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November 08, 2009



What? Are you starting a blue Sunday thread now? Saturday night wasn't depressing enough?
Damned Yankees.

Roger Maris, meet Peter Bocking, the long ball hitter.

We shall Ruth the Day.


You I used to think that McLellan was the nadir of the press secretaries (before Gibbs) but I may have spoken too soon


Being a Phillies fan for 30+ years, it's odd to think of the Phillies in optimistic terms.

Nice, but odd.

I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.

If it's a NYY/PHI World Series next year - I'd prefer we sweep the White Sox, but that's just my kneejerk anti-Obama tea-partying side coming out - I'd bet on the Phillies.

which, as I say, is an odd feeling.


hit and run

Season's over,congratulations.

So,moving on,is not the question of day whether the Giants can Cowboy up against the Chargers and stop their three game slide?

You can't spell e-l-i-d-e without Eli.

E. Nigma

Gibbs is just silly and childish.

Who can forget the gaity and excitement of the Grim Parson, Bill Moyers, who was LBJ's Press Secretary?
Now there was a skillful liar and manipulator, and now a PBS millionaire.

What a racket!

The NY Yankees. The best team money can buy.


For years all we heard from Yankees fans was that the reason they won so much was due to Joe Torre's unequaled leadership qualities. They must have found another god like leader in Giradi, with his tremendous resume (one year and fired) in the bigs. It's more likely that any buffoon can win with a limitless checkbook.


Hit, I am afraid your email has been hacked. I just received a message purportedly from you that appears to be spam.


a free antivirus program from AVG


Yankees - Democrats...QED..the Evil Empire....


I got it too Hit. Frankly I was flattered.

hit and run

Don't buy whatever that spam email was selling. I don't get any commission.

Send cash directly,instead.


Me too. Poor Hit. Lots of people on that contact list.


OT The Yankees have 27
World Championships, while Michelle Obama somehow muddles along with only 26 servants. (h/t Jimeo blogspot)

Terry Gain

Even if it's true that electing a GOP POTUS dooms the Yankees, that by itself isn't sufficient reason not to want a GOP POTUS. Not quite.

Terry Gain

The Yankee win and the Obama win have nothing in common except proving that money can buy anything but happiness.


He's wrong. It was the Hilary Curse. When she put on that Yankee cap in 2000 during her Senate campaign and said " I have always been a Yankee fan" the spell was cast. Now she has moved on. The cloud over New York has dissipated, the sun shines again, and the Yankees are victorious.


Amerika Dream:


Jack is Back!

To all JOMer's:

I suggested this to Verner in a separate email sending in a donation for PUK tribute. Instead of something like Rock HoF for Peter, why not apply for a Manchester Blue Plaque?

There are probably a number of buildings associated with PUK in the Manchester area including the Nursery Inn. I don't know if he owned or leased his residence but that is a possibility also. Whatever we end up doing I am suggesting this to Paul Mylnarz (even though he lives in Oz).


Well I don't know about any Presidential Yankee curse but after watching the Officiating during this years Playoffs I think that if NY Governor Paterson doesn't get re-elected he can easily find employment as an umpire at Yankee home games.


I did notice that PUK's tribute page at manchesterbeat is asking for donations rather than flowers.


PUK was living in Milnrow (a village in Lancashire in the Manchester metro area ) when he died. I am unable to find the exact address online and am unable to determine if it was rented to owned by him. Barrett's , a store in downtown Manchester, was where he gave guitar lessons. I don't know if the bldg still exists.Are you willing to take this on?

The name of several of the groups he played with are already on the famed Cavern Wall in Liverpool which is a far greater honor than the blue plaque, I should think.

I'm open to a variety of suggestions and would support this AND the HOF idea. It does strike me as a bit odd , however, to have let people put in a lot of time preparing and coordinating the HOF notion and suddenly as they are about to see that wake attendees can get and sign it to suddenly say we should drop that in favor of an idea no one has yet discussed and will require even more work to do..


Rocco: Maybe we should email Verner, right away before she places a flower order - or have you done that already?


Well . . . I went over the Manchester Beat tribute page and they don't specify what exactly to donate to in lieu of flowers!?

I share your frustration, Clarice.


She already sent the flowers.


We have some money left over--how much is not yet clear, but I suggested she contact the landlord (Simon MaClaine and see if we could donate that to defray the cost of the wake where they're serving a buffet...I am sure if that's not wanted he will suggest where the donation could be sent.)


