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November 07, 2009



Wonder what they gave him?


He'll probably switch parties now.


Apparently, his primary concern was abortion.


Cao from Louisiana . Do they usually cheer on the floor of the House. How undignified. What happened to coverage for illegal immigrants? Welcome Katherine!

E. Nigma

What a steaming pile of excrement that was.

Of course, the Senate has to vote on their version, and if it passes the Senate, by hook or by crook, then there will have to be a conference committee to resolve the differences between the two bills, at which time all the amendments can be overridden and taken out, as the House and the Senate only get to vote on passing the conference committee decides.
Guess which party will not be allowed into the conference committee?
I wonder if Chris Matthews has a tingle in
his leg tonight?

"A Republic, if you can keep it." -Benjamin Franklin.
Another nail in that coffin.


I'm nauseous, because he of all people should know better


Dear Rep. Baldwin,

You utterly SUCK.

Gulag Bound and Down

That one republican vote gave every dem cover to say they weren't the one to put the bill over the top... Cao... toast. burnt toast.


It was 219 so it was a dem that put it over. The dems can run but they cannot hide. We know how each person voted. For something this big it should be a 2/3 vote of the House.
Just think 1/2 the reps voting are against it. Then why pass it? The regular American people don't want it.


Any one know how to curse in Vietnamese,-/:;(()$&&&&@/


The Cao vote is unforgivable. Yes, it was going to pass anyway, but now those horrible poeple get to call it "bipartisan." And Cao is going to lose the next election anyway! (If he stays R, that is.) So it's all for nothing.


Anyone know if he voted for Carp and Charade and the stimulus?


For something this big it should be a 2/3 vote of the House.

Absolutely. This win-at-all-costs attitude will tear the country apart. It's a terrible attitude for a president to take, not least one who was elected on a pledge to rise above partisan politics. Words fail.

One can only hope the Senate gets the message before it's too late.


Oh, nonsense about the "bipartisan" bit..one out of 219 hardly makes it so.

Concentrate now on mobilizing to scare the bejeebers out of the Senate.

Frau  Altmodisch

When my husband became an American citizen in 1963, he and others swore to "adjure allegiance" to their former countries. He was to relinquish his German passport. Even while he was still using a green card, German authorities wanted to take his German passport away. This was decades ago, to be sure, and our laws are no longer enforced; they've been ignored to the degree that there are now no illegals and a person can have multiple allegiances and passports. My nephew who works in the foreign service (State Dept.) admits that our govt. has decided to deal with any problems when necessary and on an individual basis. If you read the govt. wording on dual citizenship, you can see the evasive, weasel wording that has been developed. Most naturalized Americans I know would not desire retaining their former citizenship. My own sons had the option to choose but by the rules then in force(ones that would have applied to Pres.#44), they had to make a choice. I would hope America would not elect anyone to office who had dual citizenship.


Simply sickening---And this from the House of our Government that is supposed to be closest to the sentiments of the citizens.


Our politics have become a perversion. This is about power, nothing else. There is very little principle left. While I respect the decision of most Republicans, it is still kabuki.

I suggest someone sue on Constitutional grounds the day it is enacted and would be willing to add my name. It is clear to me that this violates at least 2 of the clauses.

On my own part, I am writing a check to Van Tranh here in OC tomorrow and sending a photocopy to Loretta Sanchez. Until these a holes understand the direct consequences of their actions they won't get the message.

And as to the Commander in Chief, I just wish at this point he would stay away from Hood on Tuesday. I expect the sentiment in our military is growing.


This thread's first post was about Rep. Tom Coburn reading the entire bill on the floor. Did that ever happen? At the "kill the bill" rally Rep. Cantor promised no Republican would vote for this bill. That wasn't so.
Not sure of my point, but I just feel so sad for out country.


...and my family is represented by Jim Moran, a dishonorable, antisemitic, drunk. I don't think we can expect America to stay strong and free under the leadership of such men.
The thought of a man like him choosing what my family must do is sickening...Rangel, Barney Frank, etc.. I wouldn't want them anywhere near my family, much less dictating our behavior.

Jack is Back!

Good morning JOMers.

God Bless America and its patriot class but find some way to save us at the same time. Liberty and Tyranny indeed.

Puts the BCS in the back of the bus for now. A sad day indeed. Its night in America. Long time for the sun to come up.


The Cao vote: LUN

According to a written statement released later that night, Cao explained that Obama had promised to help out the lawmaker’s district still devastated from Hurricane Katrina.

“Today, I obtained a commitment from President Obama that he and I will work together to address the critical health care issues of Louisiana including the FMAP crisis and community disaster loan forgiveness, as well as issues related to Charity and Methodist Hospitals,” Cao wrote.

Captain Hate

Cao explained that Obama had promised to help out the lawmaker’s district still devastated from Hurricane Katrina.

This idiot should be voted out for being stupid enough to believe that crock, assuming he's not lying through his teeth. That we're reduced to depending on the likes of worms like Lindsey Graham and Voinovich to ward off this nightmare makes me sick.

Captain Hate

LUN for the only reason for hope.


Janet, Coburn plans to read the bill in the Senate. I hope he does it very, very slowly.


Oh, I'm sorry. It's Senator Tom Coburn. Sorry, I knew better. So disgusted though...not thinking straight.


No worries, Janet. They are all acting pretty much the same these days anyway. But Coburn is a good guy.


I know Porchlight. I've even sent a "thank you" email to him before.


Good morning. When I left you all last night I was pretty sure that Pelosi had the votes. However, I was shocked to learn this morning that they got one RINO vote.

Cao is probably pretty safe - after all look at the district he represents.

Now it is up to the Senate, and like most of you I have little faith there, too.


Lately, when I comment using IE they don't show up late, they just don't show up at all.

Firefox works fine.

Anyway, earlier I said that I don't think Cao is in any danger for his vote, considering the district he represents.

I wish I had more faith in our Senators to stop this abomination, but I don't.

Every day I feel more and more pessimistic about our country. Obama is only part of the reason. Our national and state representatives in too many areas are just as bad as him.


well - look what appeared out of nowhere!!!

The comment from 10 minutes ago. jeez.

Frau Blamiert

Stayed up too late last night and compounded my misspelling of abjure by setting it in bold. What a maroon!

I pity naive Rep.Cao for believing *any* promise made to him by political colleagues. The democrats serving as transit police will toss him off the bus without even slowing down. Wait till he hears what is said about him in his next election!

Sara (Pal2Pal)

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Sara, no that doesn't always account for it. Sometimes comments just take a long time to show up these days, even on the same page.


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