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November 06, 2009



Hee, tell your wife, my husband once woke up with one sitting on his nose, on a ship in the Caribbean.

Captain Hate

Was it called Ox Roast, CH? That's a big deal in Erie County. Catholic churches all over the county raise $$ by holding Ox Roast dinners at various times during the year. Erie County is the only midwestern county in Pennsylvania. Its culture is not quite the same as the rest of the state.

No definitely not called an Ox Roast, although I remember them being called that when I was growing up in Laurel, Md. Yes, I got the idea that it was like a social network attending them; obviously I find their company enjoyable.

I've probably driven through at least one of the camps you attended, if not both, because one of the joys of the drive to and from are the autumn colors and we've driven around a lot including up to the lake. Lots of nice orchards up there where they're almost giving the apples away.

Small world indeed, Jim.


Beef roast...Ox roast? I'm gonna have to check out the Catholic churches in our area! My husband brought me a pin that says "Meatatarian By Choice" that I put on my purse.
With all the talk last night about Lutherans and jello, it sure looks like the Catholics have them beat on sustenance!

Melinda  Romanoff


My cousin, and her husband plus 2, live in Erie. Very nice, but but like most Great lakes harbor towns, a bit depressed. Only a few hours from where we went to stir apple butter.

There were significant pig parts involved. Aged and otherwise.


All I know of Erie is that they have a minor league baseball team called the Sea Wolves, and that when one of my sons and I stayed there on one of our road trips, it was the day that the "pizza bomber" blew up there. We knew nothing about it until later.

Oh, and now there's a big gambling establishment that's driven up the hotel prices.


Well, it's looking more and more like batshit crazy Nancy lied a bit too much to be a credible arm twister --she doesn't seem to have the votes.Let's hope that's a correct report and this pig os a bill dies.

Jack is Back!


I got an email from Paul Mlynarz, of Manchesterbeat, who tells me that the folks in Manchester are amazed at the tributes and responses to PUK's death.

I am also having trouble accessing Verner's facebook account to make a donation for the floral tribute. Any ideas?


Oh good, Clarice, I was just thinking about Pelosi and wondering how her skin disease is progressing -- you know, the kind that makes her hair fall out and boils erupt on her face and it's very infectious and all who've been within 20 yards of her have to go into quarantine and, Greg, that'll take care of the Gang of Five lineup, too, hey.

How's that for a one-woman ad hominem filibuster.


My youngest attended Mercyhurst Junior College in North East PA. About 20 minutes from Mercyhurst College in Erie. Beautiful vineyards everywhere and some of the best steelhead fishing in the country. Not only did he get his associates there but he wrestled D1 for them and made it to the NJCAA National Championships in Minnesota where he lost his first two matches and was eliminated from the tourny. I believe Mercyhurst College is hosting the National Catholic Invitational this weekend and that's one of the tournaments we'd make the 8 hour drive to attend.

And while I'm at it this seems to be a good time to bust the basketball stars among us. My favorite wrestling t-shirt states, "If it was easy they'd call it Basketball."


Jack: I emailed Verner (jennifer.verner at yahoo.com) and heard back from her promptly. I don't have a paypal account (although I do everything, banking, bill paying, ordering on-line). She gave me her home address to send a check to.


JIB, I figured they'd be astonished.

Captain Hate

Well, it's looking more and more like batshit crazy Nancy lied a bit too much to be a credible arm twister --she doesn't seem to have the votes.Let's hope that's a correct report and this pig os a bill dies.

Lollapelosi a failure; there's a shocker!! I like referring to her as batshit crazy Nancy; it has a nice cadence to it and I doubt that any listener wouldn't know who it meant.

Glad that other posters have some tie in to the Erie area; a nice little Great Lakeside corner of Pennsyltucky. Speaking of which, in a couple weeks we'll take 80 way to the south of Erie for a Thanksgiving travel to the Hatettes. 80 goes through some of the most unpopulated parts of the state with some of the exits being glorified crossroads at best.

My favorite wrestling t-shirt states, "If it was easy they'd call it Basketball."

Typical stat line of a wrestler on the basketball squad: Did Not Play - Coach's Decision.


That's a lump-in-the-throat account of Sgt. Amy Krueger of Wisconsin. Who wouldn't be proud of a child like that?

Local coverage in Madison:

Sgt. Amy Krueger, 29, of Kiel in southwestern Manitowoc County, joined the Army shortly after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, with an eye toward getting Osama bin Laden. "She was a beautiful, beautiful person," said Rosanne Coffeen, the mother of Krueger's best friend. "This sure never should have happened to her."

The article includes a picture of Amy that you can click and a map that you can click to enlarge. The map shows where each of the WI dead and wounded are from.


Arghh, how could I have forgotten this about Erie: They have a Krispy Kreme.

Or maybe it's out of business by now. The ones in Rochester, NY, Davenport, IA, and Milwaukee have folded, sob.


For five summers in the late fifties I went to summer camp at Camp Caledon near Lake City, west of Erie. Great camp, but googling it, it no longer exists as a girls' camp. Sad.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Well shoot, although I grew up in Johnstown, we have a summer home at Conneaut Lake, PA (40 miles S. of Erie, 13 miles from Meadville). When I was little, my Dad would take me with him on day trips to Ashtabula and Youngstown. I think these trips were related to his job.

When my parents were building their house, we stayed at the Lake into the Fall and Winter that year. I started 1st grade there. My Dad would commute and come on the weekends. As the place emptied out once all the Summer people went home, my Mom would look for all the church pot lucks from Conneaut Lake to the Ohio border and up to Erie, just for a way to get out and socialize since all around the Lake it was a ghost town during the non-Summer months.

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