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November 18, 2009




An idea just popped into my head.

The most important Vote in our lifetimes is going to take place in DC on Saturday Night (Reid's Health Care).

Is it possible at this late hour, and if so, is it worthwhile to try to instantly moblize a book signing event by Sarah Palin at the US Capitol at the same time on Saturday. The Media would already be there because they already have to cover the Vote anyway, so this time they couldn't ignore us, especially if Sarah was able at a moments notice to motivate 10,000 to 20,000 concerned, and angry Americans to show up at the US Capitol while this is going on. Possibly Sarah Palin (if she agreed to this) could use Senator Lisa Murkowski's influence or Office Space to hold a book-signing. I don't know how that works...somebody would have to know who to call.

We could bill this as a "American's Going Rogue" or some such thing. Sarah Palin would obviously have to agree and get cracking, and I don't know her particulars these next 2 days at all, but I imagine she might love the opportunity to truly make a significant contribution to stopping this Health Care monstrosity Reid's trying to shove down the throat of America. Plus mobilizing thousands at the drop of a hat outside the Capitol might give a bit of spine to some wobbly Republican Senators that we all know the names of.

And I also imagine that if it was properly announced loudly via Rush or Glenn Beck etc
tomorrow, that the disappointed citizens at
whatever city she would have to cancel in
order to do a Saturday DC signing, would
most proibably understand and gladly take
a rain check for such an important reason.

Plus it would stick it in the eye of the feckless Repoublican Intelligentsia and concretely demonstrate her personal ability to motivate and inspire as a Leader, able to do important stuff at a moments notice.

Anyhow, that's my idea. If you think it's nutty please feel free to tell me. But if
you think it's worth immediately working on and know how to do what needs to be accomplished to try to make it happen and save this country and our grandkids from the nightmare of ObamaCare, please start making calls and tell me what to do.

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Daddy, I think that is a great idea. I really think that it should be done even if Sarah can't do it. Washington D.C. can't be that far of a trip for a million people to get there to protest the theft of our nation tomorrow. There are a few reps who have already opposed the House bill who should be leading the protest. Rep Miller from South Carolina is one, There are others. I think a million people standing in front of the Senate would make at least one have second thoughts about voting to turn this country into Cuba.

Gregory Koster

Daddy, it's a fine idea. Start by getting the blogosphere involved. TM, how about devoting a post to this idea? A fresh thread, so people can exchange ideas. One idea I think would work is to email bloggers you know with this idea.

Sara, I have underestimated SP in the past, so you might be right. Many thanks for your answer. We'll see how it plays out. High stakes for SP and for us.


How much is a Senator's vote worth?

I thought it was again the law to bribe a public official?

"Dems Buy Off Sen Landrieu’s Vote For $100 Million of YOUR Money"


Remember it is your money that is being used to steal an entire country-YOUR country.


"I think it was because she wasn't ready."

It becomes more obvious every day that the team that won wasn't ready to do what is right for the nation. I think she did her best against some of the most vile criticism, Americans have ever seen.

But to move on to today, I think that the challenge today is to get as many bloggers pushing Daddy's idea (of a Washington DC rally) as possible. The idea to get all the conservative bloggers working on it is good. That is what I plan to work on for the next few hours.


WE need to determine if the vote will take place. If he doesn't have 60 votes, he won't hold the vote.



Sarah Palin was supposed to take over the McCain campaign? Really? You think that would have worked out?


Death penalty my butt.

Now it makes sense. There is no chance of execution.


It's easy to see why Obama prefers this format. Consider some of the questions that have arisen during these sessions:

"You picked the Tar Heels to win the national championship, didn't you?

"You are very, very famous as a very cool man, but what don't you like about yourself?"

"Golf. What does it do for you?"

"How do you relax?"

"Have the girls had kids over after school?"

"Do you get to read them a story at night, tuck them in bed?"

The Chinese media????

Crap, I thought it was Brian Williams..

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