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January 03, 2010



Yesterday someone mentioned the number of absentee ballots showing up in Mass already.

The LUN shows absentee ballot problems in a New York town election recently.

"Evidence before him will include spreadsheets showing that many of the county's absentee voters had signed affidavits for property tax exemptions on homes outside of Columbia County or signed second-home riders on mortgages securing their Columbia County property. Those riders explicitly say their primary residences are elsewhere."

The New York Supreme court has now ruled. As I understand the ruling, the court says that voted fraud must be allowed if the voter is voting for the Democrats.

"“Basically, what the court has said is that you can’t challenge an absentee ballot after the election. You have to challenge the issuance of the ballot before the Election.”

We seem the same type of rulings in court cases before. In Washington State 2004 Governor's race, the court ruled that votes from felons who were legally not allowed to vote could not be challenged after the vote was cast.

Jack is Back!

Written by a very typical socialist leaning Irish leftist who's admonition of "do as I say, not as I do" is more difficult to set to music than he thought. All his ideas are very noble and clever in that they disguise the pure nonsense of them all. I am sure that adding more people who don't know the first thing about making cars people want to buy will result in sales cascading through the door. Notice nothing about the "threats" all people face - from Islamic terrorism to Big Government to a nuclear Iran. And where oh where do the jobs come from? Building Phillipe Stark designed Malibu's?


Good morning. I see the Dem's have their panties all in knots over Rasmussen's polls. Of course, if they are shrieking, they must really be worried.

The Left has always used polls to manipulate and propagandize the public. The alphabet news media and the print media, teamed with their pollster partners, always front load their polls in favor of Dems to acheive their desired results. Judging by their whining now, it must be getting harder and harder to keep Obama afloat in the favorable column.

This is a good start to the New Year:)


what the court has said is that you can’t challenge an absentee ballot after the election.

It's interesting to juxtapose that with the "forbidden fruit" rule from Miranda--you have to discard information that was obtained illegally. In both situations the courts basically side with the criminals, even though the logic is opposite. With Miranda, the argument is that allowing it would be too much of an incentive to make "mistakes." But with voting, that same reasoning is ignored: Even when you know the vote was illegal, you have to count it. That makes no sense to me.


Voter fraud? Hell, you get rewarded if you commit voter fraud in the Obama administration. LUN Olivia Alair who is now press secretary for the Dept. of Trans.


Cripes Suzette shares this photo with her readers:

Michelle O Imitates a Whale

Jackie O scarf on head. Check
Jackie O shades. Check

about the rest . . . just Oh, Oh, Oh my.


Does that case in NY depend on the impossibility of determining illegal ballots once they've been thrown in the mix?If so it would not be that remarkable a ruling.Would it?

In any event, the next step is to prosecute those who vted in more than one jurisdiction.


She definitely has "muscular" thighs. Oh my indeed. No wonder they fight so hard to keep photos of them at the beach to a minimum.


So, Felix' Leiter's nephew, Michael. tells us AQ wants to attack us, really you think. Where
was this warning on December 23rd, here's a tip stop sending terrorist masterminds back to Arabia Felix and Yemen, redesignate the interrogation center, and kick the FBI out of it. and stop interrogating 70 year old ladies
from Iowa


Here's centralcal's photo -


LUN is the link to politicians in swimwear that was at the Cripes Suzette site. Ol' Richard Nixon looks pretty good. Who'd of thunk it?!


About the absentee ballot thing. Here in California (where I have used mail in balloting for the past several years) a voter signs the envelope that contains the ballot, but not the ballot itself.

Assuming ballot envelopes are checked and passed by the clerks, the removed ballots then counted, how would one connect the ballot back to an envelope that might be fraudulent?

It would seem that the fraud has to be discovered before the ballot count, no?


Howie Carr on WRKO has been encouraging all his listeners to go and get an absentee ballot just in case the weather is bad on January 19th. From what I recall, he had already picked his up and announced when the ballots would be available at all the town/city halls. So maybe in this case, it might be a good thing.


Looking at his Wiki and even NCTC profile, he seems a decent fellow, but not with any of the real operational experience that would be needed in the job. Of course, we've kind of foreclosed on the ability to tap that sort of experience.


