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November 21, 2009



The latest numbers on these fictitious jobs saved is a joke.

Just because the government can't count these jobs correctly, or even verify that they don't come from nonexistent congressional districts, is no reason to think that they won't be able to administer and manage a huge government health care plan with amazing efficiency and effectiveness.


I wish I could be as hopeful as many of you are that 2010/2012 elections will see the Dems defeated. I have been puzzling as to why so many of them feel comfortable voting against their constituency’s wishes, and not worrying about getting re-elected.
It makes no sense! Are they really this suicidal?

Not if they are assured of re-election because the “fix is in”.

ACORN manufacturing votes, White House running the census, redistricting, and Chavez computer voting that can be programmed to NOT count Republican votes ala NY-23.

Somebody please tell me I’m just paranoid, I have never felt so fearful about our Country’s future.

Fresh Air


You're not paranoid, but remember: conservatives outnumber liberals in every state in the union. If it's not close, they can't cheat. And every conservative will crawl through broken glass to get rid of these bums next November.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

SWarren: Why do you think Reid is in such a hurry? He wants to get this bill done and voted on before members do home for the holidays and certainly before they come back for the new session in Jan 2010, an election year.


WaPo finally covers the story.



Don't underestimate how completely out of touch the congress is with the people. I've never seen or heard so much rumbling even in MA.

That gives me hope, but no guarantee. Altho I must admit, this week I'm running out of hope too.

Also I'm not sure it's just democrats. There is a huge "throw the bums out" mentality.


Sara, sure Reid is in a hurry, but the members see the polls and are hearing from their constituents daily railing against this bill, yet they will vote for it. It makes no sense that they will risk losing the best job they ever had. Unless they have somehow been assured they will be re-elected.


Shame on the Obama administration for screwing up the stimulus so badly!

From their viewpoint, it's doing exactly what it's supposed to.

Melinda Romanoff


I hope it's so. I would hope she raises her head at least at WUWT.


Your voting record will determine the quality of your health care, just like it determines your promotion schedule here in Chicago. Nothing new here, just another method to use to guarantee the majority.

Makes me sick.

Did you get my e-mail early on Friday? Just curious where it landed...

Melinda Romanoff

Also, follow the links at sda, this post is particularly juicy (LUN).


that WaPo piece is pathetic. Note the snippy little 'funded by oil companies' attached to the stupid remark from CEI. I'm sure CEI had better things to say than what was quoted.

And the explanation for the 'hide the decline' bit is only half the story. The 'trick' is one of the hockey stick tricks. The tree ring data is not true temperature data and whaddya know after 1960 that's shown because the data goes down instead of up. So instead of tossing it they switch it out for the instrumental data. So it's flat then, voila, up it goes.

The WaPo isn't interested in ferreting out the truth, this is merely a HE said vs a he said and the WaPo pushes the He said lie.

Air Vent has something on this. LUN


One delicious aspect of these emails is that anyone who thinks his email(s) might be in the pile will read all of them.

There's some juicy stuff including some less than admirable opinions about Mann's work. If they're not all hiding under their desks, they'll be at each other's throats. Life will never ever ever be the same for these guys.



"Unless they have somehow been assured they will be re-elected."

Or they're in denial. Or both. Or they think it's worth it to lose about 20 reps and a couple senate seats (It'll be more than that for sure I believe) and the only chance for their historic moment is now so it's worth it. :(

I suspect Obama believes if they get the healthcare bill with public option through AND something on climate change next year, his minions will come out in droves in 2010.

That might be so, but there are other factors now.
And if we don't blow it (which also is a possibility--we can't do this with conservatives alone) his 'minions' might not have a reason to come out and vote 'cause they've gotten what they want already.

On an up note: in New Jersey Obama campaigned hard for Corzine. And the black turnout in Jersey was 2 points HIGHER than in 2008 but Corzine lost anyway!!

Obama lost the suburbs...they were angry.

Frau Ärger

"We have two choices: Anthem BC and BS. The state mandates that I have to pay 50% of the plan (which is not an issue) and our small size means that we both have to have the same plan. Not just the same provider, but the identical plan."
How many Americans even realize our congressional elites will NOT have to submit to the demands of the bill? I'm sure the Gutmenschen demanding *equal* health care for all Americans don't realize they what is going to happen to them. Like your doctor? Like your present plant? Sorry!