Clarice: yeah I am one of the late contributers. My emails to verner kept bouncing back before I finally discovered I had a typo in her name!!!!! These damned JOM typos do strike at the most inconvenient times. Alas.

Anyway, I am in - for whatever is done.


That is, verner already made arrangments and paid the florist to deliver them to the wake. She spent a lot of time arranging that.

Anyone may nominate a person for a Blue Plaque, provided nominees were born more than 100 years ago, or died more than 20 years ago. To nominate your hero or heroin, email [email protected]
TOO SOON for our PUK!

Well, caro, that settles that! LOL - PUK was hardly "ancient."

Jack is Back!


I wasn't and am not now suggesting you drop the HoF. I guess according to caro, I didn't read the fine print about the plaques. I just wanted to something more permanent than flowers - even something at the Nursery Inn if they would allow it or the wall in Liverpool. He may have had a charity he helped out or one he may have honored himself. I don't know but I sent my donation to Verner and would be willing to do more if we could come up with something more permanent.


I'm happy that we are sending flowers. PUK was a lovely man and Jennifer selected lovely flowers for him. She was very generous to order the flowers based on pledges, before she actually received all of our checks.

Thanks again Jennifer for your work on PUK's behalf.


Why not take the initiative of asking verner if she's spoken to Simon. If she hasn't and can tell you how much is left in the pot, you might if you clear it with her (as to your calling insterad of her) discuss with him what would work. My own guess is that if there is a charity PUK was interested he'd really prefer that to a plaque but Simon should know.

IfAs to your post that you didn't suggest we drop the HOF idea, WTF does this mean then? " Instead of something like Rock HoF for Peter, why not apply for a Manchester Blue Plaque."

I am getting frustrated by all this folderol, I have a feeling his UK friends are, too which is why I suggest you OR verner discuss it with Simon but not BOTH.


I'm sure the flowers will be appreciated and I thank her for thinking of it!


O/T but awesome. Cassandra at Tigerhawk puts the smacksown on Obama and his failure as CiC.



I thank verner again, as well. It is a time consuming thing to arrange flowers to be delivered precisely on a given date especially overseas..


Anybody enjoy the very long advertisement for the new Michael Moore anti-Capitalism Movie that came on during the 4th quarter of the Pat's/Dolphin's game? Wonder how much that cost and who's paying for that? I recall NBC previously ">http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=389x2424399"> refusing to run Conservative ads, but I guess whichever Network ran this Michael Moore ad must be champions of freedom of expression, so it couldn't have been NBC.


bad--that essay, originaly printed at her blog, villainous company , is brilliant--I sent it around. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.



Small, Medium, or Large? Inquiring Moose's want to know.


some recollections of the day the Wall came down. What a hell of a day that was. LUN



Obama doesn't "get" the military because with every step they take, whether it's on prosthetic legs or the steely sinews of an combat hardened Marine, their strength and independence give the lie to his defeatest rhetoric. All those unbowed shoulders, unbeaten spirits and uplifted heads make him profoundly uncomfortable.

Isn't she magnificent? DIBS



I haven't donated yet. I need your email - and I know the repetition have got to be killing you so I apologize.


Jane--I'll send it to you in case verner's not here now.


Jane (with no typos, I absolutely promise)

jennifer.verner at yahoo. com

I had a misspelling of verner in my first two emails (vener -%#@!)


Before I rush off to read bad's link . . .

let me say how much I appreciate those who are willing to coordinate ANYTHING on behalf of this widely spread out group of JOM friends.

When bad was in hospital it was Jane. Now, for PeterUK it is Verner. It is wonderful to have folks who are able to coordinate these things on all of our behalf.


Speaking of Moose's, how'd ya like to run into this monster in the woods?

King of the woods-2

King of the woods


okay, bad - Cassandra brought tears to my eyes.

Been having way too much of that lately.


I agree, cc..It's hard work..

Cute pics, Rocco.

hit and run



If anyone's been wondering if there's any danger of ">http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5haofvDpaLkFMIgpj-zNWyRL6RWjAD9BRIAI80"> gunfire and a potential revolt erupting in a Democracy that's worried about tyranny this breaking news story on the attempted ambush of the Attorney General of Honduras might fit the bill.

