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January 21, 2010


Jack is Back!

The irony in this legislation would make Aristophanes green with envy.


Hey TM--

You are PROLIFIC today. Regarding Turbo Tax Timmie (TTT); aren't you interested in who the counterparties were that received 100% payoffs for swap insurance that was paid out on order from TTT's NY Fed? Obviously those counterparties were LARGE banks (I'm looking at you Goldman, Deutsche and SG), but exactly who and HOW MUCH they got is vital info to us moronic taxpayers. Would you support a claw back (in lieu of a stupid acros the board Bank Tax)of say 50-60% which was the going rate insurers were paying off in those crazy days of Oct-Nov 2008. Over to you TM.


I'm still scanning the bills I come across for Tim Geithner's signature...so I can write TAX CHEAT on it. Still haven't run across even one...


Um, actually the IRS has no hesitation about going after your social security check.

(You need a J.K. Harris ad for the site, dude!)

Gabriel Sutherland

Contractor 1 stiffs Uncle Sam on taxes. Uncle Sam bars Contractor 1 from federal contracts.

Albany wins a federal contract from Uncle Sam. Albany rewards Contractor 1 with new contract.

Contractor 1 waits, hopes, but decides to hire Lobbyist 1 with the funds he should pay to the IRS to avoid paying the IRS.

This lobbying business sounds like a jobs, jobs, jobs winner. Is Uncle Sam spending more than he was last year?


"is the contractor deemed to be delinquent based solely on o IRS determination"

Is it possible that SOT Geithner will make the determination on a case by case basis, under the theory that it takes one to know one?


Didn't ACORN owe a few million in taxes ??


"This lobbying business sounds like a jobs, jobs, jobs winner."

Lobbying apparently doesn't pay as nearly well as
"Earmarks for Donations"
"MobilVox, Inc. tops the list of donors, contributing $8,300 to Moran and receiving a $2 million earmark."

Annoying Old Guy


There is no Geithner currency. The last issue of one dollar bills was the 2006 series. The previous one was the 2003A. There's a decent chance for a 2010 issue but it's not guaranteed. Not every Secretary of the Treasury gets to sign currency.


IMO, Any article which includes the words "tax cheat" should include the words Rep.
Rangel, Chairman, House Ways and Means Committee.

"United States House Committee on Ways and Means - Wikipedia,----
The Committee of Ways and Means is the chief tax-writing committee of the United States House of Representatives"


Annoying Old Guy - Thanks for explaining. You guys here at JOM are so nice.


There is absolutely no danger that this will be enforced--except possibly for political punishment/reward purposes. Obama is, as usual, simply making tough-sounding noises, without any accountability. "I have directed the heads of departments ..." means: I've made a pronouncement. If it turns out that somebody tries to make me live up to it, you heads of departments will take the heat. If you try to enforce it, and it results in a political problem, you heads of departments will take the heat. That will be all. "

JM Hanes

"I assume there is a "Geithner exception" for companies providing a seemingly vital service.... [I]s the contractor deemed to be delinquent based solely on o IRS determination...?

Look for the union label, TM, and you'll surely find your answers.

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