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November 22, 2009



Nothing in the Washington Post today! NOTHING! They have written only 2 lame articles (1 Sat. and 1 Sun.). These are the 2 links on Drudge to this whole giant fraud.

The global warming nonsense is everywhere these days...from advertising, movies, our children's cartoons, school lessons/field trips, books,...and when the fraud is exposed all the news business can do is ignore it.


"The global warming nonsense is everywhere these days."

"It's raining bloody bears"-"Junk Science Ad"


Some scientists chase the money. I've sure seen that. The overwhelming majority do not.

This little dustup between DrJ and Boris and others is reminding me of the "war against Islam" fight here a week or two ago.

As with Islam and terrorism (remember, it's only an analogy), DrJ is of course right that most scientists are honest and aren't involved in AGW research in any case. That doesn't mean that this isn't an embarrassment for science. While it does seem that more prominent scientists have been outspoken skeptics of AGW than prominent Muslims have been of terrorism, I don't think it's been enough.

There has not been sufficient pushback to overwhelm the political forces driving us toward the catastrophe of cap & trade and other extreme measures. So while I stand with DrJ on defending the integrity of most scientists, these days it's not enough to say "I'm honest" and go about your business. The science world should be up in arms about this and more forcefully condemning not only what happened, but the policies that are being pushed on the basis of this defective research.


LUN is the latest scare ad from the global warming propagandists. It ends with a web address...planestupid...plain stupid is right.


Ha,ha Pagar!...my post was in purgatory for awhile, but we've got the same idea!


"Oh my gosh, so many incredibly good posts and links to read!"

I think you should have given credit to Fresh Air for his post at 4:33. I believe he summed up the entire plan of the leftists. It was a great post. I urge everyone to go back and read it and think about it.

"Folks, we are being duped by an axis of NGOs, university "scientists" and government bodies"

" The lies are being covered up with massively coordinated advertising and publicity campaigns designed to create inexorable momentum in the direction of the Lying Statists."

I believe one can look at every single thing the leftist have promoted from at least the early 30s and realize every single program they promote is riddled with fraud.


LUN is Clarice's latest at Am. Thinker on the fraud.

By all means, let's create another NGO.


I'm really starting to worry about Kim. I have been searching WUWT and CA and haven't seen any comments from him/her. Does anyone here know the real Kim?


Haven't we disposed of this piece of massive dishonesty or stupidity earlier tonight?

Seems to me you're acting a bit like a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs. (Dunno where I just read that but I liked it).

The first line of my post you find so dishonest was "This is less about the science than the political corruption."

There have been ample examples provided of politically based anti skeptic agitprop. That's all I was talking about. Before the sentence you object to I referenced "laboratories that have been engaged in this scam". In the section after I referenced "Clearly they have been hiding stuff."

I don't claim to be great shakes at clarity of exposition but it sure seems like a stretch to take the sentence in between as some kind of attack on all scientists. It wasn't.


I'm concerned also Sue!

The only thing I can think of is for someone to contact Main Web Report to see if the fellow running that site might be able to track her down......


From another Am. Thinker article today -

LUN is a site called hopenhagen...One of the founding sponsors is Coca-Cola. Why do all these companies get involved in political propaganda? Who talks them into getting on board this nonsense? Marketing departments for companies must be full of leftists too...the rot is deep.
I just called Coke (1-800-438-2653) to voice my disappointment.


LUN is the Am. Thinker article on Coke.


This was Kim's big story--she posted about climate warming being a scam multiple times a day and how that this story breaks she's nowhere to be found. I am concerned.


I know kim has disappeared for a week or more before because she's been traveling...but I'm concerned, too.


I think Kim is a he.

Jim Ryan

Kim has sometimes been scarce here while over at WUWT. But I see no "kim" at WUWT. Probably on vacation. Toikey, family.


Clarice, that is another great article at AT.
IMO, American Thinker should be required reading for all thinking Americans. What a treasure chest of logical thoughts.

