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February 11, 2010



It's funny, I have absolutely no idea what a delegate does - and JIB you are right, it's probably a lonely job. I also have a press pass to the same convention. Hmmmm maybe I'll give it to Caro so she can take pictures!

Melinda Romanoff


I'll break that down later, as how it deals with a more fundamental description of how fixed income (bonds) trade.

And I'll cover Indirect vs. Direct as best as can be done.

Later, on deadline.

Cecil Turner

The 10 or so comments at the bottom from regular joe citizens are educational and refreshing, and my guess is not a single one of them went to Harvard.

The average joes were better than the journo, but I'm surprised nobody mentioned wind speed. (I'm guessing that's why they compared other valleys, but the Tanana valley isn't like other valleys.) Not sure if these are precisely congruent, but Fairbanks is calm >35% in the winter months, and Pinehurst shows 10.5% calm.

Add in the fact the calm periods tend to coincide with bitter cold (and concommitant fuel usage) and you end up with weird air events like ice fog, which used to be a common winter sight in those parts. Anyway, the article was more like apples and watermelons.


Freshly brewed genius on tap, from Larry O'Donnell, in the LUN

Jim Ryan

PPP has a VA-5 poll out. Incumbent Tom Perriello tied with three of the challengers, including Goode running as an independent (and including Ken Boyd a local pol here in C-ville behind Perriello by only 4 points.)

The frontrunner amongst the GOP candidates makes Tea Partiers groan, so popcorn may need to be popped for this one. They like a couple of the no-names who are way behind.

Jack is Back!


Thanks for that clip. Whenever I watch that wing-nut O'Donnel I have to go to the gym and work on the speed bag and punch myself silly. Boy, what I would give for just 1 minute in the gym with that guy.

Captain Hate

Freshly brewed genius on tap, from Larry O'Donnell

Goddamn what a meltdown. I knew little Larry was a loon but he's gone so far over the edge I'm surprised the Witness Protection Network can stand to have him stinking up their already-pathetic brand.

He was probably up all night sobbing about the end of Camelot. Speaking of which, was the suicide hotline alerted about Mike Barnicle?


This was the guy who voted for cap n trade, and I take PPP with a grain of salt, what do we know about this Hurt character

Rob Crawford

Via the Corder, more evidence Democrats consider elected offices their personal property: Murtha's widow may take his seat, LUN.


Purposefully and actively trying to undermine the POTUS' foreign policies is treason any way you slice it.

This is from a Democrat, criticizing DeMint.

Rob, That statement is unbelievable from a Democrat. Sometime in 2003 I couldn't take the anti-war, ANSWER, code pink uprising any more. I went to my first rally on the mall in support of our troops. I started listening to Rush...reading more (whoever the MSM made fun of, I made a point to read). I'd always been kinda "naturally" conservative but never engaged. The Dems. trying to replay their lousy Vietnam demonstration protest days made me engage.

Jim Ryan

When your stock of deeply held but crazy and false beliefs starts to build up, you get a little, well, out of sorts.

Deeply help Dem base beliefs:

-People against big government health care reform don't care about sick Americans who can't afford health insurance.

-People who think the terrorists should be tried in military tribunals and not in civilian courts are fascists.

-You have to be crazy or stupid not to believe in AGW.

-People who believe that government interference with the mortgage industry helped cause the housing bubble are either crazy or stupid.

-Sarah Palin is stupid and so are her supporters.


If you cling steadfastly to those beliefs, you start to crack up.


It amazes me that Lawrence O'Donnell hasn't been carted off to the looney bin, yet. It is not just a political thing, he is quite insane.

Jim Ryan

Narciso, I haven't even started to do my homework about Hurt. That thread I linked to shows that some here in VA-5 are way ahead of me.

Jim Ryan

But neck-and-neck with any of three challengers is not good news for incumbent Perriello this early in the game.


What excellent neews about Kennedy. As a funny HotAir commenter said, "don't let the drawbridge hit you on the way out."

Barack Obama, destroyer of Camelot.


Porch - you're right that was a funny comment!


From this very perfunctory look, he seems OK, in the LUN,


If you cling steadfastly to those beliefs, you start to crack up.

McDonnell is the poster boy for the cracked up. He seems to actually believe the lies he's hysterically spewing.

Jim Ryan

Thanks, Narciso, that helps.


