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December 08, 2009




Campbell Brown of CNN interviewing Stephen McIntyre among others at Wattsupwiththat.


I think this story is absolutely delicious. Think about it. The UN searching for new graft after the OFF cash cow went under seized on this and all the while the biggies were going to cut them out.
The third world, ignoring that The One has not given his Kenya half brother a cent to get out of his ardboard shack was sure O would open up Fort Knozx to them and pay them reparations for being successful when they are not and all the while he was working to keep them down. He is The Man!!

Jim Ryan

Not allow poor countries to emit more than 1.44 tonnes of carbon per person by 2050, while allowing rich countries to emit 2.67 tonnes.

When I was a kid, the Carter asked everyone to turn his thermostat down to 68. I saw his mother interviewed on TV at the time and I never forgot it. It went something like this:

INTERVIEWER: Did you turn your thermostat down to 68, Mrs. Carter?

LILLIAN CARTER: No, I keep mine at 73.


LILLIAN CARTER: Yes, I like it a little warmer.

Mitch H.

So, it's a Washington Naval Treaty for the postmodern era.

Wonder who our Japan will be, and what the postmodern carrier wildcard will be?


I say 'tomato, tomatoe, let's call the whole thing off'. There is a deep sense of schadenfreude at this turn of events, of course that will pass when the impact of what has been suggested will settle in.

hit and run

Jim's quote:

INTERVIEWER: Did you turn your thermostat down to 68, Mrs. Carter?

LILLIAN CARTER: No, I keep mine at 73.

But is that warm enough http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/02/03/obama-getting-heat-turning-oval-office-thermostat/>to grow orchids?

Jim Ryan

Heh. I'd forgotten about that, Hit.


this is one of the biggest circular firing squads I have ever seen. Obama wouldn't know the truth if it was staring him in the face.

I wonder what Al "Madoff" Gore is going to do.


Obama wouldn't know the truth if it was staring him in the face.

Not to point out the obvious, but Obama has made a career of assiduously avoiding the truth.


Is there a current carbon emmisions/GDP for each country? Just wondering if that might better explain the tons/person allocation in th Danish text.

However it shakes out, it'll be just like Oil for Food. Some industrialized countries like France will make out like bandits, while others, like Uncle Sucker, will go even further net negative.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

American, Arab Terrorists Arrested in Copenhagen

Astute Blogger emails with the news that five people have been arrested in Copenhagen, Denmark for alleged "terrorist" activities. It's not clear whether these are eco-terrorists or Islamist terrorists. The only news reports that I can find are in Danish.

A Google translation indicates that one of the men arrested was an American citizen wanted on an international warrant for terrorist activities. Again, my first inclination would be to think eco-terrorism. There are a lot of crazies in Copenhagen right now.

But, the two men arrested with him were of Arab origin. There are Arab Greenpeace members, but as Astute Blogger notes:

A sucdcessful attack upon COP15 would be a wet dream come true for al Qaeda.

Two more women were picked up later, no note on their nationality.


Astute Blogger has updated - suspects were released. American didn't turn out to be the one on the wanted list.

Joseph Brown

I like what Rasmus Benestad of Norway said."Perhaps quality time, love, family values, friendship, and respect are preferable to material goods and status or maybe we humans are too vain.
I don't know about anybody else, but damn I feel warmer already. Not to mention that tingly feeling going up my leg. Naw, my leg is going to sleep. Sorry.


Zero is going to look pretty terrific wandering into the last of the Copenhagen mishigas.


To think that just a hundred years or so ago Norwegians were stereotyped as dummies..

peaking of vanity, has Rasmus been likely to consider how much hubris there is in thinking man has the power to substantially alter the weather of the globe?


CO2 emissions per capita. 2004 World Bank.

Soros has his cronies stacked in the World Bank which is why he'd like to have them administer the program. [note: Brown didn't end up heading the WB and I don't recall the name of who does now] The WB would also be a more effective looter.