Besides Clarice's article, today we learn from their site that

a. From an article by Lloyd Marcus (a UNHYPHENATED American) that:
"And why in almost 25 years of broadcasting have we not seen one conservative, "I am not a victim of white America" black guest on the Oprah show?"

b. From an article-that an American broadcaster was suspended by FOX because of a complaint from ONE listener that he did not pay proper respect to a Iranian player for an American team. IMO, this is the insanity that lead to l4 Americans dying at Ft Hood. P.S. If we are prolife than the count has to be 14.

c. From other articles we learn of our "Academic Cheerleaders for Terrorists"

d From another article we learn that
"Mary Landrieu takes Louisianans for a Ride"
IMO, if the Congress were a private enterprise, each of the Senators that offered the bribe would be in jail today along with each ot the Senators that accepted the bribe, and the same thing would have be true in the house.

e. From another article we learn of "A Death in the Family" IMO, a death caused by Democrats control of a city. IMO, Detroit is a hell hole for one simple reason, it is controlled by Democrats.

I urge everyone to read every article at American Thinker every day.

Last week or so, some one asked what we could do to spread the information we find in these great blogs. My thought would be that every one who reads American Thinker or Big Government.com should add the urls to ever piece of correspondence (whether written of paper or Email) some of those who receive the correspondence will find these sites. Once they see them, they may find information that is not seen in the leftist propaganda providers publications.


Kim posts at WUWT just like here...using the ======== to end the post. Kim isn't at WUWT or CA. Hopefully, Kim is enjoying life.


pagar, how generous! Thanks.


That doesn't mean that this isn't an embarrassment for science.

Maybe, but science in a political area has always been sloppy and attracted charlatans. I can share stories about the photoelectrochemistry community if you like.

I think the best that "science" can do is demand open data. One of the bases of publication always has been that there is enough information to replicate the experiment. The AGW field largely is modeling of global temperature (and other) data. Those data simply have to be made available to all.

In a sense, this whole area reminds me about the kerfuffle about power lines (causing some rare cancers) about 15 years ago. I became interested because I wanted to buy a house near some electrical transmission lines. There was a lot of heated rhetoric, but when I looked at the data, people were trying to pick out trends from noisy data. The signal was not much more than the noise, so the effect was minor in my opinion.

I bought the house.


Sue, you may be right. I never could tell.

Rick Ballard


The electric transmisson kerfluffle wasn't much different than the radon kerfluffle. It was a blip. AGW isn't a blip. The general public perceives science on the basis of the exposure granted in the press. Daddy mentioned Black in the UK and we have Rivkin here - they're the fellows banging the big AGW hammers on the anvils day after day after day and the have complete faith in Climate Scientology. When the leading Climate Scientologists have the curtain drawn back and are revealed as charlatans then "science" gets a black eye and I believe that it's justified. It really doesn't matter that Climate Scientology is a sect representing (on a PPM basis) less than 300. The pernicious effect of the <300 has a negative impact on the entire remaining 999,700 far beyond the actual size of the sect due to size of the megaphone used by the sect in their preaching.

The Wegman Report was crystal clear in its conclusions regarding the validity of peer review within Climate Scientology. As additional revelations come to light concerning the hash which constitutes the metadata sets at CRU, Wegman is going to wind up looking far too charitable.


I agree DrJ...even back to the whole "earth is flat" times. When the church WAS the government, and held massive political power, the scientists at the time were aligned with the church and declared the earth flat. The Bible doesn't say it.
Isaiah 40:22 "It is He who sits above the circle of the earth,..."
So -
"science in a political area has always been sloppy and attracted charlatans." is very true.


AGW isn't a blip.

We'll see how it shakes out, but of course you are right that most people think it is true (settled science and all that). Still, I think data access is the key. Then those who are in the field, and understand it, can slug it out. I certainly haven't followed the discussion in any detail.


In other news of corruption today, Bloomberg reports NY AG Cuomo took campaign contributions from lawyers who represent clients with matters poending before him.
And in Pa a fedl Dist Ct has ruled that the 2 local judges who sentenced 6000 kids unfairly to juvenile centers because they took bribes from the private contractors running those institutions are immune from suit .
Some days you relly really want to take up arms and storm some govt bldgs, don't you?