Criticism will have to be specific, loud and continuous. Even if the Senate changes in 2010, won't Pres.Wrecking Ball have a veto to keep his legacy in place?

Fresh Air


Syl nails it. The Mediacrats believe all of the outrage directed at them is part of an orchestrated Republican effort. Remember, these people have very poor math skills. They cannot think linearly. They assume because they themselves would operate in a command-and-control fashion WRT constituents that naturally, any criticisms must be funded by Big Pharma, Richard Scaife, etc.

They are not just a little out of touch, they are a radically out of touch. They will learn just how much in about 11 months.

Fresh Air

I suspect Obama believes if they get the healthcare bill with public option through AND something on climate change next year, his minions will come out in droves in 2010.

You mean his former minions. Zero's army is disbanded; he just doesn't know it yet.

Melinda Romanoff


The logic displayed is not even one-dimensional. They are just lazy thinkers. who expect to end up in charge.

Still makes me ill.

But G'night all. long day in the truck.

Frau Ärger

LA Times 2 Aug 2009: 'Too much, too fast, too expensive. Those are some of the objections lawmakers have voiced against the healthcare overhaul Democrats are attempting on Capitol Hill.

But many Americans think Congress is out of touch. How, they wonder, can lawmakers empathize with the underinsured or those lacking insurance when they receive a benefits package -- heavily subsidized by taxpayers -- that most of us can only envy?

Among the advantages: a choice of 10 healthcare plans that provide access to a national network of doctors, as well as several HMOs that serve each member's home state. By contrast, 85% of private companies offering health coverage provide their employees one type of plan -- take it or leave it.

Lawmakers also get special treatment at Washington's federal medical facilities and, for a few hundred dollars a month, access to their own pharmacy and doctors, nurses and medical technicians standing by in an office conveniently located between the House and Senate chambers.

In all, taxpayers spent about $15 billion last year to insure 8.5 million federal workers and their dependents, including postal service employees, according to the Office of Personnel Management.

Generous plans are available in private industry. But the federal coverage far surpasses that enjoyed by 70 million Americans who are underinsured and at financial risk in the event of a major health crisis -- not to mention the estimated 46 million who have no medical insurance.

"For the average worker, the Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan would probably look quite attractive," said Pete Sepp, a spokesman for the National Taxpayers Union, a pinch-penny advocacy group.'

Another take at LUN


Niters, Mel.
Per NRO Sabato thinks the lessons the Dems took from the NJ and Va defeat was that if they did not hang together they'd all be voted out of office.


The pressure ion Congress to can this must be unrelenting,


At Wattsupwiththat, Anthony is saying that McIntyre thinks this was the response to his FOIA request. The date on the zip files is November 12 which corresponds to the date on the denial letter to Steve on November 13. The theory is that someone internally at CRU was upset at the denial, had the data and leaked it. The emails and files correspond to his FOIA request.



Look for yourself


Doug, someone had theorized tha that is what this is.

JM Hanes


Don't forget that Copenhagen is just around the corner too.


Don't forget that Copenhagen is just around the corner too.

Along with "Hopenhagen".




"Anthony is saying that McIntyre thinks this was the response to his FOIA request. "

I mentioned this to my Joe and he said 'interesting' and said with FOIA one of the first things you do is to make a good faith effort to determine if the requested information exists, and therefore might be likely to pull it together.

I said but this is Britain, not America, and their FOIA was put in place just a few years ago. Then he gave me that look and said 'like New Zealand, Australia, and India?'.

I had forgotten that he was on the team that actually wrote FOIA and after our law was passed several countries requested info and he had gone around briefing. Then he went on to tell me his experiences (all good) in New Zealand and told me about the Beehive or something.


So, it's looking more like an inside job and that all the data is legit. Anyway, there's enough in there to raise eyebrows and hackles. No need to embellish.


Chants (from way further up):

"But the data were being fixed around the policy."

The Left was merely projecting. When was that? 2003 or 2004? This AGW and Hockeystick thing were already well on their way...and it seems the policy came first then data was massaged and climate models fixed to enable the policy.

Back just after 9/11 I was still pretty apolitical but when I saw the hatred spewing towards Bush from the left I felt it was due to some existential fear. Bush's election had stopped them in their tracks. I think my instincts were right, but I wasn't yet cyncial enough to realize their plans simply went under the radar for a bit.



