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December 17, 2009



Call it a "pontius pilate' moment from the last member of the team that deposed Diem,
Richard Holbrooke


Holbrooke always lies. About everything.


--Holbrooke always lies. About everything.--

Yes, clarice. But he always looks so earnest and thoughtful while doing so and isn't that all one really needs for a long and succesful career in Washington?


That and no conscience whatsoever--in other words a perfect sociopath.


Well I've never met him, I just know his work,
like the De La Famina line "from the people who brought you Vietnam"

Danube of Thought

I'm waiting for the first Afghan monk to set himself on fire.

Frau Donnerstag

My nephew and a friend, both with State, talked about Holbrooke with such reverence, it was hard to believe I was listening to two *mature* men. The friend talked about waiting out in the boonies for Holbrooke to arrive and the excitement when he entered the room and sat down *among them as colleagues* to discuss the mission. What goes on in the D.C. training for these bureaucrats?

I doubt they know Holbrooke's full background. His involvement with the dishonorable Larry Lawrence debacle alone makes the man unsavory. "They all do it." I don't think so.


He's a first rate scoundrel. And I don't see how these men missed that. Maybe there's a suck your brains out machine everywhere at DoS , not just in the Secretary's office.

Captain Hate

Holbrooke always lies. About everything.

I'll never forget how he pompously proclaimed to Chris Wallace (a douche but, well, kind of our douche) in 2004 that there was nothing inconsistent with Teraaaayyyyzzzaaa's cabana boy's positions on Iraq and that anybody that claimed otherwise was too dumb to engage. My eyes almost got stuck from rolling too far back in their sockets.

Buford Gooch

Well, we do have to remember that Vice President Bozo is brain cell challenged enough to have had no idea what was going on.

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