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November 21, 2009


Rob Crawford

Completely OT, but more appetizing than the topic at hand: feta stuffed olives.

I picked some up from the olive bar while I was grocery shopping -- my experimental food of the week -- and just tried one. Damn, that's good.


Yes, they are delicious!
Sullivan is clearly demented..why does anyone still waste a moment on his ravings ?


Yes the deal had been struck only a month or so back, the license for TransCanada came in the spring this year, despite the attempted sabotage of various parties in the press.


I'm sure Russian topless newsreaders are more exciting that AA. And hmm, those olives sound wonderful! I love the big, soft purple/grey ones.


For those who are new to the topic, Andrew Sullivan is a gay foreigner, Obama supporter, and professional blogger who says he's a conservative and supports every aspect of the Democratic agenda. Ann Althouse is a tenured Obama voter who is surprised a couple of times a week that Obama is the same person in the White House that he was in the Senate.

Sarah Palin is a former governor and small business owner and one of the most popular people in the country, and she can alter national politics from a Facebook page.

Andrew Sullivan and Ann Althouse, like millions of people even less intellectually capable than they are, are convinced they're miles smarter than Sarah Palin.


I love the big, soft purple/grey ones.

Not a good sentence in the "topless Ann Althouse" thread.

Gregory Koster

a): Sullivan is giving THE ATALNTIC exactly what it wants, lots of web traffic. What do they care who gets hurt?

b): Sullivan's visa expires in March 2011, unless The Once limply waves his wrist to keep him here. Sullivan's only hope of staying in this country is complete servility, a servility he has no trouble maintaining.

c): Sullivan is not mentally ill. He knows exactly what he's doing. He doesn't want to leave this country, and face a higher probability of consequences from the days when he shrieked against terrorists and swooned over Geo. W.

d): Unable to have The Once's baby, Sullivan will doubtless settle for putting the arm on Levi Johnston, who has proved he can father children. Perhaps the dual spread of them in PLAYGIRL will sooth his fevered glutes.

e): If you go to Madison about early in the morning and show Althouse that the sun has risen in the east, she will be astonished. Like Mickey Kaus, I'd rather have her bitchiness erratically aimed at the Left and vote for Lefty candidates than the reverse situation. All she needs is a column with SLATE and infernal harmony will be achieved.


more to the point, Sullivan is a gay, pothead blogger on a devil's cocktail of HIV/Aids drugs...it is any wonder he makes no sense?


That was a Python worthy effort, bgates,


a very interesting day today. Went to Gen William Lyons garage, which has the most exquistite car collection I have ever seen, for a John Campbell event. John is our congressman and one of the more sensible members of that body.

It is only by working now to stem the tide of the entitlement/statist crowd that we will restore some semblance of the Republic's values.

Buford Gooch

Rob, have you tried bleu cheese stuffed olives? Garlic? Jalapeno? All are wonderful taste treats.

Dave (in MA)
I love the big, soft purple/grey ones.
Not a good sentence in the "topless Ann Althouse" thread.
Even worse in a Sullivan thread.

The point is well taken Tom, but Sullivan is the nadir, worse than Klein,(both Ezra & Joe) Krugman, Yglesias, Marshall,worse than Rich, is an open question


What is it about my taste in olives? I mean, it wasn't meant like my joke about French pink/limegreen asparagus :)


Why can't Sullivan get a green card? (Not that I'm advocating for that)


This excitable [green card or no?] immigrant is sick from top to bottom, so to speak. Actually, when I was an FSO, "moral turpitude" used to be a signal for putting the kabosh on visa applicants to visit or work in the USA.

This freak revels in mt!!

Jack is Back!

Getting back to "starting a natural gas pipeline". I spent 35 years in international engineering-construction including stints in project development and project management. Some on pipelines but primarily power plants (coal, nuclear and gas) as well as large civil projects - highways, tunnels and rail. I can think of none of them that did not take a minimum of 2 years for planning including permitting prior to even fast-track construction starting (that is construction starts prior to engineering being complete). Large multi-billion dollar projects are subject to very large periods of planning including pre-feasibility, due diligence, negotiations, permitting, conceptual engineering and licensing.

This is probably what is going on with the Alaska NG pipeline. This is not a project you bring in from idea to start up in 2 years. This is most likely, when you look at its development history, a project of 10 years or even more.

Sullivan, is a nut without a screw:) Pardon the fitting metaphor.


Right a I read the wikipedia entry on the TAP line, and that makes sense, that was Hickel's project, began when he was governor
and carried through several administrations

Mike Myers

Like Jack is Back, I spent a long time (20 years) in writing contracts and working on project development for major refining/petrochemical plant projects. Six or seven years was about the average time from initial planning, through contracting, construction and completion.

