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November 14, 2009



What I don't get is this presumption from Obama and Holder that KSM will be found guilty. He's a suspect only and has not been found guilty. We have to presume he is innocent and that Bushitler and Cheneyhaliburton tortured him into falsely confessing.


tainting the jury pool? naaw......


I like that cover.


Within the bounds of good taste.


Part of the plan. Drag it out as long as possible. Months of jury selection, then after months/years of the trial, one juror inadvertantly let's something slip. Mistrial. Reset button.


Theodore Roosevelt - brokered Russo Japanese War treaty - got real Nobel Prize

Franklin Roosevelt - Liberated much of Asia from Japanese domination

Harry Truman - repulsed Communist invasion of S. Korea

Dwight Eisenhower - laid groundwork for ASEAN

JFK/LBJ - Vietnam

Nixon - Opened China

Reagan - ended communism as we know it

Bush Sr. - CIA/China Ambassador

Bush Jr - set in place all programs Dear leader is currently undertaking

The Pacific President - zero, zip, zilch, nada


Jim Ryan

Best case, he gets off because he wasn't read Miranda, he gets let go, and a couple months down the road he gets a daisy cutter dropped next to him and a dozen of his associates.

Other scenarios are bad. If he's found guilty that will lend legitimacy to the grave mistake of giving foreign terrorist irregulars the same treatment as American citizens. If he's found innocent and not let go, that will make no sense at all.


Win-win for the BO team. Military refuses to release docs: acquitted. Military releases docs: forwarded to Al Aqaida. Bush's legacy of keeping us safe: Gone. Priceless for BO.


Maybe we should turn KSM loose with some Chicago high school kids.

Problem solved...

Patrick R. Sullivan

It surprises me that so few people see through Holder and Obama on this. The idea is to create a propaganda stage for the jihadists. To let the defense team beat up on Bush and Cheney to worldwide attention.

No surprise that it wasn't announced until Obama was safely overseas, so political etiquette protects him from criticism. Very clever...and a betrayal of his oath of office to protect and defend.


Nah, just boot them off the El on the Southside and see what happens. Say past the Midway.

Frau  Kasperl Theater

Meanwhile, Pres.Dither-While-I-Can wants to teach the Congress how to dither in perfect harmony, but nobody does it better.
From the AP: "On an eight-day Asia trip, Obama turned his attention home and pleaded for lawmakers to "resist the temptation to turn this tragic event into the political theater." He said those who died on the nation's largest Army post deserve justice, not political stagecraft."
Didn't TM ask for better kabuki?

Frau  Kasperl Theater

She was disbarred, but Lynne Stewart can still contribute her expertise.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Via Wiki:

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was a member of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda organization, although he lived in Kuwait rather than Afghanistan, heading al-Qaeda's propaganda operations from sometime around 1999. According to the 9/11 Commission Report he was "the principal architect of the 9/11 attacks." He is also thought to have had, or has confessed to, a role in many of the most significant terrorist plots over the last twenty years, including the World Trade Center 1993 bombings, the Operation Bojinka plot, an aborted 2002 attack on the U.S. Bank Tower in Los Angeles, the Bali nightclub bombings, the failed bombing of American Airlines Flight 63, the Millennium Plot, and the murder of Daniel Pearl.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was captured in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on March 1, 2003, by the Pakistani ISI, possibly in a joint action with agents of the American Diplomatic Security Service, and has been in U.S. custody since that time. In September 2006, the U.S. government announced it had moved Mohammed from a secret prison to the facility at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.[6] Human Rights Watch, the Red Cross and Mohammed himself have claimed that the American authorities have tortured him,[7] a claim that was supported by information released on February 4, 2008, when it was revealed that he was subjected to waterboarding.[8]

In March 2007, after four years in captivity, including six months of detention at Guantanamo Bay, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed — as it was claimed by a Combatant Status Review Tribunal Hearing[9] in Guantanamo Bay — confessed to masterminding the September 11, 2001, attacks, the Richard Reid shoe bombing attempt to blow up an airliner over the Atlantic Ocean, the Bali nightclub bombing in Indonesia, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and various foiled attacks.[10]

On December 8, 2008, Mohammed and four co-defendants sent a note to the military judge expressing their desire to confess and plead guilty.[11]

There desire to confess was unrelated to being waterboarding and a much later and completely separate event.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Obama to Congress: Back off the Hasan probe

Do you seriously believe that Obama thinks terrorists should be punished, do you think he wants these people tried, do you think he gives a damn how many Americans die at the hands of Muslim nutjobs?


