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November 04, 2009




Instapundit's Link tonight to">http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/why_you_can_get_swine_flu_vaccine_GTHq2q7i8HeBQzyG4tQYLJ"> "Why You Can't Get Swine-flu Vaccine" put the blame on poor assumptions and poor decision making by pandering, shortsighted Government Bureaucrats. Those poor Government decisions which have resulted in a "loss of innovation, investment and profitability in the vaccine industry means...We reap the consequences of that antiquated production process today -- visible on signs posted outside local drugstores and clinics across the country: "Out of H1N1 Vaccine."

Having been quizzing my daughter for a Middle School local History test tonight, it struck me that in comparison a case can be made that we did a better job way back in 1925 of ">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1925_serum_run_to_Nome"> delivering Diptheria Vaccine 675 miles by Dog Sled, in the middle of Winter, than what we're looking at now.

The talking point to take away I suppose is that it appears we stand a better chance in 2009 of getting essential Vaccine from folks who know how to Mush the Pooch, than from bureaucrats who know how to Screw the Pooch.

Gregory Koster

Don't forget that passing "something" won't be the end of it. Press On! will be The Once's cry. There's a chance his idiotic schemes can be stalled next year, but the beachhead will be established. No matter how poorly the new Rube Goldberg performs, the cause will be laid to "insufficient government power." That's the result of Romneycare, which has performed dismally, and that'll be the result of anything The Once gets through.


I still can't get over Reid's shamless lie about Lieberman. Did he imagine he'd get away with it--that Lieberman wouldn't contradict him openly? Does it noe matter to him or Nancy that both have now been exposed as utter strangers to the truth?


s/b shameless*** (wish I had TM's capacity to edit after the fact--see election post)

Cecil Turner

Hiatt is out to lunch, and it annoys the carp out of me to have a milquetoast argument take over my side in what ought to be a robust debate.

The primary problem in the health bills is not that they are "too timid on cutting costs" . . . it's that they transfer the responsibility for paying those costs from the private sector to the taxpayer. The resulting "solution" is a non-sequitur, hailed by the weak-minded as "cost control" because somebody else will be doing the paying. The little problem with that scheme, as Pogo might say, is that we have met the "somebody else," and he is us.

There is not even a real pretense this proposal will save money. Of course it can't. We're proposing to extend health insurance to millions, expanding coverage past any semblance of "insurance" to include things like preexisting conditions, and proposing to pay for it with government largesse, which adds a healthy overhead of fraud and waste. There is no chance it will cost less than the current $1.2 trillion projection, and a near certainty it will be far more. Added into the current trillion-dollar deficit, the bills tax the already overburdened engine of the economy, and propose to pay for it with money we'll have to print. Other than that . . . what's not to like?


I think Reid is mentally ill.


Jane, maybe, about Reid being mental. But, actually, I think he is just a nasty little man, in every sense of the work "little."


ah, jeez and I'm drinking coffee! work=word.

Tom Bowler

Overall, Democratic lawmakers have turned to "tried and true" strategies for reducing spending that merely ratchet down payments rather than fundamentally changing how the health-care system operates...

...equals shortage.

Charlie (Colorado)

Obama Blames Bush for Democrat Losses.

Check out the photoshop with it, too.


Off topic, but WaPo related...
That newsroom must be in turmoil...old libs fighting young libs. This City Paper article tells a bit more on the fist fight that occurred at the Washington Post. The comments are interesting. LUN


Why are we supposed to be surprised about Reid, that scene in Casino, should tell us all about him. Fedora's investigation on Free Republic should cover the rest.

Old Lurker

Thanks, Matt for your 11:05 other thread offer of the good stuff if the Marines let me down this weekend! Will keep you in mind. And it was great that DoT stopped by.


Yeah, Janet and don't ya just love that it was the "Style" section employees!

Style - uh huh!

Old Lurker

Cecil: "...that they transfer the responsibility for paying those costs from the private sector to the taxpayer..."