Rob Crawford

Please, Rocco, tell me that's not a one-lane road. It's a really wide hiking path, right?

Jack is Back!


My bad. Wrong grammar it seems makes me a fool. I was suggesting an alternative. Something more local for PUK. I am not in any way trying to disrupt anything under way. I also doubt any of the people in GB are following our discussions (although) they may be. But as some one with ties there - I am pretty sure they are more interested in enjoying their bitter and a good snog along the way.

Do what you want but I just prefer something more than flowers but if that is the consensus my money is well spent.



Don't worry about it,JIB

Tony glaser, his friend just emailed everyone with an address for the donations and I forwarded it to verner.

Another new virus is spreading through social networks, this time, via Facebook. This one – known as Bredolab – masks itself as a “Password Reset Confirmation Email,” appears to come from Facebook, and attaches a file that purports to contain a new password.

That file is actually a trojan horse that will download a host of nasty files from the Web and infect your computer with them. Email security firm MX Lab explains further:

“Bredolab is a trojan horse that downloads and executes files from the Internet, such as rogue anti-spyware. To bypass firewalls, it injects its own code into legitimate processes svchost.exe and explorer.exe. Bredolab contains anti-sandbox code (the trojan might quit itself when an external program investigates its actions).”

The way to avoid this one: if you didn’t request your password from Facebook, there’s no reason you should be getting a password reset confirmation email, so don’t open it. Further, even if you did, FacebookFacebook would not send your new password as an attachment. Finally, f you’re still not sure, take a look at the full details of the email – if the mail server’s don’t belong to Facebook, you know the message is not legit.

The charity is for the treatment of the medical condition from which he suffered.


Wrong damn message was copied and pasted--here's the right one:

The charity NASS is for the medical condition from which Peter suffered.

This is a circular to all of Peter Bocking’s email contacts.

Many of you will have already heard the sad news that Peter died last week.

There’s a tribute page in Manchester Beat: http://www.manchesterbeat.com/tributes/petebocking/petebocking.php

The funeral is at 1.30pm on Thursday 12th November in the New Chapel at The Manchester Crematorium, Barlow Moor Road, M21 7GZ .

Afterwards at The Nursery Inn, 258 Green Lane , Stockport , SK4 2NA .

Flowers or donations to Joseph Greene & Son, 269 Manchester Road , Rochdale , OL11 3PQ . The charity is NASS http://www.nass.co.uk/index.htm

Sorry you’re gone Peter, we’ll miss you.


That's the virus I got Clarice. It was a bear. The really bad part was that it was the first email I got after I had a huge crash which started on facebook.

As I said above, not they send me 500 emails a day.

hit and run

Yes,Clarice,and I noticed on Tony's email an email address for a particularly prominent musician who we've discussed getting in touch with for the HOF efforts.

Hmmm,who's gonna make a run at that? (because only one person should,rather than inundate him with a dozen JOMers beating down his inbox)


Tony also attached 4 music files of work featuring PUK:Subject:

AttachmentsGeorgia.wma (2KB), I Get Along Without You.wma (3KB), US Mail.wma (2KB), Yes I Do.wma (2KB)
US Mail will probably be played at the funeral along with some other stuff. I've sent the email to Hit to see if he can figure out how to link them on the PUK thread so everyone can hear this lovely music.

Elliott's been in touch with Toby and they are looking forward to meeting at the funeral.


I was about to post the same thing..Why don't you do it if it's not too much trouble?


I hate facebook. I hate it.

hit and run

I will email him Clarice,unless someone says they want to.



That Tigerhawk article is superb. Thank you for posting it.


My tears welled up again, too. You and me in a Hallmark store would be rich!

Dave (in MA)

On one hand, Boston has twice the number of World Series championships as New York in this century; on the other hand...

Roll call, Pelosi Economic Destruction Act of 2009:


Democrats -- Capuano, Y; Delahunt, Y; Frank, Y; Lynch, Y; Markey, Y; McGovern, Y; Neal, Y; Olver, Y; Tierney, Y; Tsongas, Y.

Democrats -- Ackerman, Y; Arcuri, Y; Bishop, Y; Clarke, Y; Crowley, Y; Engel, Y; Hall, Y; Higgins, Y; Hinchey, Y; Israel, Y; Lowey, Y; Maffei, Y; Maloney, Y; Massa, N; McCarthy, Y; McMahon, N; Meeks, Y; Murphy, N; Nadler, Y; Owens, Y; Rangel, Y; Serrano, Y; Slaughter, Y; Tonko, Y; Towns, Y; Velazquez, Y; Weiner, Y.


