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January 05, 2010





Kepner missed the most important stat: did they play for a New York team? [Or at least Boston]


Michael Yon was handcuffed in the Seattle airport going through security because he wouldn't tell them his income. Prt Authority came over & released him....UFB

Danube of Thought

Blyleven belongs in the Hall. Nastiest curveball in the history of the game.

Jack is Back!


Didn't Bert end up coaching the Netherlands in the Baseball Classic this year? I think so. Agree about the curve - best since Herb Score.

Where is Dale Murphy? Can't refuse him since he is the New York Times pick.

Buffy LaRouche

The NYT has a Sports section?

What's next, Comics?
(teed up)


I think each candidate should have to prove that he accomplished a miracle to be canonized in the Hall. It works for the Vatican and it would get guys like Ron Swoboda in there.


Bert deserves it simply as the nastiest (in a good way) practical joker in the game. A truly wonderful human being and a very underrated pitcher. Had the pleasure of watching him ply his craft in Anaheim for several years.


Crime Dog deserves it just for the nickname, and Raines and Morris were damn good as well.

Dave (in MA)

Jorg, Dawson's numbers during his stints with BOS and FLA might impede his election.


Bah TM,

I don't give a carp about any Hall O' Fame quality baseball player unless he can deliver live broadcasts of MLB games overseas in real time, ala' Ichiro, L.A.'s Matsui, Boston's Daisuke, or your Yanker's Ace, Taiwanese Pitcher Chien-Ming Wang. Other than that they are all forgettable, unless of course ">http://www.usatoday.com/life/books/news/2008-07-09-dorisday_N.htm"> they claimed they had sex with Doris Day.

Hubba hubba that!

Jim Rhoads a/k/a vjnjagvet

The Big Unit, a HOF shoe in, retired this afternoon at age 46.

Dave (in MA)

The Big Dodd did as well.

Captain Hate

a very underrated pitcher.

Cryleven underrated? LOL no. He was very good about caring more about his stats than the teams he played for though....

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