Unrelated to the subject of this post, but I just love James Taranto:

Some have speculated that Reid is simply "losing it"--but from the years in which we've been observing Reid, we'd say he never had it in the first place. Yesterday's statement on the Senate floor was vintage Reid. He has a propensity for saying things that are splenetic, inappropriate and ignorant, such as his embarrassing series of claims a few years ago that Clarence Thomas was unintelligent.

This, however, raises a question that has long puzzled us about Reid: How did such an unappealing man who says so many foolish things get so far in politics? He has been elected to Congress six times, and the Senate's Democrats chose him as their leader. Maybe he has exceptional backroom skills, or comes across better in person than on television. And of course the polls show he is in trouble with the voters back in Nevada. Still, his success to this point seems something of a miracle--an inspiration to dour, foolish men everywhere


Perhaps quality time, love, family values, friendship, and respect are preferable to material goods and status

I had a lovely walk in the park with my wife last night. Don't know how I can use that to pay the rent.

or maybe we humans are too vain.

Thank goodness we have Barack Obama.

Jim Ryan

Let me guess, Rasmus Bumstead wants us to send him lots and lots of money?

Sara (Pal2Pal)

splenetic - what a nice word, if it is a real word. If not, it should be.


Maybe instead of funding AQ, the Saudis would be kind enough to fund enemeies of the warmists..just saying. I mean there are thousands of poor princes who need those oil revenues or they'll just die--



def: marked by bad temper, malevolence or spite.


As the guy with the hockey mask, The Humungus, said in Road Warrior ...

... I have an honorable compromise. Just walk away. Give me your pump, the oil, the gasoline, and the whole compound, and I'll spare your lives. Just walk away and we'll give you a safe passageway in the wastelands. Just walk away and there will be an end to the horror.


I ran across an article full of ECONOMETRICS (ie predictions) on DTN in regards to CAP and TRADE in which a scenario was described that since Carbon Credits were likely to be fairly valuable, and REFORESTATION was the best way to sequester carbon, that upward of 50-60 million acres of Tillable Cropland in the USA would be put into trees, yes trees!!

Stolen off another forum. Don't know what that does for biofuels. Well, or stuff to eat, for that matter.

Some people's kids, I declare.

hit and run

Speaking of vanity, has Rasmus been likely to consider how much hubris there is in thinking man has the power to substantially alter the weather of the globe?

If the AGW Inner Circle of Jerks had its way,skeptics would be branded as heretics and be subject to the same treatment as Galileo was for teaching heliocentrism.

The earth NOT the center of the universe!??!?!! Heresy!

Man NOT at the center of the earth's climate!!??!???!! Heresy!

There must be an Inquisition!


Nice column by Richard Epstein: Economics No Match For Politics: The real reason that unemployment lines won't shrink. If requested, I'll paste the whole thing in.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

The Coward at the Justice Department
By Richard Aceves

Is Eric Holder's Justice Department preventing its employees from speaking to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights?

Say it ain't so:

Could it be that President Obama's legal team is imploding due to a voter intimidation case involving the New Black Panther Party? So many new developments regarding the Black Panther case occurred in the latter half of last week that it is hard keeping up with them all. But none of them look good for the Obama administration or for Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.'s Justice Department.

The case involves paramilitary-garbed Panthers caught on videotape (which was backed by copious testimony) engaged in what observers say were intimidating and racially charged activities outside a Philadelphia polling booth on presidential Election Day in 2008. Even though a judge was ready to enter a default judgment against the Black Panthers, based on a case brought by career attorneys at the Justice Department, the Obama administration suddenly decided last spring to drop three of the four cases and punish the final one with an incredibly weak injunction.

Controversy, accompanied by continued administration stonewalling, has ensued ever since.

The new developments last week were as follows:

First, a Web site called "Main Justice" reported on Wednesday (and we have since confirmed) that the Justice Department has, for now, ordered two key career attorneys not to comply with a subpoena about the case issued by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. The commission, by law, has explicit power to issue subpoenas, and the law mandates that "all federal agencies shall cooperate fully with the commission." The Justice Department, however, is citing internal regulations stemming from a 1951 case to support its order to ignore the subpoena.


