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November 24, 2009



I love sports analogies.....the Obama presidency is becoming like the Isiah Thomas tenure with the Knicks...sad, sad, sad for America as it has been for the NY Knicks


The Wilding of Sarah Palin

Wow. Read the whole thing. The comments are good, also. I can't possibly be the first to link this here, but if so it bears re-linking.

Of course, nothing in Robin of Berkeley's dead-on article will be a surprise to the ladies of JOM!


I confess I watched about 10 minutes of the Politico live stream - guests arriving for the W.H. State Dinner. In that short span the following little vignettes:

Sen. and Mrs. Casey (D PA lisper) arrive, smile big and cheese, pose for cameras, proceed forward. W.H. official in full regalia walks past and behind Sen. Casey, stoops low and picks something up off of floor, hurries to catch up to Sen. Casey . . . and hands him his cumberbund.

Jennifer Granholm arrives in golden brocade pajamas.

One of the sleezy Sanchez sisters (D CA slut) arrives in full Indian Sari garb, flouncing along, fat rippling, swinging her little jeweled bag.

Senator John Effing Kerry arrives, shuffles past the press/cameras, all alone, no Terayza!

Eamon Javers (of Politico and the narrator) and 2 former Social Secretaries (1 Dem, 1 Rep) comment on how many Chicago folks were invited - very well represented per Javers.

And I only watched 10 minutes. Shoot, shoulda watched more! tee hee.



Charlie (Colorado)

Okay, I just did an hour of internet radio with Rick Moran. God knows how to get it, but I'm sure it's a podcast somewhere.


central, that would probably be Loretta. She''s very proud that when she meets with the Vietnamese in her district she dress Vietnamese (black pajamas?), and with the Mexicans she dresses Mexican. She's basically a grown up Barbie with the same IQ.

Charlie (Colorado)

1. Phil Gramm's fingerprints were all over it.

Ergo "You can't pin it to the Republicans alone."


Chaco...as a HS science teacher.'d be fasciated to hear your take on the fraud that has been our textbooks. My own gives a section to "Global Warming" but at least phrases it as theory.

Also, I chuckle now at colleagues who when faced with contrary evidence challenged the veracity or the sources

Charlie (Colorado)

Thanks for all the kind words, folks. Frankly, I thought this was the weakest one, so I'm glad it was passable.

Yeah, Rick, that story on Watts Up is very interesting, isn't it? I can really see these guys getting used to going to the big conferences and having the good press and then realizing their data was unworkable....

Charlie (Colorado)

BobS, I haven't seen a high school science text since I was in high school, and I tell you what, hauling those clay tablets back and forth was tough. But what I've seen of intro level college textbooks doesn't make me very hopeful.


Matt, Matt, Matt - you have slandered Barbies the world over! Loretta (or whichever) Sanchez would make up about 6.5 Barbies (all short ones).

Charlie (Colorado)

How would one go about proving that the data utilized ever really existed? Set a room full of monkeys to typing code until it reappears?

Oh, I don't doubt the data was there. Hell, it is there. They just have no idea which data they used, how it was manipulated, and how the hell the original author ("Tim") got the results.

Charlie (Colorado)

Did you all see Ears congratulating the Indian PM for being chosen for the first state visit in His administration?


"...Sanchez...arrives...flouncing along, fat rippling..."

Gotta be Linda. She's the union mouthpiece, not the one who stole B-One Bob's seat.

Charlie (Colorado)

Okay, here's the podcast. Due to technical issues, the first couple of minutes are dead air, but it's in there if you're patient.

Rick Ballard


The original unmassaged and unadjusted observational data is certainly available but that really isn't what was used by the Climate Scientologists in 'developing' the Sacred Texts. The Harry Read Me file is rather clear that the massage and adjustments were applied on very close to an "as needed" basis by Tim in order to get a "satisfactory" answer. McIntyre is going to have great sport with this dog's breakfast.


Hey Chaco.

Is there an easy spot to link all 4-5? of your pieces? I'd like to post a link to them on anther site.


