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December 31, 2009



Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year to all!

Repeated from the Rush thread. So shoot me!


Drive irresponsibly? after drinking responsively? Are you auditioning for a spot with the MSM?


I don't drink, so if anyone needs a driver...

I wish everyone well this upcoming year, and here's to hope that we are able to rise up and throw off the bonds of tyranny that have begun to encircle us.

Melinda Romanoff



Gotta aim better Mel. I'm still twitching.


For God sake take all weapons away from Mel tonight!!


Shh! That's "Melinda", not Mel. (Wink, wink)


Ms. Romanoff. I stand corrected.

Charlie (Colorado)

Charlie's Erkältet cocktail:

double shot of Myers dark rum
1Tsp honey
1 10ml vial ginseng extract
juice of 1/2 lemon
Constant Comment tea bag
boiling water

Mix all ingredients except water and tea bag in a very large cup or Pyrex measuring cup. Add boiling water and tea bag. Let steep until tea is sufficiently strong.

Drink while wrapped in warm blanket, with large box Kleenex or other paper handkerchiefs at hand.

If still conscious, repeat.

Charlie (Colorado)

Ms. Romanoff. I stand corrected.

That can be fixed. See above.

Soylent Red

Ms Romanoff...if you're nas-tay.

Here's a little PSA on the wages of driving with a load on, even when you wise up and decide to let your wife drive you:



You havea cold, too? Sorry, Chaco. Feel better soon.


May I opt instead for a good single malt?

I initially typed "single male" -- oops!


DrJ if you are not careful, that could get you elected Mayor in several large metropolitan areas, say Houston or San Fran for example..


A fate worse than death, Gmax! Houston swings the other way, it seems.


Hello yesteryear,

When I left Japan just an hour before midnight it was:

"Oh kee ma-stay
Oh may day toe"

(Happy New year in Japanese)

The 'Pee Joe' (cold beer ) is talking, but if you care, the Blue moon was out full and beautifully illuminated Mount Fuji south of Tokyo from about 100 miles out---just gorgeous. Turned out all the lights and let our eyes tune up.

Upon arrival China 5 hours later its "
"Shing Ling Kwai Lur!"

Means the same thing, but the really big news upon arrival at the hotel, is that since 2010 JOM's no longer banned in Guangzhou (Canton) China. Yippee!

Therefore in the interests of my life could you please not say anything incendiary of the Chinese Commie's unless absolutely necessary, as I don't think I can handle another year in this joint stuck with only CNN International and the BBC.


"Drink responsibly, drive responsibly"

TM, I got the order of those 2 reversed which I think is actually the solution:)


The administration has left us a little NY treat- especially for daddy.
At Jake Tapper's blog, an admin official tells us Obama is asking "probing" questions.


Me too, daddy.

[T]he Blue moon was out full and beautifully illuminated Mount Fuji south of Tokyo from about 100 miles out

An irony is that a dear friend of 25 years is visiting starting Saturday. He lives in Tokyo, in spite of his Swedish heritage.



I accept no questions from Obama unless they are "Withering". "Withering" is the ticket. Until they find a better adjective than "Withering" for shooting the shit with a handful of other incompetents, I'll accept nothing less than "Withering".

"Probing" can kiss my hiney!

Melinda Romanoff

There is a strong tradition of alcohol and gunpowder, in my family.

Short lives, but a strong tradition.

And there's My Governor's ad on the side bar again. Bah.


Dearest Ms. Romanoff,

May I suggest the former in lieu of the latter?

Charlie (Colorado)

May I opt instead for a good single malt?

It'd be a shame to mix good scotch with that stuff.


Konichiwa, Daddy


Happy New Year to all of the JOM family.

Strawman Cometh

Must be an Illinois thing, Mel, we're getting Ann Coulter down here.

Charlie (Colorado)

xie nien kuai le

Thanks, Clarice, you too.


Instead, Chaco, instead.

No ruining a good single malt with even an ice cube.