To add to centralcal's post on Harry Reid...I give you the great Dennis Miller...LUN

One of my favorite videos


Clarice you might be interested in this from Jen Rubin at Contentions since it relates to your piece in AT this morning:

Getting Answers, Perhaps


Sorry, Sara - both you and Clarice have that red avatar thingy, mistook you for Clarice.


Don't know what that does for biofuels.

Biofuels are carbon based, subject to EPA controls, so they should be abandoned along with coal, oil, and ethanol.

There might be an exception for unicorn p.ss.

...REFORESTATION was the best way to sequester carbon...
At least according Kyoto, sequestration doesn't count. Only emitting the CO2 (mostly through burning of fossil fuels) counts. Over the last century a tremendous amount of US farmland has been taken out of production and allowed to reforest, mostly on the east coast, because farming has become so much more productive that we run out of customers before that land becomes economically viable. In the 3rd world, there are huge swathes of deforestation because desperately poor people engage in hard-on-the-environment practices to survive.

But the only thing that counts is that in the 3rd world they walk to destroy their land, whereas here we drive through our new-growth forests.


Alarmist Eye Candy:

http://i49.tinypic.com/2mpg0tz.jpg Magic Tricks Explained

http://i48.tinypic.com/xfvoyg.jpg Central England Don't Panic!

http://i46.tinypic.com/t63qxe.jpg "Value-Added" Data


Sara: United States ex rel. Touhy v. Ragen, 340 U.S. 462 (1951)

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Neo: I posted a link, I'll leave trying to wade thru case law to the lawyers who make the big bucks to do so.

Are you saying that the early regs based on an old case, trump the later regs that require compliance with a Civil Rights Commission subpoena? Since IANAL, I have no idea.


Neo, Sara: From the Jen Rubin link I posted above:

It doesn’t appear that the DOJ has formally raised executive-privilege issues, but in case they are mulling that option, Blackwood reminds Hunt that

“to the extent that some documents or other communications may involve internal pre-decisional deliberative discussions, it should be understood that: (1) as between the Commission and the Department the only legal privilege that exists is the President’s constitutionally-based executive privilege, (2) the executive privilege must be invoked by the President, or possibly by a Department Head on the President’s behalf, (3) the President should not routinely invoke executive privilege, and may not do so to shield potential wrongdoing, and (4) the President’s executive privilege is not absolute and should not be read broadly to frustrate the core functions of an investigative agency. “



You identify posters by their avatars? I am really impressed.


Uh, some posters, Jane, not all. I know yours and Sue's and Ann's too.

It comes in really handy for posts that I want to s.o.b. ::grin::

My own avatar changes depending on home and work, and IE and Firefox (apparently my email is different in the two browsers).

Rick Ballard


Here is a definite Climate Scientology blog to be promoted. That's CBS - with Declan McCullagh again leading the way.

They've been circulating a letter saying: "By now everyone has heard of what has come to be known as ClimateGate, which was and is an international scientific fraud, the worst any of us have seen... We have asked the APS management to put the 2007 statement on ice until the extent to which it is tainted can be determined, but that has not been done. We have also asked that the membership be consulted on this point, but that too has not been done."

Some of the same scientists had asked the APS, pre-ClimateGate, to revise its climate policy statement. To the applause of like-minded bloggers who dubbed the petition "a silly distraction," the APS shot down that idea on November 10.

In the aftermath of the embarrassing data leaks, however, Princeton's Happer says that about half of the APS members they've contacted now support the petition (which, after all, is only asking for an independent analysis of the science involved).

Of the signatories so far, Happer says, 77 are fellows of major scientific societies, 14 members of the National Academies, one is a Nobel laureate, and there is a large number of authors of major scientific books and recipients of prizes and awards for scientific research. He adds: "Some have accepted a career risk by signing the petition. The 230 odd signatories can hardly be dismissed as lightweights compared to those who spread the message of impending climate disaster."

That's the letter and group which I highlighted the other day. 230 is a non-negligible number of physicists to agree on damn near anything (science has never been, is not now and will never be "settled").