Rick Ballard



Thomas Collins

It's worth waiting for the dead air to hear Moran's interview of CHACO. CHACO combines clear speaking, scrupulous fairness and an appropriate amount of humor (pay attention and you will have a good laugh at CHACO's "nutcase" comment).

hit and run

I see these four Chaco pieces at PJM:

http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/hacker-releases-data-implicating-cru-in-global-warming-fraud/>Hacker Releases Data Implicating CRU in Global Warming Fraud

http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/global-warminggate-what-does-it-mean/>Global WarmingGate: What Does It Mean?

http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/climategate-violating-the-social-contract-of-science/>Climategate: Violating the Social Contract of Science

Climategate Computer Codes Are the Real Story

Charlie (Colorado)

Po. I just put a post up on Explorations with all of them, thanks for asking.

Charlie (Colorado)

CHACO combines clear speaking, scrupulous fairness and an appropriate amount of humor ...

... with an awful lot of "uhs" and "ums".

Thank you for the kind words.


just like a flock of bobbing up and down chickens pecking corn from the dirt

LOL. I love that description.


"Latest “climate threat”: Golf balls"

So, will Obama give up golf for the environment? Or will he just make everyone else give it up?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I've linked to all of them at Pal2Pal too.

Rick Ballard

Anyone wishing to read a very clear explanation of a real life example of strenuous data massage by Climate Scientologists can find one here. Scroll to Willis Eschenbach (18:59:05) comment. I love his "Or as Hal said in 2001, I DON’T THINK I CAN DO THAT, DAVE!"

Head for the hills, boys - she's gonna blow.


BobS, this seems like a super teachable moment for a science teacher.

Good to have you back.

Hu Jintao

The Times of Pakistan is reporting that the United States is entering secret negotiations with the Afghan Taliban. It doesn't seem like anyone is on this yet.

If you read Holbrooke's comments in Der Spiegel, he may be setting the stage. I blogged it. The timing fits. LUN

Melinda Romanoff


I would think this is an appropriate subject to introduce the nature of constants, specifically, Avogadro, Planck, or Prandtl. The latter being particularly interesting, IMO.

I, when I taught, tried to stick with the straight forward, Newtonian laws, but trying to explain Einstein to pre-High Schoolers was challenging. They slowly got that mathematics was the language of science. I got four math majors, in college, out of one class of middle school science. They all looked me up to tell me what they were doing in college. And I was just a student teacher. It made me feel that I had defended the science, and promoted the advancement.

Now I train people to trade safely.

Big difference.

Good luck.

Gregory Koster

Charlie, have some more butter for #5 + the podcast. Very good. As I've said---holy cow, that phrase has been ruined for life. Anyway, I never kept up with AGW beyond Good Al and His Jet and 12,000 Square Foot House Are Yelling For It So It Must Be Fraudulent. Your articles are terrific for a quick course.

Anduril, if it isn't too late, the difficulty with Bartlett is his assertion that the present shapeless monster known as OnceCare is deficit-neutral. It's good to know that Bartlett realizes injecting it into a vein at 100 pounds per square inch pressure is a lot easier than snorting it. Lets him keep his nose in the air when we peasants are around. The difference between him and Andrew Sullivan is not spacious. At the Georgetown cocktail parties, Bruce scarfs whores d'oeuvres, while Andrew growls over his raw meat, snorting the bits of pot leaves its garnished with...Such is the state of the Left intelligentsia these days. Bartlett has a fine case against Geo. W. about spending. But the testy assertions that The Once's gang isn't so bad shows him up for another spurned Geo. W. follower, now happily wallowing in the strange new respect from the Left. Bah.


Dave Burge, er, Iowahawk, is on the case.


Yes, it's funny.



Really? The Prandtl number is a regular dimensionless group used in heat transfer, but I am not aware of any Prandtl constant. Pray, do tell!


First of all, Bartlett's title screams disingenousness, Impostor, only to those who weren't paying attention, which I have to admit are a lot of people in the c.m. designation. One could say that no nation building was a hard and fast promise back in 2000, however in the same breath, he brought
up Lebanon, so the idea of retreat didn't appeal to him. I have been surprised by how much of a turn some have taken, Sullivan obviously sounds like Gore Vidal now. Michael Lind, it's not even funny anymore,
and Charles Johnson, I can't even begin to grasp what went wrong with him. I guess
O'Sullivan's law about explicitly conservative organizations and mindsets apply



Love the very liberal lefty Hope is Fading Fast T-shirt


All of a sudden I have hope again!


