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December 30, 2009


Mike Myers

Blank Screen? Empty Suit? Synonyms for Dear Leader


And we can feel so confident that the head of the NCTC and the designer of the watchlist will be chairing the review

Jim Miller

"My last LUN was a post by Jim Miller...is that the same Jim Miller that posts here sometimes?"

Yep - I post at my own site and at Sound Politics. (Just put up a brief post on Fund's WSJ piece on Democratic transplants in upstate NY. Hope to have the CO2 and crescent wrench post out this Sunday.)


I mean, how stupid, shallow, and arrogant one could be for not to prepare in advance for Wright affiliation questions?

I took this to mean that he found Wright's remarks to be unremarkable and thus that no preparation was needed. Why prepare if you are unaware that anyone else might find Wright's sermons anything other than good common sense?

Which, if I am correct, is further indication of just how much of a disconnect there is between how this country is seen by Obama compared to most of the rest of us.


Right, PD they were in his neighborhood, what's the problem, I made a comment about Reverend Wright comparing him to Reverend Bacon of Bonfire, and some else agreed with
me, dubbing him 'the mad mullah of Chicago'


Heh!---Dem Recruits Head for the Exits


Oh of course Obama is a dolt. He is a front-man for some dark forces--most certainly not "effete elites" assuaging guilt and turning their noses up to the middle classes. They are just another set of dupes.

If he had that sort of brains, the course of his live would be much different. Just look at him, he cannot even extemporaneously speak.


Good Stuff Here:
Breitbart And Coulter Take Down Flight

Evil Stuff Here:
U.S. Releases 'Dangerous' Iranian Proxy Behind The Murder Of U.S. Troops


"...In contradiction to some recent studies, he finds that the airborne fraction of carbon dioxide has not increased either during the past 150 years or during the most recent five decades."

By now I wouldn't be surprised if everything "Climate Scientists" have alleged or "proven" turns out to be either irrelevant, false, or the exact opposite or what's happening in the real world. They too seem to want to deny reality as their main goal, in order to control it.


They too seem to want to deny reality as their main goal, in order to control it.


Concise, precise, and accurate.

Sir Toby Belch

On "connecting the dots"...you can't do
that with muslims, only Hindus.

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