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November 17, 2009



The other upside ... the music is always better during bad times.


When Pinch and MoDo are in NYC waiting rooms with the poor, I'll see that silver lining.

In the meantime--even more jobs saved in Congressional districts that don't exist--fitting ghost workers to ghost districts seems somehow appropriate.



BTW TM you have two threads with the same post--


Does anyone know if the money is unaccounted for that went to those make believe districts? Was it really just an error in reporting? Where did the money really go?


Double post? Italics infection? Double thread!

Jack is Back!

Has anyone else seen this? Looks like something Glenn Beck would come up with but its too neat to fit on his blackboard. Only one missing is Andy Stern.


Ya know, as stupid as this sounds and as selfserving as it is, it seems to be a pretty accurate example of what I am seeing. I'm in Atlanta, for what it is worth.

Dave (in MA)

JiB: I take issue with that link and its use of the word "past".

Jack is Back!

Dave (in MA):

Yeah, I saw that too and couldn't understand why it was like that.

Charlie (Colorado)

Anyone hear an echo?

Does anyone else see that lowering one group to to fit in with another group is taking us in the wrong dirrection,,,, how about raising one group to another so both are successful, I'm not happy about anyone being at the welfare office!!!!!


A sinking tide lowers all boats to the muck of the seabed. Equality!

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