The HARRY_READ_ME file leads to the ineluctable conclusion that my sophomore programming course was right--they should have used Pascal. Structured programming, baby!

Seriously, I'm not surprised by how messed up the datasets are. The unwillingness of the CRU crew to let anyone look at the raw data and then their "dog ate my homework" claim to have lost the raw data should have tipped off anyone following on Climate Audit that the software and data control situation was dire. Academics piecing things together from multiple, separate, private research projects without a common data architecture is pretty much going to guarantee a big old mess.

I'll bet that the Bureau of Labor Statistics can give you a clean data audit on every series they publish going back for a long time, but they employ professionals full-time to do it right. The CRUsters couldn't be bothered to dedicate any money from their grants to make sure that their flagship project was stable and valid. Would have cut in to their trips to Tahiti, no doubt. Instead they left it to poor Harry to clean up on his own after the fact. Harry ain't Hercules, so those stables are still pretty fetid.


As far as, the lavish state dinner tonight, Michelle looked pretty good (no belts). It is the moments when she thinks no one is looking that tell the story, however:


Bored, Mean or Drag Queen...?

Dave (in MA)

From one of the README files:

Oh, sod it. It'll do. I don't think I can justify spending any longer on a dataset, the previous version of which was
completely wrong (misnamed) and nobody noticed for five years.

So.. one week to go before handover, and I'm just STARTING the Sun/Cloud parameter, the one I thought would cause the most
trouble! Oh, boy. Let's try and work out the scenario.

Well, I'm convinced. Let's wreck the economy on the basis of that.


And this has to be the picture of the day:



Harry's black humor as he waded through that project was amusing but also brought back nauseating memories of pulling all-nighters on unpalatable and intractable projects. I hope he got paid a lot to do it.

I wonder who was supposed to read that READ_ME--his bosses? Other users? Because that sure doesn't seem like the sort of marketing material CRU would have wanted to present. But we know all the other temperature records are just fine! Even though they use the same raw data sources as CRU.

Charlie (Colorado)

srp, the HARRY file reads exactly like the sort of thing I write to myself to keep results etc on a long hacking project. If "Tim" had kepts notes like that Harry wouldn't be having this conversation.


PUK, I miss you!

'Twas the night she got $#!+faced


Good Lord, I can't believe I'm gonna defend Katie Couric, but, it looks like a wedding or something, and, it looks like she was just letting here hair down.

O.K. I'm done now, that was quite enough.

JM Hanes


In one of your previous pieces, this struck me as a terribly important point that seems too easily lost in the brouhaha over a likely fraud on the public:

"“Science” is a social contract — an agreement that allows scientists to trust what they’re told by their fellows."

I hadn't really thought of it in that light, until you put it that way. When scientists cannot trust, or even test, the work of their colleagues, the damage done to the community of scientists itself -- both skeptics and non-skeptics alike -- is incalculable. As you suggest, that's why actively undermining the peer review (and replication) process is so incredibly shocking. It should share top billing with trafficking in corrupt data.

"Did you all see Ears congratulating the Indian PM for being chosen for the first state visit in His administration"

Because we know that Indians have such a hard time sussing out the symbolism...

Jim Treacher
Good Lord, I can't believe I'm gonna defend Katie Couric, but, it looks like a wedding or something, and, it looks like she was just letting here hair down.

It's not like she posed for a running magazine or something...

Dave (in MA)

I believe I read that it was a party to celebrate being named the CBS News anchorlady.
(Please don't let there be a similar set of photographs if/when Joy Behar is given Larry King's show.)

JM Hanes


If you were still here, I'd tell you about my paté of thrush livers at the brothers Troisgros... It may have been a virtual lifetime ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

JM Hanes


"How would one go about proving that the data utilized ever really existed? Set a room full of monkeys to typing code until it reappears?"

Now that's an image that deserves to be photoshopped into the headline of every story on Climategate.

Jack is Back!

Katie does her dirty dance at the party the threw for her when she was named CBS anchor. I think its from 2006.

Does anyone know if there is a Harry_Reid_Me.txt file out there? You know the one where he makes all these annotations as he struggles to understand all the inputs Baucus put into his 200 page concept in order to come up with his 2000 page detailed carbunckle of a piece of s**t legislation.

