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February 23, 2010


Paging Raven

Energy Density.

Sorry Raven.

And infrastructure costs.


If the dirt is disturbed on which those panels will be built--those babies are going to be buried in sand in no time from the winds.

Melinda Romanoff

They work so much better when their surfaces is etched, as well!


Yeah...it is all so poorly thought out. The cures for the "crisis" are worse than the "crisis". Someone at JOM posted that great picture of wind turbines and the air disturbance around them.
EVERYTHING has positive and negative aspects. The left puts on a drama show about some maybe negative aspect...and then offers up some unproven alternative. They never have to answer for the wreckage left in their wake.


That too Mel...

Recently had the opportunity to view a very high tech new construction and the solar panels were right on the ground with one end raised just a little.
The home is built on a hill right in the middle of a former alfalfa seed field--sandy loam.
I'm keeping track:-)

Try Hang Gliding

I wonder if solar panels help or hinder thermal production? I fly over that area often. Some aerial pictures in the LUN


Couldn't we just shovel 1.5 billion into a hole somewhere? It would be a lot less costly than this will be. You'll not only have to subsidize the construction, but subsidize the power generated, and probably subsidize the cleanup when the thing goes belly up. I mean, really, molten salts in the desert at high temperatures. What could go wrong?

Stupid is as stupid does.


That's some amazing hang gliding, THG.


Google shows:

"Results 1 - 10 of about 636,000 for abandoned solar projects in Cal"

I tried it with Dollar Value of ------- but the answer made no sense.



Had to try my hand at color correction of one of your fantastic images. Did not mean to offend by any means.




They've been shoveling money into desert solar projects for a generation. Solar II, after it didn't work out as a power plant, was converted to a gamma ray observatory. AZ, NV, and CA are littered with old and new abandoned solar plants.


Hey Glasater - great pix at You Too!


Thanks Jane--

It was quite a little education getting that image to show up but lots of fun:)


glasater the You Too stuff is fantastic!


Thank you Clarice...

Coming from you is especially meaningful and appreciated:)

Try Hang Gliding

Thanks Ignatz. You should try it sometime :)

No worries Glasater -- although I have to say the original is probably closer to matching the true colors of the area. Btw, that's Baldwin Lake in the distance. Big Bear, where Shaun White got his start, sits just around the corner to the west.


--Thanks Ignatz. You should try it sometime :)--

Nearly did several times as a lad but went in the rock climbing/fast cars/guns direction instead. Between those and logging I'm still alive somehow.


Thanks THG--

Have been through that area more than a few times and hear what you are saying about the true colors.....

A few years ago I thought on doing some kind of ultra-lite flying just for the photography angle--but that's a complicated thing to figure out.
I am making friends with a helicopter pilot however.....:-)

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