a non health care perspective:

It’s About the Death of Small Business

"Numerous analysts have made the point that in all previous post-war recoveries, it was small business that led job creation. During the 1980s and 1990s large businesses lost employment and small businesses grew. The fact that job losses at small business are evidently far higher than those at large businesses does not make this look like any recovery at all."

It's about fascism: big government and big business combining to crowd out small business.

"Are we clear? The Obama administration has run the federal deficit up to 12% of GDP, handing out money to favored projects. The banks shift their balance sheet away from risky small business to riskless
Treasuries. And the grassroots economy gets crushed."


I'm watching this democrat press conference and I'm not convinced they have the votes.

Are you?


This is really incredible:

John Reed: I'm Sorry I Created Citigroup And Killed Glass-Steagall

John Reed, who originally helped merge Traveller's Group with Citibank with Sandy Weill, is performing a mea culpa for creating megazombie Citigroup (C):

Bloomberg: “I’m sorry,” Reed, 70, said in an interview yesterday. “These are people I love and care about. You could imagine emotionally it’s not easy to see what’s happened."

“I would compartmentalize the industry for the same reason you compartmentalize ships,” Reed said in the interview in his office on Park Avenue in New York. “If you have a leak, the leak doesn’t spread and sink the whole vessel. So generally speaking you’d have consumer banking separate from trading bonds and equity."

Reed also apologized for essentially helping repeal the Glass-Steagall Act:

“We learn from our mistakes,” said Reed, who wrote an Oct. 21 letter to the editor of the New York Times endorsing a division of banking activities. “When you’re running a company, you do what you think is right for the stockholders. Right now I’m looking at this as a citizen.”

So, he's had a "learning experience," but who's paying for it?

Jack is Back!

To bad PUK isn't here to read this LUN.

Do you think "Macca" waited until PUK passed on to make this omission?

Interesting coincidence, eh?

Jack is Back!


Blame it on crowd noise.


Arlen Spector has been really big on cancer research. Is his Oldtimers disease too advanced to let him make the connection?

Rick Ballard

"That to me is the major threat to innovation under Obamacare: draining the life blood out of the small-business corpus."


That's a key feature of Obamunism. Why shoot the kulaks when you can starve them? Besides, there's only so much money available and replacement parts for Govmo and the rest of the Obazombies are quite expensive. If the compliant fascists at Citi, GS, JPM, BAC etc. don't deserve the President's support, who does?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Senator Gregg: CBO Estimates Pelosi Health Care Bill Will Cost $3 Trillion

Senator Gregg stated, “The CBO estimate released last night finally sheds light on the smoke and mirrors game the majority has been playing with the cost of their health care reform proposal. Over the first 10 years, this legislation builds in gross new spending of $1.7 trillion – and most of the new spending doesn’t even start until 2014. Once that spending is fully phased in, the House Democratic bill rings up at more than $3 trillion over ten years.

Jack - now that PUK is with the angels, maybe he is able to whisper in certain ears, like Macca's.


This government is doing everything they can to consolidate power and strangle their opponents. We are watching an Alinsky style takeover.

The problem is that the sheeple don't even get it.

I have a number of pretty smart engineers and employees working for me, but none of them get the whole "long term" thing.

This recession has been an industry killer in electronics and 20 other industries. The Cutbacks are steep and probably permanent.

Innovation (not just American) is dying on the vine, and even a lot of smart people still don't get this. The hollowing out of corporate America and the mismanagement of any facet of the interrelationship with wealth creation by our government bodes ill for the world.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Pam Geller has a list of supposedly on-the-fence Congresscritters with their numbers to call. Is yours on the list?

Get on it!


Obama is heading off to Camp David this afternoon. Does that sound like a person confident about pending legislative victory? I know he can get back quickly if need be, but personally I'd stick around if I thought Congress was going to deliver what I wanted within 48 hours.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

"W" goes to Ft. Hood, Obama runs off to Camp David. He needs to rest after his one day at the office trying to figure out what his job is.


Tomorrow is golf day. Ft. Hood won't be seeing him then either.


Innovation (not just American) is dying on the vine, and even a lot of smart people still don't get this.

I agree. A large part of the problem is that Washington still believes in static analyses: the goose will continue to lay golden eggs in spite of what they proscribe Just ain't so!

I know you said "smart people" so that excludes politicians.


