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November 12, 2009



I hear Chris Matthews is available to reprise his speechwriting efforts, if needed.


I seriously think we will soon be facing the question of how to determine when a president needs to be removed from office for mental ilness.

Old Lurker

And I seriously hope you are right, C.



Three words --

"Acting President Biden"

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Or worse if Biden goes with the One, acting president Pelosi.


I think it's nice that the President acknowledges how severe the problem is. It shows he cares.


Yes--I wonder where she was when there was that accident in the Biden cavalcade yesterday?
I am serious. I do think he's cracking up.
Biden's a clown and Nancy is a monster, but Obama is losing it fast.


"..our friends, our neighbors, our family members are desperately searching for jobs,” Mr. Obama said."

I'd love to see a study of how BO's friends, neighbors, and family members are faring since his election...for instance, BO's mayor friend who Walpin was targeting before he was wrongly fired.

Karl Marx

Whip Inflation Now!

Funy thing is that the jobs numbers today were better than expected, and that we are seeing some revival in the manufacturing sector. In others words, if they had for the most part just left the fricken economy alone it would have naturally rebounded.

The Once

Okay, the 4.56 million jobs saved by my Keynesian stimulus didn't go far enough to correct the mess created by Republicans. Other than paying people to dig and fill in holes, a method robustly confirmed by Keynes, I'm not really sure how else to create jobs. Somebody said tax cuts. Okay, but that's unjust so, no can do. So, looking for other ideas. Let's have a summit. All comers welcome because I got nothin'.

The Once

Hi, Karl. Big fan.

Rick Ballard

A President Biden would be much easier to keep calm - unscrew a couple of hairplugs and the distant roar of the surf lulls him to sleep within minutes. I think the President may break down, Clarice. He's completely incompetent to begin with and fear of exposure of his actual past by Ayers/Soros has to be driving him crazy. I'm not thrilled by the thought of a cornered narcissist.


The problem is, will we know when he has gone over the bend? Michelle and Val can jump right in and keep pulling the strings. Surely he can be made to keep reading the teleprompter. Perhaps no one will notice the drool.

It won't take him long.

The Chinese will chill with him over tea and tobacco, and he'll have a little spine in him for about two seconds. Watch out for those two seconds.

Old Lurker

Bloomberg and WSJ are both alarmed at the coming 69% increase in the Cap Gains Tax Rate (and dividends) that results from the Health Care Pelosi Tax...and today with the trial balloon of doing the same by Harry Reid. Run that capital off! Shoo! Shoo!


We'll know that Obama has really jumped the Carterite shark when he starts sweaters. Lots and lots of sweaters.


What is needed is a little Hydrogen Barackside:

Hydrogen Barackside

Thomas Collins

Enough of 70s malaise! Let's think about the good things of the 70s, the best of which was disco, with the best Disco Queen being Vicki Sue Robinson (may she rest in peace).

See LUN.


I could get behind a President Biden much more easily than the current bloke. Biden is incompetent but Obama is incompetent *and* malign.



sorry I must disagree. the One is no genius and is addled by leftist philosophy, but Joe B. is a complete moron; dumber than dirt.


Obama has a really long rope--he's not going to get to the end of it for some time yet. I bet he is a super-duper rationalizer.

As for the '70s, I feel cheated because I'm having flashbacks and I never enjoyed the acid that's supposed to cause them. I remember driving to my summer warehouse job with my father listening to news radio when gold first broke $200/oz. I knew about Weimar and was worried that we were slipping over the edge...but a while later, Jimmy felt cornered and appointed Volcker to the Fed. Too bad Volcker's already been co-opted this time.



The Sacramento mayor friend you mentioned is, I believe, the same person who last week announced an engagement to Michelle Rhee, the DC school super who has been a controversial reformer.

Clarice and OL should be able to confirm. I thought of walpin when I saw the announcement on various ed blogs.


It's a jobs summit alright- a summit to determine how to kill off the remaining private sector jobs.