Unless it might soak up atmospheric CO2. *grin*

Charlie (Colorado)

Instead, Chaco, instead.

All right then.


My husband isn't much of a drinker. And by that I mean he drinks something maybe once a year. Christmas Eve was that once a year moment for him. My brother and b-i-l were sipping screw drivers (yuk!) and fixed one for hubby. I wasn't paying any attention to what he was drinking but at some point in the evening I noticed he seemed tipsy. I think I noticed when he asked me if we had anymore "vodka and screwdriver juice".


Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou

As an infrequent poster but regular lurker, I wish you all the happiest of New Years.


May I propose a toast, in perhaps the last sane words uttered by Garry Trudeau at the end of the 1970s:

Here's to a kidney stone of a decade!

Boy am I glad to be rid of the 2000s.

Here's to the JOM crew that helped me through the dreary days by talking sense!


The 2000s were very good to me. I finished grad school, found a job, married my husband, bought a house, had kids, and returned to church after a long absence. The last year hasn't been so hot, politically speaking, but I ain't complaining.

Still, saying bye-bye to 2009 feels good. Happy New Year!


The 2000s were good to me too. For the first time in our married life we are debt free. Obtained a son in law and two beautiful grandchildren. Found JOM. Life's good.


Speaking about Global warming my CO2 detector keeps on going off. Is that bad?

I'd rather be in Tokyo. Happy new decade. I really don't know nothin.

Tudeaus? They used time and sold everyone.

I wouldn't drink anything called Pee, even if someone told you it's beer. A blue moon isn't, but two.

Best year yet in retail, can we extend the week we want to buy more.


The bots are back!


Happy New Year, everyone! I can't believe I caught up with you. :)


One can't totally fault this decade, if it brought me closer to this great group of friends, all across the country and even all over the world at times.who appreciate the insight I've been able to gather over many years, who made it possible for me to visit D.C. a lifelong dream,


Well the finding JOM thiing is certainly one highlight of this decade for me(which doesn't end until next year). And a big one at that.

I'm in Newburyport after driving thru one hell of a blizzard earlier today. It's a beautiful blue moon here too sitting atop the ocean.

Melinda Romanoff

Oooh, left out carbide cannons.

Good for keepin' neighbors indoors.

Mussles for dinner, mariniere and ravigote.

Two styles, salad, bread, and wrapped up with the Langres I bought for last week. Our favorite cheese, after Epoisses. (LUN)


I have a cousin who lives there, Jane.
Have a great time!


narciso, we all love you very much and are delighted you can now post in a way we can read with understanding. You have a lot to say .


Thanks, Tina. Nice to meet you! Enjoy the New Year.


daddy, are you sure you want to use "probing" and "my hiney" in the same sentence?


Let us be thankful that 2009 is behind us and hope and pray for a better 2010.

All the best to all of you for good health, happiness, and success in the New Year.


What I want to know is this: If Tiger is losing all these sponsorships because he got caught having an affair, when are we going to see some sponsors pull their endorsement deals with Max Baucus?


Today's editorial was headlined, "Reason for hope."

It started, "You, as individuals, are the reason for hope.

JM Hanes

Onnellista Uutta Vuotta everybody!


"Turned out all the lights and let our eyes tune up."

That wouldn't be like taking your hands off the handlebars, would it?


Happy New Year to all the JOMers. Such a nice group.


Happy New Year!

May the Unintended Consequences favor freedom and prosperity!:-)

I have been mostly lurking on your site, occasionally dropping a single comment. You are a wonderful bunch and some of you (most notably Rick and Chaco) I know and cherish from other comment sites, previous incarnations.

Here is to old and new friends, and wishing everybody best of luck and happiness in the coming New Year.

The clouds are gathering and the worst is yet to come. But we are Americans. And we shall overcome.



To all the wonderful people - the faces and persons behind the JOM log-in names - a wish for a very blessed New Year and a prayer for strength to face and fight the future of Obamaville.

Love to all and see ya next year!