Janet: I loved the photos and captions for the recently departed Lion of the Senate!


The Supreme Court, in it's own inimical way, failed to order the proper deligence in Ohio,
the rest was just everything working itself out in Brunner's formulation.

The contrast is rather clear in those pictures, even though only one was technically
swim in one example

Janet the Lion of Arlington

Yeah, that great BIG champion for the poor with my money. I'm thinking of becoming the Lion of Arlington, Virginia...I'll go house to house taking money from people and then I'll give it to my friends. Isn't that being generous?


Remember that little detail about art therapy for wayward jihadis, in the LUN a picture says a thousand words


An unfortunate metaphor.

Obama Adviser: 'No Smoking Gun' in Airline Bomb Plot

And there he is, the fox in the hen-house, whitewash brush in hand, speaking of metaphors.


Well it wasn't a smoking 'gun' exactly,(lol)
but talk about missing the point entirely


A really big show on the Food Network tonight.

On "Iron Chef," food superstars Comerford, Mario Batali, Bobby Flay and Emeril Lagasse meet in Washington for a trip to the White House. The first lady, whose domestic agenda includes promoting healthy eating, shows up in a theme-appropriate orange dress reminiscent of a crisp vegetable. She informs the chefs that the secret (and required) ingredient for the food competition -- in which three judges decide whose dishes are most delicious -- is anything in the White House garden.

Carrot? Orange Bell Pepper? Pumpkin? Winter Squash?


Firefox has a tool on its formatting toolbar for adding an image. Can anyone tell me how to use it?


Janet, Thank you for the Olivia Alair LUN. I knew I had seen it, but couldn't find it when the Baucus rewarded his girl friend thing was going around.

" So maybe in this case, it might be a good thing." Legitimate Absentee ballots are not the problem. Fraudulent absentee ballots are the problem.

"Assuming ballot envelopes are checked and passed by the clerks," How did the absentee voter name get on the voter rolls?

"Evidence before him will include spreadsheets showing that many of the county's absentee voters had signed affidavits for property tax exemptions on homes outside of Columbia County or signed second-home riders on mortgages securing their Columbia County property. Those riders explicitly say their primary residences are elsewhere."

Who is supposed to check this stuff? The Republican Party, that's crazy.


pagar: How did the absentee voter name get on the voter rolls?

I am sorry, but I don't understand your question.

Jack is Back!


A big think from Mark Steyn. I love it when someone channels my thoughts and make them so damn readable and rational.


Centralcal, if the clerk properly passed the absentee ballot on to be counted ,it must have been because the name was on the voter rolls. The WSJ article that is LUNed says that the GOP has presented evidence that some of the challenged voters have signed documents saying that the address they used to vote is not their primary residence. My understanding is that one is supposed to vote in their primary residence
Who is supposed to make sure that the voter who registers to vote in a specific location is eligible to vote in that location? It can not possibly be the Republican party that is supposed to check these things.

I don't know how to say it any plainer. But I will offer the fact that anyone who spends a portion of the year in Florida, and a portion elsewhere is not automatically entitled to claim Florida as their primary residence from which they are entitled to vote and pay income taxes.

Danube of Thought

Well, on to my current obsession. Byron York says an administration flunky on Fox News (haven't seen it yet) says Eric Holder made the decision to treat the panty bomber as a criminal defendant. The guys points out that Bush did so with two terrorists, Moussaoui and Richard Reid.

True enough, but if memory serves, at the time those guys were taken into custody the military tribunal apparatus didn't yet exist. And in any event, the Moussaoui fiasco is pretty much an object lesson in why it should never be done again.

These clown are putting us all in danger.


Yes, but they yelled and screamed when Abdullah Muhajir, "Jose Padilla" who was in contact with Shukrijumah, who was subsequently
spotted anywhere from Belize to Hamilton, Ontario. They cried crocodile tears,was taken down to Charleston, down with Al Marri


the secret (and required) ingredient for the food competition ... is anything in the White House garden.



pagar: okay, now I understand your question.

From my county registrar of voters I copied this snippet:

"18100. Registration of persons not entitled to register.
(a) Every person who willfully causes, procures, or allows himself or herself or any other person to be registered as
a voter, knowing that he or she or that other person is not entitled to registration, is punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for 16 months or two or three years, or in a county jail for not more than one year."