Over here CNN is presenting the public opinion of this as 50/50. Show 1 guy mad, 1 gal glad, show McCain against, then show Rubin in favor while damning Bush for torture. Whats the real breakdown in your guys opinion? My uneducated guess is it`s very far from 50/50 tilting heavily towards this being a foolish decision.

Gregory Koster

Matt, what's the point you are trying to make? ASEAN? I hadn't heard of that in years. You'd do much better with Eisenhower to note that he managed to stay out of Vietnam in 1954, while slowly moving toward an involvement that Kennedy walked and Johnson ran toward. As for The Once claiming to be the first Pacific President, that's just his usual windbaggery going off at Force 8. Note that The Once said the "sense of purpose" guiding US-Japan ties goes back "nearly fifty years," praising himself and giving the GOP a kick as usual.

But this is just run of the mill bloviating for The Once. If the Japanese were smart, they slept through it.



70/30 tilting heavily towards HUGE MISTAKE

Guess what else the Chicago mob is up to?
If you can't get the Olympics go for GITMO.

We will have attacks in N.Y. and Chicago. Way to go 0! L.A. must feel left out.

(P.S. Have to give a shout out...GO BUCKS!)


No, rest assured LA will be targeted as well, they tried twice against the Library
Tower. It would be too much to imagine that
someone could drop the security curtain on these vermin, for a minute, and the real fury of the American Street be unleashed.
These people are playing a very dangerous
game, even suggesting that these 5 are victims of any kind.


I think the bow was just a way to claim plausible deniability for the bow to Abdullah.

I expect Gibbs to reprise his lie about the other bow with something along the lines of: "The president honors other leaders in a culturally sensitive way."

Thomas Collins

Is Ramsey Clark still practicing law? I'm surprised I haven't seen anything from him on KSM in the Big Apple.


I would tend to agree with Ann's 70/30 but I have no empirical evidence for it. I just can't imagine it will go over well.

What interests me is to what extent Obama is worrying over the state of his lefty base, that he would go forward with a scheme like this after weeks of tanking with independents.

Thomas Collins

See LUN for Clarice's take. Clarice seems to think that the possible characterizations of the move are idiotic and diabolical. She also nods to TM's comment that it would be best not to have the trial before the Nov. 2010 elections.

Thomas Collins

That is, best for Obama. I for one hope the trial starts in October of 2010.


Obama wants Congress to back off the Hasan probe so as not to "politicize" it.

Naturally, there's not a hint of politicization in bringing terrorists who've already admitted being guilty to trial in the U.S. court system, so that their lawyers can grandstand against this country and its efforts to combat terrorism, and expose through discovery intelligence operations to which Obama and Holder are hostile.

Yeah, Congress, do as I ask because you know I would never do such a thing.



At memeorandum on our screen right now, 2 more Palin articles. I think it would be far easier to find an impartial jury for any of the terrorists the leftist plan to import to the USA than it would be to find one for Sarah Palin. She must drive the American leftists absolutely insane. May God bless her and give us thousands more like her.

Sara (Pal2Pal)


I hope you around. Michelle Robinson looks to be a very different woman from Michelle Obama. I think, for the first time, I could use the words Michelle, elegant, sexy in the same sentence. What about you?



Sara, that's not a picture of Michelle. No belt....


There might be some triceps action going on there, though, bad.



I don't get it. Who is the guy standing next to her? I do agree that she probably looked up to Huey Newton
Sorry, I must be really slow tonight.


Says here that

David Upchurch escorted the then 18-year-old Michelle Robinson to the prom at Whitney M Young High School in Chicago in 1982.
Same pic there.

"The romance went nowhere."


What the hell is a link to stormfront doing on here?

Captain Hate

Is Ramsey Clark still practicing law? I'm surprised I haven't seen anything from him on KSM in the Big Apple.

I was thinking the same thing...

Sara (Pal2Pal)


My point was that Michelle at 18 in a sexy, rather elegant dress is a far cry from the Grandma's upholstery look and spare tire belts she sports today.