Bush's ranch is not that far from Ft. Hood.


bad: Potus and Flotus will be going to Ft. Hood on Tuesday for the memorial services - you know, when all the TV cameras and print reporters and photographers will be there.

Wonder which belt Flotus will select?


Yeah, Sue, they just said on FNC that it is only about 30 miles from his ranch.

You really know your state of Texas pretty well, gal.


DrJ, for awhile I've thought the best analogy for "healthcare reform" is squabbling over who gets a leg and who a breast when we kill and cook the goose that lays the golden eggs...

Also, you need to understand that the killing off of medical innovation is a feature of the process. If the US no longer funds innovation, then there won't be any. And this will take away to pressure on all of the other first world countries with socialized medicine -- if there are no innovative new treatments, then sick people in the socialized medicine countries won't be able to want it. So they won't be making political pressure to allow them to have it.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Obamas to attend Fort Hood memorial Tuesday

Big of him to interrupt his busy campaign schedule.



The scary thing is I know where most of the counties are too. Part of my job.

Uncle BigBad

To the extent I am capable of being amused by descriptions of Mr. Obama, I like this from a Telegraph writer, talking about his Ft. Hood remarks:

Completely missing was the eloquence that Mr Obama employs when talking about himself.

What a great line, Uncle BigBad!

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Completely missing was the eloquence that Mr Obama employs when talking about himself.

Now that is a PUKism if I've ever heard one.


I feel like I'm watching a replay from the voting on the stimulus bill. I bet it passes.


Ugh, Sue - I think you're right.


Potus and Flotus will be going to Ft. Hood on Tuesday for the memorial services

does it mean nothing to him that there are many wounded there NOW, some of them possibly fighting for their lives?

Jack is Back!


She always picks her belts for the "occasion". So, it has to be this one.

hit and run

Completely missing was the eloquence that Mr Obama employs when talking about himself.


Was it Contentions today where i read the same point?

For all the conventional wisdom about Bush's supposed inarticulateness,there are a number of speeches from Bush that you do remember,but it is the ones where he speaks of freedom and liberty,of strength and resolve,of the things that makes this country great and make our nation stand out in history as that proverbial beacon of hope.

Not about himself.

Flip it for Obama.


According to Eric Cantor's office, there are 31 democrats on board with republicans opposing the bill. Don't they need 40?


Here's the list:
From Cantor's office:

Below is a list of 31 Democrats, from coast-to-coast & north to south, who have listened to their constituents and joined Republicans in a bipartisan fashion to oppose Speaker Pelosi’s trillion dollar plus overhaul of the nation’s health care system (Updated is bold):

1. Rep. John Adler (NJ)

2. Rep. Brian Baird (WA)

3. Rep. John Barrow (GA)

4. Rep. Dan Boren (OK)

5. Rep. Rick Boucher (VA)

6. Rep. Allen Boyd (FL)

7. Rep. Bobby Bright (AL)

8. Rep. Travis Childers (MS)

9. Rep. Artur Davis (AL)

10. Rep. Chet Edwards (TX)

11. Rep. Bart Gordon (TN)

12. Rep. Parker Griffith (AL)

13. Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (SD)

14. Rep. Tim Holden (PA)

15. Rep. Larry Kissell (NC)

16. Rep. Suzanne Kosmas (FL)

17. Rep. Frank Kratovil (MD)

18. Rep. Daniel Lipinski (IL)

19. Rep. Jim Marshall (GA)

20. Rep. Eric Massa (NY)

21. Rep. Jim Matheson(UT)

22. Rep. Mike McIntyre (NC)

23. Rep. Michael McMahon (NY)

24. Rep. Charlie Melancon (LA)

25. Rep. Walt Minnick (ID)

26. Rep. Glenn Nye (VA)

27. Rep. Collin Peterson (MN)

28. Rep. Ike Skelton (MO)

29. Rep. John Tanner (TN)

30. Rep. Gene Taylor (MS)

31. Rep. Harry Teague (NM)

Rick Ballard


I believe it's 41. The NY-23 flip raised the Commie Caucus total to 259.


Wonder which belt Flotus will select?

Nothing shorter than about 38".





has there been any action on the stupak-pitts amendment?

Rick Ballard

"Nothing shorter than about 38"."

As SBW noted, a good knee in the belly prior to hauling on the cinch strap would pick up a few inches - 'course, her eyes might bulge a bit more than normal.


McCotter, republican, just said on Fox that democrats probably have the votes.

