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January 11, 2010



Speaking of wine, this is a sacrilage, as well as Alcohol abuse:

">http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/transport/6969148/British-Airways-cabin-crews-pour-vintage-wine-down-sink-in-protest-at-changes.html"> British Airways cabin crews pour vintage wine down sink in protest at changes.

"Disaffected British Airways cabin crew have resorted to pouring vintage wine down the sink on the plane ... in protest at what they claim is the airline's "disregard" for their working agreements."

Gosh danged unionized flight crews---they ought to all be shot.


Sorry, the Daily Mail article is reporting garbage science, and as a progressive (presumably, I haven't looked at the rest of your blog) you should know enough to check the quality of your sources before you write something.

I see that 'classical liberal' is becoming as pejorative as 'conservative', or 'libertarian'

Dig into a liberal and turn up the velvet glove underground. Peel it and the adamantine fist of authoritarianism always beats within its heart.

Latif is caught in a contradiction. His admission that the oceanic oscillations have such importance inevitably diminishes the importance of CO2. Yet he still beats that drum and willing to sacrifice his skin for the head of it(he says if his name weren't Mojib Latif it would be Global Warming)

Give it up alarmists; the charade is at an end. Even my tire guy knew; "according to what leaked out", and he understood that the revelation would be good for the economy, without my prompting. That's the end, kiddoes. It's time to accept that the science is not settled and that the only safe policy attitude is skepticism of science and in particular, of the motives of the scientists.


For you...


"Mini Ice Age" - what hooey. Global warming is the wrong terminology. It's Climate Change. If enough glaciers melt, that changes the salinity of sea water - and shuts down the big current around the Atlantic ocean that circulates heat from the equator to the Northern latitudes. That will leave the polar region very cold and the equatorial region very hot - no moderation - but you can still have a higher average temperature overall. This crap scares me that the Atlantic heat pump is slowing down - if it stops altogether, it won't be pretty.


The acidification of the oceans has already been spotted as the New World Order's next soggy excuse for an agenda. Are you a witting or unwitting carrier pigeon, Dan?


You looking for trouble, you come to the right place!

We do not know the effect of CO2, though we can be assured that it has been exaggerated lately.

Very good, BR. Dan, what you are talking about is last year's concern a la mode. Glacier action is local and ice will accumulate worldwide if cooling deepens and persists. The acidity bit has also been exaggerated.

Rick Ballard


The CA timeline piece allows for the possibility that Jones himself had previously assembled the FOIA packet, left his RealClimate password in view and "left the office early on friday the 13th.". That would be rather exquisite.

Hoist on own retard.



If every scrap of ice in Antarctica, in the Arctic and Greenland melted, the salinity of ocean water would drop from 35000 ppm to just over 34000 ppm.


No, I think Dan is thinking that the salinity gradient would go away, which would happen if ice stopped melting. That's only going to happen if, as I said, every scrap of ice on both poles melts.

No, I think Dan is thinking that the salinity gradient would go away, which would happen if ice stopped melting.

Ok, that was completely wrong. What I meant was that you wouldn't have this freshwater runoff effect.

Still, sea-water has all kinds of salinity variation in it. I don't think that you can claim that changing the mean salinity by a few percent is going to seize up the whole planet somehow, without a lot of supporting evidence.

Lots of things could happen, in a world built of alarmist phantasy. The cold upper atmosphere air could sink like a rock and freeze the whole New England seaboard, freezing aircraft right out of the air!


Yeah, slarti -- molecules are in constant motion, so there is a non-zero probability that all of the molecules in your chair could vibrate over to one side and dump your butt on the floor.

(I'd worry a bit more about getting hit by lightening and winning the lottery at the same time.)


Hm hm hmmmmmm and I think that FOIA parcel was intended to be deep-sixed for later retrieval, instead
it got unzipped!


Jones' Locker hijacked on the cyber seas!


What's our next adventure?
South Southeast to Madagascar!


Pirate's Party
Wine and Brandy

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