I would think the burden of proving eligibility (if challenged) would be on the County Clerk/Registrar - not a political party. Naturally, the political party could and should challenge ineligible voters. That said, then we get into the weeds of corruption in certain County Clerks' offices, no?


Lead in the WH garden


The bureaucratic incompetence leading up to the panty bomber's failed man caused disaster is a bit disconcerting.

I suppose we should hope that only the best and the brightest bureaucrats from the TSA / Homeland Security fiasco will be transferred to the new Obamacare fiasco.

Cecil Turner

True enough, but if memory serves, at the time those guys were taken into custody the military tribunal apparatus didn't yet exist.

There are also some glaring differences between the cases. First, Richard Reid was believed to be a lone nut:

U.S. law enforcement authorities have found no connection between the man and any terrorist groups, sources said.
By the time that was disputed (and eventually disproved), he'd already been charged. And though most have forgotten, after the facts started to come out, the judge in the case so feared his transfer to a tribunal that he entered a "do not move" order:
In presiding over the Richard Reid case, Judge Young was the first to challenge such dubious prosecutorial maneuvers. Reid, a British citizen accused of trying to blow up a jetliner, was such a likely candidate for designation as an enemy combatant that Young issued an emergency order in March 2002 to block the defendant's transfer out of the jurisdiction. [emphasis added]
And though he should've been transferred immediately, there was no general concern over the case, in large part because it was viewed as a bit of a joke. (The picture of Reid after being subdued and drugged on the airplane undoubtedly added to that misimpression.)

Abdulmutallab was known to have terrorist ties before he was apprehended. His is the second attempt of a known terrorist MO, and his status as an Al Qaeda operative is undisputed. Treating him as a common criminal in the face of what is obviously an ongoing attempt to down airliners (in which he was merely an expendable pawn) is clearly inapt.


Isn't that always the case, Cecil, about Reid,
Faris, Padilla, Faris, Khan (Majid) down to Zazi, Hassan, and Abdulmutallab and and they are almost invariably wrong.

Danube of Thought

As I read York's article, it seems the only justification offered for treating the panty bomber as a criminal defendant is that he was apprehended on American soil. That, of course, is an utter non sequitur, and suggests a perverse policy under which a foreign mass murdering terrorist can acquire additional rights and privileges if only he can make it to America. God these people are nuts.

Melinda Romanoff


I suspect it's even simpler than you might think. Imagine, if you will, a decision motivated by making sure your friends-who-fund-Democratic-activities are working on the taxpayer's dime. It's really just a way to launder government money into campaign coffers, through friends, whom might just get rich in the process.

This is the True Chicago method.

Danube of Thought

I don't understand, Melinda--who are the people you're referring to as working on the taxpayer's dime?

Danube of Thought

Here's my contribution to making air travel safer for all, and much less nightmarish for many.

Work the screening process from the opposite direction. Allow travelers to pass a one-time, rigorous background check, to be conducted other than at an airport and not in connection with any particular flight, in order to be issued a card that would allow him to bypass the security procedures when he flies. This would speed things up immeasurably, and would allow the TSA to devote more attention to those without the card.

There's room for debate about what would be the requirements to be granted the exemption, but consider, for example, requiring that the applicant be a US citizen over the age of forty with no criminal record and a provable history of twenty years of air travel. (Corrrect: I am designing the system so that I would qualify, but what the hell...)


For those of you who still remember the global warming scare of the previous decade:

Rod Liddle writes in his column in the (UK) Times:

***Call me a cynic, but wasn’t it a bit premature of the climate change monkeys to have called 2009 the “fifth warmest year on record” back in November? We have now had the coldest December since Surrey was home to mastodons and pterodactyls and mammoths stalked the Lincolnshire Wolds — a fact which you might hope they will factor into their figures somewhere, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

I assume the climate change people believe that the year ends in December, as the rest of us do, rather than November. It’s possible that for perfectly good reasons those boffins at the University of East Anglia have decided to remove December entirely from recent yearly climate figures, on the grounds that it is always a bit parky and does not entirely support the thesis that the Earth is getting hotter and all the polar bears are going to die.