Rasmussen Generic Congressional Ballot

Generic Ballot: Republicans 44%, Democrats 36%

On 1/11/09, it was R36/D42. (!)


And here's a partially clueless take from Bloomberg (the news service, not the mayor, but you know)in the LUN


Barack Obama, destroyer of Camelot.

Posted by: Porchlight | February 12, 2010 at 10:39 AM

I used to remind hard core Dems who loved Clinton but complained about republican control of congress that it was Cliton that handed that power over to the Rs by pushing through his tax hike and trying to shove HCR down America's throat. To this day, most still refuse to make the connection because they "like" Clinton, and therefore he could never be the source of anything negative. For some reason I have the feeling Dems won't be as charitable to Obama when he produces the same results as they were to Buba.


That's true DebinNC...the talking heads that actually believe the lies are cracking up, as opposed to the talking heads that are just messenger boys for the DNC.
Makes me wonder who is more evil...those that actually believe, or those that know it's all a lie but spin for the sake of the DNC?

Jim Ryan

Narciso, thanks but that link takes me to a dead Bloomberg page. What's the correct link, this?


I actually miss my blue avatar...how silly is that?

Captain Hate

Speaking of Slick, I hypothesized to a friend that he wouldn't live a long life and he responded that he'll probably hang around longer than most would think, like Rasputin which I thought was a hilarious comparison. Caligula only lived 28 years though.


--when Al McGuire got deep inside Deanie's dome--

What a gem Al was. I still miss him behind the mike, as opposed to say the cloven hoofed Packer or that chattering gibbon Vitale.
Hope my strongly voiced opinions don't make me an oaf.


--For some reason I have the feeling Dems won't be as charitable to Obama when he produces the same results as they were to Buba.--

I hope you aren't insinuating Dems are more sympathetic to a son of the Democratic confederacy than to a clean and articulate northern black man who just a few years back would have been fetching coffee for Bubba.
That might mean they were the R-word; take your pick which R-word that might be.

Captain Hate

Hope my strongly voiced opinions don't make me an oaf.

LOL. Glad to know you've got my back.

My Terps visit Camoron Snakepit tomorrow to vanquish the Arian Brotherhood that Dookie V praises endlessly. Yes Al was a treasure contrasted to that brainless troll Packer, who CBS mercifully sent off to pasture when it was obvious he didn't really enjoy the modern game of basketball. God knows what Bones McKinney taught Fudge Packer that made him so clueless but it's hard to imagine it not containing a racial component. To Dookie V's credit, I think he honestly loves the game of basketball. In fact his problem is that he won't say anything bad about obvious dirtballs like Calipari.

Al was the first person I heard predict greatness for Michael Jordan, which wasn't readily apparent early in his career.


The Corner updates McDonnell's outburst:

Oh, and lest you think O'Donnell's outburst rose up from some deeply-seated conviction, witness this tweet from Scarborough: The best part of Lawrence O' Donnell's. rant is that when we went to break, Lawrence broke out in a huge smile. "It's what I do best."

What a slimeball O'Donnell is...and what an enabler Scarborough is to let him get away with it unchallenged on air.


--To Dookie V's credit, I think he honestly loves the game of basketball.--

No doubt. Problem is he makes me hate it unless I mute the TV.

Captain Hate

LUN for some more UNEXPECTED economic news.


This is the piece I was referring to Jim, he asks that Obama do what is not in his nature,
to forestall the specter of the Palin presidency


Rick Ballard


We're talkin' the creme de la creme of credentialed morons here. I would be unsurprised to see "Sunrise unexpectedly astounded the 63 economists comprising Bloomberg consensus survey this morning." as a headline. I wish they'd just shut up and play quietly with their algorithms - preferably in a locked closet.


when we went to break, Lawrence broke out in a huge smile. "It's what I do best."

If that's what he does best he is in big trouble.

Captain Hate

narciso, Good luck with that. Obumbler has shown absolutely no willingness or ability to do anything other than get on television or travel to some townhall, give a speech chock-fulla strawmen and self-love and subsequently whine that the public just doesn't understand his message. I marvelled a long while back that Rahm or Ax wasn't banging on him to quit doing what obviously wasn't working but something is missing.