Can the CRU hacker just do one more job for us?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Speaking of dancing, Donny Osmond won Dancing with the Stars Season Nine tonight.

Jack is Back!

Sara, what color did they spray him this time? Ultra Bronze or Miami Gold?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

I don't know what that means, Jack.



Am still way behind, but your ">http://pajamasmedia.com/blog/climategate-computer-codes-are-the-real-story/comment-page-1/#comment-453190"> Harry Read Me PJM aricle is outstanding.

Am tiored, so ope folks here won't mind me pasting my comment from over there, because I tied in your column, Clarice's latest, and the BBC's continuing efforts at being the AGW's Lapdog. Apologies if it's stuff you guys have already talked about elsewhere.


Another outstanding post. Thanks for the hard work.

Allow me to add what I think may be another piece to the puzzle.

Over at the BBC Science and Environment webpage, Roger Harrabin, the BBC’s Environment Analyst (whatever the heck that is) has had to address the ">http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8371597.stm"> CRU hacked documents. Harrabin does not allow readers to comment, and in the story he provides ample opportunity for the CRU proponents of AGW to state their case, and to essentialy claim this is much ado about nothing. Specifically, allow me to quote this bit which Harrabin tells us comes from an inside source of his at the CRU:

“My CRU source points out that its unpublished full data set is almost identical to the ones at the National Climatic Data Center and the Goddard Institute of Space Studies.
Both of these are in the US, where there are no restrictions on publication. The CRU view is that when the sceptics see the full data in due course they will be very disappointed.”

The BBC’s Harrabin concludes by mentioning that about AGW, “One leading figure told me unofficially that confidence was now at 99%.”

I think that’s the data you and “Harry” are agonizingly trying to analyze in this post Charlie.

Then I read this excellent breaking story by Clarice Feldman in The American Thinker, ">http://comments.americanthinker.com/read/1/486369.html"> CRU E-Mails Spur Lawsuit.

Linking to Chris Horner writing for the American Spectator we get this from Clarice’s post:

“Today, on behalf of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, I filed three Notices of Intent to File Suit against NASA and its Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), for those bodies’ refusal – for nearly three years – to provide documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act.”


On that side of the pond CRU is saying the data of the Goddard Institute of Space Studies, (GISS) is apparently open and transparant for publication, while on this side of the pond that very same (GISS) is being sued for 3 years worth of hiding it’s data from FOI requests.

Now I do not know specifically what information is being demanded of NASA and the GISS in this Lawsuit, but wouldn’t it be interesting if it’s essentially the exact same data hacked from CRU.

If so, then the supposedly open to publication sources on our side of the pond are precisely what the CRU are using in Britain to attempt to quiet the firestorm and justify the legitimacy of their research over there. Would love it if it’s exactly the stuff that Clarice’s column here addresses as being the data that has been denied review by independent researchers in America.

If so, this would appear to me to be science scholarship done on the level of Ward Churchill.

Simply post bogus research, (hidden from outsiders) on both sides of the pond, then refer to the publication of that bogus research across the pond as validation for your own bogus research. Keep it all secret from independent researchers worldwide, and then have the BBC Environmental lapdog Reporters, who disallow comments BTW, pronounce that their ‘in the know, top level sources’ swear that “it’s 99% absolutely true,” so On to Copenhagen!

Keep up the outstanding work.


Here you go, Rick and JMH:

"How would one go about proving that the data utilized ever really existed? Set a room full of monkeys to typing code until it reappears?"

(The first pic is from scienceblogs.com)


UK Climate Scientists Prove Darwin Was Right


Great stuff BR.

How'd you get that second of me, the wife and the kids?


Crud, Just saw Charlie's 3rd and see he was way ahead of my rant. Oh well.


If it's Wednesday, it must be another Charlie Instalaunche.

I sit among celebrities - how cool is that!


Hm, now I'm wondering about Al Gore's movie, which I didn't see. Do the CRU profs appear in it? Are they credited?


Hey Daddy,

Are you in Paris?


So much happening so fast, hey! I haven't read his 3rd yet, either. But yours above on "another piece to the puzzle" (or "The Missing Link"?) is great! It's a double version of GIGO, garbage in, garbage out. Garbage validating garbage. Frauds backing frauds. 0 + 0 = 0. Basic scientific ethics formula.