The Prudhoe Bay discovery was in 1965; the Trans Alaska Pipeline (TAPS) to get that oil off the slope opened in 1977. Construction really didn't start until about 1974 because of hellacious environmental permitting fights--it literally took an act of congress to get the permits.

Folks have been wanting to get natural gas off the North Slope and down to the Midwest ever since the late 1970's. You need a second pipeline for that (don't want to mix oil and natural gas in the TAPS line); you also need to get the Canadian government and all the squabbling players among the oil companies producing on the North Slope in line. Getting these ducks in a row to start the gas pipeline project was a major accomplishment--especially after 25 years of failure to achieve anything.

Old Dad

Sullivan is a shameless whore, and has been for years. His pro Bush pose fooled many, including me, but it was all a sham. He's got his finger in the air, and will argue anything that benefits him. His Palin fiasco is a case in point. He must be laughing at the gullibility of his readers, and wonderiing how he will top the absurdity of Trig Trutherism. Shocking revelation--the editors at the Atlantic are likewise shameless whores. And while I'm revealing shocking revelations--note to Sully--politicians often distort, exaggerate, and even lie.


Has Sullivan found the "on" switch for his brain yet?


Because he's HIV positive, Jane.


The policy about immigration for HIV positive people was just changed last month. We'll see if the string-pullers can keep Sullivan in the country. This President needs him.

hit and run

Does Obama need Sullivan in the states? Why wouldn't/couldn't Sullivan write the exact same things from London that he does now wherever it is he writes from?

Or would Sullivan's undying love for Obama die if he doesn't get to stay?


The policy for felony convictions barring immigration is unchanged so the Administration cut him a dea so good on drug possession on federal lands that the federal judge noted it.


It's amazing. It makes me wonder how much of the anti-Palin wackiness from Sullivan is fed by Axelrod/Rahm. At the very least, they don't discourage it.

Hit- I think Sullivan's undying love for Obama would fade out of spite, because he really wants to stay here. And Sullivan would lose a lot of his audience, 'cause who cares what just another guy in England has to say about us/our president?


Well Riehl has discovered that instigator of much of this, Mr. Gryphon, is a false front
sponsored by Soros elements

hit and run

And Sullivan would lose a lot of his audience, 'cause who cares what just another guy in England has to say about us/our president?

Maybe(e). But really,who even pays attention to where he resides now?

Has anyone stopped reading Glenn Greenwald,for example,after finding out that he lives in Brazil?


I just spent 20 minutes tryng to track down them topless russian news readers.

No luck so far, I'll report back.


Hey if the one can take credit for jobs not yet started on stimulus dollars, then Mrs. Palin can take credit for the pipeline.

Pound sand, libs.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Sully would probably have better sources of news if he was in England. The British papers seem to be the only ones publishing anything negative about the Obambi administration.

A friend of mine who lives in Costa Rica is always sending me things that he sees in the foreign press that never get published here.

Gregory Koster

Hit, I repeat, the terrorists have long memories, and can remember when Sullivan blasted them. Abroad, he faces a substantially higher risk of retribution than here. How safe can Sullivan feel if he has to rely on British cops for protection? Not to mention the socialized medical care he's crooning for today, isn't nearly so good as it is here. Sullivan could continue posting his retromingencies from abroad, but health and safety dictate that he stay here.

Jane, as Clarice said, Sullivan's HIV+ status means under present law, he must leave by March 2011. Only The Once can stop that. Hence the ass-licking. I think it likely that The Once would simply forbid USCIS from trying to deport him. Look at the deal they gave him for pot possession on federal park land.

The worst punishment for Sullivan would be forced departure, even while Sarah Palin stays in America. That would affect him the way he wants to affect the Palin family. I hope he gets this fate I wish for him.


The policy about immigration for HIV positive people was just changed last month.

Changed to his detriment?

If he wants to stay he should get married in MA and take it to the courts who would never deny him his "civil rights" in this state.

But don't tell him.


None, zilch, nada...so to speak.


Hee, Donald, wish I could find a link for you. It was on American tv years ago, with the appropriate black strips over boobs, when Russian tv got liberated and unserious :)


Dammit BR, just Dammit.


Well, Tom, if we agree that this is silly (and I do), then can we also agree that Gore didn't mean to see that he, himself, had invented the internet all by himself? Or would I be right in guessing that you were one of the shrieking hordes calling Gore a LIAR!!!


Also, re: your title: Ewwwwwwwwww.


Hey Q, speaking of Gore and lies - do you think he was duped by those Climate Scientologists, or was he duping? I think "duping".

Annoying Old Guy

Here is a BBC report on the Russian naked news, without video unfortunately. I think that has evolved in to "Naked News" which you can find via net search or YouTube search. Purely for improving your awareness of modern media, of course.

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