Deliver us from temptation


Instead of "Where's the Beef?"...we need a "Where's the Story?" ad campaign for this global warming fraud!...and the Obama didn't write his book fraud...and the...

never ends does it? Newspapers don't spin much anymore. They mainly just ignore certain stories.


Ann's link to an article on the EPA reminds me that I heard they were offering $100,000 prizes for coming up with new regulations. I can't find the source at the moment. These are all job killers.



How long before some from the "who me?" science group claim "well the AGW stuff seemed kinda fishy but I didn't want to say anything and get lumped in with those horrid deniers".


Climate Scientology

Great expression, Rick! I'll do what I can to make that one stick. And "L Ron Gore," too.

(I think kim is a she.)


I liked those too, Ext.


So far the story line of this fraud follows the same path as the evolution/creation battle. Pretending to be champions of some martyred truth in a battle against the evil majority, they themselves become the evil majority that won't let anyone else speak.
They (the AGW people) are the religious nuts.
Some scientific facts are linked together with made-up "stories" that fit a political agenda. As the fraud continues, they inevitably have to start making up the "scientific facts" too.
The minute they call you names, you can bet you are right.

Rick Ballard


Dunno about the "how long" aspect. It depends, in great part, upon the exposure of the Swedish data massage done by Jones and Hanson regarding temperatures between 1900 and 1940. The Harry Read Me file looks somewhat promising but it's still early days.

The Alinskyite tactics applied by the Climate Scientologists to dissenters are pretty damned effective. It's going to take a few more Richard Lindzens to open the crack in the dam.

Dave (in MA)

Nothing in the Globe. 3 articles have mentioned "warming": "Report links palm oil production to global warming", "Effects of warming have worsened since Kyoto" and an op-ed piece warning that we need to be careful because some forms of "bioenergy" need to be regarded as being bad for global warming.

If they don't print it, it's not news.


D-MA, the WSJ has it on page 3 today.


Then there is this alarmist release today. Of course it is from our "friends" at East Anglia.

Dave (in MA)

Lovely graphic that accompanies it.


Richard Black BBC update.

No new column from the BBC's Richard Black, so he is still silent on the CRU document dump, and focused instead on pushing the 6 degree Centigrade Earth Warming meme for the upcoming Copenhagen conference.

However he has posted a new 2nd addendum at the bottom of that last column:

"Update 2 - 0930 GMT Monday 23 November: We have now re-opened comments on this post. However, legal considerations mean that we will not publish comments quoting from e-mails purporting to be those stolen from the University of East Anglia, nor comments linking to other sites quoting from that material."

So there you have it. Now you can comment, just not on anything having to do with the CRU stuff. So at the BBC, arguably the worlds biggest or most prestigious news organization, Big Brother is alive and well.

Only thing Richard Black got wrong was the Temperature---It's not 6 degree's Centigrade, it's Fahrenheit 451.


MSNBC, of all places, has picked it up.


Except for the conspiracy aspects of the contents of FOIA2009.zip, exactly why was all this stuff secret in the first place ?

Likewise, if the part of the theory that says this was put together as part of the review to Steve McIntyre’s FOIA request, exactly what contained with FOIA2009.zip, aside from the embarrassing conspiracy perpetrated by CRU employees, were the CRU officials trying to protect by denying the request.

Finally, the legal department of CRU found nothing strange reading this material that obviously reveals many unethical, if not illegal, acts by CRU employees ?

Frankly, the best course for the CRU and the University of East Anglia is to announce that a ongoing probe had been started on Nov. 12, 2009 into the actions of various employees of the CRU, from material that came to light because of a FOIA request.


Pagar, you're right, 4:33 was Fresh Air!

So, I'll reprint it here :)

[What other science is also jiggered?]

"Secondhand" smoke, for one. Pretty much anything the Surgeon General is on about, is probably skewed to a significant degree.

Folks, we are being duped by an axis of NGOs, university "scientists" and government bodies. From the bans on DDT to smoking and now, exhaling carbon dioxide, we are being lied to systematically. The lies are being covered up with massively coordinated advertising and publicity campaigns designed to create inexorable momentum in the direction of the Lying Statists. We can no longer accept this behavior. The ends do not justify the means. And the zealots are not well-intentioned.