PUK would of had a good laugh when hearing that Gordon Brown had taken to jogging.

(Read the article and check out the picture of Pres. Carter at the end. Who knew Gordon had a passion for Kit Kat chocolate bars.)


Man Up Gordon! (We miss you, PUK!)

Dave (in MA)

Heh, heh... Jawn Kerry has the liberals upset with him


It always amuses me when someone calls the Yanks "the best team money can buy."

Since baseball is a business, and the owner(s) are expected to invest in their business, they did precisely what they should do. I guess the earlier post about this was written by someone working for someone else, and not for themselves. Otherwise they would understand winning versus losing in business.

So kudos to the Yanks for doing a better job this year than did my Red Sox. But Theo will be busy . . . so beware. :-)


I got the email but not the music Clarice.


Ken Hahn

Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for the IRS, both do much better under Democrats. The rest of the nation suffers however.

hit and run

I'm working on having the audio files of PUK playing posted online...will probably be in the morning.


The music was in another email--a response to a question I'd sent him requesting help in finding PUK's music, Jane.

Since baseball is a business...
Yeah, baseball is a business, but it's not the business of winning games, it's the business of putting on games for people to watch. For which you need two teams. If one team has all the high-paid players and the other team lower-paid players, then that makes for a more boring game, and an inferior product for which there is a lot less demand. (Note that there is only one Harlem Globetrotters team. I mean it's not unentertaining, but it's kind of a one-note thing and it gets pretty old pretty quickly.)

Real businesses are interested in producing products that their customers will value more and thus be willing to pay more for. Watching teams which are seriously mismatched (whether because of imbalances in money, equipment, steroid use, whatever) is just boring compared to a close match.


I like the Yomiuri Giants myself over the Yanks. Or the Hiroshima Carp, or the Chula Vista all star team that won the Little League World Series. You get the idea.

Gramps was an usher at Ebbetts Field. It's genetic.

Gregory Koster

Porchlight is the star of the 11/9 DAY BY DAY cartoon. Nice work.


When I was a little kid my dad knew Eddie Feigner--The King and his Court. We went to those exhibition games when the team was performing in town.

They were like the Globetrotters only in baseball.




Big thanks to Elliot for going to Peter UK's funeral. We couldn't have asked for a finer ambassador from JOM to show our love and respect for P'UK. Thank you so much Elliott.


Here's">http://www.daybydaycartoon.com/">Here's our Porchlight in that Day by Day cartoon.

Let me rephrase that: Here's the cartoon that references Porchlight---cause if that's her, Mister Porchlight might be getting a tad angry about who's drawing her picture:)


FOX">http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,573052,00.html">FOX News is reporting that the FT Hood Murderer was a frequent patron at local strip joints.

I seem to recall many of the 9/11 Islamic mass murderers were patrons of strip joints, so that must be it---not their Islamic Fundamentalism, nor their hatred of freedom and the West and the United States in particular, nor whatever other excuse the MSM can concoct for these murderers. Had to be lousy table dances was the trigger that set off these deeply moral devotee's of the Religion of Peace.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Check out Hasan's Business Card

Soldier of Allah


Just a thought about Islamic Mass Murderer's attending strip joints.
In the West we generally hold the idea in our heads that devout religious guys don't hang out as a rule at strip joints. College kids, oil workers, enlisted boys, pilots, etc do, but rule of thumb is fundamentalist don't.

So why did this obviously devout Muslim, just like his murdering 9/11 brethren before him, hang out at strip joints ogling naked babes before committing what he obviously considered religious mass murder?

Can't swear to have the answer and maybe we'll never have the answer. But any reading of the Koran mentions multiple times that if a warrior of Allah dies while fighting the "Jew/Christian/Infidel/Pagan or Unbeliever," that he will be transported to Paradise where in addition to hanging out on lounge chairs under fruit trees beside a river, and wearing nice clothes and being served by magical little kids, that warrior will have access to multiple beautiful women who have never before been touched by men. So the point I'm driving at is what is the reason these devout believers do this apparently unspiritual ogling of naked chicks in the last days before they commit mass murder. Is it simply a coincidence, a last chance to get some ya ya's out before suddenly becoming religious and committing mass murder for Allahu Aqbar whatever? Or is it actually an part of that religious act. An act of fortifying themselves and whipping up their internal because their scriptures have told them that there's girls just like these, yet even more naked and better looking, just waiting as their reward on the other side, if they'll after committing mass murder for God and dying in the process.


