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January 09, 2010


Jack is Back!

Yes, this would be even better if they did a story on New Orleans and mentioned how Jackson beat the British army there in 1812.

Johnny Horton

I resemble that remark:

In eighteen-fourteen we took a little trip
Along with Colonel Jackson down the might Mississipp'
We took a little bacon and we took a little beans
And we caught the bloody British in the town of New Orleans

Danube of Thought

That's an Obama-like error.


I doubt Obama ever even heard of Revere.


Good news!

Dirty Harry continues to sink in polls.


I doubt Obama ever even heard of Revere.

ha ha ha ha ha


Plus, the Obamas seem not to know which hand to use during the Pledge.....



glasater: Don't they both look unbelievably awkward and stupid? My gawd!


They have shown a contempt for Tea Party goers, that borders on obscene, so why should
this surprise us?

tea anyone

Is that a real photo or has that been shopped???? Surely they can't be that stupid!!????

Rick Ballard

"Surely they can't be that stupid!!????"

Their intelligence is consonant with Michelle's "beauty" but, if that photo hasn't been reversed, it belongs next to Bozo's unsubtle finger gestures.

Neither of them could climb onto a low Chicago curb without a ladder.


Well, most people wear their wedding rings on the left hand, so I have my doubts that photo was reversed. Maybe photoshopping allows more manipulation than a simple reversal.


The photo was sent to me via email and the message did point out that it couldn't have been a 'mirror' image 'cause look at where the rings are on the hands--plus Zero's coat is buttoned correctly..

I know some about photoshopping and although DaveinMA may be the expert here--I would say it would be pretty difficult to make an image this authentic through manipulation.

And CC--yeah the expression on the faces is a real "study" isn't it?
Like--what a chore to have to show a little patriotism.....

Rick Ballard


They both need "I'm with stupid." bubble captions over their pointy heads.

PS - thanks for clarifying the probability that it isn't a p-shop.


It would be a pretty good photo for a caption contest wouldn't it?



Sorry, but it is photoshopped. Men's suits don't button that way. They reversed the photo and shopped the rings on the right ring fingers.

But the facial expressions are still accurately stupid.

Fake, but accurate


Go look in your closet again, peter. Men's jackets have the buttons on the right and the buttonholes on the left.

If it's a photoshop it's a reasonably skillful one.


You're right Peter--I use CS4 and really zoomed into the image.

It appears the buttons on the jacket were "fiddled" with also and is sort of apparent with the rings.

Usually when peoples faces are 'flipped' there are major distortions in the features.
With Zero--he looks the same either way (flipped or not) but with MO flipping does show some distortion.

Old Lurker

Well I tend to flip (off) both of them.


Right OL:)

I used to do a bunch of photo restoration until everyone and their dog learned how to do it--so that's why the "flipping" thing is something I notice..


Paul Krugman is protesting the Ride of Paul Revere and blaming Bush for the lack of preparation.

Henry Louis Gates said it was racist.

Johny Kerry said "huh"?

Soylent Red

I heard last night, on Lars Larsen, that there were going to be cuts to the funding for MWR on military posts.

I've looked high and low today and can't find anything about it. Anyone know something?

Frau Lachsack

Obama might remember the Indonesian tale of Moo-too-too and the Giant (It takes a country er, a village to feed the government, er, the giant). I'm sure Barry identifies with the giant. LUN



Some details here.


It appears the buttons on the jacket were "fiddled" with also and is sort of apparent with the rings.

I think there are a few other indicia of flipping in addition to the suspicious appearance of the rings and the area where the Obama's coat overlaps.

The knot of Obama's tie is invariably tilted in the direction opposite to that of the altered image. The part in Michelle Obama's hair is not on the usual side of her head. The same applies to her distinctive right eye.


I did hear they were cutting back funding for Tri-Care in the health care bill, Soylent.


Yes, Elliot, a blogger called Cripes Suzette has often blogged about Michelle's "little eye" which is her right eye. Also the mole on the left side of Obama's face, (viewer's right) has been airbrushed.


Elliot--Along with what you mention is the lapel pin.

Someone took great pains with the detail. So the lesson learned is...don't trust pictures:-) Not really.....but......


The sad thing is a photoshop is effective because it's entirely plausible these two numbskulls wouldn't know any better than to use their left hands.

BTW is a 'little eye' the same as a wonky eye?

Harry Reid

I like Barack because he is light skinned with no negro dialect. Michelle on the other hand...


Harry Reid

Ooops, LUN. I was laughing so hard I forgot.


That little eye came when she was watching the Olympics on her father's lap at the age of 19.


I bet if you asked them, on what date did the historic battles at Concord and Lexington take place on, they'd get that wrong too!

A little more on Longfellow's poem.

You guys don't miss a trick! If this isn't the original, it's pretty close to it.



Bingo Rocco:)

You're so good......

JM Hanes

Good on you for digging up the photo, Rocco!

I'm sure it began life on the White House Photo stream, although you won't find it there now. On the one I grabbed from an earlier thread, the JPeg title (4258908600_1e6e9f032b_o.jpg) and page source URL formats were right, but that's about it. When I zoomed in on the buttons, and upped the contrast, it was pretty clear that someone was doing some mucking around.


Pretty funny stuff. I expect a lot of photos will be disappeared from the Flickr site, once an adult actually starts minding the store. That's a typical sort of White House PR 2.0 progression, isn't it?


Apologies in advance to any blondes out there...

During a recent password audit, it was found that a blonde was using the following password: MickeyMinniePlutoHueyLouieDeweyDonaldGoofySacramento When asked why such a long password, she said she was told that it had to be at least 8 characters long and include at least one capital.~

Bada...bing. ::grin::

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