Posted by: Fresh Air | November 22, 2009 at 04:33 PM


Dr J, how is your love's daughter today?


Abra ca dabra, Kim appear!!


Another conclusion could be that scientists like Mike Mann, Phil Jones and others should no longer participate in the peer-review process or in assessment activities like IPCC. -- Dr. Hans von Storch



She's fine, and feels a lot better than she did yesterday. She had an appendectomy, though it isn't clear yet if that was the real problem. So she's still in the hospital while they find out.


Those conversations led Gore to politically inconvenient conclusions in this new book. In his conversations with Schmidt and other colleagues at the beginning of the year, Gore explored new studies – published only last week – that show methane and black carbon or soot had a far greater impact on global warming than previously thought. Carbon dioxide – while the focus of the politics of climate change – produces around 40% of the actual warming.
Gore acknowledged to Newsweek that the findings could complicate efforts to build a political consensus around the need to limit carbon emissions.

“Over the years I have been among those who focused most of all on CO2, and I think that’s still justified,” he told the magazine. “But a comprehensive plan to solve the climate crisis has to widen the focus to encompass strategies for all” of the greenhouse culprits identified in the Nasa study.

Next we will find out that Al Gore has cornered the market on methane absorbers.

Dave (in MA)

At 10:01 AM Kim was a "he", so apparently there's been more than an appendectomy.


If I thought that Gore had ever had a real science course I might think he actually had a clue, but he's so dumb he even flunked out of theology school, a feat in itself something to marvel at.

hit and run

Ugh,I missed that DrJ. Prayers for her and you and everyone else there.


I don't want to appear to be too gloomy, but pray tell--What could one do to flunk out of theology school?

On second thought, maybe he was just there to pick up pointers because AGW is surely his religion.


Thanks Hit. I don't think this one is severe, but not knowing what the problem is doesn't help.


DrJ, I missed it too. I hope it is resolved well and soon.


Dave in MA, hilarous! And the jpg, too.
You confusianmaker, with Kim's ==== :)

Dr J, so happy to hear she's all right!

Hmm, I saw Holder in his office an hour ago bending over with a humongous stomach ache, like someone punched him in the groin. And then the hex moved on, and now Obama is suffering from the same pain. He might assume the same position he did in Saudi Arabia for a long time.


Concerning Theology Class:

I remember from some Woody Allen movie that whatever character he was playing flunked Theology during some test, because he cheated by looking into the soul of the guy seated next to him.

And in my interesting new book of unpublished Mark Twain essays, one of them "Conversations With Satan", concerns Twain bumping into the Devil in some German Hotel.

The Devil is "a slender and shapely gentleman...dressed like an Anglican Bishop."

Recognizing Satan, Twain starts making small talk, by chit-chatting about the excellence of the German stove heating the apartment they are both sitting in.

"You use it in America, or course?" asks Satan.

I was pleasantly surprised at that, and said---

"Is it possible that Ihre Majestat is not familiar with America?"

"Well---no. I have not been there lately. I am not needed there."


Pagar, last night I was watching Marilyn Monroe's weather report song and dance, Fever, in "There's No Business Like Show Business," about the Donahue family's vaudeville days. Earlier in the movie, the eldest son becomes a priest and sings a song about it. I was rolling on the floor with laughter hearing it as a theme song for Al Gore and the Global Warmers.

Dave (in MA)

BR, Sorry! It was the proximity of your 4:23+4:24 messages that threw me off.


Thanks BR, I can see it now, weird Al Yankavic and his band playing the Al Gore Global Warmers Theme Song Polka.
BR, you've made the Night a little brighter.


Marilyn Monroe's weather report song and dance:
"Tropical Heatwave."

And here it is on Youtube! (Notice the way she pronounces "the-a Northeast," just before she sings "deep south." Wonder if that was a wink at JFK :)

It would be fun if someone made a Youtube skit of Al Gore and the Global Warmers singing in the style of a Southern Gospel song... and a CRU chorus singing a lot of "Amens" with British accents.

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