The NFL has become the perfect metaphor for life in the US.

Just as the book, "Three Felonies a Day" outlines how it is now quite possible that every American probably commits 3 felonies every day due to the overreaching of US justice, the NFL now seems that it can't be played without the referees and umpires finding some sort of penalty in every play.


Sorry that got posted before finishing--grrr.

But I think my point was made.

I don't think it's simply coincidence that these devout religious Muslim warriors, with business cards like Sara linked above saying they are Warriors of Allah, are simply hanging out at strip joints for their jollies before committing mass murder. I think they are stoking themselves up to undertake their murderous mission in this world, by reminding themselves of their promised and desired reward in the next. And the sad and nutty thing is that the words of the Koran explicitly state that those are the rewards for the actions these guys take. I wish it wasn't in the text. The history of the world might have been a hell of a lot more peaceful if God hadn't decided to put such words into the mouth of his Prophet. But if you believe the Koran, he did, so that is a danger that we in this Brave New Secular Western World are foolish to ignore when dealing with religious warriors from the Brave Old Non-Secular Eastern World.


Maybe they are just hypocrites or maybe they are sublimating or maybe.....You know, I don't care..I want the atmosphere changed so that nutters like this are shown the door before they act and if they do what Hasan did they pay the stiffest legal penalty.
I wouldn't be adverse to having that penalty also imposed on preposterous journos who look for root causes and dream up "secondary trauma" excuses.
I'm as fed up with them as I am with the jihadis and the ass kissing military careerists who are afraid to do the right thing.


I got two more lovely lovey music files from Tone glaser which I've forwarded to Jeff. (Probably just as he finished the video and therefore created more problems and work for him.)




Today's NY Times has yet another apologia for the Ft Hood killer, about what a tough life he had, what with people allegedly calling him mean names (according to unnamed "relatives," who, rather than express shame and regret over his actions, use the opportunity to whine and complain). That this slime was a mental health professional makes it all the more inexcusable. He had all sorts of resources available to him. I thought the NYT could not sink lower. I won't even link to the article.


Wonderful news about Elliott attending the funeral. I just know he will provide us with all sorts of great anecdotes from meeting PUK's mates and friends for all of us to treasure. (hint, hint, Elliott.)

Look forward to hearing the new PUK music that was forwarded.

Ann: regarding your Hallmark card comment - LOL. I tend to gravitate toward the funny ones (same with movies), since I am too easily moved to tears that soon turn into sobs.


Oh, and the donation to NASS seems very appropriate. If PUK had any relatives still alive, they probably would have requested it, just as his Brit pals have.

Flowers and donation both seem like a fitting remembrance from all of us.

The HOF nomination will be icing on the cake if we can pull it off.


Well the concept that rationalizes it is Taquiya, deception in the name of Allah, a Shia innovation, however it's more the kind of hypocrisy we saw from Atta & Jarrah and KSM. This is ont new for evildoers, recall
American traitor Robert Hanson, had his own little bundle of contradictions while serving as the FBI's chief molechaser.


ABC claims intelligence officials were aware "months ago" that Hasan had tried to contact al Qaeda.



Sorry, I posted that then went to bed. But yes, I believe it is a dirt road.


Jennifer Rubin gives it to general Casey:

The Washington Post after yesterday's preposterous editorial has a front page article showing lots of apparent ties between hasan, Al Qaeda, batshit crazy iamams, etc. Maybe they ought to throw away the red herring "fear of backlash" poop. No one's buying it and it only breeds contempt for those you continue to mouth it in the face of (a) no backlash and (b) plenty of evidence that p.c. thinking is killing us.


daddy, It was either ((... stoking themselves up to undertake their murderous mission in this world, by reminding themselves of their promised and desired reward in the next.)), or they had been "stoking themselves up" for a long time and were feeling guilty.
Again - there is no Grace in Islam. The only SURE way into paradise is to commit jihad for allah. Why continue living in this lonely, guilt filled world?
Almost opposite of Christianity.
For sinners to enter paradise they must murder others for allah....vs. for sinners to be with God in heaven, they must accept the atoning death of God's Son on their behalf.
In Islam the penalty for Nidal Hasan's sinful life was paid by others.
In Christianity the penalty for my sinful life was paid by Jesus Christ.