Jack is Back!


There is a huge to-do over here in Europe and the UK about how all the stars (Delay included) are sprayed with Insta-Tan over their exposed parts as part of Dancing with The Stars. The real stars are the makeup people according to the tabloids.


I just realized Darwin was pulling a hoax for the 21st Century. The lefties who believe in his theory, prove it!
Like this one is across the pond, that one is across time.

Jack is Back!

Wasn't the climate (AGW) debate always centered on the reliability of data extraction and whether it was vulnerable to the kind of manipulation and "size to fit" applications. Applications and manipulation developed to provide results dictated by the amount of money the government was granting to research facilities and universities. Isn't this the gold standard of self-fulfilling prophecy?

When a windshield cracks - stop driving on bumpy roads, pull over and get it replaced.


Wow, Rick. Thanks for that link to Willis Eisenbach's post and his 18:59:05 response to Andrew's 17:44:58 comment on the code, indicating arbitrary temperature adjustments and a fitting "fudge" factor. Amazing.


Over at Hillbuzz, some thoughts getting rid of liberals by bringing down the media via the global warming scandal:

We tend to view everything that happens in terms of how it could impact the 2010 and 2012 races, in which we want to see as many Liberals driven from office as possible. So, today we’re thinking less about the Cap & Tax measures (which were going to fail before these emails were released) and more about what needs to be done to convince regular, non-political Americans that they were victims of an enormous scam the MSM helped facilitate.

Here’s our logic:

(1) Americans never admit they are wrong about anything. They need to have someone they can say “tricked them”, so that they have no culpability in being “wrong” and can revel in being “tricked” victims who then get angry at their tricksters.

(2) All those fools who bought all the “Hope and Change” garbage in 2008 have buyers’ remorse now, but don’t have a “trickster” they can blame their idiocy on.

(3) The MSM was a giant cheerleader for Dr. Utopia and key to his election.

(4) If regular people can agree the MSM lied about AGW, and “tricked them” about that, then it’s a short walk to get average Americans to admit the MSM “tricked them” about Dr. Utopia too

(5) If people admit the MSM tricked them about Dr. Utopia, they can be angry about being tricked, and then they’ll have an “I’ll show them!” moment where they vote all the Liberals they can out of Congress in 2010, “Liberal” itself becomes the dirty word it always should have been, and the MSM loses all its power as people permanently turn to talk radio, the Internet, and message boards for all their news.

Read the whole thing:


I highly recommend Rick's link that I just re-posted.


Wow, great, Jane! Yes! In line with your Oprah idea.


Extraneus and Rick: IS THIS FOR REAL?!!

The first comment at the WUWT link:

"Steve (16:07:03) :

I found this particularly interesting


especially this part

8.0 Articles

A) How women matter in decreasing world population
B) The energy we need
C) Mining the impacts
D) Symbiotical relationship of religion and global life-support systems
E) Celebration of Life Day
F) The hidden agenda: China
G) Earth Government now a priority
H) The splitting of America into separate independent states living at peace for the
good of all
I) The war industry: the modern evil at work in the Middle East
J) Earth security
K) Earth governance
L) The Earth Court of Justice holds the people of the U.S.A. and Britain as criminals
M) Foundation for the new world order, Earth Government"


Excuse my French, but W-T-F!?


Charlie referenced that one as a "shill" in the comments.

Although there is such a place as earthgovernment.net, with over 300 hits!

Rick Ballard


When one considers the fact that HARRY_READ_ME.txt is the equivalent of shorthand lab notes concerning a three year failed attempt to get the mighty CRU code to stop generating gibberish one might shiver a bit in anticipation of McIntyre's actual analysis of the undocumented ad hoc revisions of the code necessitated each time the data needed a quick massage in order to approximate the predetermined desired outcome.

The linked illustration of data massage regards a Briffa data series and Briffa is second only to Mann in the Inner Circle of Jerks at the core of Climate Scientology. One might wonder if every paper produced by the Inner Circle required an ad hoc adjustment of data prior to receiving the CRU imprimatur. Probably not - the same outcome can be achieved through selection of only the ripest cherries for public display. Calling the greenish yellow ones outliers seems to work just fine.