Jim Ryan

Sounds like Nancy has enough votes to give my Cong Tom Perriello permission to vote no. He's toast next November otherwise. Look for a Perriello 'no' in the roll call.

I'm not going to cooperate with this system. I'll go to jail or disappear first.

Now, I'm no ornery critter. So, I'm definitely not the only one. Gotta be millions.

hit and run

Big ad against the Dem healthcare plan just aired in the middle of the Alabama - LSU game here.

They give the link:


(haven't clicked it,no idea what's there)

And at the bottom the ad says:



OK, but more importantly...

Geaux Tigers!!!!

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Since I run out of pennies at the end of every fiscal month, I can't afford another dime of expense or taxes. So, I'll take jail. If the government wants to take care of me so badly, they can provide a roof over my head, bad food for my belly, and take care of all my medical needs.


Sue, I have resigned myself to this passing the House.

Flotus belt fans: yesterday I went over to I Own The World and they have this video devoted to our fashion horse mule first lady. They compare some of her belts to suicide belts worn by female jihadis. All Michelle seems to be missing are the wires and explosives on some of hers.


All Michelle seems to be missing are the wires and explosives on some of hers.


Sara (Pal2Pal)

Oh great, just great, Cong. Weiner is going to take away all my free jail care. He just pledged to serve the time for anyone arrested under the plan.


Politico is reporting they have the votes.


These people make me ill.

Does liberty mean nothing to them?

How would they feel about being pushed around by a bunch of arrogant, no-nothing twits?


First, I'd like to give a shout out to my homies back in Chitown!!!! Yo yo yo, can you believe it? I'm Prezdint!!!!! Now, on a more boring note...

The House always had the votes. It will never pass the Senate...at least not anywhere close to the House version.


Mustang, that just made my day....


Sigh. I cannot believe all the damn pundits I read in the last few months talking about how Obamacare is dead. It was never dead. It lives.

Gregory Koster

Sara, Jim, I don't doubt that you'd tell Holder's Justice Department to bring on the trusties. But watch: there will be a new federal crime in the Child Abuse Division: failing to spring for Obamacare is child abuse. So not only are you off to the klink, but your kids get sent to foster care where they'll learn to sing Once songs if they know what's good for them.

That's an entirely different set of pressures to bear. You'd think such a possiblity would raise a horrendous outcry, but look for the Lefty press liars to stroke their chins and say, well, hold on now. Child abuse isn't just about physical abuse... They have to maintain their privileged position in the Obamacare queues.

I wonder how many of the Dem zanies who will vote for this lamprey are doing so thinking the Senate will kill it or water it down to the point of being merely gruesome. Then I wonder how many are voting for it because they see a wonderful opportunity for "constituent service" i.e. "Tired of red tape? Vote for, and contribute to, me, and you can jump ahead of all the peasants, though never in front of the new nobility.


i have registered the web site www.repealobama.com. That should be the message in 2010, loud and clear.

despite the opposition of the majority, including the constituencies of many democrats, these scum are making a pure power grab.

Abortion funding, illegal immigrant eligibility, death panels,Medicare plunder, massive tax increases, and the single payer option are all in there. This is Nancy's Bitches Brew.


It was never dead. It lives.



20 years ago I took the oath of allegiance to the Unites States of America, renouncing my former (Communists) citizenship. It was(next to my wedding) my proudest and happiest day. And now, the Marxist ideology I have been fleeing has finally caught up with me. I have achieved modest American dream and that is about to be terminated by the forces of darkness (my husband's start-up was nixed when the venture capital died just about 12 months) ago.

America is a victim of its own success. People here came to believe that the most successful economic model and the freest society in the history of mankind can take any amount of abuse, that there are no consequences to their actions, and that money grows on trees.
There is no free lunch.

Well, I am one of those that would rather go down fighting than submit to the chains that are being imposed on me. I cannot do much as an individual, but sure as hell I intend to do as much as I can.

Vote. Donate. Get active. Never surrender. Never give up.


Fox news on Friday pretty much predicted it would pass just to save Obama's ass. Well he was on the Hill today pleading for it. Too bad his fellow senators know him as a mere mortal and won't be duped so easily. Maybe if he had picked Bayh as his running mate the senator from Indiana would not be voting his saving bill down.

Jim Ryan

GK, Katherine, I won't cooperate under any circumstances. I wouldn't be able to look myself in the mirror.