I think with luck the trial will be delayed for so long that the next president will undo this decision and remand it for a military tribunal.
Extraneus, odd, the same thought occurred to be about the bow..but I am more inclined to think he and MO think they are above following rules of protocol which are so uncool or whatever.


there's a perfectly acceptable link at the uk telegraph that should be used



Ramsey Clark is still practicing --since he's lost every one of this high profile cases I hope he takes this one, too. Lynn Stewart is still out on bail pending appeal.


I still can't figure out why Holder is so sure of convictions. Maybe he knows they'll be playing by SDNY rules and we know how those work --or--KSM and his cohorts have made it clear thru their lawyers that they meant what they said when they confessed and asked to be put to death and will enter into an agreement for the same treatment in NY (provided they get their soapbox from which to attack the US or at least Bush and Cheney.)

Captain Hate

I saw Ramsey Clark speak when I was going to grad school; I left abruptly when it became obvious that vermin had nothing of interest or decency to communicate. In honesty, he seemed so feeble minded that if I were an attorney, I'd relish having him as an opponent as far as guaranteeing an effortless win.


The world is deeply insane, bringing KSM and co, here, unless it is to have them possibly hacked to death, by a mob, I could
go for that, is a fool's errand. Meanwhile,
the real enemy right out of a DHS report in Newsweek rares their head, recycling all the garbage from Goldwater three years early


What interests me is to what extent Obama is worrying over the state of his lefty base, that he would go forward with a scheme like this after weeks of tanking with independents.

I think he got backed into it- promising to close GITMO - he can act like this was always his plan, and when it fails he will blame Holder. The timing is interesting. He knew it would be so unpopular he left the country.


BTW Ibama's weekly address telling Congress not to investigate FT Hood was about as offensive as it gets to me. How dare he?


Ok, my rage moment has passed for now, so in the LUN, the delusionary nature of Newsweek


She's asking why you won't date her. She is the ugliest and rudest 1st lady in history. Her husband is a dope addict who gives away foreign aid and just wants to hear he's Prezident again. He's there to give away cash to foreigners and jobs to Harvard pals. He was never anything but this and expected you to vote for him anyway.

The picture I had to see of it sprawling on some carpet or something ruined the weather.

Anyway, Obambi will just martyr them. MaYBE he'll stop thinking about wars and do something.



I am afraid you are going to be upset with my remarks but to me Michelle looks like she is in a peignoir or night gown with matching robe.
Look at the slit in the gown that goes up to her enormous asset. The only good thing I can say is she didn't have a belt.

But what do I know. My whole documentation of her wardrobe is to show that the media is completely in the tank and hypocritical to point of absurdity.


The comments at NYT are instructive. Firstly, it is plain that the intelligentsia there represented will put up with a trial of KSM only to implead GWB. The confidence of Holder in rapid convictions and executions is taken as rote by those who see this as a resurgent American justice system. Holder's assertion that there is "additional" evidence to that tainted by surveillance or interrogation and therefore inadmissible. What this could possibly be is quite mysterious but the belief in its existence and weight is absolute. Much abuse is heaped on citizens objecting about the "safety" of themselves. No one escapes from these superprisons, they say with guffaws. Of course few if any folks fear that KSM will dig out of prison with a spork, rather that he will be set loose in the ordinary course of events such as leaves OJ among us. Is it so mad to posit that Khalid Sheik Mohammed in a year or two could take advantage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform and apply for refugee status here... which would mean there, in New York? Yeah, that is MADNESS!!!

Gibbs makes an interesting assertion. He declares that the NY District's conviction rate is 90% and he likes dem odds! Okay, no statistician would want to project onto these cases those numbers as they, I would presume, constitute more banal crimes like securities fraud but let us meet Mr Gibbs on his own terms. 9 out of 10 trials bring convictions. (Let us also throw out the fact that capital trials, which Holder promises, notoriously fail to convict with DEATH on the line...) My quick number crunch, looking at just these 5 cases shows that there is a 50% chance of 1 of these pukes being acquitted. Right? 9/10 undiluted with 5 random picks? So the Gibbs Theorem negates the Holder Declaration, or at least makes it a coin toss. Genius.

But before we even consider such esoterica, let us see the genius Eric Holder seat a jury. With alternates you are looking at 30 locals minimum who can survive voire dire. That is, these couple dozens of New Yorkers must declare that they are unfamiliar with media treatments or other prejudicial info on the 911 attacks. At least those in New York. And what of the Pentagon attack? Seems like the Holder Rules on these things would assign the Pentagon jihadis to a military tribunal. Oh well, consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds so let us not expect any here.