On healthcare Karl Rove is tweeting:

In an effort to stick to the facts, I've posted the source of my claim, American Medical Association’s "2008 National Health Insurer Report Card." I would direct your attention to Metric 12 on page five, which breaks down the “percentages of claim lines denied.” As you will find, Medicare denied the highest number of claims, or 6.85% of total claims filed in 2008, while private insurers in the group denied almost half the amount, or an average of 3.89% of total claims filed.

Posted: November 5, 2009


Is there a danger in running programs in safe networking, because it seems to be working now

Jack is Back!

Regarding health care, reform and America's rankings, I have this from my Belgian wife:

She is aware of a certain gene running in her family that increases the chances of thrombosis (blood clots) plus she was due for an overall physical. Her primary physician is in New York but she knew that, since we permanently reside in Florida it is better to have one here. So, she researched and asked friends and finally picked a Medico and made arrangements immediately to be seen in the next 3 days. She had to fill out some forms for medical information including her insurance, prior docs etc. Had a full 1 hour exam including an rx for blood tests. Walked in for the tests the next day and a week later had a call from her new Medico to come back in the next day. She has the gene and here is some rx to take. Gets it filled and is now on the prescription. Paperwork filed. Quite easy and simple.

So, I asked her to put her new US experience in comparison with Belgium, France and the UK where we previously lived and she as a EU citizen. She says there is no comparison. She would have had to wait at least a month or two for the initial appointment and the blood test results could take even longer. Her sister in Belgium is still awaiting her results from 6 weeks ago and they know specifically what mutant gene to look for. In addition, here the RX was filled immediately but in Belgian and France her other siblings had to wait for over 2 weeks for the Apothecary to order and receive the medicine.

She just does not understand where all this talk, data information and rhetoric about our lousy system comes from and is annoyed at the politicians who are listening to those who would make our system worse not better.

Just another perspective from those sophisticated, healthier than us, Europeans.


"I wouldn't be adverse to having that penalty also imposed on preposterous journos who look for root causes and dream up "secondary trauma" excuses.
I'm as fed up with them as I am with the jihadis..."


Concur with that. It has been frustrating to watch our news media in action since 9/11. They are undoubtedly almost all personally ignorant of the particulars of the sacred texts of the 3 peoples of the Book; (Jews, Christians and Muslims). They have not done their homework, nor will they do their homework. Instead they will simply equate the 3 as equals by saying "sure but there's similar stuff in those other 2 books, like "an eye for an eye" or Old Testament directions from God to slaughter various Caananite tribes by 1000 BC." That simplistic equating done, they look no further, and ignore Janet's excellent point above, or the fact that Islam's Sacred Text unfortunately lists the enemies of God as still existing "Jews, Christians, Pagans, Infidels and Unbelievers", which is a world of difference from 3000 year old extinct Caananite Tribes of the Old Testament.

If our MSM had a lick of understanding and the courage to not offend, they would at least consider the possibility of the Koran providing specific rewards in Paradise for dying while murdering extant Christians and Jews as a motivator. But they don't
The MSM thought process ceases at that simplistic equating of the 3 religious traditions, and is buttressed by PC non sequiturs about the Crusades or Jim Jones or Waco Texas etc.

That equating done, and these trite, simplistic examples pronounced to absolve the MSM of having to investigate any further the possibility of a Sacred Text motivating individuals to commit mass murder, they then resort to their favorite game: creating alternate motivations as reasons for the actions of these mass murderers.

And here's where the MSM shines: Geo-Politics, Israel, American Foreign Policy, cultural insensitivity by the West, Western imperialism, Western decadence, George Bush, making fun of Major Hasan's name and religion, take your pick. The list is endless, politically correct, and as you indicated above, in denial of root causes from the git-go. And its also guaranteed to never be offensive to anyone except for the societies victimized by these religiously driven mass murderers. Thats my 2 cents, but you already know all that and I'm simply venting.


daddy, I really agree with you on the strip club thing.


daddy, the radio and tv news is largely determined by 20 something y.o. producers who are wet behing the ears, not very smart and thoroughly biased ala Mary Mapes.

The anchors et al are really just tarted up cute people who can read.

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