Incidentally, they also predicted that 2010 was going to be scorching, the hottest year ever: let’s keep an eye on the figures, then. And when it transpires that 2010 was actually fairly mild, wait for the explanation as to how man-made climate change is sometimes responsible for keeping temperatures very stable and not that hot at all.***


Treating him as a common criminal is already causing problems. When the president was criticized for using crim law language--"alleged attempted bomber"--he switched tack and now has given defense counsel grounds for saying he's poisoned the jurys' view of things.


The head of Justice's civil division represented Suleiman Faris (John Walker
Lyndh)Another official Neil Kazdan (sic) represented Osama's driver. The folks at the OLC, all castigated the Bush administration's
approach, one prospective one, Dawn Johnsen,
called the likes of Addington and Yoo, 'consiglieri'


MA race going viral. Vodkapundit on the case.


If he wins they'll just buy another Senator but it should so shake up the congress that Pelosi and Reid will never pull another string for The Won again.


Registered Independents now outnumber both Democrats and Republicans in Massachusetts. We've elected Republicans before and we can do it again! Please help us shake up congress and maybe even derail the health care bill. Help us go viral...CALL FROM HOME

Contact Brad Hansen, [email protected]


Hey Caro! Happy New Year!


mass murdering terrorist can acquire additional rights and privileges if only he can make it to America. God these people are nuts.

I was thinking about that yesterday, DoT. If you were a young jihadi, would you rather your bomb fail to go off in Saudi Arabia or in the US? Who would you choose to handle you if you accidentally live?

Danube of Thought

Just watched the administration guy explaining why this guy is being given the rights of a criminal defendant. It was incoherent.


Has anyone noticed the concerted propaganda regarding Napolitano and Obama's "toughness" in contingency operations.

Dowd's article in the Times was a joke of a column, and Broder's the other day was one of the all time great suck up pieces.

Then you have Andy Sullivan, conspiracy queen, dumping on Cheney with a similar editorial in the Chicago Trib.

If we could just get copies of the Journo-List daily e mails...

but I think people are figuring it out for themselves.



There was a program like that. One of our engineers was in it and I actually registered through the first stage. But it shut down for some reason.The company running it went BK, I believe.

Danube of Thought

Powerline takes on the WH apologist (his name is Brennan) and excoriates him. (Can't link from I-phone.)


Can anyone doubt the idiocy of this administration?

They are closing the US embassy in Yemen while continuing the program to sending Yemeni terrorists from Gitmo back to Yemen?


(Can't link from I-phone.)

What the hell? The commercials blaring at me trying to watch some bowl games yesterday said that there is now a phone with a projector attached. "The man said Ta Da."

Sounds like you just got last year's ( wont say decade as it aint over until end of 2010 ) technology to me.


And Kristol crushes him, as the LUN indicates

Rob Crawford

Just watched the administration guy explaining why this guy is being given the rights of a criminal defendant. It was incoherent.

You need to tighten that up a bit:

"...the administration... is... incoherent."


I am sure they are closing the embassy, because they cant get anyone in the State Dept to take a position in Yemen that literally has a bull's eye drawn on their back. The CIA and the State Dept. populate embassies, and I am sure both know that sooner or later one of these pantybombers is going to show up on the embassy doorstep. Knock, knock Kaboom.


DoT's Link: The Dove that Dares Not Speak its Name

WALLACE: But once he gets his Miranda rights, he doesn't have to speak at all.

BRENNAN: He doesn't have to, but he knows that there are certain things that are on the table, and if he wants to, in fact, engage with us in a productive manner, there are ways that he can do that.

Hhhmmm - what are those certain things on the table? Good grief.

Captain Hate
High praise for your Dec. 28 editorial "The Price of Freedom" for its defense of jailed Chinese dissident and freedom fighter Liu Xiaobo. But, as our trade policy continues to enrich the Communist Party machine, when will you explore the link?

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D., Ohio)

I'm not sure what idiot staffer or maybe Brown's fatass wife composed this gem of a letter to the WSJ, but does Sherrod really want to explore the link of who's been responsible for trade policy and the lack of regard for human rights during the last year?