Frau Disco-Fieber

Malaise? I put on a cardigan just to read this.

Yes, Shelly and Val can continue working behind the scenes and spell each other when necessary. They've obviously taken care of *business* all these years. "Stinky sweetie, just take your scraps of paper and those tapes over to Bill, and see what he do to help."
Poor Mrs. Woodrow Wilson had to do it 24/7 all by herself, Jane.

Frau Disco-Fieber

OT- Just watched GWB speak about the GWBush Institute. Wow, was he wonderful to see and hear. The plans were specific and inspiring.

NYT coverage: " ...the new George W. Bush Institute as a forum for study and advocacy in four main areas: education, global health, human freedom and economic growth. Advisers said he hoped his institute would be more focused on producing results than many research organizations are.
Mr. Bush will announce the appointment of the first five of two dozen scholars to be affiliated with the institute, which has already scheduled a half-dozen conferences for next year, according to organizers. The former first lady, Laura Bush, will also speak at Thursday’s event to discuss how women’s issues will be injected into all the institute’s program areas, including sponsorship of a conference on the education of women in Afghanistan."

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Surprise: House Health Care Bill Includes A 69% Increase In Capital Gains Taxes

Rich Berger

Shouldn't he be holding a jobs fair?


rse, you're right though I didn't make the connection myself.


Shouldn't he be attending a jobs fair?

Thomas Collins

Whether it's the overall economy, the Obama Presidebtcy or your individual wallet that is suffering a breakdown, go to the LUN to shake it all off.

Old Lurker

Right you are, RSE.

She's a pistol, by the way, and I wish her well and a soft landing when she burns out and crashes. There is no harder nut to crack than the incompetent DC public school system.

Rick Ballard


You're gonna love this one. There will be a little midnight oil burnt on reading fine print tonight.

Charlie (Colorado)

Obama has a really long rope--he's not going to get to the end of it for some time yet. I bet he is a super-duper rationalizer.

Beyond the undesirability of having any President really lose his sanity, I think you're misunderestimating Obama. Narcissists very rarey "hit bottom" that way; its very much a self-defending disorder.

More likely would be lots of other members of the administration under the bus.

Gregory Koster

Clarice, the sanity commission that determined if The Once was loopy could be chaired by Major Nidal Hassan. Could any shrink be better qualified for such a task? Not least because his verdict, shot forth via hot lead, would likely include Biden, Pelosi, Byrd, Hillary, Turbo Timmy etc.


At the Job Summit, I want the franchise for T-Shirts that say:

Hey, Obama! Get off my back!

The Once

Okay, getting lots of tweets saying why not cut taxes.

Again, people, it's not consistent with social justice to have the rich get richer while the people who don't earn enough to pay any taxes at all get left behind.

Second, if you cut taxes that will decrease revenue, increasing the deficit. That's common sense. A lot of the tweets say something about revenue increasing after taxes are cut. I have to say, these tweets sound like a lot of the things I wrote after three or four bong hits back in the day.

Besides how does letting capital stay with businesses create more jobs? Can anyone answer that? Doesn't make sense. On the other hand, if you use that money in government, we can use it to create jobs such as hole digging, hole filling-in, highway cleanup, and community activism.

So, let's get some tweets about ideas for government job programs. That's what this is about. A lot of these tweets are pretty good (like the transgender performance art idea I just got tweeted, and the SEIU union grant idea). Gonna cancel the jobs summit and just do this with tweets.

Old Lurker

Rick's 6:19 is un-fricken-believable. Fits right into the new Alice in Wonderland rules.


fear of exposure of his actual past by Ayers/Soros has to be driving him crazy

You're making the mistake of thinking he's a normal person with a conscience, and with some conception of right and wrong applying to his own actions. As someone here shrewdly pointed out some time ago, he's Eddie Haskell.


Schoolmarm-in-Chief convenes another small group.


Sheesh TC--had forgotten those disco sounds go on forever.
Thanks for the memories though:)

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