I've gone to the search base at AnElegantChaos.org, and input the txt number: 1048799107 and found the full page, a press release from Earth Government 27 March 03.

I can't tell yet if this was an attachment to an e-mail from Phil Jones or what.


--Reconciliation, or whatever it's called?--

I think the Democrats will be going through the process of reconciliation for years to come.


On at least one website, AGW advocates, or whatever you want to call them, are pointing out that the CRU datasets and the satelite measurements are in rough agreement since the 1970's when the satelite measurements started. Unmentioned, however, is a little dustup where the satelites started to diverge from the ground based records, and groundbased records were used to "readjust" the satelites. It hasn't been that long ago, and I can't remember the specific details.


BR - the Oprah idea came from Hillbuzz too.

Rick Ballard


No header on that red herring. OTOH - this one outlines and then details the massage process rather well. It also contains comments and suggestions from a number of the Jerks of the Inner Circle. I particularly like this:

My suggestion would be to stick with one of these options:
(i) a single example reconstruction;
(ii) a plot of a cloud of reconstructions;
(iii) a plot of the "envelope" containing the cloud of reconstructions
(perhaps also the envelope would encompass their uncertainty estimates), but without showing the individual reconstruction best guesses.

How many votes for each?

That's how science by "consensus" is achieved.


Here it is again, in FOIA\documents\osborn-tree6\briffa_sep98_d.pro:

; Apply a VERY ARTIFICAL correction for decline!!
2.6,2.6,2.6]*0.75 ; fudge factor

if n_elements(yrloc) ne n_elements(valadj) then message,'Oooops!'


There's probably a gold-mine in the code itself. Here's something from a file called FOIA\documents\harris-tree\recon_mann.pro:

; Computes regressions on full, high and low pass MEAN timeseries of MXD
; anomalies against full NH temperatures.
; THIS IS FOR THE Mann et al. reconstruction
doland=1 ; 0=use Mann NH 1=use Mann land north of 20N
; Specify period over which to compute the regressions (stop in 1940 to avoid
; the decline

I'm pretty sure he means 1960, based on the next lines:




Rasmussen at -15 again today, 46-54 overall.


Here's a description of the procedure called FOIA\documents\osborn-tree6\mann\mxd_eof_rotate.pro:

; Computes EOFs of infilled calibrated MXD gridded dataset.
; Can use corrected or uncorrected MXD data (i.e., corrected for the decline).
; Do not usually rotate, since this loses the common volcanic and global
; warming signal
, and results in regional-mean series instead.
; Generally use the correlation matrix EOFs.



Jim Ryan

Let's see, have the guys who captured KSM been told they can expect to face a firing squad yet?


Morning, gang! I second BR's question. What link is there from these Rasputins to Al Gore. And to think we'd have to think all those great concerts were based on a fraud. I used to think we had to hand it to the lefties in that they could put on a better concert than us. Too bad for them they were all based on a "false choice."


Ain't that the truth Jim.

It is disgusting.

Jim Ryan

Rasmussen at -15 again today, 46-54 overall.

IT GUY: Sir, I'm Smithers from White House IT. It's an honor! You wanted to talk to me? Did I say it's an honor? (Yes, I already said that. Sorry.)

OBAMA: Look, whatever your name is from IT. We have some data that needs better formatting. Do you know how to...hide the decline?

Jim Ryan

Hmm. What does the chart in Neo's link say about Eisenhower? Anything?

Jim Ryan

When do you get a "thank you" in reply to your thanking someone for his service?

When you thank one of our soldiers for his service. Check it and see.

Rob Crawford

Let's see, have the guys who captured KSM been told they can expect to face a firing squad yet?

Nah. They were Pakistanis, AFAICR.


I like this quote from an article at The new atlantic LUN via Instapundit

"In predictably technocratic fashion, the left has claimed its own peculiar position as the only scientifically legitimate one—everything else reduces to craven interest, manifest dishonesty, or antiquarian faith."

This whole climate fraud story has played out before, with any questioning of evolution theory. Even an atheist shouldn't cheer legitimate questions, because - being emboldened with evolution - "they" use the same fraud tactics in other sciences.