Again, I am not an ornery fellow. So there are millions who share my intent.

You don't have enough prisons, Nancy. And will law enforcement cooperate with you?


Of course it was never dead. Current Democratic Party is not your Bill Clinton party. They are Soros's and Moveon minions.

One thing that my Father always said (and he had plenty of a first hand experience) that you cannot ever trust a Communist. They will away lie, cheat and double cross you. The means justify the ends. Just because Nancy Pelosi is an American and her party is called Democratic and not Communist does not change the reality. She and her followers are leftists and they will do anything to destroy freedom and promote central planning. International, anyone?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Gregory: Even my kids have kids too old to be covered as kids. I'm more concerned with the elder care provisions.

Gregory Koster

Jim, Sara, I don't have any kids. See you at the rock pile.

A little more seriously, Katherine has the right idea. We better not quit now. Bad as things are today, there have been far worse times. Best to fight 'em even if the nannies call you a practicing psychopath.


How many dems have to defect to kill it on the house, or has the vote already happened?


Dear Rep. Baldwin,

I'm writing in opposition to the health care legislation currently being considered in the House, and possibly being voted on this weekend.

There are many details in the bill objectionable in themselves: Federal funding for abortion, imposition of requirements to purchase insurance and penalties for failing to do so, fees on companies who don't knuckle under, etc.

But as bad as those things are, the most objectionable thing about this legislation is that it is fundamentally subversive of the principles of liberty and freedom on which this nation was founded. The bill increases the size of government bureaucracy, increases government intervention and interference in our lives through all of its requirements and penalties, and treats citizens as cattle to be managed.

The government in our country should serve the people, not the other way around. This legislation may not be *designed* to treat citizens as slaves of the state, but that is exactly the effect it will have.

Congress has no business writing any such legislation as this, and the people of this country understand this. That's why the clear majority of us are opposed to this effort, and why we are justifiably outraged at the way in which Democrats in Congress are attempting to ram through this legislation in the defiance of the will of the people.

If you vote for this bill, you stand on the side of state tyranny.

If you vote for this bill without even reading its now multiple thousands of pages, you will have betrayed the trust of your constituents.

I urge you to vote against this bill.


Not that there's a chance she'll vote against it, unfortunately. I'm just screaming in the whirlwind.

Frau Hoffnung

Katherine, my husband proudly swore the same oath in 1963. (Note: there is *NO* legal dual citizenship for Americans.) He sees clearly what is in the offing. Personally, I will not give up OR sit down (ask Jane).
Jim may not be ornery, but I am, daughter of a mother born in west TX.
Besides, PUK placed his hope in us...

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Gateway Pundit has this posted:

UPDATE:35 dems now oppose the dem’s nationalized health care bill.

Maybe Pelosi’s blue dogs really are howling?


Frau Hoffnung,

God bless you and your husband - and yes, I never considered myself anything other than a proud American.

My personal disadvantage is that I live in San Francisco. You cannot imagine more lunatic leftist environment.

On the bright side however, one my best friends, a very successful lawyer, and a gay - (I mention this only because gays are suppose to be knee-jerk libs) is daily cursing himself for his vote for Obama. He is a self made men and cannot stomach the wealth redistribution schemes currently under way. My dermatologist, also a gay, recently ranted at me how this new redistribution system is similar to telling kids in school to never strive to get an A in class, because mediocrity should get you as far as an excellence.
When people's livelihoods are threatened, when they are about to lose what they worked for their entire lives, the start acting on their self-interest, fancy ideologies to be damned.

Everything that is happening right now makes me more determined to fight. I love America I admire American founding principles and I have no intention to give up on them any time soon.



I don't know where you heard about JOM, but
please stick around. We need another fighter and it sounds like you are one of us already.



my unit just lost another kid in Afghanistan. LUN.

The "leadership class" in this country today makes me sick to my stomach.


Thank you so much for kind words. I have been lurking around JOM for quite some time, just it seemed that I never had time to post:-)
Cannot afford that excuse any more, I guess.


So sorry Matt, that's tough news.

I've tuned into C-Span. Since when do they take call ins?


Katherine, welcome! Please stay and comment more.

matt, I'm very sorry to hear that.


Note: there is *NO* legal dual citizenship for Americans.

That's not right. My brother, an American citizen, holds a German passport, and so could I. The US may not recognize dual citizens, but other countries do. That matters.



