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January 09, 2010



I for one look forward to it.


If it weren't for mental health professionals, how else would every crazy person you went to school with earn a living?


Depends TM,

If we re-elect this Bozo in 2012 yes, I'll be mentally ill by 2013.

If not, not so much.

Buford Gooch

Clarice, most went into education.


With the recent freezing cold here in North Florida, the lizards and snakes go into suspended animation.
I'll bring in, say, a pygmy rattler, and, he thaws out and bites me. Every single time!
The swelling is still going down from the last couple of times.


He seems pretty light skinned to me too!


Will everyone, then, also be a lawyer?


when was the last time you met a normal person who was a therapist or psychologist or psychiatrist? It is exactly their ego centered investigation into their own psychological issues that leads them into the field, as clarice so aptly puts it.


Well doesn't Freud, applying the results of his patients to the larger population, the
real problem of psychoanalysis, just a thought


Well, taking a look at what passes for "normal" in DC, it sure seems as though the old adage about "a sane man in an insane world would appear insane" is all the vogue.


Mayans say we will all be dead after Dec. 21 2012. Not to worry

JM Hanes

Can I renew my 15 minutes?

Jack is Back!

I blame the genomes.


--when was the last time you met a normal person who was a therapist or psychologist or psychiatrist?--

Actually there has yet to be a first time.
They must start out trying to find a way to cure themselves and end up screwing up everyone else.

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