Hey Rick,

I made your changes. Now it reads:
knownTrolls[0] = /Jane's troll/name;
knownTrolls[1] = /Jane's troll/name;

I saved and refreshed and so far nothing.

Can you tell what I did wrong from that? Obviously where I wrote "name" above, I actually inserted a name.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Yeah, taking a life equates with a man not being able to get it up. Uh huh.

Boxer compares denying women abortion coverage to denying men Viagra...


For all of us deep in the weeds on Climate change, I found a pretty darn good site I'd never seen before.

[url=http://www.sjsu.edu/faculty/watkins/watkins.htm]Thayer Watkins[/url].


Speaking above of terrorists, far as I can tell from googling, convicted but released PANAM Lockerbie terrorist, Abdelbeset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi, is still alive.

The murderer of 270 innocents was released 3 August, partly because he was terminally ill and only had 3 months left to live.

I'll allow the media to add the adjectives to my opinion about that.

Rick Ballard


Answered in the Snows thread and via email.


I think I did it Rick!


Thank you so much!

Rick Ballard

You're welcome, Jane. It was a pleasure.

Bgates rocks, I'm handy with a shovel.


Declan McCullagh has a pretty interesting twitter page also:)


You have no idea Rick -

TBH I tend to give up quickly because it is embarrassing to be so inept. My appreciation overflows. Not only do I get to block trolls, I actually learned some stuff.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Copenhagen’s political science

With the publication of damaging e-mails from a climate research center in Britain, the radical environmental movement appears to face a tipping point. The revelation of appalling actions by so-called climate change experts allows the American public to finally understand the concerns so many of us have articulated on this issue…

“Climate-gate,” as the e-mails and other documents from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia have become known, exposes a highly politicized scientific circle — the same circle whose work underlies efforts at the Copenhagen climate change conference. The agenda-driven policies being pushed in Copenhagen won’t change the weather, but they would change our economy for the worse…

In his inaugural address, President Obama declared his intention to “restore science to its rightful place.” But instead of staying home from Copenhagen and sending a message that the United States will not be a party to fraudulent scientific practices, the president has upped the ante. He plans to fly in at the climax of the conference in hopes of sealing a “deal.” Whatever deal he gets, it will be no deal for the American people.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Oops that last link left off my own intro.

First the NYT with a decent review of GOING ROGUE, now an Op-Ed by Sarah Palin in the WaPo. Watch out for all the flying pigs.



cc--I blogged about that already but I am haopy to learn of Jennifer's update.
Rick, I did blog about the APS petition. I'd be happy to do an update based on your post.


Yes, Clarice, I know. I referenced your AT piece above and thought you might be interested in Jen's update since it tied rather nicely into yours.

Congrats Jane. I still haven't tried out the Narcisolator. Maybe this weekend. I have yours and Rick's comments on threads, should I attempt it.


Where is Sue? Cheney is on Hannity.


from the Corner:

BREAKING: Dems to Drop Public Option [da]

Breaking: The AP and the New York Times are reporting that Senate Democrats have come to a tentative deal to drop the public option. The Times had this update at 8:48 P.M.:

The Senate majority leader, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, said Senate leaders “have a broad agreement” on dropping a government-run plan from the health care bill, and that the Congressional Budget Office would review the implications of such a move on the budget.

“I told head of C.B.O. we would send him something he would have to score,” Mr. Reid said. He added that he had asked Senators Charles E. Schumer and Mark Pryor to work together with a group of liberals and moderates on making sure the health care bill has a vehicle to expand coverage to achieve the aims of the so-called public option.


Hmmmm.....sounds like it's going to fade away only to come back in conference. Meanwhile the Maine twins cave and they lose Lieberman and Nelson (maybe).



can you re-post that link? I'd like to pass it on.


Yep that's frog and scorpion time, porch, I wouldn't trust them as far as I can throw them.

Sara (Pal2Pal)

Copenhagen’s political science

I hope this is 'that' link you want. :)

Sara (Pal2Pal)

This is from The Los Angeles Times and it made me laugh the whole way through.