Captain Hate

Speaking of idiots: LUN for some self-pawnage


More from Gerraghty on Brown:

Anecdotes for Cheer/Data for Gloom


Didn't al Shehri direct the attack on the US Embassy in Aden this year. Sherrod is possibly
a quart higher than Kucinich, that's why is he seems perennially on the Maddow show


Thanks for posting that CC. I agree with the guy who wrote in that it's better to stay under the radar and not wake the democrat machine. If Dick still thinks the race is over this Tuesday I will judge that as a success.


Absolutely--otherwise the state will be overrun with SEIU/Acorn "helpers".


Can't find a Ras daily approval poll today, but here is a new tidbit:

Number of Democrats Falls To New Low, Down Six Points Since Election 2008

["new low" here means "in more than seven years of Rasmussen monthly tracking"]


It's -18, porchlight.


Thanks, clarice - was that today? I saw -18 for Saturday but couldn't find a new one for today. Thought it was weird since "Dems hate Rasmussen" is the new meme...

Danube of Thought

I think he hasn't updated since Thursday's poll; he took a holiday break.

Melinda Romanoff

Sorry, DoT, doing the rough electrical work in a wall, then lunch.

What I was referring to were the legal eagles who will be defending these "criminals" on the taxpayer dime.


Aha, that makes sense. Sorry, I've been traveling and am not all that sure what day it is, to be honest.


I suppose I'd beter double check. I thought I saw that today on FR..But since my owncomputer's down I don'tget arond as much as I used to.
It I get some clarification, Ill post it.


It's dated 1/2:

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll, released Thursday, shows that 24% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Forty-two percent (42%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -18

Frau Wahlrecht

It's simple:
Brennan also said the Obama administration will continue to send Guantanamo detainees to Yemen. "Absolutely," he said. "We're going to be working closely with the Yemeni government." ... Finally, Brennan explained the Obama administration's decision to close the U.S. embassy in Yemen. There have been rising threats against the embassy, Brennan said, and the administration wants to "make sure we're doing everything possible to protect our diplomats there."

Frau Wahlrecht

"What I was referring to were the legal eagles who will be defending these "criminals" on the taxpayer dime."

Part of the 'creating jobs' role of the present executive branch, Melinda?


So, we are sending these detainees to an APO address?


So little time, so much to catch up on...
CC & Janet--that picture here in Texas of Michelle would be tagged "Bubble Butt", even
"Big Bubble Butt"..CC --is the baby watch over? ♥

Melinda..Do you deal in purchasing crude from the yards of full tankers sitting off port? That was my stepbrothers job at BP--he still works in Chicago, but with the new firm, AMYRIS fuels, formed with Sir Brown of BP, dealing in the worlds' ?new fuels?Do you know Jim Alderman? offices on W,BrynMawr
in SoChicago? The stories he would tell about how they would park those huge tankers depending on pricing are things we should change in the commodity world.

clarice..I hope your pop-up malware ads are resolved. I must have known of 20 people who had to deal with these crooks(even some would agree to click to buy and still they wouldn't go away--tricky criminals!!) And everyday, Holder's bias and incompetence is breathtakingly scary. Do you think Obama will have the B's to fire him, Big Sis, Brennan, ooh, the list is long--when the midterms inch closer?

Jane...I think there may be an earthquake in MA after the special senate election. Hyannisport may secede!


glenda..it's a netsky virus..the normal protocol for clearing it up doesn't wrk-It's going into te office tomorrow for a workup we hope will work.


the administration wants to "make sure we're doing everything possible to protect our diplomats there."

So don't let them read anything at their desks the last hour of each day. That should make them invulnerable.

Frau Wahlrecht

Well, clarice, the embassy will be available.

Jack is Back!

In 12 months, The Once has dropped 38 pts in the PAI. Its remarkable but consistent with the Lincoln adage regarding fooling some of the people some of the time and but not all of the people all of the time.


Glenda: Yes, she had a boy!


YEAH!! Congratulations,CC.


Ya gotta love this: John Kerry Denied Entry Into Iran


Oh, they're no fun! They should have let him in and then held him for ransom. Not even Obama would pay to get him back. snort.


