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November 22, 2009


Melinda Romanoff

I bet those technologies can be found in the "Saved Or Created" filing cabinet.


actually, the tritium shortage was well known in the technology community a while back. Unintended consequences and all that.....

E. Nigma

Well, they shut down the K-reactor at Savannah River back in the Clinton Administration. The Bush 41 administration had allocated funds to have it re-furbished and return to operational status.

I distinctly remember Al Gore chirping about how we would source our tritium from the Russians. That's a hot one.

So here we are. A larger but not mentioned problem is the deterioration of the Tritium used to make H-bombs go BOOM!Tritium has an 11 year half life, and in a few more years, a lot of H-bombs in our inventory will no longer be effective.


Only a matter of time before a nuke is fired in anger somewhere in the world. When that happens, a lot of the assumptions under which we are currently operating will go out the window. Of course, that was said after 9/11, and it took us only seven years to be anesthetized back to our previous delusional state.


...said the helium 3 problem was short-term because other technologies would be developed

Yeah, and it was OK to pass a hoax stimulus bill because the economy would eventually recover on its' own.


Get Dr. Octavius to find it, yeah they are putting science in their rightful place.


Tritium shortage, flu vaccine shortage, all in a government's day's work.

At least the chocolate ration isn't affected, or at least not much.


Another good reason to get back to the moon and establish a mining operation. The surface of the moon is abundant (relatively; .01 PPM) with He-3.

He-3 will likely be the most important fuel in future energy generation by nuclear fusion.

Ari Tai

HE3 is a required for ultra-cold research - it's used in dilution refrigerators. There's no substitute. Given we can't keep out drugs or people, this is notion that defense (at the borders) can work is utter foolishness (punitive offense is the only option, sadly.. stop them early, make it so costly for them in lives and treasure that they and their friends don't bother).

What's the opportunity cost of stopping research enabled by HE3? In lives? Quality of life?

A death panel decision by any other name.


nice to find people who actually have a clue, isn't it?

Recruit the best....pass it on...the emperor has no clothes....





Would somebody who's registered at the NY POST go straighten this guy out?


Ditching Alaska proved that she was what her enemies (Democrats, the press, the McCain staff) said she was: a flake. Getting outwitted by that intellectual grandmaster Katie Couric was embarrassing, but it wasn’t unforgivable. Taking an incomplete on your first major office in politics is unforgivable. It’s like walking away from the Vietnam War because you got a boo-boo on your forearm and got yourself a Purple Heart for it.

Palin couldn’t handle the Democratic Party machine attacks, the hostile press and the gotcha industry of Alaska? Assuming she intends to run for president in three years (and I do — otherwise why is there a SarahPAC ad on the conservative sites?), it’s as if she quit the Wiffle Ball circuit and started dropping hints she was ready to play for the Yankees.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/opinion/opedcolumnists/sarah_palin_weapon_of_mass_distraction_71AFcAGWOgasJ8WO4Wy0mO#ixzz0XgtUJqOD

I'd like to see this numbnuts look upon his professional, and public ruination, as well as the devolvement of politics in his state so nonchalantly. Would they have been more happy if Palin had stuck it out and got beat in 2010?


Perhaps we can simply purchase some Iranian- or NoKo-sourced materials to fill our reserves.

Rob Crawford

It’s like walking away from the Vietnam War because you got a boo-boo on your forearm and got yourself a Purple Heart for it.

See Kerry, John.

But supposedly he was fit for the presidency...


Has Obama been huffing all the helium 3 to talk in a funny voice at Press Club dinners?


This Department of Energy report from 2008 (http://www.er.doe.gov/np/program/docs/Workshop%20Report_final.pdf0) says: "In particular the demand for helium-3, which is a by-product of tritium, exceeds the current supply and production capability. 3He is used in neutron detectors, which are of great importance for national security."

This problem has been obvious for a long time.


Sorry extra "0" on the end of the pdf.


DrF is in the process of buying a neutron detector right now, and says he might have to settle for a plastic scintillator. It's not as good, but it will work...


I might still have an extra spindizzy if he's interested.

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