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November 20, 2009



You passed over the best part of his post! That was the part where Nate calls for a "jobs bill" as a means of restoring the Democrat's popularity domination. We already got that bill, thank you Nate, in the form of the failed "Stimulus" and we don't need to replay that bill again.

If Democrats cared one whit about jobs, they'd support lower taxes and spending. A "jobs bill" in their lexicon is merely a synonym for buying time, hoping in the meantime that citizens will learn to like relying on government for hand-outs.


I believe I saw somewhere today a suggestion that the Dems might consider shifting some of the as yet unspent stimulus money to things that would employ people, like building roads. As opposed to using it to reward (read: pay off) their core constituencies, I suppose.


there's a difference between causation and correlation? Who knew?

I have another theory --it also uses eyeballometric analysis -chart the number of times Obama is shown bowing to foreign leaders and plot it over a graph of his poppularity.

Or do an apology tour..How many points down is he for each apology about his no good pretend or not homeland.


Once again, Clarice channels the great PUK! I do love the smell "eyeballometric analyses charts" in the morning (or afternoon, while having cocktails).

Charlie (Colorado)

Free Silver?

Insert "Cross of Gold" speech here?


It's not a surprise, despite all the slight of hand, he hasn't delivered on anything. Except a lot of additional bureaucracies that muck up the works.

Frau Silber

"Free Silver?"
In my neck of the woods, we get only free cheese. I demand equality for CA; we need that silver to pay our taxes. Cheese, of any kind, is not accepted.


Nate is a fraud, baseball statistician turned poll guru. Why anyone cares what he writes is beyond me. Yeah, he was doing ok while he was predicting all Democrats to win all the time, but that lasted for 2 cycles. But his simplistic formula didn't last and now he is just another political hack lasting more than his allotted 15 minutes because he keeps getting quoted. Better off going to Intrade, they don't have any insider or privileged information either, but at least there are some people there putting their money where their mouths are.

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