Gregory Koster

Clarice, why do you think Holder believes he can convict? Because he said so? What else can he say: "Naw, no chance, but we'll try, spill plenty of secrets, embarrass Geo. W., important stuff like that, send KSM back overseas where he belongs, goodwill gesture and all that." I wish he would say that. Such honesty wouldn't hurt this "prosecution", and would make the cynical Left squirm and the rest say yupyupyup. Even if KSM is convicted, The Once can preen that the American system worked: the guilty got off, complete with Harvard Law solemnly nodding, yup, miracles can happen even in this racist country.


daddy, I'm not sure about the breakdown. In my house it is 100% against. In New York it seems there is some support for Holderism but whenever they do a quick reference to such on the news, they go in the street to a regualar Joe who is for hanging them in a Gitmo storage closet and then into some psychiatrist's office where an academic type declares the moral compulsion of the decision. Much of the pro-Holderism seems to be based on, as others observe, his manic confidence in quick convictions AND executions! Really, is there any possiblity, even if everything goes to Holder's plan, that KSM is going to be executed within the decade? Yes that was rhetorical but I'll answer it for you. No.

Sara (Pal2Pal)


Interesting reaction. Mine was very different. The dress reminds me of Old Hollywood glam. Something I might expect to see on Marlena Dietrich or some big '40s star.


"Clarice, why do you think Holder believes he can convict? Because he said so? What else can he say: "Naw, no chance, but we'll try, spill plenty of secrets, embarrass Geo.W."

I think so not only because he said so but because the cost to him and the Administration (assuming the case is tried before they are thrown out of office) of a loss and the obvious remand to military custody of men found not guilty in a civil courtroom --somewhere--would be enormous.And it would be even if, as he's indicated, there are a lot more charges they could then indict them
The WaPo has an article up desribing the deliberation on this which is laughable--it's all about the various prosecutors angling for a shot to try the case and sparse indeed on the reason for taking this preposterous step.


In New York it seems there is some support for Holderism

I have to think it depends hugely on how you ask the question. If you just say, "Do you favor KSM being brought to trial here in NYC?" a lot of people will say "Yes," not necessarily knowing what the alternative is, or realizing that the big issue is civilian vs. military.


I still can't figure out why Holder is so sure of convictions.

Also, doesn't it render the concept of "fair trial" a bit weird if you are holding a trial *for the purpose of* producing a specific verdict?


No kidding,pd. Weirder still announcing that even if these guys are acquitted he will not release them.

Good news--there will be no climate agreement and cap and trade is surely Dead.

Charlie (Colorado)

Firstly, it is plain that the intelligentsia there represented will put up with a trial of KSM only to implead GWB.

Cool: "implead." New word.


"Headless Body in Topless Bar." Please, let's not misquote the classics!


I'm amazed at that NY Post picture. WOW!
What will the next one be? Revolt in NY?

Peers. American citizens serving on the jury as PEERS of foreign terrorists?!! This is whacko.

And, yes, the evil political motive endangers national security and national morale, like bringing human IEDs into America.

Wiki says the original 9/11 plot intended 10 planes. This is the "fifth plane" or the sixth (counting Obama's flyover).

NY Post, here's your next headline: Terrorist mastermind in WH.


Hitler was pro-patriotism and ethnic discrimination.
We've got the reverse, but worse.


Hitler came into power amidst world financial crisis.
Ours is creating the financial crisis
and resultant loss of military strength.
In alignment with the wishes of all of
America's enemies, including Al Qaeda.

But the tide is turning and we will get through this.


Now, how can we get the nitwits who voted him in to learn a lesson, without innocents suffering? How does one undo fifty years of communist/psychology infiltration into the education system?

Homeschooling, thank goodness, has tempered it. I applaud parents who make time for that.

Months ago someone here suggested not hiring them. But we don't want the bums on the street, making America a slum when there's no more money to hand out. And we don't want their children to suffer.

Anyone have ideas? Something that would restore or instill pride in being part of Western Civilization.


I bet whoever is responsible for the physical security of the defendants is going to have a lot of antacid moments. Think there might be a deranged Manhattanite or two who wants to be a hero? I do. Many would applaud.


You all apparently do not get the picture.
Civilian court is the only hope for Obama to save his jihad buddies from the noose.

Jack is Back!

Good Morning JOMers.

