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January 06, 2010



They must have recruited these guys from the TSA pool.


Obviously, members of the Taliban "educated class"


I give it a solid B+

Joseph Brown

1,008 busy, busy virgins.


OT James Lewis argues the climate fraudsters after $10 trillion of the world's wealth will strike again unless they are criminally prosecuted.


Rob C

Life imitates The Onion.



The Dem Lt Gov has dropped out of the governor's race.


Captain Hate

"Suspected" terrorists? How 'bout failed terrorists but Darwin award recipients, CNN?


... and darn, the destruction of a perfectly good school bus at that.

Dave (in MA)

"...the System worked..."



Thanks for the link. James Lewis is in fine form.


You're welcome. I always think he's very good.


An Abu Bakr's dozen of Achmeds.....


I was watching the National Geographic special about Moslems (I prefer the old spelling) last night. There is some linguistic expert who has studied the original writings of the Koran in Aramaic. Says there are a lot of bad translations, and there aren't seventy two virgins, just seventy two sweet grapes.


"seventy two sweet grapes"

Maybe "sweet grape" is their version of "cherry".


I prefer the joke with the jihadi being pummelled by various of the founding fathers, the punch line of which is "72 Virginians!"

Frau Sprengstoff

I doubt there is a reward for bozos who *fail* to blow up infidels. To quote Oscar Leroy, "Jackasses."


"Hey, Abdul, shove this detonator and 80 grams of PETN up your butt and then ride down a bumpy road crammed aboard a bus without shocks with lots of similarly equipped jihadists," said Precious to Abdul. ... HaHaHa


there was a comedy album back in the early 70's called "We're all Bozos on this Bus". Life imitates art.


Well, we can always hope they blow themselves up - would save everyone a lot of trouble!

Danube of Thought

It's what the soccer people call an "own goal."


A Clem, that was a comedy album?

bak in

So, like it's the old movie. The detonators. They set it off to protect from the detonation. So, why did this one work? The other one did and it was supposed too, so if you sell the technology of remote detonation......the engineer calcuteed the loads. It was the technians...not the engineers......but who made the detanator.......


It is good to see that they are finally cutting out the middle man


sbw, it's hard to say, I think, exactly what Firesign Theater albums were. See, e.g. "Don't Crush That Dwarf! Hand Me The Pliers"


Since this is the closest thing to a war thread this evening, I thought I'd comment on the most remarkable movie line. It's during a scene in which a Soviet colonel is arguing with an American colonel. The Soviet says,

Also, you speak about truth. When your western democracies fight wars, they say they are fighting to make the world safe for other people. But all the time it is about oil. Oil!

That's not such an unusual sentiment anymore. What made it remarkable in context was that the movie had made clear that the Soviets were lying bastards, and that the movie the line comes from, The Red Danube, was released in 1949.

Sir Toby Belch

The bus blew up because every passenger
decided they wanted 72 virgins...NOW!

Sir Toby Belch

The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round

The horn on the bus goes "beep, beep beep"

The bomb on the bus goes "BOOM"

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