I know that, and you know that CH, but the exquisite intellects at Bloomberg are unclear
on the point. Sometimes I think they are just in a parallel universe, and they are just emailing their observations here

Captain Hate

Wow, we've got geniuses pontificating all over the place today, like the NCAA on kolledge football:

players who draw flags for taunting gestures on their way to a touchdown would have the penalty assessed from the spot of the foul, taking away the score. Penalties that occur in the end zone would continue to be assessed on the extra-point attempt, 2-point conversion try or ensuing kickoff.

This from the same crew that came up with keeping the clock running after kickoffs (in a transparent bid to shorten the games per television desires); that worked out well. I'd say something more pointed but, like my friend daddy, am fearful of being labeled an oaf.


Admittedly like my disastrous example on musical commentary, I'm out of my league
on sports, but what's the logic there


Over a foot of global warming in my driveway! Most EVER in DFW.

I am stuck inside, cant even get out of my driveway.


avatar check

Thomas Collins

I think the asserted reasons for penalizing taunting, narciso, are that taunting can provoke fights and bring disrespect on the game. The fact of the matter is that most taunting and so-called excessive celebration is tame compared to what goes on in the typical schoolyard. What would cause a riot and blood is if a referee ever took away a touchdown on the ground that a player was whooping it up too much when approaching the end zone.

Maybe college basketball should ban certain types of slam dunks. Come to think of it, any type of fist pumping might be grounds for suspension. Musn't upset the NCAA leadership.

Captain Hate

what's the logic there

It's all part and parcel of the NCAA bluenoses trying to pretend that college football in Div-1 is being played by students who find time between their advanced physics and calculus classes and, if they attend an Ag-school like Olbermann (not that there's anything wrong with it) 4H projects. So they're gonna penalize "thuggish" behavior which may be indistinguishable from similar unpenalized activity because having referees decipher this objectively is impossible. In the past it was done by penalizing yardage on the ensuing kickoff and fans complained how unfair and subjective that was. This is just doubling down on stupidity by taking points off the board and will be a nightmare if instituted as planned.

Jack is Back!

Snow in Florida. Jacksonville has had some flurries. Accumulation in the Panhandle. Record snow in Dallas. Now there is some kid running around trying to take pictures of snow in all 50 states. Yes, there is snow in Hawai'i, I have seen it on Mauna Loa volcano a few years back.

Come on, man (Al Gore) - cry uncle:)



They are going to penalize muggery, thuggery, buggery, bushwhacking and hornswoggling as well.

Thomas Collins

Time for a 5% national sales tax to fund a federal snow removal force (unionized, of course). Plus, a new cabinet position: the Department of Snowstorm Harnessing Initiative Tasks.


In line with "muggery, thuggery and buggery"
We have Ms Gail Collins publishing in the NYTs
"The Biggest Losers

Looked like a tie to me.


Mukasey, slaps them down again with the facts, it's so unfair


Surely a JOMer can bring home the winner on this One

Get Your Global Warming Sign in the News and Win Some Cold Hard Cash!

1.) Create a Global Warming Junk Science Sign
2.) Get Your Sign On TV
That’s it."

Imagine being paid to fight global warming junk science! Contest ends on Sunday, do it NOW.

Jack is Back!


Thanks for the link. My stomach is never calm enough to go read the NY Times editorial secretion. However, I am stunned that Gail Collins would write such a cynical, critical and satirical column about someone other than Bush, Cheney, Palin, Rush, the GOP, Tea Party etc. Truly amazing. I wonder if this could be considered "barometric" in regard to the MSM support the dems have (at least in State politics)??


--I'd say something more pointed but, like my friend daddy, am fearful of being labeled an oaf.--

Probably the new avatars, but it was me, not daddy, quaking over the wrath of Chaco for my impertinence.



They are going to penalize muggery, thuggery, buggery, bushwhacking and hornswoggling as well.--

Don't know about anyone else but I would have no objection to an unsportsmanlike penalty for onfield buggery.

JM Hanes

I may not be digging out like the embattled folks in DC, but after two days in my ski clothes, the power that was knocked out in a major wind storm has been restored!

The fact that the indoor temperature hovered at hypothermic levels was less notable than the fact that even with a battery operated cable modem, I lost my internet connection for the first time EVAH. So, also for the first time ever, I listened to an entire Rush Limbaugh show -- at least the parts that triumphed over the erratic AM reception here (cellphones don't work chez moi either) -- and finally got a start on cleaning out the utility closet, a task I now gratefully resume ignoring.