I hate when we lose another one, but it hurts like hell when you read he left behind a 1 year old.


So what does it mean that the stupak amendment has passed


It means the Blue Dogs now have cover to vote yes on the final bill.

hit and run

my unit just lost another kid in Afghanistan. LUN.


Just ugh.

I've no words.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Well if the Blue Dogs are stupid enough to think that the people were protesting the bill only because of abortion funding, then they deserve the thrashing they're going to get at the polls.



It was going to pass anyway.

Frau Hoffnung

Don't be bitter, matt. Many of us know whom to mourn. Spc. Julian Berisford's legacy will be that of a selfless man who gave his life for others. The monster on life support has brought shame on himself, his family and his religion.

Katherine, many of us live in smaller versions of San Francisco.


Yeah, I think so too, Sue. I am okay with the way the Rs voted.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Hasan off the ventilator.


On the bright side, when the bill passes Drudge will hopefully remove that crap awful picture of Pelosi.


My goodness the House is ridiculous.


The Beatles were SPIES. Like in the President's Analyst. He was knighted because he was one, like Reagan.


What exactly is the "motion to recommit?" Anyone know?


I can't tell you how much I've missed these cryptic comments. Seems like when Plame was over, so were they. Welcome back!!!

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Pawlenty: Dems are like a manure spreader in a wind storm.


Obama's attending? Maybe it'l be like the Cole Survivors. They can get on a plane.... Doors all secured.


The real vote is about to start now that the stupak amendment has been dealt with--..

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Jane: It is like saying, okay we've changed the bill with amendments since voting to vote on it, but now we'd like to recommit the bill for a new vote on whether we should vote.


Oh gawd. Thanks Sara. Will it ever end. I don't get the totals. Is it 241 votes?


218 - okay I see it now.


Here we go guys...the final vote


After the third reading of a bill (or resolution), but before the Speaker orders the vote on final passage of the bill (or resolution), a motion to recommit the bill, either with or without instructions, to the committee which originally reported it is in order. (Rule XVI and XVII) This motion is traditionally the right of the Minority and gives them one last chance to amend or kill the bill. Under the Republican changes to the rules of the House incorporated at the beginning of the 104th Congress, the Rules Committee may not report a special rule that denies a motion to recommit with instructions if offered by the Minority Leader or his designee (Rule XI, clause 4(b)). There are two types of motions to recommit under the rules of the House:
If the motion to recommit is without instructions, adoption of the motion has the practical impact of killing the bill without a final vote on its passage. In other words, the House has said, "send it back to the committee from whence it came. We don't want it as it is." The motion is not debatable if it does not include instructions.

If the motion to recommit is with instructions, the originating committee to which the bill is returned is bound to follow those instructions. Usually the instruction is for the committee to "report the bill back to the House forthwith with the following amendment." The text of the amendment is then given in full. In effect, this is a last chance for the Minority to make a germane change in the bill. The motion to recommit with instructions is debatable for 10 minutes, equally divided, but not controlled (which means neither side may yield time) between the proponent and the opponent, although the time may be extended to one hour at the request of the Majority Floor manager. If the bill is recommitted with such "forthwith" instructions, the bill is immediately reported back to the House on the spot with the amendment, the amendment is voted on, and the House proceeds to final passage of the bill. The bill does not disappear into some legislative limbo as some seem to think. It either is killed (by adoption of a straight motion to recommit without instructions) or comes immediately back (by adoption of the "forthwith" motion to recommit with instructions).
The motion to recommit is the prerogative of the Minority party. In order of priority, the Minority leader and then Minority party Members on the committee handling the bill, by seniority, have the right to offer the motion. They "qualify" to offer the motion if they state that they oppose the bill, at least in its current form. The Member who qualifies and offers the motion should also vote against final passage of the bill if the motion to recommit fails.
It is also worth noting that a motion to recommit need not instruct that an amendment be adopted. The motion may also direct that further hearings be held, or that an investigation be conducted and that a report of that investigation be made to the House, so long as the instruction is germane to the bill as amended. However, in the case of such general instructions, the committee cannot be required to report the bill back to the House forthwith, although it is certainly not precluded from doing so.
Motion to Recommit explained




which republican voted for it?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Well it passed. Now who is the one Repub who voted for iit? He/she is toast.


Cao. Jerk. I can't believe it.


He won Cold Cash Jefferson's seat, he's toast anyway, he should have voted no! Just damn.

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