And also that it shifts huge costs from Boomers onto their kids, who will already break under the prior shifts onto them of 1) Our SS, 2) Our Medicare, and 3) the debt we have run up largely to fund transfers of wealth that Boomers thought appropriate.

As a Boomer, I am ashamed. And I think the great failure of our parents' Greatest Generation was their setting these mechanisms in place in the first place.


The guy that threw the punch is the old lib. (68 yrs., and an old Marine). He is fighting the new pantywaist hipsters. The hipsters are taking over!


Another interesting Off topic link from Jammiewearingfool. LUN

Beatings From My Father...by Obama's half brother.


Report: U.S. Gives Karzai Deadline on Corruption

I'm not sure I understand how Karzai's supposed to be able to clean up the White House.


LOL. PD, he got Majot Major out of the race,
isn't that "the Chicago way". THe tribal chieftains of NY 23rd aren't much better in this regard


I'm not sure I understand how Karzai's supposed to be able to clean up the White House.

I had to quickly look at your name. That is so much a PUK quip that I thought it was all a joke.

Remember, the Taliban are an Alien Culture, too.

From the viewpoint of the Afghanis, Wall Street shenanigans with the Fed and the Treasury are a Hell of a lot more socially destructive than baksheesh, a word used from Egypt to India with sedimental layers of meaning and history.


BTW, Dems lose big on Tuesday, stock market bounces up on Wednesday.


I think not.

Oh sure, she was beaten, and I wonder about the both of them from Soetero..

Janet @ 9:40, that's very interesting stuff, but didn't Obama's mother divorce his father, not the other way around?

Why should that stop me?  We know Obama is hiding much.

I've postulated unbearable conflict between Obama and his step-father as the reason for his move to Hawai'i, but I have absolutely no facts upon which to base that.

The wit is divine.

Sue, there's no reason Peter can't continue to be our muse, as he always was, but we do need a new Sergeant at Arms.


((...but didn't Obama's mother divorce his father, not the other way around?))

I don't know. Who knows? Who knows anything about Obama's life? A few true facts with elaborate lies strung between.
Maybe I'll email Ayers and get back to you!

Jack is Back!

Talking about Health Care and reform; how'd you like to be a blue dog from a 1 to 2% margin win district, after last night?

And Pelosi is asking for your vote on creating the biggest bureaucracy ever since the New Deal and WW2. What do you do, considering that the 2010 is one year away - which is like 30 seconds in politics? What do you?

You start a revolution in the house and join forces with the Repubs to do something that cuts costs, waste and makes the changes really need for true reform. That's the way I see it. Reid-Pelosi-Obamacare is deader than a door nail.

Comment #20 per JeanS

Ooh, check this, a voice from the spirit of PUK, I'm just sure of it.


Cool, Kim! PUK did look a bit like Winny, too.

Old Lurker

"You start a revolution in the house and join forces with the Repubs to do something that cuts costs, waste and makes the changes really need for true reform."

Some of them must know that JiB. But do they have the stones to defeat the king, I wonder? Would have to happen before the healthcare vote. While they are at it, replace Reid at the same time.

If Obama wanted to be the guy he sold to get elected, he would go along. But since he is not, he will not.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Good morning all. Thought you might enjoy this:

Obama Marks Election Anniversary with Sabbatical

President Obama marked the one-year anniversary of his election by announcing he would take a nine-month sabbatical "to rest and refresh after a grueling year of staggering accomplishment. "


"My historic election, followed by my landmark inauguration kicked off an
unprecedented burst of accomplishment beyond the wildest dreams of our
forefathers, " said Obama. "In just 365 days, we've already talked about
restoring U.S. moral leadership, we've advanced proposals to transform our
economy from the dysfunctional free market model, we've given speeches about
reducing our dependence on foreign oil and creating a burgeoning green
economy, we've promoted dialogue aimed at bringing quality health care to 47
million uninsured Americans, and we've expressed our intention to end George
Bush's futile war in Iraq, and to conquer al Qaeda in Afghanistan. "

The president noted that "Rome wasn't built in a day, so if Caesar could see
what I've already done, it would rock his world."



