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November 12, 2009



Well, they would have won. But they had 6 strategies and dithered around trying to decide which one was the best and the war ended.


He didn't have a plan to win the peace, that was the big issue in Iraq,


This is a Marx Brothers presidency. "Hello, I must be going" instead of "Hail to the Chief".



now you are mocking BHO by taking sides with that non-news organization FOX. A non-news organization that BHO -- peace be upon him!-- has deemed worthy of an interview -- blessed be BHO for his magnanimity is greater than the whole of the world -- even though FOX is not a worthy legitimate news organization. I know your narrowminded sensibilities canot grasp that, but in HOPENCHANGELAND it makes perfect sense.You were warned in an earlier thread, ask not for whom the Alinsky re-education bell tolls, it tolls for thee. You are now truly tempting fate my friend. Furthering your Godfather metaphor, BHO is not a man who can afford to be made to look ridiculous, and you are making him look ridiculous. Cease and desist, or you will learn what being punched back twice the Chicago as hard means. Come on Tom, an't we all get along here in HOPENCHANGELAND and just do what the ONE tells us. It's for our own good after all.


The interview isn't happening NK. Apparently the war goes on.




Well that's because the ONE really decided that the non-news organization did not merit an interview -- see how that works the ONE IS RIGHT EVEN WHEN HE'S NOT! -- but that does not excuse Tom's audacity or get him out of harm's way of a proper Chicago-style re-education.


Really, Jane? I just read again it was.


Clarice, Jane and All'ye Heretical Comment-Makers:

That's it you are now all complicit in the heretical act of trying to make BHO look indecisive. This has gone far enough; either you all are troublemakers or you cannot grasp the genius of the One. Either way, unacceptable, and surely unforgivable. You all have been warned. We are watching and alert to all slights, even those that never happened. Don't ask, you wouldn't understand.

anita I am done

"Really, Jane? I just read again it was."

We are currently deciding which way the wind is blowing on this and expect it to change directions several times before a final decision is made.


W.H. denies Drudge report

In another sign of detente between Fox and the White House, Major Garrett has landed an interview with President Obama, according to the Drudge Report. It will take place next week in China.

Drudge wrote: "Obama Grants FOXNEWS Interview, DRUDGE has learned; Major Garrett will conduct interview in China next week ..."

That would be quite a reversal from the war of words between the Obama administration and Fox just a few weeks ago.

UPDATE: A White House official tells POLITICO that the report is "not accurate." "We've not committed to doing any presidential interviews during the trip to Asia with any outlets at this point," the official said.

LUN - assuming this is the one you were referring to Clarice.


"A White House official tells POLITICO that the report [on Drudge] is "not accurate." "We've not committed to doing any presidential interviews during the trip to Asia with any outlets at this point," the official said."

Of course, that was yesterday afternoon.


Speakig of non news organizations, check out what CNN has been up to:

CNN gains exclusive access to jihadist organization challenging al Qaeda.



You know who's at the center of that, was Paul Cruikshank who co wrote that Mother Jones
piece, about Iraq being that definitive quagmire.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

This article by Caroline Glick mirrors how I feel:

Missing George W. Bush 

Gregory Koster

Sara, thanks for the link. It's even worse than Glick lets on: however bad we feel here in the US, imagine how the Israelis must feel. They have to defend not only themselves, but American interests in the Middle East. It's all on Netanyahu's back.

Truly, we all have a better idea of how Theodore Roosevelt felt watching Woodrow Wilson run World War I.


Good morning

Two Puppets

Obama Approved

O Bloody Hell

Not to worry, Ms. Dunn is no doubt going to land on her feet with a cushy job promoting ACORN.

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