Wonderful news, Jane! LOL

Manuel Transmission


The feds have a program, Nexus, that is used (at least) up here in the great NW. They refer to the participants as "trusted travelers". It does exactly what you describe, but I have no idea why it isn't expanded to all travelers. It is mostly used here for crossing the border back and forth to Canada and the Canadians are part of the program. We use it for pleasure boating mostly, but I think it can be shown at airport customs - but apparently not for security purposes.

Which begs the question: why the artificial distinction between security and other TSA/CBP tasks? If you think about it is all of a common goal of filtering out the folks we want here (or belong here) and those we don't.


There was also a biometric program where they do (with your permission)a background check of frequent travelers and take pictres of your eyes which are then printed on passes. (apparently retinas are as individual as fingerprints). My son participated in it but I don't know if it still exists.


Wonderful news, CC..I never completely understood a "mother's love" until my grandson came along.
They do complete you, whatever gender, shape, size, color, babies to adults--grandchildren are a gift from God
that we MUST NOT let the democrats burden them with their cruel judgements and socialist ideas.
Why would Lurch think going to Iran(giving their government any recognition) is a good idea? Does he not understand what his visit would do to the brave people taking to the streets to be heard? But, maybe, they'll decide to hold him for spying for a few months ... it might be a learning experience for Kerry, after all.


I usually just look at the Rasmussen "trend" information for the Presidential Approval Index. That is, effectively, a spread sheet with all of the historic data. It's available at LUN. The -18 is listed for 12/31/09.



Freaky seeing Brennan engage in slimy plea negotiations. The new national security playbook.

Instead, it [H.R. 4173] supports the biggest banks. It authorizes Federal Reserve banks to provide as much as $4 trillion in emergency funding the next time Wall Street crashes. So much for “no-more-bailouts” talk. That is more than twice what the Fed pumped into markets this time around. The size of the fund makes the bribes in the Senate’s health-care bill look minuscule.

There was a retired military fellow on Fox News yesterday--one of their regular go to guys--who made an absolutely stunning statement saying "all muslim males between the ages of eighteen and twentyeight be strip search before allowed on aircraft traveling to the US.
Julie Banderas hustled him off the air pronto... Heh!


Really, bunky. It's as if he thought it would convince people that using the criminal justice system is a good idea.

They're as clueless with foreign enemies as Bush was with domestic ones. What narciso calls the bearded Spock universe. Only problem is that we're the domestic enemies.


The size of the fund makes the bribes in the Senate’s health-care bill look minuscule.

Remember the days when Clinton's $16B "stimulus package" was considered excessive, and in fact was killed?


He was pretty close

All travelers flying into the U.S. from foreign countries will receive tightened random screening, and 100 percent of passengers from 14 terrorism-prone countries will be patted down and have their carry-ons searched, the Obama administration was notifying airlines on Sunday Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0110/31122.html#ixzz0baIviaU6


Ex: we're just so many Tribbles....


Scary. (LUN)


Are they talking about passengers originating from terrorist-prone countries? What about people like the pantybomber who switched planes in a non-terrorist prone country? Will those people be flagged? Somehow I doubt the system is that good since they can't even seem to coordinate the terrorist watch list with the no-fly list.


"Why would Lurch think going to Iran(giving their government any recognition) is a good idea?

You have to remember that Lurch has done this before. When the North Vietnamese military couldn't come up with a way to defeat the US and our Allies in South Vietnam, he and his supporters in the US stepped in and won it for them.


Via a Maybee tweet from @gpollowitz:

New TSA travel restrictions on flights to U.S. from London, Amsterdam, Canada, Brussels and other locales

It's from Lynn Sweet's article and gives more detail following Clarice's link.


LUN is an Am. Thinker article on how the abortion business is booming.

"Pence pointed out on Friday that Planned Parenthood is the nation's largest abortion provider and also the largest recipient of federal funding under Title X. Their latest annual report shows that the health care and abortion provider received approximately $350 million in government grants and contracts, Pence noted. In that same report, Planned Parenthood recorded more than 300,000 abortions."

Why is the federal government in this business at all? It makes me sick that our family helps pay for this with our taxes. If someone else wants to kill babies, then they can donate to that "charity"...I don't want to. God have mercy on our nation...

Danube of Thought

So much for Obama's effort to use the French-looking one, who by the way served in Vietnam, to reach out to Iran.

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