I'm rather disappointed to discover that the world did not stop turning on its axis, despite my being frozen in time.


Boy, that was some article you linked narciso.

1. Misinterpret what the "Sister Soljah" moment was about. (Hint: It wasn't a rebuke of the "far-left wing.")

2. Advocate thug government.

3. Fire Gaithner, Summers and Emmanuel for... What was the reason? Oh yeah,

All are too stuck in the pre-crisis, let’s-not-risk- curbing-financial-innovation mentality that helped get us into this mess. They also tie Obama directly to the crisis, negating claims that it was someone else’s doing.

Chris Christie has decided to cut spending in NJ to balance the budget. Such a novel idea.

JMH - I hate when that happens.


We got 7" of snow in NE Texas last night. It was beautiful. Lost our electricity for about 2 hours but thankfully, it came back on before the house lost its heat. Melting fast though. Temps above freezing and rising. I'm about 80 miles east of Dallas.

Dave (in MA)
Over a foot of global warming in my driveway! Most EVER in DFW.

I am stuck inside, cant even get out of my driveway.

Normally I'd be inclined to play the hardy New Englander card and poke fun at this, except that on Wednesday we had the state pretty much shut down before any snow even fell--and in many parts of MA they ended up with pretty much nothing. Deval Patrick fantasized about being Dukakis '78 all over again and hunkered down in the emergency bunker in Framingham. Where about 1/2 of an inch of snow fell. One of the local TV meteorologists had an interesting Thursday report.


Hardy New Englanders cant possibly think a foot of snow in 24 hours is something that just rolls off their back like water off a duck.

Almost no snowplows, and absolutely no salt down here. Pray for some of that disasterous global warming before I am reduced to eating canned beets for nutrition!

JM Hanes


Ah, beets!

Boil the beets to death in a modest amount of water, then remove them and boil some more to concentrate the juices. Melt in a bit of whatever jelly you have lying around (usually current jelly here), and thicken with a little cornstarch. Cut a few beet slices into strips, pop them back into the sauce, and serve over sautéed foie gras. I've always meant to mash some of the beets into the sauce through a sieve -- but I've never been patient enough to do it.

Or just mix up a salad of beets, foie gras, avocadoes and walnuts. Just be sure to toss it gently, or the whole thing will turn a sickly pink.



Aren't you near Hit?


In league with my good friend Captain hate I declare myself proudly Oafish!

Therefore let me Oafishly say:

Yippee Jane, great job getting picked as a delegate. The intelligence of Massachusetts citizens seems to rise in inverse proportion to the decline in Political influence of the Kennedy's. Trust me---I figured it out on a Bar Napkin. It's a fact Jack.

glasater---Terrific picture gallery. You have great talent.

"Anyway, the article was more like apples and watermelons."
Funny and true comment Cecil. A lot of common sense in those uneducated hicks from the Tundra.

And speaking of insincere slimeball lefty commentators, the biggest mystery in the world remains the marriage of Carville and Mary Matelin. But oh well...

Captain Hate

Probably the new avatars, but it was me, not daddy, quaking over the wrath of Chaco for my impertinence.

Ack; my apologies for my lack of attention to detail, Iggy. You both have rapier wits or something that sounds like that....

Don't know about anyone else but I would have no objection to an unsportsmanlike penalty for onfield buggery.
I suppose that would depend on what sport, right?

(ducking from incoming "oaf" accusation...)


Closing out this thread with a big Thank You to Ann, Janet and Daddy for wandering into my gallery. Very kind of you to mention:)

Malaysia Jane

Hey! I missed the gallery. Where is it glasater?


I sent you an email Malaysia Jane:)


glasater, I liked them too. Lots of them were from areas we visit when we visit our daughter. Very impressive!


Hey Pagar-

Can you say where your daughter lives?

As I mentioned before about the gallery--some folks were wanting a "stock" type photo or two of the area for their marketing purposes and that's how it came to be. Very hurried job for sure but appreciate your kind words.

JM Hanes


Count me among your fans too! I love seeing your photos. Your feel for landscapes is sensational.


glasater, She lives in the Tri-Cities Area, Kennewick. The computer I'm on was bought in Walla Walla while I was visiting there in Nov. I've sent her your site info. Haven't heard whether she has visited it yet. But with our time zone differences and her being a late ariser and I'm up always up early, Communication between doesn't usally happen before noon. She loves pictures so I know she'll like it.

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