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January 02, 2010



Just for starters, what Russian food store always has:

Holland-quality salted herring;

Superb smoked fish: salmon, sturgeon, lakerda, steelhead, sea buss, etc.

Unheard in America collection of canned fish; try sayra sprayed with lemon juice with boiled and buttered potato; or Riga smoked sprats in oil;

Russian mustard, which will make you cry (literally), plus teaspoon added to any stiff meat will open it up and halve the time of moist cooking;

Incredible variety of salami and servelat sausages, made in NY or US NE are the best;

Republic of Georgia adjica (mixed with ketchup, lemon juice, sugar, makes the best steak sauce), or dry spice Khmeli-Sunely, which could spice any soup or meat dish with distinct and delicious aroma;

Pirogky, pelmeny, hachapuri, vareniki, chebureki – all could be good or plain, depending on store;

Sharp salads like olivie, vinegrate, sour cabbage;

Cakes like Napoleon, Kiev, etc.

And visiting Brighton Beach Russian foodstore in NY is a must at any visit to Big Apple.

Rick Ballard


Both the Baltic Dry Index and oil tanker charter rates indicate that the Ghost Fleet continues to grow. Rail car and container loading numbers are flat, showing minimal improvement YoY but down 25-50% fromm 2007.

Zombietimes are just rolling along.

JM Hanes


Here's a photo which makes the size of the temple a little easier to comprehend. One of the things that drew me to this temple, rather than it's ostensibly more photogenic sibling, were the proportions. I hadn't really analyzed it that way, but it's a sort of "perfection" that persists at any size -- and which may be precisely what makes the scale so hard to read without markers of some sort.

Temple stair


Cool JMH,

Loved early in the morning at first dawn sitting on the top of one of the temples and watching the Birds cawing and the monkey's get into howling mode and the morning fog lifting to reveal the central court. Magical.


Good evening, daddy and JMH.

JMH, the new year is indeed treating me well. I hope the same holds for you. My query last night related to the intense discussion of the Palin-related photoshop on what you had noted was a palindromic date. Should we expect similar controversy on Feb. 1st, since, as alluded to by jimmyk, that day will be palindromically rendered in other regions of the globe?

JM Hanes

Mornin' Elliott. I'd say controversy is a pretty safe bet.

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