Our Clarice is sure going PJ with this spot-on oped in Pajamas Media this morning.


What the hell is a link to stormfront doing on here?

Sorry, it just came up in a Google search.


Great piece, Clarice.

To paraphrase an old friend, this would be a first: the victor dragging himself off in chains.


Thanks--when narciso isn't writing my stuff, PUK does. XOXOXOXO


He declares that the NY District's conviction rate is 90% and he likes dem odds!

IANAL but doesn't that 90% conviction rate refer to cases that the SDNY DA chooses to bring to trial? Not cases foisted upon the district by the Feds.

Mike G

If the suicide belt don't fit, you must acquit!

Mike Kelley

If these guys are convicted, is the government going to start the jurors' cars for them for the rest of their lives? Here is a good article about the terrorists: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/2009/11/14/2009-11-14_witness_to_evil_daily_news_reporter_describes_encounter_with_khalid_shaikh_moham.html


Finally. Some honest commentary in journalism.


This has nothing to do with a conviction. Obama (and his pimps) are simply making political decisions. He promised his fellow America haters that he would close Gitmo on day one. He didn't/hasn't but this placates those folks.
More importantly, next year,as voters all over the country begin to understand what a dishonest, dumb and lazy guy Obama is, the trial in NYC will not focus on KSM but, rather, Bush, Cheney and their war management. The Times and other NY based captive media will blare Bush's failings.
The KSM trial is just a diversion to try an approach that worked once before, blame Bush.

To Hayek With You

All it takes is one truther on the jury and the guy walks. Heck, even an Ivy League professor or other sort of left-wing nut would be enough to hang the jury or let the guy go. Heck, anyone who has not heard of 9/11 and hasn't formed an opinion is probably in a vegetative state.

We will reveal sources and methods.
Our allies will be less likely to cooperate seeing their laundry aired in public.
The jihadis will have a forum for their bilge.
They will also have a target.
We signal that our president is weak and feckless and our resolve has crumbled.
The two greatest enemies to our country, the jihadis and the lawyer's guild will get a chance to forge even closer ties.

But what is all of that compared to getting something that will distract from the outright assault on our economy and laws being waged by the Obama administration?


What does "LUN" stand for?


It's short for "Let's do LUNch sometime".


I'm thinking that they'll have to change venues -- I nominate Duluth. In fact, annouce that all terrorist trials will be in Duluth.

The detainees will be BEGGING to be returned to Cuba. The MSM will hate being in Duluth so bad, they'll be begging for military tribunals so they don't have to go to flyover country again.


Well ... and some people use it for "Link Under Name". Click on the name after "Posted by: " to see the linked web page.


Finding a jury for KSM should be a breeze in NYC..all they need to remember is to find a jury of his peers. His peers are folks that hate America just like he does. Folks like Chris Matthews, Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore, etc. Hell, the biggest problem will be narrowing it down to only 12 clueless idiots.


So how many Guantanamo detainees end up in Illinois and on the voting rolls in Chicago?
Just asking.

Dr. Dean

In Obama's mind, he can't lose in this scenario. In the improbably event KSM is found guilty, he wins; if KSM is acquitted, he wins... Let me explain.

First, remember Obama's self-declared "Presidential post-acquittal detention power" from earlier this year.

His plan is to create a circus show-trial to bash Bush and America to mollify the sicko left, Islamists and Islamist-friendly foreign interests - and to rile up his radical base and distract voters for 2010 elections.

Then, when KSM and others are acquitted on a technicality derived from some action by Bush/CIA/Military, he rides in on a white unicorn to save the day with his (illegal) "Presidential post-acquittal detention power" promising to keep KSM and the others off the streets.

Obama wins. America loses.


This nonsense shows the abject stupidity of Obama and his administration.

Our first Affirmative-Action president is a complete and total bust.

Mike Giles

And they're sure that they won't find twelve people, insane enough to find them Not Guilty.

In New York?

The rubble was still smoking when the Village Voice crowd was already either blaming the US or saying the US deserved it.

They can never try them in a Civilian Court. Where are they going to find an untainted jury pool? In the metropolitan area?


Show trial. Would they let KSM go if he were found innocent? If not, then show trial. If so, then I'm very, very scared, because that means they couldn't give a rat's ass about the safety of the nation they are sworn to preserve and protect.