Narciso, I think you'll enjoy this one:

Shocker polls: That Sarah Palin-Barack Obama gap melts to 1 point


Whether the "public option" is in the bill or not is irrelevant. The purpose of the bill is to kill off most of the insurance companies and then transform the few survivors into non-optional public utilities.

The only question is whether, in the end, the "public option" will be called "blue cross blue shield" or "aetna" or "anthem" or whatever...


I saw that, Sara, and what can I say, but "you betcha"


Yes, cathy..And with geniuses like Boxer deciding what the insurance companies have to cover, in no time at all Botox will be on the list.

JM Hanes

"f I were a representative of a developing country I don't know why I would agree to lock in second class status forever."

Alternatively, they could turn down the money, and emit all the CO2 they like.


I sent a friend in the medical ins bus your rundown of how a competitive market of different health insurance companies work from the weekend with your breakdown of write offs, value added, etc.
She said it was the best and clearest explanation she had seen. I far as I can tell from my discussions with her there is a huge component of value added for all from the companies, best practices statistics, information dissemination to harried docs, as well as competitive bidding for contracts. So much of the companies overhead goes to information collation and analysis that actually aids consumers both in health and their pocketbooks.
As far as profits go, she works for our state's BCBS which has just laid off 15% of their workforce and has seen their outrageous 4% profit of 3 years ago drop to 2.5 last year with many contracts not renewed for next year. Such greedy bastards.


" The report warns: "Delay by developed country parties in implementing their commitments to reduce emissions will increase their climate debt to the developing country parties."



“A negotiator for a large bloc of developing countries meanwhile challenged rich countries to make far deeper cuts in emissions than they have proposed so far. The negotiator, Lumumba Stanislaus Di-Aping of Sudan, said President Obama should be willing to spend far more to limit climate dangers in the world’s most vulnerable regions.

“‘We have to ask him, when he provided trillions of dollars to save Wall Street, are the children of the world not deserving help to save their lives?‘ he said.”


It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if our government pursues policies intended to slow our economic growth, and Brazil pursues policies designed to accelerate its economic growth, before long Brazil will be richer than the U.S. What's really interesting here, however, is the identity of one of Petrobras's biggest shareholders:

With a market capitalization of more than $220 billion, Petrobras is one of the world's 10 biggest companies. Over the past two years, it has been the most frequently traded foreign company on the New York Stock Exchange, trade data show. Among investors bullish on Petrobras is George Soros, who last year made the oil company the largest single holding in his investment fund, according to Bloomberg.

That's right: the Godfather of the Democratic Party, who exerts his enormous political influence to prevent American oil companies from developing our own petroleum resources in the Gulf of Mexico and elsewhere, has placed his biggest bet--not on the United States, but on Brazil. If Exxon Mobil can't compete in the Caribbean with Petrobras, the value of Soros's Petrobras investment will skyrocket. That's the sort of thievery that lies behind the Democratic Party's deliberate hobbling of the American economy.

follow the money


Krugman v. Hansen
Jonathan H. Adler • December 8, 2009 11:50 am

NYT columnist Paul Krugman is not happy with NASA climate scientist James Hansen for the latter’s op-ed attacking cap-and-trade and proposing a tax-based alternative (which I blogged about here). Such arguments are “unhelpful,” Krugman says, because they ignore the fact that in the theoretical world of transaction-cost free blackboard economics caps and taxes are the same, and that cap-and-trade is the only game in town. While Krugman is correct that Hansen makes some silly, populist arguments, Hansen’s ultimate conclusion — that a fully rebated carbon tax is preferable to cap-and-trade — is completely sound.

On the difference between a carbon tax and cap-and-trade, Krugman argues that they are the same because any given cap equates to a given price and vice-versa. He even produces a graph to prove it.

The only difference is the nature of uncertainty over the aggregate outcome. If you use a tax, you know what the price of emissions will be, but you don’t know the quantity of emissions; if you use a cap, you know the quantity but not the price. Yes, this means that if some people do more than expected to reduce emissions, they’ll just free up permits for others — which worries Hansen. But it also means that if some people do less to reduce emissions than expected, someone else will have to make up the shortfall. It’s symmetric; there’s no reason to emphasize only one side of the story.