In the Expect the Unexpected thread of 29 Oct 09:

"If these 1,000-page bills suddenly disappeared from all the House and Senate office desks, files and computers, it would be interesting to see where they go to find the original drafts. Probably the major law offices and leftist think tanks."


"Hackers, you may be our new Resistance."
October 30, 2009 at 11:45 AM


Did IPCC / CRU "scientists" write the Cap and Trade bills?


Pleiadians Have Now Mastered the Art of Football

Earthlings of the Left Leg Persuasion, we have you by the footballs! Not only can we remote read your e-mails, we can remote hear your conversations and your thoughts.


Per NRO Sabato thinks the lessons the Dems took from the NJ and Va defeat was that if they did not hang together they'd all be voted out of office.

That was Clinton's message when he spoke with Congress last week.

So it's morning again, but the nightmare of this administration continues. Chris Matthews in worrying about Ibama's "optics" on his so popular show that it has to be run at 5:30 AM around here.

It's hard living on a different planet.

Kim, is that you?


So the loser newspaper, the WaPo, has a special topic today in the Outlook section...Climate Change!
Can't let any new facts change the game plan.
So a short article on Sat. about the emails, and today another short article. It just focuses on believers being mean to the skeptics...nothing about manipulating data.

The left doesn't care if the cause is true, they just like being a member of the club. It's fun and you are a loser if you are not a member.


I am not a member.

BR the Imp

:) No, Jane, it's the Pleiadian Travel & Leisure Location Scout :) LUN


Chaco's wonderful article on climategate is up



seems to be catching on, clusterstock has an entry, more confirmation that these, incredibly, are genuine emails. sound like villains in B grade movies.

meanwhile SNL is laughing at Obama again.


The Telegraph has a wonderful article on the poor coverage this is receiving so far in the MSM



Chaco's article is REALLY good.


It's fantastic..Janet. I was so excited when he let me get a sneak peek at it last night.


Couldn't get to the Telegraph article. Here is a link to the article at Delingpole's blog.



Tks for the UK Telegraph link, Clarice and Boris.

"...files of one of the world’s foremost climate research centers..."

Nice touch, James Delingpole. Let the world know the tallest tree in the pro-AGW forest has fallen, the mainmast of the ship has cracked, the main girder of the bridge has collapsed, the serious profs write emails to each other like dishonest schoolboys, and worse, cheer at the death of a climate skeptic.


I suspect the Telegraph site is being overwhelmed, Like Chaco's piece, it is a great article. Compare it to today's WaPo where the entire Outlook section is full of AGW carp. It's like Rathergate--the blogosphere's overtaking them.


James Delingpole: "...in the case of 'Climate Change', the MSM has been caught with its trousers down..."

And his tags: "Climategate" "Death of MSM"


Thank you, Cool Throat, whoever you are!


I know! It's PUK, from beyond the vale!


I remember his LUN used to be http://tiscali.com.

"Tiscali S.p.A. (Borsa Italiana, Milan: TIS) is one of the leading alternative telecommunications operators in Europe. With one of the broadest and most interconnected IP technology-based networks worldwide, Tiscali supplies a wide range of services to its customers, both private individuals and companies, namely: Internet access through dial-up and ADSL as well as voice, VoIP, media, added-value services and other technologically advanced products.

At 31 March 2009, Tiscali registered in Italy and in the UK a total of about 2.7 million active users."

I do believe Pukky has just a new higher-tech product to Tiscali!


"meanwhile SNL is laughing at Obama again."

Watch for the WH war on SNL.


Speaking of PUK, his narrative of his mother's final days was riveting and heartbreaking. He sufferd from a chronic condition nearly all of his life. There must be some hideous tales of his own experiences at the hands of the healthcare system.


If anyone could SCAM himself into an afterlife internet account it'd be PUK.


I hope he does.


Great article on Climategate, Charlie! Really exceptional.


Melinda, I was re-reading this thread to get to all the LUNs, when one of yours branched out into six other articles and look what I just found:

Senator James Inhofe vows investigation of IPCC !!!

Inhofe is running with the football!!!!!

Article was written by Terry Hurlbut just a few hours ago. He also has a great timeline of the events of Climategate right from the start.

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