As I noted on the memorial thread here is the latest news on PUK--I simply can't keep up corresponding with his friends here and in the UK individually.
Please check that thread and the latest for news.

I received this from his friend in the UK:
Hi People

Somebody asked about CDs or DVDs of Peter. I will try to track something down but I’m not aware of anything that would do him justice.

Peter started out in the late Fifties. He suffered, and became increasingly disabled from, spondylitis. This made him less marketable and he was treated cruelly by the music industry. Later on he developed other health conditions from the medications he had to take. He bore these afflictions with extraordinary dignity and never lost his great enthusiasm for life and people.

I have some very poor footage of some social get-togethers we had, if I find anything half viewable I’ll make it available.

Something might come to light. I see it’s busy on his tribute page at Manchester Beat. And we’re due a funeral and wake (probably some time next week). Somebody may have something to share.

I’ll keep you updated.


Patrick R. Sullivan

Combine the aphorism about ink by the barrel with battle of wits with an unarmed woman to get this:

But the tactics of Limbaugh, Palin, Cheney & Fille are more cynical: They spin certainty, ignoring their side’s screw-ups, and they exploit patriotism, labeling all critics as traitors.

....Asked about Afghanistan, another W. cataclysm that has left Obama agonizing, Limbaugh stated, “I also don’t think he cares much about it.” Again suggesting that the president is an unpatriotic fop, the radio ranter averred: “He wants to manage this rather than achieve victory.”

....He told [Chris] Wallace that “throughout the Iraq war, it was Barack Obama and the Democrat Party which actively sought the defeat of the U.S. military.” Actually, rigorously examining the government’s conduct of a war started on false pretenses is the best sort of patriotism.

But Rush's 'rigorously examining the government's conduct of a war' isn't.

Would even Ted Baxter have missed this?


Tell her, Patrick--Isn't there a comment section there.

OT:Jack Cashill has a great article on how Ayers' and Obama's pal Said also pretended to be a Moslem from Palestine and probably inspired Obama's pretend story about his life:



Oh, lucky me, lucky, lucky me. Obama is in town on the anniversary of his election, to speak at a local school.

As of yesterday, local officials still had no idea when he was supposed to arrive. I suppose for security reasons, but I bet that makes things "interesting" for those in charge of arrangements.

Jack is Back!

Read in the News-Journal that Sarah Palin is speaking to the Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce in February. $100 for non-members. So, if anyone wants a winter break to soak up some rays and listen to Sarah, come on down. But remember that time of the year is race weeks leading up to the 500. May be hard to book a room.

This tells me that she has a plan, organization, schedule and a mission. I wonder what it is?


Ok, really, if you made this up, no one would believe it:

http://newsbusters.org/blogs/kyle-drennen/2009/11/04/obama-watched-hbo-special-about-himself-instead-election-results>“Robert Gibbs said, well, he was actually watching, you know, the HBO special about his year-long campaign and how it all went.”

So, rather than watch election returns, Obama watched a movie about himself. You would think he already knew the story line and could have TIVOed it to watch later. But no, he was more interested in his glorious past than his party's present struggles.

The modern Narsissus indeed.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Via Althouse:

Wednesday, November 04, 2009 After all that, why didn't Doug Hoffman win? That's the first question of the morning. I think it must be resolved before we can move on to the big question: What do the Election 2009 results mean for Obama (and the congressional Democrats)?

Here's something mrs whatsit wrote in the comments to last night's election post. (I found the photos to illustrate her painful observations about the appearance of the 2 men, and I corrected her misspelling of "Scozzafava.")

A few points about the Congressional race from someone who lives in upstate NY (not in district 23, but nearby.)

1) We have been inundated with TV commercials here. On TV, Hoffman comes across as exceedingly weird, skinny and overeager with googly eyes, bright yellow teeth, and an odd, halting way of speaking.