Over at Politico: Exclusive: Details from Obama's probe

Not sure I want to click that link.


Lurker's Of The World Untie.

This being New years Day, may I politely suggest a simple New Years Resolution for the Lurkers at JOM---Please post. Please do. We need new blood.

Granted you probably won't start out with some observation as well thought out as one of Sylvia's comments, or as inciteful and lucid as Semantic's, but trust me, we won't hold that against you. Simply start out with easy stuff; how much Duke sucks, or how SweeTart's are the most wonderful candy ever invented, or how the monetary confluence of Carbon geo-politics colludes with T-Bills in the Asian Market to raise Bond rates, and you're pretty much home free.

And true some of us might jump on you for mis-stating the value of Pi in the 13th decimal position, but most of us will be willing to overlook that and tell you how to cook Pie in the 13th decimal position...ad nauseum.

And seriously, aren't you Lurker's ashamed for making Ann have to shoulder the entire load of commentary on Michelle O and her fashion attire? I know I am. The efforts of our Ann are frankly Herculean, but between the sandals, and pics of sneers at Miz Sarkozy, and especially her 'top notch' utility belt reportage, I'm amazed Ann can keep it up without help.

Plus there's no punctuation! Nor spelling demands!! And if anybody gives a carp about apostraphe's I've sure not heard about it!!!

So rest assured Lurker's, that the only pressure to post or not post is that pressure which you place upon yourselves.

And if, after posting, you find that you have been given a Green avatar, it obviously means your comment is outstanding and you are a genius and welcome anytime. And if unfortunately your avatar is any other color; blue, red, orange, etc, you, will immediately know your comment is deficient and you have nothing substantive to contribute and should go back to hiding under a rock---errr, lurking again, but thanks anyway for posting, etc.

Green Avatar's Rule! Cheers.


Well, daddy, I'm color blind, so my blue avatar is really green.


I think it's blue, anyway. Like "Avatar."


Yes, what's this thing against blue avatars, anyways. Of course, the night wouldn't be complete with AP's Jabberwocky like take on
the Governor's year in politics, with the
strange remarks of Stephen Haycox


All your base are belong to us


"The 2000s were very good to me. I finished grad school, found a job, married my husband, bought a house, had kids, and returned to church after a long absence."

Not to be a stickler, but I think our Porchlight ">http://www.daybydaycartoon.com/2009/11/09/#005421"> is forgetting something.

Take heart Lurker's, you too could be naked.


Green Avatar's Rule!

Obama must think he is a green avatar.


Go Green!!!!


"Turned out all the lights and let our eyes tune up."

That wouldn't be like taking your hands off the handlebars, would it?"

Precisely JMH.

But with all the lights off, who's to notice? Plus we have a few more seconds to recover prior to hitting the deck:)




Damn, I am starting with blue avatar, long way to a genius green but I promise to try harder!


Happy Herculean New Year, daddy!


It has been my pleasure, JOM. :)





Blue is the new green


If anybody was wondering if their suspicions were correct; ">http://hotair.com/archives/2009/12/30/pilots-union-the-system-didnt-work-after-the-attack-either/"> They were.

Prefer not to elaborate.



I'm trying to decide if we are green(ish) or yellow.


A Who's Who in charge of our safety:

The Who’s Who of Transportation Security and What They Don’t Want You to See



It's not easy being blue.


I sooo hear you, PD.


Oh I feel much bette, Rand Beers and James Johnson, 'what fresh hell is this, not to mention Gottemoeller and Co


Rand Beers indeed. URGH


Fresh hell, needing blood, dark times... The answer is the blue moon that occurs in 2012........blue..

What warning isn't a warning and why would it be when the King has announced his visit to his old school. Why deny the attack? Informants are often unpredictable and get real good benefits like schooling and Presidencies and stuff.

Link Under Corn



To maybe get us on track:

Happy New Year 2010

Happy 2010 JOM!!!


I have been trying to find a picture that depicts 2009. This is it for me:


Happy 2010! Bring It On JOM!!!