Better chart for per capita CO2 emissions under the LUN.

Note 56 ton per person for Qatar, 19 for US, 6 for France (its nucular, stupid), and 2.6 for Cuba.

Funny thing, according to proposition, in 2050 US will be allowed to emit 2.67 ton per capita (what a precision!), just what Cuba is emitting right now.


A very chilling .pdf file saying Yes, He Can: President Obama’s Power to Make an International Climate Commitment Without Waiting for Congress.

It's only twenty pages long but lays out clearly what we're up against folks.....


"Funny thing, according to proposition, in 2050 US will be allowed to emit 2.67 ton per capita (what a precision!), just what Cuba is emitting right now"

Just what I have been saying all along, the Democrats plan to take our economy to equal Cuba's.


Climategate is THE END of the New World Order.

A commenter at James Delingpole's UK Telegraph blog has posted some very interesting data about Maurice Strong and his family's actions. The self-appointed overlords of population control and culling.

"...Canada’s Godfather of 350 Cap and Trade, Maurice Strong got the Communist PLA and paramiltaries in China to abort 450 million fetuses over the years."

"Did you know that Maurice Strong’s cousin Anna Louise Strong persuaded Stalin to adopt the seed quota system which drove the 1932/3 Holodor – Terror Famine – family culling system and killed 7-10 million peasants and kulaks in the Ukraine."

"Ironic that Maurice Strong – a genocidal psychopath – has persuaded Barry Soetoro to adopt a fertiliser quota system (350 cap CO2) and a KSM dictator game to drive a family culling system and kill up to 5 billion peasants on our beautiful Planet Earth."


Does anyone know what the "KSM" stands for in the above quote?
K-- Stalin Mao ?
Karl S-- Marx?
Kissinger Soros M--?


More from the UK Telegraph commenter:

"Maurice Strong hired Obama’s grandfather to stage Mau Mau oath taking rituals Kenya in 1952/3 and went on to become Senior Advisor to the World Bank, the founder of UNEP and the UN Commission on Global Governance and the Chicago Climate Exchange."

The Mau Mau grew into a terrorist organization that touched my life as a little girl in the sixties. I can still remember when my father bought his first revolver and hearing the grownups talk about how to spot a Mau Mau by their goatee beards. Behind closed doors the men watched film of Mau Mau atrocities, mutilations. My father talked about constructing a steel door in the hallway... and my bedroom being right across from the front door, would have been outside the steel door. Hmmph.

Maurice Strong, little did you know, out of childhood nightmares comes one stronger.

JM Hanes


I don't doubt that Maurice Strong is an unattractive character, but I think we're looking at a certifiable space cadet. Spotting Mau Mau's by their goatees gets some bonus points for originality though!


When I was in college Lewis Leake came to visit. He'd been raised among the Kikuyu and had been engaged to put an end to the Mau Mau scourge. He explained that many had been forced to take an oath to the Mau Mau and feared death if they broke that oath. Relying on what he knew about the Kikuyu he invented a counter oath.

It must be interesting to grow up in a culture where one's word is one's bond though.


Rep truth squad heading to Copenhagen:

"A GOP counter-delegation is forming to undermine the Obama administration's work on an international climate change agreement in Copenhagen, warning that the president is poised to make commitments he can't keep and drawing heightened attention to controversial leaked e-mails.

At least a half-dozen Republican senators and representatives are planning to head to Denmark next week, as part of the overall U.S. congressional delegation, which includes plenty of Democrats as well.

But the Republicans have a markedly different agenda."

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/12/09/republicans-plan-form-counter-delegation-climate-conference/>Truth squad

Dems vote to continue funding ACORN despite large bipartisan vote to cut it off

http://biggovernment.com/2009/12/09/dems-vote-to-allow-federal-funding-for-corrupt-acorn/>Now you see it, now you don't

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