He kept repeating a slogan that he was a common-sense Reagan conservative and common sense isn't so common any more. It got annoying.

Owens, by contrast, is big and rugged-looking. He's an Air Force veteran and he has that military solidity, calm and self-possession.

Sara (Pal2Pal)


Secret copyright treaty leaks. It’s bad. Very bad.


Oh, good grief - Now Ma'Belle M'Chelle is invading the Food Network and the Iron Chef show!!!! (gggrrrr)


unɹ puɐ ʇıɥ

So, rather than watch election returns, Obama watched a movie about himself. You would think he already knew the story line and could have TIVOed it to watch later. But no, he was more interested in his glorious past than his party's present struggles.

Mark Knoller tweeted a pic of Obama earlier with the caption:

Obama ignores reporters pleas to comment on the election as he leaves Oval Office & walks to Marine One.

Technicians at H&R Labs, Inc. digitally enhanced his photo to discover quite a revelation:

Obama in a Bubble

Obama: Bubble Boy
Achieving a Reality-Based Presidency Since January 20, 2009


the loneliness of command...ha!


Well, Rush is now saying that TPM reported Obama had already seen it on 1 November. So the White House was lying to TPM back then, or Obama watched it again last night, rather than watch the election returns live. Says a lot about what's really important to Barry (but we here already knew that).


BO was informed that election night was to be trick'n'treat for Republicans only

Frau Spiegel an der Wand

Pres. Prom-King probably has many more films and videos of himself that he likes to watch.

Frau Spiegel an der Wand

Two thoughts from Belmont Club's Richard Fernandez: "Armies of the Right"

"Although Barack Obama has often been described as an “Alinsky organizer”, the calumny was on Alinsky. Barack Obama is the very antithesis of the kind of organizer that Saul Alinsky envisioned: a man who permanently eschewed the limelight; who developed leaders and never became a leader himself and who always lived by the axiom, “let the people decide”. In Obama we see a man who purposefully mobilized supporters in order to control them from the outset. Then when Obama attained the White House, he reconfirmed his earlier decision. Organizing For America became Organizing for President Obama.

To the question, “Where are the Tea Parties of the Left?” the simple answer is: they were led from the top. The crucial question which every man of the left must wrestle with is whether Tea Parties of the Left will ever be led from the bottom. George Orwell always assumed the answer to be “yes” until he learned differently in Catalonia. Most people on the Left think that rebellion is a permanent condition of “their” side. When out of power maybe. When in power things are different. Conservatives operate on a different model from that of the Left. They band together at need but tend to form no permanent organizations. By contrast, the Left is a standing political army. It never sleeps. It never disbands. It is always on the march, in season and out of season. And even when it isn’t doing anything — it is doing something. And when it is in power, it must do even more." LUN

We don't know, however, if Barry is even the leader.
(clarice, we just cut into one of two whole wheat breads baked,using the master recipe. Since I grind my own whole wheat, the dough does not look just like the dough in the book; it does taste great. I'm going to try the Vollkorn bread next.)


I had a lot of bananas that needed doing so I made the whole wheat banana bread--the recipe looked great, the breads look great but they are cooling and I haven't tasted them yet. Man did they rise in the bucket though! Same thing happens when I use their regular brioche recipe.



Thanks for the WaPo cuss-fest update. I take big delight in that.



Thanks for the WaPo cuss-fest update. I take big delight in that.


LUN to the Jack Cashill article on Obama's friend, Edward Said, the biographical fraud, referenced earlier by Clarice. Fascinating story!!

Cashill gives Said a backhanded compliment by pointing out that, unlike Obama, at least Said had written his own fraudulent biography.

ha ha ha ha ha


Said might be the biggest academic fraud of the the 20th century. Unfortunately, his influence is enormous.

daddy, did you happen to read the article that sparked the WaPo tussle? It was really something else. I don't want to get into the abortion discussion of the other thread, but I think even pro-choice moderates might squirm a bit at that one.

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