(My husband has a fireworks display ready for 12 o'clock. Hope to see you all in the new year. Yikes!)

And here's to ya PUK. I think we should all toast our friend we lost this year.

Here's a toast to the future, A toast to the past, And a toast to our friends, far and near. May the future be pleasant; The past a bright dream; May our friends remain faithful and dear. ~


P.S. Who is Jane with at Newburyport? Anyone hear where Mark Steyn is celebrating the new year? :)


I haven't seen Karl Rove on any of the shows tonight. Hmmm...


Well I for one welcome our new green overlords.

Old Lurker

Happy New Year, my friends!



It would be just like Jane to have them both on the hook. She is going to reel them in one at a time!

Cy an

They found a buried port putting in a train. They're sure it was a tsunami.

So, can the CO2 process be reversed? How much will it cost to stop the emissions? What about the poor people? Is it human induced or the furnace just doing a burst? Can we resist the negative impacts of the transformation? If the process is successful will the alarm stop?

Professor Who doesn't want anyone seeing or dreaming either, but if I stare through heads and whisper in ears and see the future and use; can I be President too?

Remember life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, love truly(no I don't mean earthquakes and tsunamis), laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile.

A happy and prosperous new year! It's all made..........like 2012

Green is vegetation restoration.

if the the moon is blue it may not be green unless it's daylight or there's and eclipse and there is


Happy New Year!! to my band of brothers and sisters, here...may 2010 bring you joy, health and riches!...and a republican majority in Congress!

Melinda Romanoff

Happy New Year to All!

Thomas Collins

Most happy to oblige, daddy.

Honorable Hu Jintao, daddy thinks you Chinese Commies rock!

Happy last year of the first decade of the 21st Century (that's right, I am one of those folks who thinks the decade didn't start until 2001).


Happy New Years folks, although we've three hours to go out here in CA.
The last ten years have been a little slice of hell on earth for us so here's to the next ten evening the scales.
Green avatars do indeed rule.
And finally, Duke can go to hell.


"Hu's the Communist"


Happy New Year to those in the eastern time zone.

Goodbye 2009, hello 2010.

JM Hanes

Thomas Collins:

"I am one of those folks who thinks the decade didn't start until 2001"

Funny, but I had the distinct impression that the new millennium got started on Jan. 1, 2000 -- what with the Y2K panic and all. The decade was one year old on Jan. 1, 2001, and it's tens years old....today!

Cy n

I am going to buy the Weiser Smart Key and get smart!

2009 died peacefully(except for AT&T).


Happy New Year,jmh--Gird your loins for the next decade--It's going to be a doozy I think.

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

Happy and prosperous New Year to all.

In your honor and for your good fortune, I ate collards, black eyed peas, and herring together on a cracker for my first bite in 2010, washed down with champagne.


Happy New Year to all. Many thanks for your constant erudition, incisive commentary, and good humor. And God's blessings to you, Porchlight, and that new life nestled under your heart.

tea anyone

Happy New Year to you all and a bounty of blessings through out 2010. JOM and everyone here is very special to me.

Eric Lindholm

Happy new year!

Jim Ryan

Okay, for the new year I joined Hokey Pokey Anonymous tonight. It was time. I need to turn myself around.


Terrific thread. Happy 2010 everybody. Mrs. Peter and the kids and I went up the block to ring in the new year with neighbors, while eating home made sushi, and playing games. Best to everybody.


I hope you all are enjoying your year.

I hope you will all enjoy 2010.

Soylent Red

Well Jim, that's what it's all about.

Happy New Year all!

Manuel Transmission

Happy New Year all. I just got the most awesome blue moon shot from my cousin in Juneau. It will blow daddy's mind if I could figure out how to post it. Anybody sober enough to give me the recipe?

Manuel Transmission

Happy New Year all. I just got the most awesome blue moon shot from my cousin in Juneau. It will blow daddy's mind if I could figure out how to post it. Anybody sober enough to give me the recipe?

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