If I were the prosecutor I would attempt to indite him on some other squalid little crime for which I had evidence other than a confession and for which the death penalty was available and which had no relationship to the events of 9/11. That would shutdown most if not all evidence leading to grandstanding about President Bush, vice-President Cheney, or others.

No special treatment at all - if he is a criminal he is a mere common criminal and should be treated as such.

I suspect his time-to-live in the general population within a U.S. Federal Prison would be measured in minutes at the most.


Would they let KSM go if he were found innocent?

How would that possibly happen - some kind of prosecutorial misconduct leading to all charges against a notorious terrorist being dropped, after which the terrorist smirks, "Guilty as hell, free as a bird"? Inconceivable.

Michael Smith

I wonder if they’ve thought about this:

According to Holder, only certain terrorists are going to be tried in the civilian criminal defense system. The terrorists that attacked the U.S.S. Cole, for example, will still be tried in a military court. Holder's explanation for this is that KSM and his fellow defendants attacked and killed American civilians, while those terrorists who attacked the Cole were attacking military targets.

This means that terrorists that attack American civilians -- instead of our military -- effectively get rewarded for their behavior by being given all the legal protections and rights afforded to defendants in our criminal justice system.

Now how much sense does that make?


Ah, America. Hatred, xenophobia, religious and racial and social discrimination alongside a call for more democracy. You people still don't get it, do you? Every poisonous piece of loathing on this page reminds the rest of the world of the extent to which the great American egalitarian dream collapsed. Is it that you are frightened of the possible ramifications of trialling a man who was tortured while the conventions that you demand for US prisoners are ignored at home? Grieve, yes, and go on doing so - you have that right; you were terribly wounded, and we cried alongside you. But continue along this path of non-forgiveness, of scathing distrust and of contempt for the very state that you fought to establish and the message that you send to those who would also seek to establish and defend their state is that violence and hatred are acceptable means. My grandfather was proud to be an American. He would turn in his grave.
From Australia - start looking at yourselves as the world sees you - and try love.


The Anchoress has an open thread where (always excellent) commenter Bender (we gotta lure him over to JOM) starts out with five six reasons to acquit KSM. Starting with the notion that the Geneva Convention reserves the trials of unlawful combatants to the jurisdiction a military tribunal, and as far as anything that the civilian courts have jurisdiction over MSM is not guilty.


Gillian--what are you drinking over there, fermented koala piss? Something's got your brain cells off kilter.


And why did you leave Australis. You seem to have posted from Spain, Nottingham or London if you weren't posting from this country. (Clue:Site meter)


===From Australia - start looking at yourselves as the world sees you - and try love.===

How'd that love work out for you? Since you have been hit by the same jihadis, you apparently aren't putting forth enough of your own.

Melinda Romanoff


Your excellent PJM piece has been "lanched".



Gillian--what are you drinking over there, fermented koala piss?

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


Thanks, Mel.


Gee Gillian that's not what I'm hearing from my Australian friends. What happened to you?

Strawman Cometh

Where do the truthers figure in this? No, not the koala piss, but rewarding this ideological detritus with a dream trip to nyc. Is Holder a truther? Yes, Chaco, I'm biased.


Aren't we promised a jury of our peers in criminal trials? Perhaps Holder intends to use the other jihadists as jurors in KSM's trials.


I was away most of the afternoon doing chores, I return to find that a srange thing has happened - perhaps, not strange but spiritual?

The rapier wit and quick mental agility of PUK seems to have taken hold with our lovely Clarice.

Woo Hoo - you go girl! Koala piss, fermented no less - what is not to appreciate in that comment!


Great link cathyf. @ 5:46.


Fantastic comments! Yes, Clarice, as soon as I read "Gillian," I also thought, hm, jihadi talk from London vicinity.

The truthers can now be right: the fifth/sixth plane is coming from the WH.

I'm seeing a Chris Muir-type cartoon, with all these WH people sitting at their desks, tinkering with constructing IEDs.

I was banned here, sob.

I know a fabulous commenter named 'Bender' at climateaudit.org. I don't know if this 'Bender' at Anchoress is the same, but the knack for cutting to the chase is the same. I love Anchoress for a number of reasons, among them that she linked me at Maine Web Report in the deepest moment of the Libby trial.

To Orion's Sister.

What I did was liveblog the commentary here at JustOneMinute over at Maine Web Report. There were just enough other interested commenters that I could explicate the thinking going on here. I gave away the movie rights, though.

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