Non-smokers shouldn't cheer banning tobacco because "they" are coming after your product next.
and Pro-abortion/overpopulation believers should be careful because someday they will have to justify being Pro-life when their parents, or they are old.

Old Lurker

Jim, I'd say Ike was more aware than anyone that his success in WWII was largely based on the industrial capability of the US. So he probably appreciated the efforts of the captains of industry in running their enterprises and thought that knowledge transferable to government. On the flip side, he had spent his whole life dealing with large govt systems and people, and knew the limitations of those sorts of executives. Finally, by the time he was elected, a number of superb military leaders from the war had returned to business and were rising rapidly enough to be useful to him.

hit and run

http://www.commentarymagazine.com/blogs/index.php/rubin/179502>Via Jen Rubin, here's http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/25/world/asia/25rollout.html?_r=1&hp>the NYT on Obama's rollout strategy for his Afghanistan plans:

Over the next week, he will deliver multiple messages to multiple audiences: voters at home, allies, the leaders of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the extremists who are the enemy. And as Mr. Obama’s own aides concede, the messages directed at some may undercut the messages sent to others.

Ah, as Jim Geraghty says, "All Statements by Barack Obama Come with an Expiration Date. All of Them"

But Now! With Even More Amazing Alarming Speed!

He has always done this. And it has always worked for him his whole life,most notably,of course,during the election.

Only now,there is a nation,a war,and actual peoples' lives that are undercut,not just stupid messages.


BTW, Ibama has decided to go to Copenhagen. I can only imagine the executive order after the event.

OT: I just learned that Ibama insists on taking the scenic route to and from the WH in his helicopter and the Air traffic controllers are beside themselves because he is constantly screwing things up. He is aware of the problem and refuses to alter his course. Why am I not surprised?


Fox News is now reporting that the head fraudster will be attending the Copenhagen Fraud conference on Dec 9. IMO, it makes it even more logical for the Republican Senators to announce a resolution defunding all fraud generated oganizations before this conference begins.


Looks like Typepad fell in love with my pics and kept them for breakfast. Does anyone see Phil around?


Going to Copenhagen, for the second time, reminds me kind of Casino Royale, which they changed from baccarat to poker, except he's gambling the entire global economy on it.

You know the Chauncey Gardner comparison may be too kind, because Chauncey wasn't a jerk,
You know who my standard is, but practically
anyone on the GOP field, would be better at
not screwing up so badly.


Prof. Phil Jones, Director of CRU

Photos & names of all his staff here.


Sweetness-light blog has a post reporting an article from the New York Post.

"NYC Finally Goes After Street Scammers"


No US Global Warmimg Fraudster is among those arrested, as far as I can see.

Jim Ryan

Thanks, OL.


I'll wager good money that his invite will be withdrawn before then, Pagar. With respect to Ike, its clear he was indeed the intellectual the left and stuffy right find so requisite. But he had intangibles which seperate him from most other presidents. Ambrose's biography revealed a man with a uncanny sense of communication skills and a genuine warmth that never betrayed his own rank. His feel for organization, administration and problem solving will remain unparalleled unless, say, a David Petraus seeks the WH. In sports we call the entire package the ability to lead.


Germain DuFour
Earth Executive Council
Global Community Earth Government

Author of '03 Press Release referenced in earlier post - the one that advocates the overthrow of the US Govt. The txt doc found in the CRU "FOIA" zip file.

Here's his site, global govt agenda and staff listings: globalcommunitywebnet.com

If someone feels like it, they could cross-check the names and see where CRU's paths have crossed this group, besides in the CRU docs. Probably some conference or protest.

Jim Miller

And now for something trivial, but possibly fun, especially for the ladies.

Are the Robert Clergerie boots that Michelle Obama just ordered appropriate for her? (Links here, if you need a start.)

(I was interested in the terrible politics of her choice, especially in a recession.)


Hey BR, nice link. Here's what one of their post-doc "scientists" is working on:

Ms. Sally Lampkin
s.lampkin@xxx.xxx.xx Human drivers for individuals who are highly motivated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (Simon Gerrard)

Oh, and is that you, "Harry"?

Mr. Ian (Harry) Harris
i.harris@xxx.xx.xx Dendroclimatology, climate scenario development, data manipulation and visualisation, programming

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