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December 07, 2009


Thomas Collins

TM, I think the link you intended is in the LUN.


Could you not use that term, TM.


But the tea baggers are not on top in a three way--per Ras.They're second.


WEll they are technically within the margin of error, if the numbers are correct


Technically it's right outside the moe, in this hypothetical matchup


Pretty amazing numbers. I am not a third party advocate but I hope this at least wakes up the GOP.

Can we please get rid of Steele?


Just watch, Dems will run stealth third party candidates to draw votes away from the GOP. They're just that rotten.


Well they tried that with Daggett, but he was ultimately unconvincing in that role. Hoffman became the third party because of the idiocy of the local committee, picking
and then reinforcing Scozzofava


I still find the term highly offensive.



I agree with you about the 3rd party but OTOH I am really getting to the point where I think we need a revolution in this country. And I'd hate to back down because we don't want to dilute the party's impact particularly if it could happen.

And I love the Tea party message - small gvt, low taxes and we don't care about the rest.


True, Jane. Something's got to give. Ideally it would be like Reagan winning the battle between the conservative and the liberal wing of the party.

Charlie (Colorado)

I still find the term highly offensive.

But the joke wouldn't work without it.


But watch for the Dems to "mudslide"



I was just thinking that, and I actually thought I posted it. But I don't see it.


Speaking of video, actually following the truth to power thread in the LUN. what do the fashion consultants think, in the LUN


If the numbers from Rasmussen Reports are to be believe, the Democrats will have to do a lot more "teabagging" than the Republicans to get a majority in 2010. Unfortunately, for Democrats, they are better at the "mudslide" .. and here they thought they already had the "chocolatey road to heaven."


narciso, I always think she dresses appropriately for the occasion, but then Sarah's so beautiful (naturally so) that she'd look good in a hefty bag.

Bill Peschel

all right, why is the link going to a wiki about the US economy? What am I missing?


Oh it was a mistake Bill. TC corrected it in the first post.


I should have figured that anything with an urban dictionary tag would be disturbing, I didn't realize how much. But I suppose it's an appropriate metaphor


We think it's a bad link, Bill--And hello!


All right, that was a revolting image, now number # 21, for something completely different, in the LUN


Note to any and all JOM females for whom this might apply: If you want any fame from being a Cheetah Woods girlfriend, you better get your name out there quickly.


I'm learning lots of urban slang I had no interest in learning.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Matt: I'm with you. It is offensive and I'm surprised to see TM use it, joke or not.


It's a 'these googles do nothin' image seriously,gack, to be very technical about it


I can't believe this guy is still in the Administration.



I dunno Clarice he seems perfectly suited to this administration.

How long before Glenn Beck gets rid of him?


I think I have led a sheltered life. I had no idea what teabagging meant and I would have never guessed what fisting was in a million years. Be careful searching those words. You might be horrified by some images google takes you to.


How do you think the WaPo would have played this story in the prior administration? How are they running it now?

Really unbelievable.


How charming re: Kevin Jennings. Really there is no end to the appalling things going on in this administration, is there? I mean everywhere you turn - health care, AGW/cap and trade, Afghanistan, ACORN/election fraud, stimulus/Recovery.gov, it goes on and on.

If he is under 50% with the media solidly behind him, just imagine where he'd be if they actually covered this stuff.


I just asked Kurtz of the macaca post about this on their website. You might want to ,too. Or the ombudsman or news editor..It really is remarkable.


Jane, I just got this picture of Gore meeting with Obama in the WH today. Gore saying (as he writes a note to Obama): "Shhhhh... we still don't know where Monica hid the bugs."



I had to explain "fisting" to Amy - which is pretty funny when you think of it. Drudge is reporting Elin has moved out.


I had never heard of "teabagging" till this year. Still don't know what "fisting" is and am a little afraid to find out, since I clicked on the "mudslide" link and almost lost my lunch.

I saw that about Elin moving out. My gawd who could blame her?


If you have any interest in getting rid of these types (Kevin Jennings)in the Administration, you might want to take a look at Michelle Malkin's list of who is helping promote their agenda.


Here are their listed sponsors:

American Federation of Teachers
Arcus Foundation
Calamus Foundation
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Citi Foundation
DaimlerChrysler Corporation
David Bohnett Foundation
Eastman/Kodak Company
Ernst & Young
Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
Ford Foundation
David Geffen Foundation
Gill Foundation
George Gund Foundation
Heckscher Foundation for Children
Human Civil Rights Organizations of America: A CFC
IBM Corporation
International Association of Gay and Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs
Johnson Family Foundation
Metropolitan Tennis Group, Inc.
Morningstar Foundation
National Education Association
New York Community Trust
The Overbrook Foundation
Peter and Carmen Lucia Buck Foundation
Ted Snowdon Foundation
The Streisand Foundation
Time Warner
W. Clement and Jessie V. Stone Foundation
Working Assets/CREDO

I intend to do every thing I can to insure that not more dime of my money goes to any of those listed.

Last night when I put a post up about Kevin Jennings, someone who I had thought was a conservative poster came up with a sentence about how terrible it was to be upset with the subject. I don't really care what anyone does in their bedroom, what I care about is those in authority exposing my great grandchildren to this garbage long before they need to be.


So you are now a very strong believer in the free markets.

You betcha.

That is from an interview of John Stossell at the Daily Beast. I think it is funny he used Palin's catch phrase.

Dave (in MA)
Could you not use that term, TM.
Yeah, I hate 'golf'.
the Justice Department has, for now, ordered two key career attorneys not to comply with a subpoena about the case issued by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

Why on earth does anyone with a POV that isn't left of Obama agree to write for or be interviewed for The Daily Beast? The comments there are despicable because Stossell is a libertarian (I think Palin is too, for the record).

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